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December, 2016

December Monthly Candlesticks Are Usually More Important

It is not the first time that I am praising the monthly time frame on this site: Monthly Time Frame Is the King September 27th, 2014 Trading the Monthly Chart Is Lovely June 2nd, 2015 Time To Check The Monthly Time Frame November...More

Buy CME Group Stock To Lock Gains In Commodity

The CME group, owner of the Chicago Mercantile Exchange, can be a great bet. As an investor, you could look to buy CME Group stock to lock in gains in commodity. When you are looking to buy value based stocks,...More

The Best Business Models and Their Pros and Cons

Choosing the best business models to further your entrepreneurial aspirations is extremely necessary for a lasting solution. As a budding entrepreneur, it is imperative to focus your energy on the right type of business model. It is one of those...More

Will Your 2017 Be Different or It’s Gonna Be the Same?

LuckScout Millionaires Club members have been lucky enough to take some strong steps toward having a better life. It is not the matter of luck. It is the matter of will. You get luckier when you take actions. Here, I’d...More

Material Requirements Planning or MRP Systems

Material Requirements Planning is perhaps the first step to effective and efficient production line-up. This is the key step that assesses the amount of material that would be required and how to go about procuring it. It is only through...More

Tony Hawk: From Skateboard to Boardroom

A lot of you must have heard about skateboarding legend Tony Hawk and his absolute prowess as an athlete. But something that might be news for you is the fact that just as his landing of the 900 at the...More

Financial Success and How to Achieve It in Life

Financial success is a mirage that we all look for. Whether you are highly qualified or an average clerical worker, whether you come from a big town or a small one, almost everyone you will see is hankering for financial...More

Be Careful With the Reversal Trade Setups

You read everywhere that trend is your friend and you should not go against it. This is so true. However, any trend will end finally. It either reverses or goes sideways. As the markets trend only 30% of the time,...More

Why You Could Buy Amazon Stock for Long-term

One of the frequently asked investment questions is that should we buy Amazon stock for the long term as an investor? The answer would be yes but don’t expect overnight gains in this counter. The fact is that, Amazon is...More

Startup Financing for the for a Startup Business

Many times, we see there are entrepreneurial ideas that never see the light of the day for want of appropriate monetary resource. Startup financing indeed is one of the eight biggest challenges that an entrepreneur faces while setting up business....More

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