The Apple mission statement in many ways defines the brand that Apple has come to be regarded as in today’s world.

Quite like many other global biggies, it’s mission statement is often considered the base of its stupendous global success.

It remarks the retaining their position as the undisputed kings of modern innovation.

The company that Steve Jobs set up way back in the 1970s.

Today it is one of the world’s most successful and valuable brands.

People know it for the ultimate elegance and efficiency of the brand, Apple.

These typical features are often considered as the key identity of the brand.

However, they are also linked to what Apple mission statement is.

The Continuous Change

Needless to mention one of the biggest aspects of its vision is the continuous change that is the order of life.

It has undertaken many changes in mission statement.

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These changes include the original one that Steve Jobs wrote a long time ago.

No doubt the company’s mission, incorporates not just its current business ethos and principles.

It is perhaps one of the brightest examples of the continuous change and innovation.

The changes and innovations are underway at Apple.

They remain its edge over peers in terms of everything from design to delivery.

Just analyze the apple mission statement and its role in charting out a company’s success deeper.

If so, you would realize that the Apple Inc mission statement is an appropriate tool to highlight the growth strategy.

The Apple’s growth strategy is very important.

It is also important to know how it manages to retain its success mantra.

Apple is the continuous chain of creating and designing of such great examples of human brilliance.

They have mixed this with the pace of product development.

No doubt that this is a wonderful manifestation of both the need and the effectiveness of a great mission statement.

It always manages to highlight the biggest growth drivers of a firm.

Apple Mission Statement Embodying the Change It Manifests

Apple Mission Statement

The Apple mission statement that we see now perhaps highlights the most telling change that the company has seen in recent times.

For example, the change of guard and the sad demise of its maverick and brilliant founder, Steve Jobs.

Tim Cook took charge and has been continuously on the whole journey of steering this iconic company towards greater and better successes.

Whether you talk of product innovation or the pace of making new elements available in the market, Tim Cook has not let the pace slow down and kept his focus on the business basics.

The Apple mission statement says,

“We believe that we are on the face of the earth to make great products and that’s not changing….We believe in saying no to thousands of projects, so that we can really focus on the few that are truly important and meaningful to us. And I think regardless of who is in what job those values are so embedded in this company that Apple will do extremely well.”

That in many ways perhaps is the most telling point and as a key reason why this mission statement is so unlike any other that you might have come across.

Well, the Apple mission statement does not just highlight the company’s motto.

It also covers the zeitgeist that guides the very spirit of workmanship in the entire company.

The value is outlined in the entire statement.

It is the driving mantra for the complete workforce in the organization.

There is no doubt they can maintain the entire legacy of churning out such revolutionary.

They can also drop dead gorgeous looking devices that have today become a standard in themselves.

Remember how owning an Apple product is often seen as a means of satisfying one’s aspirations of being rich, successful and immensely influential.

Detailing in the Mission Statement

Apple Vision and Mission Statements

Another striking element about the Apple mission statement is no doubt its length.

In a tryst to break away from tradition, the current mission statement is rather long.

The question then is how it manages to appeal to such a wide range of potential customers and readers who read through this detailed mission.

Well, for starters it is direct.

It does include a huge amount of fact and details.

However, it is all woven together as an extension of a single thought and portrayal of one fundamental idea that is guiding the company, ‘innovation’.

Moreover, this vision statement emphasizes the overall simplicity in their approach and its implementation in their ultimate execution.

Apple is, after all, famous for creating user friendly products.

Their products are not just easy to use but also extremely practical.

It also highlights their sharp business sense and a keen focus on the kind of markets they are going to expose their recent launch.

Apple also uses it to highlight their biggest principle, that of inclusive growth and sharing their success with their employees.

Their employees work as a collaborative force in guaranteeing Apple’s unbridled success.

The Apple mission statement clearly highlights that key aspect.

One look at it is in many ways more than sufficient to properly understand the growth direction that the company is charting out going forward in the future.

Such a detailed mission from Apple’s new chief also helps other stakeholders guide the core company to a greater and a continuous success route.

It often works to encourage employees and influences policy makers into following the statement word to word for reaching the desired end as per the desired path that they decided upon eventually.

Apple Value Their Employees

The Apple mission statement, therefore encompasses the success mantra that is driving growth.

However, it also covers the biggest principles that have made the company the market leader in innovation:

They value their employees and nurture the human resource at their disposal with love and care.

It specifically outlines the company’s dos and don’ts.

It does not leave any scope for any kind of ambiguity in the entire game plan.

Therefore, it reflects transparency and a strong commitment to excellence that only serves to strengthen their commitment towards maintaining clear relationship with clients, customers and teachers alike.

Along with being comprehensive, it is also an indicator of the future trend the kind of challenges that such a situation might throw up.

Of course, the scope to widen the provisions of the program has anyway featured in the core planning perspective.

Therefore, the Apple mission statement remains a brilliant example of the perfect marriage between innovation and effective communication.