Are You Receiving Your HyperVerse Withdrawals?

HyperVerse and HyperNation

It seems The HyperTech Group wants to launch their HyperNation very soon. They announced it in the live event they just had on Vimeo.

They were supposed to start processing the withdrawals on HyperVerse, but not only they haven’t done it yet, but also have stopped those who could still withdraw small amounts, which means no one is able to withdraw anything from HyperVerse anymore. In spite of this, they want to start HyperNation, which is almost the same HyperVerse, but with just some minor differences. For example, in HyperNation, you receive 3X through receiving 0.7% every day, while they paid 0.3% per day on HyperVerse.

I don’t want to go ahead of myself and call them “scams” yet because they still have time to process our withdrawal requests on HyperVerse, and if they do, we may think about joining HyperNation too. However, if they don’t handle the withdrawals on HyperVerse, they will definitely be known as scams, and we should not let anyone join HyperNation.

They not only must pay the members’ 1X or their seed money, but also they must pay the rewards of the team-builders like me. Paying 1X is for those who have just bought memberships and haven’t built their teams. But, people like me have spent thousands of dollars and hours to build their teams that are now being forwarded to HyperNation by the company. They cannot do this to us. Those members are on HyperVerse because of people like me. So, they cannot please me just by paying 1X. We must receive our community and HyperDrive rewards for as long as anyone is active in our HyperVerse teams.

Therefore, I have published this post to ask you to vote and leave comments and let us know whether you are receiving your withdrawals from HyperVerse or not. If the HyperVerse members keep saying that they are not receiving their withdrawals, I will go to the next step which is to enlighten the world about The HyperTech Group and HyperNation. We cannot remain silent and witness that people get scammed by the same company again.

So, please vote and leave comments here below. Thank you!


Are You Receiving Your HyperVerse Withdrawals Without Any Problems and Delay?

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By Vahid Chaychi

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