Are You Focused Enough? “FOCUS” Is the 7th Law of Karma!

FOCUS” is the seventh law of Karma.

Karma Is Not What Most People Think

Karma is not about others. It is about YOU and making your life better and better every day. If you and your life become better, others’ lives and also the world will become better. So, let’s FOCUS on ourselves. This is what the seventh law of Karma is saying. The other six laws are also focused on making you and your life a little better every day. Focus on doing this. Just become better than yesterday, in everything, every day. That’s all.

If everyone does this, the world will become better for everyone, not only for humans, but even for the environment and animals.

The LuckScout Community Was Developed Based on Karma Laws

Yes. If you learn how The LuckScout Community system and algorithm work, you will see Karma laws everywhere in it:

It records and collects points for you from anything you do.
It gives you more opportunities every day to earn more points.
Through communicating with other members of the community, it helps you become a better person.
It even helps you become sharper and smarter through the healthy games it has provided.
It turns your points into money that will be paid to you.
Not only that…
It also keeps all your points in your account, to give a share from all the profits that the community makes, in the short and long term, risk-free and for free.
It is 100% free and risk-free for you. The LuckScout Team handles the risks, not you and other members.

The goal is to make you and all other members, better people, both for themselves and others. It is to make them financially free, without taking any risks.

As a member of The LuckScout Community, when you work harder every day to earn more points, to become a better member today, compared to yesterday, not only YOU will earn more points, but also you push the other members of the community to earn more points too.

You don’t compete with anyone here. The LuckScout Community is designed and developed in a way that not only your activities to earn more points don’t prevent other members from earning points, but they help other members to become more active too. For example, when you send a friend request to other members, they receive notifications and emails, and so they will login to their account to accept your request. This process earns points, for all of you, not only you. There are too many other activities that do the same.

In The LuckScout Community, you don’t compare yourself with other members. You compare what you are today with what you were yesterday, and you try to become better than yesterday. However, when you do so, you help other members to have more activities as well.

This is exactly what Karma is all about. If you read about the previous six laws (listed below), you will see that in The LuckScout Community, you are following the Karma laws to become a better person every day.

That’s not all. As I explained above, when you try to become a better person every day, compared to what you were yesterday, the world becomes a better place for everyone. Do you agree? 🙂

It is the same in The LuckScout Community too. When you try to become a better member every day, not only you are helping yourself, but you help the community too. You help all other members to become financially free, for free, and risk-free.

You could never have this chance to serve humanity like this, anywhere else, and without having to spend any money. Here, you help people to become financially free without spending any money. Therefore, helping The LuckScout Community, is helping HUMANITY.

There are so many here who have lost a lot to scams. Some of them have lost their homes. But here, they have the chance to recover their losses and get off the ground one more time. They have the chance to become independent and self-sufficient wealth-builders who won’t be scammed again:

So, let’s FOCUS on becoming a better LuckScout Community member every day to follow the Karma 7th law too😃

We Are We Doing This?

We do this because we want to take humanity one step forward and one level higher. Let’s do this:

If you haven’t started yet, Click Here to create your account.

See you on board! 😃💝🌸🎊🎉✨🌹👑🍺👏🎈

Learn about the previous six Karma laws to change your life and the world:

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