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– Don’t share your email address, and don’t ask for others’ email addresses;
– Don’t promote or advertise any products, websites and affiliate links;
– Explain your question and case at least for 200 characters;
– Use a proper language.
– Ask questions and share stories that have value for the public to know, and so search engines show tendency to index them. For example, questions like “How do you acknowledge sneezes?” or “Are You Traveling For Christmas?” have no value for  anybody to know. (new)
– Too general questions or stories won’t be published. For example, “What Do You Read and Why?” is too general. (new)

And… posts with too many spelling errors will be deleted before they become published.

Click Here to see an example of a good and quality post that meets or requirements, and try to have your posts that way.

Please see some examples of the quality titles and topics below and try to submit posts like them to get the highest points in short and long-term:

  • How Much Does It Cost to Mine Bitcoin?
  • What Is the Best Way to Grow Your EPIC Trading Team?
  • When Will We Become Able to Buy/Sell Pi Cryptocurrency?
  • This Is How I Assembled a New PC

1. Initial points for quality questions/stories: 5,000
– Initial points for regular questions/stories:  100-500

However, (1) only quality questions/stories will be approved and published; (2) Must have proper contribution on other users’ questions/stories and their own previous questions/stories to support comments and answering other users’ questions and reactions; otherwise their questions/stories won’t be approved and published.

The LuckScout Club is all about contribution. Without contribution in other posts, answers, questions, etc., both in your own and also others’ questions/stories, your posts won’t be published on the site.

2. Initial points for answers: 50

Comments on questions/stories don’t have instant and initial points. However, the system rewards the users after a while that they have a strong background of commenting within a weekly and monthly time frame. The other thing is that without commenting and answering on your own and also other questions/stories, your questions/stories won’t be approved and published because contribution is the most important part of The LuckScout Club.

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