Amazon is one of the largest e-retailers across the world now.

A Fortune 100 company now, it has close to 92,000 employees globally.

Based in Seattle and Washington, Amazon now deals with content creation, development and digital platform along with its ever thriving e-commerce business.

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As an employer, Amazon also provides work from home opportunities for interested candidates.

These work from home jobs are of different kinds from white collared telecommuting options to that of sorters and seasonal part-time workers.

The range of Amazon work from home jobs is quite commendable given the diversity of products and initiatives it undertakes.

The Amazon work from home customer service is the best source to get details about how to work for Amazon from home.

Normally once you register your request on their website, their customer service associate will contact you for relevant openings.

Alternatively, you could also explore the option of joining their customer service department.

There are many customer service jobs which can be pursued from home, and Amazon puts out vacancies on its websites when they are hiring for these positions.

But it is important to understand if these Amazon work from home jobs are profitable at all and how you go about pursuing this.

So here is a quick lowdown on how this entire process works.

How to Work for Amazon from Home?

How to Work for Amazon from Home?

If you are looking to pursue work from home jobs that are on offer from Amazon, it is quite simple to understand.

If you live in any of the twenty states in the US where Amazon is hiring for its work from home job opportunities, here is rundown on how to apply for these jobs.

All you need to do is log on to the Amazon job portal or the page on the Amazon website that lists all the available jobs.

  1. After that, you need to click on the word ‘Search’ on their website. That will highlight the different types of jobs available in different states.
  2. You can look at making the search even more precise by filling in your city details and filter the available options.

Bingo! Your job search is complete.

You can apply for any of the available options.

Though Amazon work from home jobs can be applied quite easily, it is at best a temporary solution and part-time work from home opportunity.

First and Foremost, Amazon Hires Only in Twenty States.

To be eligible for these work from home jobs, you need to be resident of any of the states:

Arizona, Delaware, Florida, Colorado, Kansas, Georgia, Michigan, Kentucky, Minnesota, North Dakota, North Carolina, Oregan, Ohio, South Carolina, Pennsylvania, Virginia, West Virginia, Wisconsin, Washington and Tennessee.

If you are in luck, there are some additional job postings in California, Connecticut, Illinois, Indiana, Massachusetts, Maryland, New Jersey, New York, Nevada and Texas.

The benefits of these work from jobs are similar to most other work from home jobs.

You work from the comfort of your home, pretty much in your pajamas if you like.

The working hours are also extremely flexible.

If you contact Amazon work from home customer service, they will help you enroll in the Amazon’s Reserve program.

But the basic rate for most Amazon work from home jobs is around $10/hour.

Most times, this rate also covers all your data charges, computer/laptop maintenance and other overhead expenses that you might incur.

While you get an opportunity to work from home with the Amazon brand, your entire approach needs to be customer centric.

You need to be innovative in your thinking, and though you will work from home, it is not the least bit simple.

Additionally, given the bare minimum educational qualifications required for these work from home jobs, there is quite a bit of demand for it when they are hiring.

But most importantly, these jobs are seasonal in nature and more appropriate for making some additional bucks during the holidays and the like.

The Basic Qualification Needed

The basic qualification needed for the Amazon work from home jobs is a simple high school diploma or an equivalent degree.

So, when you are exploring about how to work for Amazon from home, you must understand that these kind of employment opportunities are at best more appropriate for the short-term.

Though conceptually work from home options can have pretty long-term significance, the Amazon work from home jobs are surely not of that category.

So before you apply for any of these listed opportunities, it is a good idea to speak to a customer service associate to get a comprehensive idea about the entire job profile.

It will give you a fair idea about how many hours you need to put in to justify how much you would be making every hour.

Additionally, it will also help you gauge the kind of time period, if the job would be sustainable and how soon you might have to start searching again.

While these work from home jobs could be convenient options for making some quick money, this is hardly the type which can make you a millionaire sitting at home.

The Amazon work from home jobs is, therefore, appropriate for those who need to work from home temporarily or need to add to their existing earnings.

Amazon Work from Home Jobs

Amazon Work from Home Jobs

That said, here is a quick look at some of the more popular work from home jobs that you could apply online through their website.

It is needless to mention that most times the Amazon site clearly lists the kind of remuneration that one can expect from these jobs.

So before you apply for these and join them, it is advisable to work out the mathematics and viability of these work from home jobs.

This would also give you a fair idea of the number of hours that you would need to devote to these home based jobs.

1. Customer Service Associates:

Customer Service Associates

One of the most common opportunities for you would be customer service jobs for Amazon.

As an Amazon customer service associate, your entire focus needs to be on the customer and provide them sustainable solutions.

You must understand their exact problem that they might be facing with the Amazon brand and try and come up with innovative solutions.

Your success as a customer service associate working with Amazon would be based solely on the flexibility you might have in terms of accepting calls from customers and then engaging in a constructive dialogue with them.

Though the customer service associate engaged with Amazon can work from home, they need to be extremely prompt and efficient with their calls.

They must remain updated with all latest innovation that Amazon introduces and aim to service the customers as effectively as they can.

However, most times these customer service associate openings are seasonal in nature and mainly concentrated to the holiday season.

Therefore, this can at best be a stopgap solution for you or an additional work from home job that you can take up along with other existing jobs that you might be pursuing.

2. Call Centre Managers:

Call Centre Managers

This is one of those Amazon work from jobs that need you to have a slightly higher set of academic qualification.

They should be at least a graduate, but an MBA is always the more preferred qualification.

Applicants also need to have two years of experience managing people and running projects on their own.

A direct call center experience might also be desirable.

This could be ideal for project managers who are looking at temporary positions after taking a break from regular work schedules.

Moreover, unlike what Amazon promises, this job is not entirely home based. It has about 10-15% travel involved as well.

Additionally, this Amazon job is open for only those residing in the twenty states that Amazon has identified.

3. Technical Sourcer:

Technical Sourcer

In this Amazon work from home job, the candidate is responsible for the various sourcing initiatives undertaken by Amazon.

Essentially, this is a telecommute job with flexible hours.

The interested candidates can always get in touch with Amazon customer service and enroll in the suitable reserve program to decide on the hours.

Then, they look after everything from looking out for new candidates to overseeing the various sourcing initiatives that Amazon might undertake.

However, candidates have to be at least graduates with 4-5 years experience in the IT sector.

They should be well versed with the various requirements of online sourcing.

The payment in this, as in most other Amazon work from home jobs, is at a standardized rate of $10/hour.

So assuming you are putting 30 hours a week, your net weekly earnings are unlikely to be more than $300.

Given your experience and academic qualification in this arena, you could get a lot more lucrative opportunities.

So this Amazon job can’t be a long-term option for you.

Moreover, sourcing can’t be a permanent need either.

4. Human Resource Managers:

Human Resource Managers

This is another popular work from home opportunity that Amazon provides for.

Apart from the mandatory HR degree/qualification, you also need to have basic minimum experience.

However, the duration of it depends entirely on your job profile.

It could be anywhere between 2-10 years.

Not only is this experience period mandatory, but it is also important that these human resource managers have experience in hiring through web-based postings and assessments.

This is absolutely mandatory.

You can again notice, given the long duration of your expertise and experience, getting merely $10 per hour would be rather too meager.

5. English Language Assessment Specialist:

English Language Assessment Specialist

When you go through the list of job listings on Amazon website, this is another popular alternative. In this job, the successful candidate is responsible for various language related assessment on the Amazon site.

They even look the various online forms that are put out by the e-commerce major.

And, they also go at great length to undertake different kinds of language designing and validation tests.

They also undertake close studies on the different types of pilot initiatives that Amazon introduces.

More or less, all language related content needs to be monitored very closely by these specialists across the Amazon site.

Interested candidates must be at least graduates.

Though there is no mention of any specific experience detail in the Amazon postings, yet again, this work from home job would yield you a mere $10/hour.

So while, it is a much better option than absolute unemployment, it can’t be a sustainable employment option for anyone.

At any rate, the average annual salary from this type of job can’t be more than $20,000-25,000.

So you have to substantiate the job with something else to live a comfortable life and support your family properly.

6. Security System Project Manager:

Security System Project Manager

In this telecommute Amazon work from home job; the selected candidates have to undertake multiple responsibilities in one go.

They need to oversee all types of security initiatives, create various project plans, finalize various security plans and also deliver security programs.

However, a PMP certification is almost mandatory along with the BS degree.

Moreover, this job is not entirely home based.

It involves a whole lot of travel and can’t be suitable if you have lots of home based commitments that you must honor.

Moreover despite all the work involved, at the end of the week, you would be making barely $300-400 a week.

7. Sortation Associate:

Sortation Associate

This is an ideal work from home opportunity that you could opt for during the holiday season.

So if you like to sort and wrap stuff, this is a cool way to make $13 per hour for a limited period.

All you need is a high school diploma or equivalent and be 18 years of age.

However, if you are thinking of making a career out of this, then think again.

Imagine a person who sorted products for Amazon and became a millionaire, absolutely no one!

Therefore, we can conclude that though Amazon offers a significantly large number of work from home options, most times these work from home jobs are not sufficient to pursue a full-fledged career based on them.

Most times, these Amazon work from home jobs are for short periods and with limited viability.

At best, you can consider these Amazon offers as great standby options to make some quick bucks during holidays or a lean period.

You can always consult the Amazon work from home customer service for more clarity and greater understanding of the entire gamut of responsibilities.