When you are looking at home jobs, the jobs that Apple Inc offers, are always in demand.

This is predominantly because not only are Apple work from home jobs legitimate, but Apple is also known for providing the best pay and employee benefits to its customers.

So, as a result, those looking at working from home, often these Apple jobs become their primary choice.

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However, let’s see whether what most people think about the Apple jobs is true or not.

Apple work from home jobs have a very wide range of opportunities.

So you needn’t always be a technology expert or a software engineer to land up with these jobs.

They have opportunities like at home advisors or chat advisors who have a very basic graduate degree to get started.

The problem is when you work for Apple, even from home, you are still working for someone else, not yourself.

You have a boss who determines your work hours, payments and… .

There is no doubt that you can never achieve money, time and location freedom through these kinds of job opportunities.

Working from home can give you some freedom, but as you don’t make enough money, you won’t enjoy financial freedom.

The other problem is that it is not easy to get an Apple home job, although some of the jobs they offer don’t need any special specialty.

You can read about the challenges that these jobs have at the end of this article.

Therefore, if you are looking for a work from job that also gives you money, time and location freedom, then Apple work from jobs aren’t your choice.

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What Are the Apple Work from Home Jobs and their Pay & Range?

What Are the Apple Work from Home Jobs and their Pay & Range?

Here is a look at some of the potential work from home jobs that you can take up if you are working with Apple.

We have collated a list of the postings on the Apple website and also corroborated from the other accounts on LinkedIn.

These include:

  1. Apple at Home Advisor
  2. At Home Fraud Prevention Specialist
  3. Support Service for Apple Retail
  4. Technical Customer Service

When you work from home for a brand like Apple, it is needless to mention that they undertake a very strict training procedure to select only the best.

On the flip side, the advantage is that maybe they pay you more than the other companies.

While Apple is quite tight-lipped about its compensation strategy for employees, accounts of many former employees associated with Apple work from home jobs indicate that they get paid anywhere between $14-18 per hour.

Though there are some who claimed to have gotten a much lesser payment, close to $9-10, this is mostly because they did not work directly with the firm.

Most times, these employees were hired by contractors who worked for Apple.

So, maybe you can survive with a job that pays $9 to $18 per hour, but you can’t get rich through it, nor can you make a fortune with it.

It is just a survival job.

1. Apple at Home Advisor:

This is perhaps one of the most popular and common Apple work from home jobs that you might have heard about.

They can choose to work either part-time or full-time as per their convenience and terms and conditions decided by Apple.

They are the first point of contact for Apple customers and pretty much the voice of the company.

When you call up Apple support services to trouble shoot or get details of any kind of problems with regards to the Apple products, more often than not, you are speaking to one of these home based advisors that Apple appoints.

Apple appoints both temporary and permanent home advisors depending on their need.

On an average, the individuals who work from home put in about 20 hours of work each week and even on holidays.

2. At Home Fraud Prevention Specialist

Again those applying for these types of Apple home jobs have to be at least bilingual with knowledge of French, Spanish or Portuguese along with English.

They generally review all types of information to identify potential fraud and resolve them if necessary.

Those applying for these types of jobs must have previous customer service experience.

3. Support Service for Apple Retail

This Apple work from home job is a part-time opportunity that is geared mainly to help further Apple retail ventures.

In short, these employees help in providing support for all types of sales and marketing initiatives that are undertaken by Apple.

4. Technical Customer Service

The main role and responsibility of those taking up this Apple work from home job is essentially providing easy technical support and guidance.

Whether you are a seasoned Apple device user or a first timer, the fact is that this device needs much focused attention and the technical support staff helps you with the same.

Apart from that, you also have opportunities to work for many other advisory roles on phone like

  1. Retail customer service and sales advisor
  2. Reseller specialist

Some Benefits of Apple Work from Home Jobs

Some Benefits of Apple Work from Home Jobs

There are some benefits of working from home for Apple Inc.

These include:

1. Apple Provides Training

When you get selected for Apple home jobs, the company takes charge of all the training that is required.

They provide the work from home candidates with the required know-how and the typical Apple approach as well as the way they deal with customers.

Essentially you get paid even as you are familiarizing with the overall procedure and the typical Apple approach.

An instructor will be taking live classes through an online program. Individuals gradually learn to get roped into the entire work atmosphere.

2. Apple Provides Infrastructure

Another important feature of Apple work from home jobs, is the fact that Apple provides for all your needs.

From providing the computers to address all other infrastructure requirements, Apple addresses it all.

Moreover, you will also be provided with the headset that you would require to make the set-up as close to your office environment as possible.

Additionally, in these Apple home jobs, you also stay connected with your entire team through your own individual network.

Essentially this becomes one of those jobs that do not need a huge investment, but at the same time, it doesn’t have a perfect return as well.

3. Apple Undertakes Strict Screening

While Apple home jobs can be lucrative, they undertake strict screening procedures to ensure only the best of the lot get through.

So if you believe that you are motivated and have sufficient self-discipline, this is perhaps the best way to get an Apple home job.

Their strict screening makes sure that only convinced contenders are in the fray.

There is huge competition, and you will get motivated to put up your best performance.

So this makes sure that even while working at home, you maintain professional quality.

4. Apple Provides Employee Benefits

All those who work from home for Apple get the advantage of the employee benefits that Apple provides.

In short, while choosing Apple home jobs, your perks and incentives are not inconvenienced in any way.

Rather you are treated at par with other employees who are working in an office.

You enjoy promotion and salary hike and also additional perks like Employee stock options.

You can also take advantage of many other schemes that are targeted towards improving the quality of work and your overall efficiency as such.

The whole idea is to make it a symbiotic and mutually beneficent set-up

5. Apple Honors Leave Requirements

Not only do Apple home jobs enable its employees to enjoy benefits even when they work from home, but they are also entitled to certain minimum paid leaves.

Just like a regular office employee, the one who is recruited for an Apple home job gets to enjoy a pre-decided amount of leave every year.

As you are still a member of a team, it will follow procedures of seniority and who applied first but that apart, you can claim the benefit of these leave just the same way as a regular Apple employee who attends the conventional office every day 9-5.

6. Flexible Timing

I am sure one of your biggest reasons for opting to work from home is undoubtedly the timing involved.

Whether you are mother struggling with balancing child care and professional demands or a fresher managing studies and work, flexible timing can be a big advantage for most professionals.

Apple addresses this primary concern very well.

By allowing Apple work from home jobs, they cut down the time used for travel and transit.

Apart from that, working from home also means you can take short breaks if you have to tend to any specific task urgently.

Moreover, your working from home entails that you have far greater accountability and can address the challenges better.

7. Work as per Your Preference

One of the Apple tagline talks about making your passion your profession.

Well with the range of work from home jobs, Apple seeks to establish exactly this idea in reality.

Apple work from home jobs ensure that you choose to work in the specific field or chose a specific type of work that you might have an interest in.

Just because you want to have flexible timing or are keen about a home job does not mean you need to restrict your choices or preference in terms of a profession.

8. Apple Maintains Regular Contact with Employees

Often you might wonder that when you are sitting alone, working remotely behind closed doors in your bedroom, it can get very lonely.

In fact many blogs talk about the fact that work from home is not a good option for those who are prone to depression.

However, with Apple home jobs, that is never a concern at all.

Your co-workers and team leaders are perpetually in touch.

In fact, Apple devices constantly monitor mouse movements as well, as performer employees.

When a specific employee does not respond for a very long time, the manager might call them as well.

Though it is created to cut slackers, it also helps you to stay in touch.

9. Apple Recruits Across US, Foreign Locales

Unlike Amazon who recruits from only 20 US states, Apple home jobs are not that restrictive.

Apart from 30 US states, college campuses, Apple also hires from countries like Canada, UK and Australia.

What we mean to imply is you do not have to stay in US to take advantage of Apple work from home jobs.

You can also be in outside locations.

Depending on their availability, you can take advantage of the amazing opportunities that these work from home jobs bring forth.

10. Apple Creates Great Teams

Even while you work from home, you function as a team.

They have proper team allocations as well as team members assigned to work in sync with each other.

This harbors great fellow feeling and instills a sense of competition amongst the various team members to excel and put up their best foot forward.

Therefore these Apple work from home jobs become as fulfilling as a regular office job.

Challenges of Apple Work from Home Jobs

Challenges of Apple Work from Home Jobs

However, that said you must be prepared for certain challenges involved in these Apple work from home jobs.

Just like any other office work, it isn’t without its stress levels.

Though you are home based, Apple maintains very strict accountability norms and makes sure that there is no scope for any complacency at all.

1. Can Be Very Challenging

Accounts of many former employees who were part of the Apple work from home jobs would reveal that these jobs were anything but easy.

There are strict guidelines, and employees need to confirm to them.

Perhaps this is also a reason why the Apple home jobs are still profitable while the like of Yahoo and Best Buy had to begin wrapping up these alternatives.

2. Work Schedule May Be Stressful

The timing for these Apple jobs are very strict.

Though you work from home, you need to be very strict about reporting on time and finishing within time.

Now if that’s stressful for you, then surely you should avoid applying for these.

That is why I mentioned at the beginning of this article that you won’t have time freedom.

Additionally, as the payments are not usually reasonable, you won’t have money freedom as well.

3. Apple Is a Tough Task Master

Apple monitors employee movements through mouse tracking, according to the internet account of many former employees.

This means though you are remotely located, you are never too far from the leader’s eyes.

So, you need to be constantly on your guard.

Therefore you can easily deduce that Apple work from home jobs are as tough as regular office work.

Perhaps it is this way that the company maintains its profitability.

So, although you are working from home, you have a boss who monitors you all the time and can even count the number of your mouse cursor movements and clicks and the number of the times you hit the keys on your computer keyboard.

This is their right to monitor and manage their employees activities.

But it is still your right to have a job that gives you money, time and location freedom.

Am I right?

When it is possible to have a much better job that makes a lot more money and is a lot easier to manage and handle, then why you have to stick to the jobs like what Apple offers?

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4. Screening Process Extremely Intense

While many former employees of the Apple work from home jobs program take pride in the fact that they persevered to get past the screening process, they also mention that many who were chucked out or balked under the pressure of the workload or accountability factor.

5. Work on Holidays, No Place for Complacency

When you are part of the Apple work from home jobs team, chances are that you do not get to enjoy all holidays.

There are chances that while some are resting after three days of going to the office, you might have to slog it out for 4-5 hours at home.


Therefore, you can easily conclude that if you intend to work from home and have the relevant qualifications and inclination, Apple work from home jobs look like some good options for you.

They have reasonable rates for those who are looking for the survival jobs.

They provide their employees who work from home the same type of benefits that their office going employees enjoy like paid leaves, stock options and product discount.

However, it is not simple to land up with an Apple work from home job.

They will recruit after a strict screening process.

As their employee, you will also constantly under watch, and they will make sure you never become complacent.

As I mentioned, Apple home job opportunities are good for those who want to have a survival job.

But you will feel tired and bored so fast, because of the work pressure and some inflexibilities that these jobs have.

Instead of finding out whether you are qualified for an Apple work from home job, and before you become rejected by Apple (because they are so tough about offering their home job opportunities, and you need to have a lot of qualifications as I mentioned above), you can definitely start your own Data Technology online business that makes much more money and gives you money, time and location freedom.

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