“Financial Freedom” is like all other things that most people have a wrong impression about.

It neither equals making a lot of money, nor does it mean having no debt.

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There are so many who make a lot of money, but they are not financially free.

There are also so many who are in debt up to their eyeballs, but they are financially free.

As usual, I am not going to write an article like what you find almost on all the other sites.

I am not going to give you a useless list of the steps that you have to complete to achieve financial freedom.

What I am going to tell you here is what the famous and really successful people like Robert Kiyosaki also admit.

Before I tell you how to achieve financial freedom, I have to inform you about some important points.

They help you understand the real meaning of what you are going to achieve.

Why Doesn’t Making a Lot of Money Equal Financial Freedom?

The fact that you make a lot of money doesn’t necessarily mean that you are financially free.

One important reason is that, usually those who make a lot of money spend a lot of money as well.

Therefore, nothing will be left for them at the end of the month and year.

They have so many expenses, so that they can’t save any money at all.

They may have a luxury life apparently, because they spend a lot of money to live in fancy houses and drive luxury cars.

But they save no money at all, so that they can’t invest.

As a result, they will be in trouble if they lose their income or can’t make money for some reason.

That’s why I said that making a lot of money doesn’t necessarily equal being financially free.

When you have no savings and no passive income, you can’t keep the same lifestyle if you lose your income.

Why Doesn’t Being Debt Free Equal Financial Freedom?

Unlike what you read on most of the other sites, becoming debt free doesn’t make you financially free.

Again, one reason here is that you can be debt free while you have no savings at the same time.

Therefore, you will be trouble if you lose your income, no matter you are in debt or not.

You can’t survive even for one month when you lose your income and you have no savings and passive income.

So, you will have to borrow money and you will go in debt because of losing your income.

As a result, you will have to file bankruptcy eventually.

Consequently, having no debt doesn’t help you survive when you lose your job and you have no savings.

Are You Financially Free When You Aren’t Time and Location Free?

When you make a lot of money, but you can’t take a break, and you have to work non-stop, then you are not free.

When your business needs your close and constant supervision, you are not free even if you make a lot of money.

What if you can’t work for some reason?

What will happen to your business and income then?

As you see, freedom doesn’t mean that you can buy anything you want.

It has a much wider meaning.

If your job or your business controls your time, then you are not free.

If you can’t leave your job or business for a while to travel to another place for some reason, then you are not free.

What Is Financial Freedom Then?

You’re financially free only when you can keep your current lifestyle after losing your job and income.

Not when you make and spend a lot of money at the same time, and not when you are debt free.

You are financially free only when you have achieved money, time and location freedom at the same time.

1. Money Freedom

Money freedom means you have enough savings and passive income that you can provide anything you want.

Your savings and passive income have to be enough to support your current life style.

It means if you lose your main source of income, or you decide to stop working for any reason, you don’t get into trouble at all.

You completely have to be financially supported and secure.

Money freedom means, “money” is not a problem for you anymore.

But, there are two more things that are linked to money: Time and Location

2. Time Freedom

If you have money freedom, which means you make and you have a lot of money, but your time is 100% controlled by your business, you are not yet 100% free.

It means you have to work day in day out to keep the money coming.

This is not freedom.

It means you are the slave of your own business, company or job.

For example, physicians are like that.

They make a lot of money.

But, they have to work long hours to keep the money coming.

I have a friend who is a dentist.

Although his life looks good, he says they won’t have any food on the table if he stops working for 10 days.

If you look at his life, you will say that he is financially free because apparently he makes a lot of money.

But, he is not financially free in reality, because he doesn’t have time freedom and he will be in trouble if he stops working even for a short while.

3. Location Freedom

It is the same with location freedom.

If you have a business that makes a lot of money, but it has chained you to a special place, and it needs your non-stop presence, it means you don’t have location freedom.

It means, your income will be stopped, or at least, your business will be faced with some serious problems, if you leave.

Therefore, you have to stay and supervise all the time.

You can be happy with the money you make; even you can be happy with a partial time freedom you have; but if you are chained to a special location, then you are not location free, and so, you are not 100% free.

Only when you are money, time and location free, you can say that you’ve achieved financial freedom.

How Is This Possible?

It seems somehow impossible to achieve such a financial freedom that I described above.

People know that it is possible to make a lot of money by having a good job and business and working so hard.

However, something that looks too hard to accept is achieving time and location freedom at the same time.

I mean, people accept that they can make a lot of money.

What they can’t accept is making a lot of money while they can work at anytime they want (time freedom) and from anywhere they like (location freedom), or while they can even stop working for an unlimited time, but they won’t be faced with any financial problem at all.

Well, this is possible only when you develop some sources of income that keep on making money, even when you stop working.

It is called passive income.

How Can You Achieve Financial Freedom?

You can become financially free only when you have passive income.

Passive income allows you to stop working whenever and as long as you want.

It is true that you may lose your main source of income if you stop working, but you won’t get into trouble because your passive income still covers your expenses.

1. How Can You Create a Passive Income?

First, you should generate a reliable and strong source of income that makes a lot of money for you, consistently.

There is no doubt that sometimes you have to work hard to generate and maintain such an income.

But, you have to do it to become able to save some money, which is the second stage of generating a passive income.

Then, your savings allow you to invest in different markets, specially the real estate market.

You can rent your properties to generate passive income.

Besides, if you choose your properties properly, you will make money on their value appreciation as well.

It is even OK to borrow money from the banks to buy the real estate properties.

You can repeat this process, until you generate a steady stream of passive income, while you maintain your main source of income also.

Therefore, if you stop working after having a good and reasonable amount of passive income, you won’t be in trouble.

You will have money freedom, because you have both nonpassive and passive income.

You will also have time freedom, because your passive income allows you to stop working without getting into trouble.

Also, as your properties make money for you while you don’t have to be present all the time, you can go wherever you want, and so you have location freedom too.

This is the financial freedom you’ve always loved to achieve.

2. Your Main Source of Income

As I mentioned above, you’ll have to work hard to generate the initial source of income that you have to have, to become able to save money.

You can run your own business, but usually it doesn’t allow you to take some time off.

You will have to work hard.

Most of the businesses don’t give you time and location freedom.

If they don’t make enough money, then they can’t give you money freedom as well.

However, following a strong online business system can be a great idea.

It not only makes a lot of money, but also it gives you time and location freedom, because it can be done through the Internet and from the comfort of your home: Join the LuckScout Club to Make Money Online from Home


As you saw, the financial freedom I described above, is different from what you can read on the other sites.

You have to do your best to achieve it before you become retired.

It is OK to work hard for a limited time, to make yourself, money, time and location free, and have a great retirement.

To become able to generate passive income, it is even OK to borrow money from the banks.

If you do it wisely and properly, your passive income can easily cover your mortgage payments.

Therefore, you can be in debt, but financially free at the same time.

Your money, and your investments, can work hard to pay off your debts and make more money for you.