Americans’ Morality and Their Enemies’ Insolence

I just saw this (below) on The Economist’s Instagram page. Then I read the full article. The title doesn’t report something new. So don’t get shocked. America and China have been preparing for war for such a long time. It is not something new. Indeed, America has always been preparing for war during the past several decades. In the second world war, Hitler would win if America didn’t interfere. They didn’t want to interfere at first. But, when they learned that Hitler was after having a nuclear bomb (that later it became proven that even if he was after nuclear weapons, they hadn’t taken any serious action toward building it), and after Japan invaded the United States, they decided to help Europe against Hitler. Almost immediately after the world war, they helped South Korea against the North, and after giving over 30,000 casualties, they came back. And soon after that, a new economic recession started, although the wounds of the 1929 recession hadn’t been fully cured yet.

Us and China Conflict Over Taiwan

Americans sacrifice themselves to keep peace in the world, but so far they have paid a horrible price for it. It is possible that they will become faced with Russia in Ukraine, while it is also possible that they become obliged to defend Taiwan against China, while they have been badly wounded by the Chinese virus recently. The Chinese virus has killed over 500,000 of The United States professionals and skilled workers, according to FED chairman, Jerome Powell. If this is not a war, what is it then?

In spite of this, these are not new to The United States. They are used to it. What I am 100% sure about is, The United States of America cannot be defeated, not because they have a strong Army with lots of modern weapons, but because of their people’s mentality. They are stronger than any nation in the world, even 1.4 billion Chinese. The United States always avoids invasion. Any time they interfered in a war, was to defend, either from themselves or other nations. But, other countries invade. Russia is a good example, while I have so many other examples. Therefore, although The United States cannot be defeated, they don’t invade any country and they try to have peaceful interactions with all countries, as long as possible.

When The United States succeeded in building a nuclear weapon in 1945, they didn’t use it against the Soviet Union because they were allies with each other to fight Hitler at that time. However, the Soviet Union got the information through espionage to build nuclear bombs. It means, the Soviet Union was spying against the United Started at the time that both countries were allies. It literally means Russia has never been trustworthy. You cannot trust them even when they are apparently your friend.

The Soviet Union tested their first nuclear bomb, five years after The United States, in 1949. However, The United States tested their first Hydrogen bomb on November 1, 1952. Hydrogen bombs are almost a thousand times stronger than the regular nuclear bombs. Therefore, the United States became the first nuclear and military power of the world in 1952 again. They could easily evaporate the Soviet Union who had betrayed them at least from 1945. But, they didn’t do it for the same reason I explained above: Americans don’t invade. They only defend. This is so moral and ethical. But, I wish others had been like that as well. Unfortunately, they are not. Look at China. They have already killed 1,148,780 Americans with their virus, as of writing this article. At least 500,000 of those who died in The United States by the Chinese virus were the ones who had a strong role in The United States economy. In spite of this, Americans not only didn’t invade China, but also they haven’t taken a serious action to take revenge yet.

If Americans had wiped out The Soviet Union in the 1950s with their Hydrogen bomb, now they wouldn’t have an enemy that is called China. However, morality didn’t allow them to do so. Even in the case of Japan, they seriously warned Japan that if they didn’t stop invading The United States harbors and ships, they would use a strong weapon against them. They finally used nuclear bombs against Japan when the Japanese didn’t take America’s ultimatums seriously and kept invading.

Whenever my thoughts reach this point, I become stopped: what should we do with the morality that encourages our enemies against us??? I haven’t found any answer for this question yet. What do you think?

For now, we must become stronger, as much as we can. Only our strength prevents our enemies: In Order to Survive, We Have Only One Choice: We Must Become Stronger, Stronger and Stronger

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