The picture below has a lot of things to say. Once I saw it, I understood the real meaning of the saying, “A picture is worth a thousand words“. Just this picture alone can give you the biggest lesson you ever need to know to become a profitable trader or businessman. It is the abstract of the thousands of words I have in the articles that I have published on LuckScout so far. Those who have read my articles know what I mean:

"Mind-Full" or "Mindful"

Are You “Mind-Full” or “Mindful”?

Who is “Mind-full” and who is “Mindful”? Does it really make any difference?

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Please look at the above picture very carefully and then answer the above questions. At the left side of the picture you see a person who is walking toward the Sun and four green trees. While he is walking, his mind is “full” of the things that most of them are troublesome and make him suffer and be unhappy. It doesn’t make any difference for him to be at home, work, driving, sleeping, walking etc. Such a person always have all those things in his mind. The Sun and trees are the only things he doesn’t see and think about, and so he doesn’t enjoy them at all. He is walking toward them, but he doesn’t see them.

If you are a trader, compare this person to a trader who wants to follow several trading systems and time frames at the same time. He also has so many indicators on his charts. He wants to compete with other traders. He wants to make a special number of pips every month, and know how other traders trade and what open positions they have and when they’ve closed their previous positions. Instead of focusing on his own trading (enjoying the Sun and trees), he wastes several hours per day to check other traders’ activities, post and read rumors and gossips about others on too many forums, ask too many questions that make no difference for him whether to know the answers or not, etc.

His mind is full of conditions, “IFs” and “THENs”. At the same time, he is trading with the money he cannot afford to lose, and so he adds more stress to his mind. He is not happy with his income and wants to become a profitable Forex trader as soon as possible to become able to pay his bills and debts. He…

It doesn’t work that way. He makes his mind-full of things that don’t help him to trade and make money. He wants to trade, but the things he has in his mind are the biggest obstacles to achieve these goals. There are only a few things one need to trade properly and make profit consistently. The extra things that most traders focus on are nothing but headaches: Become a Profitable Forex Trader in 5 Easy Steps

At the right side of the picture, you see a dog. The biggest lesson of this picture is placed at the right side. The dog is also walking toward the same Sun and trees, but unlike the guy, he only thinks about the Sun and trees and he has nothing else in his mind.

Which one will enjoy his day? The dog or the guy?

For the guy, it doesn’t make any difference to be at work, home, or walking at the country side. He takes his troubles anywhere he goes. So he doesn’t enjoy anything. But the dog lives at the very moment he is in. He enjoys what he does and where he is at the moment. What was occurred in the past, and what is supposed to happen in future have zero importance to him. So he enjoys his life. He will have the maximum possible joy one can have from his moments.

Maybe you say we are humans, and so we have to think about the past and future, but animals don’t.

Believe it or not! If you just focus on what you are doing and forget about the past and future, you will not only enjoy your present, but also you will have a great past and a brilliant future because when you completely focus on the jobs you are doing, you do them the best possible way and you will get the best results from them. You will make the best of your moments that will make your past, and will build your future. So, you will have the best possible past and future, whereas when you are not focused and determined enough, not only you don’t enjoy your moments, but also you ruin your past and future because you cannot make a good job with what you are doing.

Now, can you say who can be a better trader? The man or the dog?

If you teach the dog to wait for a few conditions to be met to enter the markets, he will make a great job because he doesn’t look for anything extra. He only focuses on what you have taught him, and what he is waiting for to occur.

But if you teach the same a few conditions to the man you see in the above picture, and then check his performance after a few weeks, chances are you see that he is doing everything but what you have taught him. He invents a few trading systems every other day, and wants to double his account every week. After a short period of trial and error, he will open his first live account, most probably with the money he cannot afford to lose. But he will lose that money definitely.

This is how over 95% of traders work. Many of them never become profitable. The problem is in their own mind. The markets, currencies, stocks, platforms, etc. are all the same for everybody. A losing trader sees exactly the same chart on his computer screen as a profitable trader does . But why the profitable trader makes the right decision, and the losing trader makes mistakes? Why the losing trader has several positions when the profitable trader is out; and why the losing trader has no positions when the profitable trader is in?

To become a consistently profitable trader, you must clean up your mind from the extra thoughts. Just learn a strong and simple trading system, master it through demo trading, and open a small live account and grow it slowly but surely. This is what a “mindful” trader does.