“Gold is money. Everything else is credit. And once you realize this, you will never be poor again.” - JP Morgan


We are a team of experienced entrepreneurs and businessmen. So far, we’ve helped thousands around the globe to start their own businesses and have better lives.

Our goal is to create a community of millionaire entrepreneurs who also help the others to become millionaires.

After so many years of dealing and working with people, we’ve learned that lack of enough income and having financial problems is the root of 99% of the problems that people and the world have.

We have good reasons and proofs for this, but we can’t discuss them here on this page.

While we’re working to develop wealth and improve our own financial situation, we help the others to do the same, for two important reasons:

  1. When you help the others to achieve something, you can achieve it better every day and you always advance in it too.
  2. You enjoy your life more when there are more happy and prosperous people around you, not when your life is good but you are surrounded by poor people at the same time.

So, if you like to have a great life, first you should work hard to improve your life every day, and at the same time, you should help the others to achieve the same. This will make a better world to live for everybody.

To learn more about our philosophy and the reason of publishing our educational articles, you can refer to the below posts. Please don’t judge them by their titles. Unlike what it may seem from their titles, they are not phishy sales letters. They are informative articles to help you to achieve a better life:

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Learn more about our experts, writers and editorial team:

Lucian Serna
I am an experienced entrepreneurs and marketer. I always liked to writing about what I know. LuckScout has given me the chance to write and share my knowledge and experience with people.


Aldo SalterAldo Salter
I am an engineer, programmer, businessman and investor who is so interested in writing. It is a while that I have joined LuckScout and have become one of the LuckScout Team. At LuckScout, we learn how to use our knowledge, experience and talent to become rich and financially free and help the others achieve wealth and financial freedom the same way. I also love to help people to generate a source of income or find the job they like and deserve.


Jack Miller
Jack has been writing on everything digital marketing for 2 years now. He has a thing for web tools. So when he’s not writing, he’s running different SEO experiments.


Benjamin RousseyBenjamin Roussey
Benjamin Roussey is from Sacramento, CA. His bachelor’s degree is from CSUS (1999) where he was on a baseball pitching scholarship and he completed 4 years in the US Navy. He has an MBA in Global Management from the Univ. of Phoenix (2006). He has been writing professionally for many years and is a Christian. He enjoys watching Transformers movies (and Chappie and Sicario) could not believe Thor III turned out that bad (Thor could not break out of a net!). He enjoys reading books such as Taylor Caldwell and James Michenor. He is not happy with Tom Cruise being Jack Reacher. He believes low taxes create jobs and America needs the best and brightest in this country and its immigration policy should reflect that. He rides his bike often and believes Microsoft software is too expensive.


Vahid ChaychiVahid Chaychi
Vahid Chaychi is an experienced web developer and internet marketer since 2002. He has been able to become the top seller/earner and affiliate with several different companies. He has launched his own affiliate programs as well. He is a blogging and WordPress expert with lots of enthusiasm in blogging and vlogging to share his knowledge and experiences. He is also a serious Kyokushin Karate warrior and a good snowboarder. Follow him if you like to become a financially free online entrepreneur.


Tyler RobertTyler Robert
Tyler is a dedicated business and digital marketing expert with over 3 years of experience. He offers consulting services for businesses of all sizes. When he is not working, he enjoys reading and playing the bass guitar.


Sandra JonesSandra Jones
I have a Business Administration and Finance bachelor degree in London. I am passionate about currency and stock market. However, this industry requires massive investments, knowledge and time in order to become profitable. Thus, I have recently found out that Online Marketing can be a very rewarding option too. There are so many people who earn passive income and enjoy financial independence. I used to think that this industry requires a lot of knowledge and experience to be successful, however, with LuckScout I understood that it is not like that all! All you need is to learn how it works through FREE video lessons, follow the instructions, receive support if needed and wait for the results to show up!


Wolf StraussWolf Strauss
For more than 10 years now I work in the financial industry and I am very interested in that sector. In my spare time I like to go rowing in the summer or snowboarding in the winter. And I also love to explore the world with travelling and to get in touch with new interesting people.


Cordell RichardsonDr. Cordell Richardson (PhD)
Cordell is a recently retired educator with over 30 years experience as a counselor, a senior administrator with a number of educational organizations at the secondary and higher educational levels, and as a chief staff member for two national non-profit organizations whose mission was to help young people prepare for life. Cordell is now devoting his time, in his senior years, to being a yoga teacher and life coach, particularly for young boys and men who have, or are, experiencing some difficulty trying to negotiate and gain clarity regarding the vicissitudes of their life’s journey. Cordell is a meditator, and his morning and evening meditations focus on health, wealth, love, perfect self-expression, perfect balance, perfect timing and perfect rhythm with the universe. Finding LuckScout and the business system it supports, and being very successful with the business as an affiliate, is a clear goal that Cordell has set for himself. For him, there is no better time than now to capitalize on such a “golden” opportunity.


Helen VdovychenkoHelen Vdovychenko
I believe that qualitative content will make the world better. I like to write about business and marketing strategies and believe that my articles will stir a lot of people to action.


Rojan SalmanRojan Salman
Rojan is a software developer and an IT project manager with many years of experience working on various application and web development. Her passion is to convert any challenging projects into a successful money making machine. Her career is in the digital business consulting analysis with the use of her education, leadership and communication skills helping many businesses with their successful business projects. The usage of latest technology is very important for her and because of that she is always up to date with her information technology knowledge which leads her to become successful with her projects. She does believe that the use of technology is in every day’s life and people should take the advantages of using it in the right way. An example of taking the advantage of using the technology is that people should be able to make money online with the highest profit possible. Her successful online business is her number one project and she loves since it gives her a lot of freedom such as: Time freedom, location freedom and financial freedom. According to Rojan, “the combination of your positive action and the right thinking can result in a very successful life. So, try to be positive at any situations life is too short, enjoy your moment and hold the bright light ahead for your future plans.”


Romina ShakerRomina Shaker
I am more a linguist than a businesswoman. I speak four languages plus the sign language. I am interested in law and like to become a professional lawyer in future. However, business and money have their important place in everybody’s life and I am not an exception. I have started making money and getting financially independent much sooner than most girls, and I am proud of it. I have started my online business at the age of 18. When it comes to enthusiasm and hardworking, nobody can compete with me. I can be a great mentor for anybody who wants to achieve financial freedom.


Derek WhitecottonDerek Whitecotton
I have been working as an Internet marketer for 6 years now. I love to travel and spend time away from the computer as well. If you’re anything like me, you’ve tried every shiny object out there online, only to be disappointed! I’ve been a part of Luckscout for several years now, and they have always helped me achieve my endeavors. I along with Luckscout will personally help you to achieve wealth and prosperity starting today. Wishing you all the best on this exciting journey.


Gabriella KissGabriella Kiss
Not too long ago I was a full-time (9-6) employee at an international company… overworked and stressed out. On top of that, I had massive mortgage debt that made me feel financially defeated. I knew there had to be more to life than what I was doing. On a whim, I decided to start my own online business and it’s changed my life completely. Since then, online marketing and especially affiliate marketing became my hobby, my passion and my ‘job’ that I love.


George BushnellGeorge Bushnell
After college I worked in banking and later in the insurance and investments industry. First in sales and marketing, and then as a day trader, I was able to coach my kid’s sports teams and volunteer as President of my town’s youth soccer league. I now work from home and enjoy networking as an additional way to make money while helping others do the same. I also can spend more time with my family traveling, skiing, playing golf, and sometimes just relaxing at the beach.


Chirag PandyaChirag Pandya
I am Chirag Pandya , medical technician by profession and have two beautiful daughters. Since I finished my education, I have been working for medical diagnostic imaging for 14 years. Now I find this boring doing work for someone else and stuck in the Monday to Friday 8 hours job cycle. Three years ago I decided to work for myself and I started online trading after work but it didn’t work and I lost lots of money. In the past, I also tried some MLM schemes and similar networking businesses and did well in the beginning but eventually failed as we have to buy their products every month to make money which is impossible. Nothing wrong with 9-5 jobs but we should have passive income as well. One day I came across one of the strongest cost affordable system through LuckScout and it is very promising (the system I described above). Now I feel lucky to be part of the system and I hope for best future ahead in the journey to achieve financial freedom.


Christine MeningChristine Mening
Christine Mening is a finance student, blogger, host and writer. As a writer, she has been helping companies and individuals add value to e-commerce related content for two years. When she is not writing, she is usually hosting corporate events.


Sarah Royal MulesheSarah Royal Muleshe
A full-time writer and public speaker, Sarah brings to the table 5+ years of experience. She has helped a ton of startups from across the globe put their best leg forward. Her favorite areas include success and inspiration, computer and Internet technology, business, and money. When she’s not doing words, she’s out picnicking!


Michael NewmanMichael Newman is a writer, editor, and digital marketing consultant. A polymath who studies an array of riveting fields. He’s at home with Calculus as much as he is with the haunting poetry of Keats. He’s a devotee of Kaizen. Naturally, he’s obsessed with improving on a daily basis. He enjoys listening to classical music and taking nature photographs.


Maina MwauraMaina Mwaura
Maina Mwaura is a full time Forex trader & a serial online entrepreneur. As a level 2 contributor at Luckscout, Maina is passionate about sharing his experience in the business world and helping you on your journey to financial literacy.


Adreianna AlexesAdreianna Alexes
I study medicine, however, I am a passionate about many other topics like business, management and… I also love to read and provide constructive editorial feedback on my clients’ books and novels. I enjoy entrepreneurship and psychology. When I am not studying or working, I like to socialize or go on a new adventure.


Rosalie TayurangRosalie Tayurang
Rosalie Tayurang is a Psychology graduate with various work experiences online and off the net. Curious and cautious, she believes learning should be kept growing.


Parvinder Singh
Parvinder Singh is a full time business and money writer with a Master’s degree in finance from the University of Delhi. With over 7 years of experience, Parvinder has helped many startups, financial institutions and marketing agencies in improving their business, marketing, finance, investment, trading etc.


Snehasish MukherjeeSnehasish Mukherjee
Snehasish is an experienced finance and investment writer with an experience of more than 8 years. He is a Graduate from CU, and has specialization in personal finance and wealth management. Snehasish has helped several startups over the years in solidifying their business and assisted online audience in learning more on how to manage their wealth. Is an avid reader and loves penning down unique strategies of skyrocketing investments.


Karoki GithureKaroki Githure
Karoki believes knowledge is power and loves empowering readers about money, business, and entrepreneurship. When he is not writing, he is a diehard lover of music, novels, and adventures.


Molly JoshiMolly Joshi
Molly is digital marketing professional with a passion for writing. Her husband is a defence pilot, so she keeps travelling places which also makes her a explorer. She also describes herself as a passionate pet lover. Molly holds a Master’s Degree in Computer Science from California, USA. During her free time she loves to play with her 3 year old son and 8 year old Dog.


Daryl GymerDaryl Gymer
My name is Daryl Gymer. I live just outside of London in the UK with my wife and two Pugs. I have always been in the building trade, working for myself as a plasterer. I used to work long days and would usually work 6 days a week, and didn’t get to spend much time with my family. I never got to enjoy doing the things we always talk about like, travel, take my family out for a nice dinner… and have the finer things in life. I didn’t want to struggle in retirement like I have seen so many people do. So, I started looking for a way out.


John GillamJohn Gillam
I am a father of two children and my working career has been in retail shops. I enjoy spending time with my children and going on holidays. I thank Luckscout for showing me the opportunities towards financial freedom.


Jean Onelson NelzyJean Onelson Nelzy
My name is Jean Onelson Nelzy, and I have been doing business on the Internet for many years. I have experience in online marketing, affiliate programs, work at home businesses, and network marketing. I help many ordinary folks just like myself earn income through their own online business as well as day trading. I am also a credit repair expert. I love team concepts, and I would love to work in partnership with you to achieve financial freedom with The Luckscout Team… Join us today! 🙂


Taylor FredrickTaylor Fredrick
Taylor has a BSc degree in Aeronautical Engineering in Technical University of Sofia Bulgaria. He loves blogging , designing and hosting of website and writing of articles.


Marlon SimmondsMarlon Simmonds
I am a Mechanical engineering graduate and I also studied Criminology. I was involved for several years in the mechanical engineering field after which I spent some time in security management. I did extensive training in both areas. Now I enjoy networking and finding successful ways to make money.


Zohair Karim SalmanZohair Karim Salman
I have always loved to become a businessman and get rich. I am so interested in different types of investment and I am now on my way to make my dreams come true. I always follow the business and investment articles and news. Although I am a hardworking person, I believe on smart working more and computer and the Internet are great tools that have enabled me to work smart. Now I am ready to share my knowledge and experience with anybody who is interested in following my footsteps.


Shirin SarbakhtehShirin Sarbakhteh
My name is Shirin Sarbakhteh and I live in Montreal Canada. I’ve studied early childhood education and working as a customer service. I always loved to find a way ro become able to work from home and make money from the comfort of my home including online business as well. Finally, I joined the system that enabled me to make my dreams come true. Now, I am a happy mentor who helps the others to achieve their goals as well. In addition to my online business, I’m a creative person and have a passion in art and design.


Les SchwartzLes Schwartz
I do construction, I have done construction for almost 30 years. I started working with my father since I was 8. I have also been to currency trading school. I have an amazing wife and 3 wonderful kids. I have an online business now. I am so passionate about it. It is the business that enables me to make my dreams come true. Join me and I will help you achieve money, time and location freedom.


Edward DuffyEdward Duffy
I am married with three children. Professionally I am a qualified accountant who has worked in many industries and currently works in not for profit. I enjoy looking for new opportunities to provide my wife and I with financial freedom and to retire early and enjoy life.


Peter McclintockPeter Mcclintock
I am a father of two and have spent the most of my working career as Petroleum Engineer. I am looking forward to my financial freedom and having more time to spend with my family, I also enjoy travel, cars, music, art, good food and carrying out my part time role as taxi driver for my 2 children.


Steinar KloverodSteinar Kloverod
My name is Steinar Kloverod. I am a Norwegian citizen. I have been a civil servant all my working life. I have been employed in the regional state administration, the county administration and the municipality. I was the leader for the municipality administration in a Norwegian municipality for 19 years. I have also worked with municipality planning, economics and administration.


Shin Si Jie LimShin Si Jie Lim
I am attached to an older woman I love very much. Both of us are casino gamblers and I’m training her to be a better gambler with the right mindset and money management. I am a graduate of Psychotherapy and I enjoy spending time studying the universal laws, reading business & success books and also attending investment seminars. I am also a forex trader, with most of the foundations from The LuckScout Team.


Fawaz BamakraitFawaz Bamakrait
My name is Fawaz Bamakrait. I am from Saudi Arabia, graduated from lively technical college, Tallahassee, Florida, USA as an aircraft technician. Although I have more than 22 years of experience in aviation field, but I am so much passion about business. I been through so many different business training in different school with masters of business a round, I enjoy trading forex, stocks, and I am also so interested in different type of investment. However, what I am offering here is not risky like what trading and investments are. I strongly believe in my capability in achieving my goal, and what I really love is sharing all knowledge I have with others.


Joshua SchwartzJoshua Schwartz
I’ve been doing construction since I was a kid. I drove Tractor-trailer for a total of about 2 and half years or so. And I am married to the love of my life. We love living life together. I enjoy being a part of The LuckScout Team! Join us and we’ll help you gain freedom to attain your goals and desires.


Thang Nguyen XuanThang Nguyen Xuan
I have two naughty kids of two and five years old, and a busy and tiring career in banking. I was tired of working hard every day and limited salary. I always wanted to find a new way to make a living. Now I’ve found an online business as the best alternative to my current job. It helps me have more free time with my kids and more money to enjoy my life. Thanks to The Luckscout Team, now I have a fully automated digital marketing system which helps me build a strong solid system that produces growing income month after month. Join me and I will help you duplicate my success.


Olalekan OsofisanOlalekan Osofisan
Olalekan Osofisan is an entrepreneur and CEO of ProjectIT Limited. He has business interests spanning information technology, real estate and commodities trading. In his spare time, he enjoys jogging, fishing and reading. A substantial part of his spare time is also devoted to charity work. He lives with his wife and two daughters.


Melissa HintonMelissa Hinton
My name is Melissa Hinton. I live in Georgia in the USA. I am a 37 year old mother of 3 wonderful, smart, very outgoing children. My husband and I have been married 11 years this October. Now that all of our children are in school and we can really use an extra income but I wanted a job that I work my own hours that way I home when the kids are, go to school functions and not have to worry about taking to much time off. So I am excited to get started with The LuckScout Team.


Muda Markus DolopotoMuda Markus Dolopoto
As Tax Advisor/Attorney in my country, I was feeling not strong. A wise man said that we must learn from the table. The table is ease to be down if only depends on one leg but stands stronger if have more legs. So I tried to create multiple streams of income in order to be stronger. And I invite you to be a member of The LuckScout Team to create multiple streams of income like what I did. You can search my name Muda Markus or Muda Markus Dolopoto on the search engines to see my strong profile on the famous websites like Bloomberg. I am here to help you achieve financial freedom.


John Van BeckJohn Van Beck
I’m a father of four boys who didn’t get on at school at found out I was dyslexic 35. So most of my life I’ve worked outside farming and glasshouse work 50-80 hours a week, until 12 years ago I got a job with the local fire service as a fire extinguisher engineer. One of the most nerve racking things I’ve had to do was pass the British standard exams to do my job. I have tried cripto and forex trading to make extra income and spent and lost a few thousand on trading tools that don’t work been scammed out of £3200 form a broker so please be careful out there. Now I’m part of The LuckScout Team and am looking forward to achieving my goals which is to be able to help my boys out as much as possible and enjoy life for me that will be sat by a lake somewhere fishing. With my help you get here. If I can do it, so can you.


Danuta TarnowskiDanuta Tarnowski
My name is Danuta Tarnowski. My background is Polish. My husband & I were fortunate enough to travel with work. We have lived in many countries were we met wonderful people and experienced different cultures. Now, we both live in Hua Hin, Thailand.


Brian WolfBrian Wolf
Brian is an engineer and investor who is interested in building multiple streams of income from different types of assets. He invests in stocks, commodities, real estate and also has an online business. He looks forward to growing his online business and hopes you join him in creating your own additional income stream.


Siyazukisa NkalaSiyazukisa Nkala
My name is Siyazukisa Nkala. I am a professional trader, a businessman and an online Network Marketer/Entrepreneur. I enjoy travelling all over the world and experience the beauty of the world. Being part of The Luckscout Millionaires Club has always been a great opportunity for me. I always find joy in helping others achieve their goals and financial freedom. My VISION is to create 20 Millionaires by year 2022 through online Network Marketing.


John Long IIIJohn Long III
My name is John Long III. I have 33 years as middle management employee for automotive companies. I have a wife of 33 years and to son both young men now and two granddaughters. I am looking forward to teaching and growing financial freedom to those who join and start following us.


Frank FlandinetteFrank Flandinette
I am an accountant by profession. Over the last few years, I have developed a keen interest in internet marketing as I believe that this is the wave of the future which will enable me to have my own successful online business. I am a LinkedIn member and also a member of The Luckscout Team. We will set up this business for you and will help you to make money and achieve financial independence which will give you the freedom we all strive for. Join us and together we will make your dreams come true.


Colin and Mary HowcroftColin and Mary Howcroft
We are Colin and Mary Howcroft and we have been married for 40 years, have 3 sons and now 3 beautiful grandchildren all under 4yrs. They are our “why we are building this business” if ever you wanted to leave a legacy to your children and grandchildren than look no further. I have for most of my life never worked for somebody else in a job, I knew at a young age if I worked for someone else I was helping make them rich, not myself. My wife and I have owned several businesses over the years, some good some not so good. Currently we own and have operated a successful franchise business for the past 21 years, but it is very time consuming. We have looked at a lot of network marketing companies over the years and actually joined a few and did OK in some. But all of them had some flaws, either the product was not as good as we hoped for, or the commission structure was not the best. This opportunity I described above, has literally blown us away, “big thanks LuckScout”. We can now see a very good future ahead of us with an incredible residual income and the time to enjoy it. Now we are The LuckScout Team members. For you, we will set up the business that was described above and we will help you to make money and achieve financial freedom. Join us and make your dreams come true.


Shine PaulShine Paul
I am a CTA (Commodity Trading Advisor) and hedge fund manager for capital investments. I have passion for digital marketing and explores new trends in SEO. I am also a vivid reader of self-help and Finance books.


Amir NoushinfarAmir Noushinfar
I have made so many big changes during the past few years. I have turned into a businessman and entrepreneur who not only has achieved money, time and location freedom for himself, but also helps and mentors the others to duplicate the same success. I see the future so brilliant. I am on my way to become a multi-millionaire and also surround myself with so many other multi-millionaires who work for the good of the community and love to end poverty and make everybody financially free and prosperous. This is the most valuable goal that someone can have in his life and I am proud of it.


Peter Agyemang DuahPeter Agyemang Duah
Peter Agyemang Duah is a CEO, Business coach and Entrepreneur with a Masters Degree in Business Administration (MBA) from the University of Cape Coast Ghana. I have over 10 years of marketing experience both online and offline. Over the years, the Digital Marketing has brought a lot of dynamic in the business environment including our thinking level, decision making, targeting, segmenting and position of business perspective globally. Its indisputable fact that any serious entrepreneur who forgo the online marketing will soon be fade out from a successful business.


Benjamin EnyidiaBenjamin Enyidia
I studied mechanical engineering and later maritime transport in shipping and port management. I spent several years working as a marine security and safety officer. Now I enjoy networking and other online promising ways to financial freedom.


Daryl GritzmakerDaryl Gritzmaker
I am 61 years old and have been happily married for 41 years. I have been trying to find a business for years that would work for me. The Internet gave me a great chance to reach this goal and achieve financial freedom. Now, I am able to show you the way and coach you to make your financial dreams come true.


Joe PowersJoe Powers
I am a young entrepreneur seeking to make a large sustainable residual income that will allow me to live the life I always dreamed of, invest in additional residual income opportunities, and trade in the Currency and Stock Markets to compound my returns because that is how you get rich.