Founded in 1998 in Russia, Alpari serves hundreds of thousands of foreign exchange traders. This brokerage firm was started by three men who owned nothing at a time when the US was devastated by one of the 1990s’ worst economic periods. It was a time when the government failed to pay back many of its loans and the entire stock market on the brink of collapse. While economic crises were looming around the world, Alpari’s founders decided it was time to take advantage of one of the few markets that remained intact after numerous defaults: the Forex market. Presently, Alpari is among the most prominent names in Forex.

Today, this Forex broker’s main office is located on Wall Street. Alpari has also opened offices globally in several cities as Dubai, Shanghai, and London. As a Forex broker winning Gold Awards, Alpari backs market-maker accounts in addition to low commission, ECNs accounts as owned by Pro account holders. Likewise, Alpari offers top-notch service, a variety of educational media as well as access to highly used trading platforms.

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As a means for practice trading, Alpari offers its clients demo accounts. Traders are free to use them up to 30 days unless these account holders apply for more time. Because Forex trading is extremely risky, Alpari encourages its customers to utilize its library of educational materials. Highly experienced investors have the opportunity to use their 50:1 leverage option. Additionally, Pro account holders can take advantage of market depth, one-click trading, online Forex trading, and NDD execution. Likewise, they offer Expert Advisor VPS hosting, swap-free accounts, and futures trading.

Alpari, a Short History

On December 24, 1998, Alpari had just opened its doors to the public. In January of 1999, Alpari held its first Forex market seminar with attendees from local banks and investment firms along with a large number of private investors. Many who attended became regular trading clients later that year. The following month, they offered their first Forex course which brought in more students than expected. March had marked the month of its first clients and the beginning of their brokerage firm success.

In August of 1999, Alpari had launched their website. The shift to online trading resulted in their biggest development of their first full year. It was then decided at a meeting with MetaQuotes Software creator that Alpari was to conduct its online trading activity via the newly developed MetaQuotes platform. This platform was first used in November as it made available 11 currency pairs, containing spreads of five pips on the majors.

In March of 2001, their first trading contest was held. As Forex was seen to have great growth potential in the Russian market, several of its clients opened offices in their own towns, starting with Samara and Ulyanovsk. In November of that year, the first Alpari office opened in Moscow in the district of Chistye Prudy. It was then that more clients from this city began working with Alpari.

Although Alpari had first been registered and licensed in Cyprus, in 2008 this firm moved its headquarters to London thus, closing its Cyprus office. Following that, Alpari established international offices in the UAE and China in 2008, India in 2009, and Germany in 2010. In 2011, Alpari had started up a subsidiary in Japan.

However, in the beginning of 2015, this firm had entered insolvency as a result of suffering from huge losses because the Swiss National Bank had removed franc’s ceiling against the euro. Its board of directors considered numerous options including selling the company.

Trading Platforms and Products

Forex traders who are clients of Alpari have a choice of trading platforms they can use. They are:

  • MetaTrader 4
  • MetaTrader 5
  • Alpari Option Trader’s

Platforms on their site are designed to work on PCs and web terminals. Also, there are several versions of mobile devices as for the iPhone, iPad, and the Android, enabling traders to control their trading activities wherever they are. To create an account with Alpari you must first register on their site. As you do, you must choose the platform that best suits your needs.

As an Alpari trader, you will find several trading products to choose from as commodities, ETFs, Forex, stocks, spot metals, binary options, and indexes. Each has its own competitive terms. Once you have established your own account, you can take advantage of their “Special Terms”, the “Premium” client program, and numerous promotions that they offer throughout the year.

Opening an account is easy and can be done in as little as ten minutes. However, you must fill out their online form with the following information:

  • Account currency and initial amount of deposit
  • Full name and citizenship status
  • Date of birth
  • City of residence
  • Mobile phone number and email address

Your email address and phone number are compulsory in order to verify the info you supplied as well as protect your funds. Also, you can register your Alpari account with Facebook.

Alpari’s Bonus Program

Forex traders who trade through Alpari may want to consider the Alpari bonus program. Members of this program can earn points that can be exchanged for augmented investing and trading conditions. Regardless of what level of trader you are (beginner or professional), you can earn points on your most commonplace trading activities. Hence, the more Forex trading activity and investment volume you conduct, the more points you can rack up. You can even receive points by registering, opening, and funding your trading account.

Your bonus account is then funded with a currency termed as ALPs. ALPs can be redeemed for discount packages that offer improved investing and trading conditions. Likewise, you can obtain refunds on spreads or commissions you paid while making funds transfers and deposits. You are free to pick as many discounts as you desire and to combine them to create your personal trading and investing conditions.

Along with saving money, you can receive refunds to your account on a weekly basis. Refunds can be transferred to different accounts, traded or invested with, or simply withdrawn for personal use.

Alpari’s Partnership Program

Businesses of course are looking to further develop their own entities. By using the partnership programs offered through Alpari, not only can they earn additional revenue, they can attract new clients. The more clients a customer brings to Alpari, the greater amount each is compensated based on the trades the referred client makes. However, those who are referred must make trades before the referring clients can earn money.

Furthermore, traders who refer brokers can earn even more in Alpari’s partnership program. This organization offers a three-level compensation plan based on how much trading those referred do. The three levels are as follows:

  • 25% – 0 to 1,000 lots for the month
  • 30% – 1,000 to 3,000 lots for the month
  • 35% – over 3,000 lots for the month

Because Alpari has become a worldwide brand and continues to grow dynamically, this firm offers a franchise program. Each year, new offices open in different parts of the world. So, if you enjoy working in the fast paced Forex market, you may team up with one of the largest Forex brokers and open your own office in the city which you reside. Once you do, you will have:

  • Free use of their trademarks and logo
  • Support and assistance from their team of specialists
  • Access to their highly-developed business modeling technology

Also, Alpari’s partnership program can benefit non-traders of certain occupations. SEO specialists and webmasters can boost their incomes by posting their banners on other Forex or trading related sites. Those in marketing and advertising can obtain access to promotional materials and various tools that will enable them to launch prosperous ad campaigns.

Additionally, if you’re an experienced trader, you can establish a secondary source of income through this program, providing you’re willing to share your Alpari trading experiences with novices as well as inform them of all the products and services Alpari has to offer. If your referred newcomers set up their own accounts through your referral link, you will receive compensation according to how many trades they make.

Customer Support

You can obtain full support from Alpari in three ways: live chat, email, or by phone. Normally, you can reach a courteous and knowledgeable support staff member via any of these three ways from Monday to Friday, 9:00 am to 6:00 pm EST.

Again, you, as a novice or beginner, can learn to trade online with a demo account thus conducting practice trades without losing real money. Also on their site, you can find online education on Forex trading. The Alpari Academy contains an extensive FAQ section, video tutorials along with high quality broadcasts conducted over the web. Adding to their comprehensive technical-analysis guide, they also provide a technical electronic newsletter and web-based second opinion reports.

In addition, Alpari offers other essential trading tools as:

  • Alpari Squawk – transmits live audio market commentary to its users
  • Trading Central – offers access to market analysis information
  • AutoChartist – supports traders’ analysis with no-cost chart-pattern recognition
  • Trader’s Calculator – enables traders to view position values and comprehend required margins

In Summary

One thing that attracts new clients to a Forex broker is their size and prominence in the industry. Alpari states on its site three reasons why prospect customers ought to choose them as their broker:

  • They are Russia’s biggest Forex broker. Because Alpari is a trusted leader in the foreign trade market, clients are assured to find them easier to work with and highly likely to become successful traders.
  • With a vast amount of products and services, Alpari offers something for traders of all levels. This includes trading options for newcomers, auto-trading platforms, PAMM account service, and numerous types of investment products.
  • Finally, Alpari assists your clients with one-on-one consultation in addition to special promotions and bonuses.

Overall, Alpari claims to offer a promising future for it customers. As being one of the biggest and most recognized entities in the Forex trading market, their clients can trade with a strong and solid firm. With its many products and services, its traders are ensure extensive guidance as they trade and maximum likelihood to become successful investors.

Among all brokers I have reviews so far, Alapri offers limited number of services, but it has better and more positive reviews by traders.


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