A Great Forex Investment Strategy: Selling High Buying Low

This article is so important, because it is related to a topic that we have been covering on this website for years. It talks about a great Forex investment strategy that is also combined with real estate investment. So, please make sure to read this article entirely, and also watch this video, because it is linked and related to the below article. If you like to receive our videos on time, so that you can take positions on time and before the price moves, you must Subscribe to Our YouTube Channel, and click on the bell icon.

Before you read the rest of this article, please note that this is NOT a trading or investment advice and we are not trading and investment advisers. We are just sharing chart analysis techniques. You understand that you buy/sell/hold at your own risk. Also, please make sure to read our terms of use and privacy policy.

Before reading the below article, if you like to know how we have been covering this topic on the site, please read two of the articles that are related to this investment strategy. These articles are also very important to help you understand how this system has worked for us in the past:

  1. Monthly Time Frame Is King
  2. A Short Term Investment Strategy That Makes You a Millionaire

So, what is this Forex investment strategy that is also combined with real estate investment, or can be combined with real estate investment to boost your profit?

It is selling or buying currencies against each other, when they have reached the highest high or lowest low on the monthly time frame. It is as easy as this. It is based on the monthly time frame. So, forget about the other time frames in this strategy, because you can lose a lot.

In the above two articles, I have analysed at least 3 of the trade setup that have formed during the past several year. Each of these trade setups was able to make retail investors millionaires.

One of them is related to the EUR/CAD short trade setup that formed in 2009, and then the market went down for over 3300 pips in 38 months (here).

The second one is related to NZD/USD short trade setup that formed in 2014 and also went down for over 3000 pips (here).

The other one is related to NZD/CAD short trade setup that formed in 2016 and is still continued (here).

What about the new trade setup that I have talked about in my last video last night?

It is forming on EUR/CAD monthly time frame again, although EUR/CAD still hasn’t reached the highest high it has ever formed at 1.7503 by 2008.12.01 monthly candlestick. But it seems this time it won’t get there, because the uptrend is already exhausted. The reason has to be discussed under a different topic which is called Elliott Wave Theory: Elliott Wave Analysis For Beginners

A Great Forex Investment Strategy

As you see on the above chart, it seems it is the time to sell EUR against CAD. Those who have EUR in their bank accounts, they need to convert it into CAD. The second step is to invest their CAD in Canada’s real estate market, according to what I have explained here: A Short Term Investment Strategy That Makes You a Millionaire

The profit you will make because of converting EUR into CAD, and also the real estate price appreciation in Canada is amazing.

Once EUR/CAD reaches the lowest low, you will have to reverse your position:

You need to sell your properties in Canada to receive CAD, and then convert CAD into EUR, and buy some properties in Europe with the EUR you have gained.

And, this cycle will be continued every few years.

This was the basics of our Great Forex Investment Strategy: Selling High Buying Low 🙂

There are a few of the currency pairs that have such a feature. It is not possible to do this with all currency pairs.

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