While the manual about how to become a real estate agent is not that difficult to follow but the fact is mere license will not help you to be successful. The huge number of aspiring real estate agents will help you understand the tricky business it is and the need for something more than mere qualification to make your mark in this field.

Therefore if you want to become a real estate agent who really makes a huge difference and can be immensely successful, you can take advantage of these seven convenient tips that we have brought forth. Not only do these highlight key success tips but also explain why real estate agents fail?

Have the Right Mindset to Become a Successful Real Estate Agent

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1. Create a Checklist to Become a Real Estate Agent

The reason of the failure of a real estate agent often is the fact that they stress too much on only one fact and that is the licensing test. While the license is immensely important without a doubt, but it is not the only pre-condition that can help you on how to become a real estate agent. As a result, it becomes very important to make a checklist of all the relevant elements that you need to pay attention to. Apart from the license exam, you must pay attention to

1) Creating an alternate and backup source of income

2) Train under an able broker to help you understand the ropes of the business efficiently

3) If needed apart from a mentor, also look at brokerage to work with before starting out independently

4) Learn the basics like surveys, title insurance, deeds and other key elements that form the backbone of selling the house. In fact, the selling aspect comes across as the least important bit in the entire scope of operation.

2. A Networking Circle

Whether you call it a book of business or an influence circle, the point is when you become a real estate agent, you must look at ways to generate business efficiently. The challenge is not just to service an existing client but also create the condition conducive enough to generate new business and maintain a regular source of income. While one of the initiatives like a promotional offer, pamphlets or door to door publicity can help you achieve temporary results, it cannot create a permanent flow of customers.

That is possible only by constantly nurturing a vast web of connections and furthering any networking initiative that you might come across at any point in time.

3. Don’t Lose Connection with Past Clients & Referrals

One fact that is common to all successful real estate agents is the fact that they don’t just look at creating new contacts every day but actively nurture every small and big client that they might have served in the past.

So the cardinal rule is if you want to become a successful real estate agent, it is extremely important to keep a good communication with all your past and present connections and even people who might not have done direct business with you but referred many to you. Even if it means meeting them for an occasional lunch or buying them tea or sending them token new year gift or messages, you should actively pursue it.

This helps you two ways. Not only does the client become happy and remembers you when they need additional work, but they also become active stakeholders in your success, helping open up several potential growth channels for you.

4. Look at Partnerships

If you are wondering how to become a real estate agent, one of the easiest options is to forge a meaningful partnership with an established player. A lot of times the reason why real estate agents fail is because they are not able to provide a comprehensive solution to the client. Be it on the range, the price points or even the buying-selling nitti-gritty. A partnership with another player in the same field easily helps you overcome this key hassle.

You can instantly look at forging a relationship that plays on the individual strength of each player. For example, you might have a huge range of properties, but not a circle of clients, and the partner on the hand might boast of a commendable client following.

As a result, when you join hands, both of you are able to leverage on each other’s strength and take the business forward in a meaningful way. This will help you not just to realize better profits but also expand the scope and reach of your business in a meaningful way.

5. Don’t Just Look At Commission

Though this might sound weird to you, in your quest to become a successful real estate agent, it is imperative to treat every deal with same respect. Don’t ever make the mistake of turning down a deal because you feel that it might not yield a large commission. Remember connection more than commission yields long-term benefits for the real estate agent.

The reason behind the failure of real estate agents is that they often earn the reputation of being picky and business does not come to them as easy. Now you can well understand that this is a sure recipe for failure. If you think you have a reasonable offering for the client, there is no harm in working at a lower commission sometimes. The eventual gain is what matters in the longer run.

6. Open Houses to Open Doors of Business

Perhaps this is something that you won’t hear as a potential solution from many experts, but the benefits of an open house are often underestimated. If you are keen on learning how to become a real estate agent, this is perhaps one of the easiest ways to rope in more money and clients.

The additional advantage is even if you organized an open house, you do not really spend anything huge for it. So pretty much for free you manage access to a wide network of people and develop connections that could help your future growth.

7. Tap the Resource Of Investors

They say everything is fair in love and war. So, when you have your goal set on how to become a real estate agent, consider every connection as a business source especially the investor, lawyer or accountant community who might be part of your clientele.

Not only do they come across as a great source of current business but also lead you to some successful colleagues, friends and other investors who can happily help you broaden your profit margin. This will no doubt help you build the foundation of a strong business going forward.

Additionally, these investors travel a lot so you can also look at promotion outside your immediate locality with their help. The flow of foreign clients is not just helpful for bringing in additional business but also helps in promoting the business model.

It no doubt creates a scope for people who do not reside in your local arena to approach you and even refer you to others who might be looking for acquiring some type of real estate property. So all in all, the investors don’t just pump in money but also ensure that your real estate business has a regular flow of business.


So the tips to become a successful real estate agent is all about marrying your strong desire for entrepreneurship with a sustainable business model that might run successfully for a while. You do not just need academic qualification and license to become a real estate agent but also strong penchant and passion to excel. It is this passion alone that helps you nurture strong connection and make you realize strong gains.

As you grow up gradually in the success ladder, you will see the commission payout also expanding. As a starter in this field, it is not a good idea to run after it. Patience is a key to success for a real estate agent.