Businesses can enjoy augmented reality advantages.

The term augmented reality may not be familiar.

Although so, you’ve probably come across this technology.

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A popular game today uses this technology.

But not many people realize it.

That game is Pokemon Go.

Augmented Reality in Pokemon Go Game.

As a matter of fact.

This game is very popular.

People go everywhere.

Just to catch Pokemon.

If anything can be said.

This game is very popular.

Why Are People Crazy over Pokemon Go?

Let’s put it this way.

People like this game.

Because its as if.

The characters can come to life.

How can this happen?

What kind of magic is this?

That magic is actually technology.

It has a name.

It is augmented reality.

That’s a fancy name.

Still, this technology is impressive.

It combines two things.

Which are digital and real-life elements.

So, users feel connected to the game.

This is proven by over 750 million downloads.

Clearly, this game has a lot of fans.

Also, this shows the potential.

Augmented reality has.

In a few years, augmented reality advantages.

Will be greater.

Major companies are showing interest.

Furthermore, they are also investing in it.

This includes Google, Facebook and Microsoft.

These companies are major companies.

As a result, we can expect to see more.

Of augmented reality.

In the future, more businesses.

Can implement this technology.

So, understanding it is important.

Therefore, let’s see the definition of augmented reality.

What Is the Definition of Augmented Reality?

Augmented reality can combine information.

In fact, this information comes from.

These two places.

  1. Computer
  2. Physical environment

Other than that, we must know the method.

To experience augmented reality.

Smartphone cameras and headsets are often used.

For augmented reality.

Another similar term is virtual reality.

Doesn’t it sound like augmented reality?

They sound similar.

Also, they create similar images.

Likewise, they use similar technologies.

But, are they the same?

Augmented reality vs virtual reality

Although these terms sound similar.

There are a few differences.

Let’s take a look at what they are.

1) Purpose of Technology

One of augmented reality advantages.

Is it can combine elements.

Using this feature.

It can combine text and images.

Which are computer generated.

Over any physical surrounding.

Conversely, virtual reality is a little different.

It creates a simulated environment.

Other than that, users become unaware.

Of their physical surrounding.

To summarize, virtual reality is all about simulation.

That is, it replicates.

The physical world.

However, there is one major difference.

On one hand, augmented reality is partially immersive.

On the other hand, virtual reality is fully immersive.

This means with augmented reality.

Users enjoy more control.

In contrast, virtual reality.

Leaves users confined.

To a simulated environment.

2) Method of Experiencing the Technology

Smartphones are common devices.

Used for augmented reality.

Also, other devices are tablets.

And laptops.

As mentioned earlier, this technology.

Combines information.

From the computer.

And the real world.

For example, using Microsoft HoloLens.

Users can surround themselves.

With Windows apps.

Below is a demo for the device.

This device highlights augmented reality advantages.

As it can enhance a user’s experience.

Also, it enables interactions.

With the surroundings.

Furthermore, marketers can use it.

As a marketing opportunity.

However, virtual reality uses different devices.

Most of the devices are head mounted.

For example, goggles.

Or visors.

Typically, they cover the user’s vision.

Due to this, users cannot see.

Their surroundings.

Here are a few examples.

Of virtual reality devices.

  1. Oculus Rift.
  2. Samsung Gear VR
  3. Google Cardboard

The following video is a Samsung Gear VR demo.

What Was Augmented Reality Used For?

Pokemon Go made augmented reality popular.

Before this, the technology was not popular.

In actual fact, it had no other use.

Except for experimental purposes.

However, since the release of the game.

More companies are interested.

In this technology.

Due to this interest, augmented reality advantages.

Can come to life.

What are augmented reality advantages?

Let’s take a look.

Augmented Reality Advantages for Businesses and Online Businesses

  1. Increase engagement
  2. Provide remote guidance
  3. Improve training
  4. Empower customer service
  5. Create new ways to shop
  6. Produce better advertisements
  7. Increase productivity
  8. Improve transportation

Let’s discuss each point in detail.

1) Increase Engagement

Companies realize that augmented reality is important.

For businesses, it can improve brand experience.

Also, it helps spark imagination.

With regards to this.

Steve Jobs famously said:

“People don’t know what they want until you show them.”

From this, we learn something.

Business today must help their customers.

To imagine better.

This means they encourage their customers.

To make better decisions.

Therefore, business owners must take this chance.

To gain augmented reality advantages

Virtual try-ons bring out.

One of augmented reality advantages.

Hence, customers can try your products virtually.

So, they don’t need.

To visit your store.

To try your products.

Real Life Application: IKEA

IKEA is currently using the technology.

In an application.

Furthermore, IKEA is a famous furniture company.

The name of the application is IKEA Place.

In addition, the application has a catalog.

It has over 2,000 products.

Therefore, for customers to use the app.

Simply select an item.

Then, open your smartphone camera.

Aim it anywhere.

Then, the item on your screen.

Will scale itself.

This is because it can adjust.

To the room size.

In fact, using this application.

Users can bring.

The in-store experience home.

Ultimately, this helps customers.

To make better buying decisions.

2) Provide Remote Guidance

Employees must be given guidance.

This is because it can help.

To produce better quality work.

Remote supervision is one of.

Augmented reality advantages.

In addition, through this technology.

Employees can receive instructions.

Instructions can be in two forms.

Firstly, step by step instructions from.

The computer.

Secondly, instructions from.

A remote instructor.

The augmented reality device.

Consists of three things.

First, a head-mounted camera.

Second, a microphone.

Third, an augmented reality application.

All these tools are important.

Because it assists employees.

When they need help.

Also, the device connects.

The employee.

To a remote supervisor.

Real Life Application: Medical Industry

As an example, the medical industry.

Is reaping rewards.

From augmented reality advantages.

When medical students.

Do clinical practice.

They feel nervous.

In fact, they can feel overwhelmed.

Moreover, they are working.

On a patient.

Instead of just learning theories.

Therefore, augmented reality can help.

When the student uses the headset.

A remote instructor.

Can guide the student.

In addition, the remote instructor.

Can give hand gestures.

Because the student can see it.

Through the device.

Also, the gestures will combine.

With the student’s surrounding.

This way, teaching becomes simple.

Most importantly, there is no need.

To have extra people.

In the room.

In fact, the student.

Will learn.

To trust.

Their own capabilities.

Due to the nature of this device.

The use of this technology.

Can expand.

To other industries.

3) Improve Training Process

In a few decades, the world.

Will be hit.

By a phenomenon.

It is called.

The “Silver Tsunami”.

Because of this phenomenon.

The number of older people.

Will increase.

Consequently, it carries major impacts.

One of the areas affected.

Is the workforce.

This is because workers get older.

Furthermore, there are less young people.

Therefore, less people can replace them.

As a result of this.

We will lack skilled workers.

So, what can businesses do?

In fact, one area that businesses can improve.

Is training.

From observation, we can see that

Company training is often similar.

In fact, it often follows.

The same pattern.

Workers are given training.

In a classroom-like situation.

Also, workers often listen to lectures.

Or follow written instructions.

This can be very repetitive.

As a result, training outcomes suffer.

Considering this, augmented reality.

Can play a role.

Training will be more immersive.

Because the goal of training will change.

To learning.

Also, augmented reality.

Can create a conducive environment.

Which is a more interactive setting.

Moreover, employees will also enjoy.

During training.

Therefore, they will learn better.

Instead of just memorizing.

Hence, training will be more effective.

4) Humanizing Customer Service

Customers like receiving good customer service.

Therefore, businesses invest a lot.

In customer service.

Even before.

And after purchase.

So, customer service plays an important role.

When serving people.

Having compassion is easier.

In person.

However, this is difficult to do.

Because many businesses.

Are hindered by geographical boundaries.

Thankfully, customer service is a good area.

To reap augmented reality advantages.

Using this technology, the operator.

And the customer can see each other.

So, the interaction becomes more civil.

Moreover, the customer will realize that.

The operator is not just a voice.

Also, customers become more compassionate.

In fact, they are less likely to be rude.

So, conversations will be more positive.

Furthermore, evidence can be collected.

If needed.

Operators can see the evidence.

What is more, the issue of trust can be reduced.

This is because they can view the evidence.

In real time.

Better proof of damages.

Or mistakes are possible.

So, a faster solution can be done.

Hence, businesses will enjoy augmented reality advantages.

Ultimately, this create a happier workforce.

5) Create New Ways to Shop

Businesses must always improve.

Augmented reality can play a role here.

This is because this technology.

Can improve the retail industry.

If done right.

It will change how we shop.

Augmented reality advantages can be seen.

In virtual try-ons.

Using this feature.

Customers can virtually try out products.

Which includes shoes, furniture and makeup.

In the future.

We can enjoy more augmented reality advantages.

Thanks to Apple.

The iOS 11 is life changing.

Millions of iPhones.

And iPads now have a revolutionary feature.

They all have augmented reality.

How did this happen?

This is through the release of the ARKit.

It is a developer framework.

Using this tool.

Developers can create applications.

Which enable users.

To enjoy virtual experiences.

Ultimately, augmented reality advantages.

Will be see across different industries.

Real Life Application: Uniqlo

One of the major retailers.

To adopt this technology is Uniqlo.

Uniqlo is using this technology.

By using an interactive LCD screen.

Its name is the ‘Magic Mirror’.

Using this mirror.

Customers can virtually try out clothes.

Furthermore, they try out different colors.

This means the customers don’t have.

To try on many clothes.

As a result, this saves a lot of time.

And avoids the hassle.

To search for different clothes.

6) Produce Better Advertisements

Television advertising was very important.

A lot has changed since then.

Marketers are focused on online strategies.

Specifically, mobile users.

If anything, marketers need to improve.

Augmented reality can play a role here.

As it has a highly immersive nature.

It can transform advertising.

And consumers perceptions.

How can they do this?

Firstly, here is a fact.

Advertising is about telling a story.

Unfortunately, most advertisers make the mistake.

Of recycling.

Old strategies.

That used to work.

This is an issue.

Because what worked before.

Doesn’t always work today.

In fact.

Consumers are changing.

Now, they want brand experience.

Connection is everything.

They key to this is emotional connection.

It is also one of augmented reality advantages.

Without this.

Brands will not gain much success.

Real Life Application: Coca-Cola

Let’s take a look.

At how Coca-Cola did it.

In 2013.

Coca-Cola partnered with World Wildlife Fund (WWF).

Through this partnership.

They want to bring awareness.

To the impacts of global warming on wildlife.

It all started when.

Visitors walked into a room.

Upon entering.

A family of polar bear was there.

Enjoying themselves.

The visitors were happy.

Then, the ice started breaking.

Want to see what happened next?

Watch for yourself.

The message is simple.

Global warming affects wildlife.

But people won’t have compassion.

Unless it feels personal.

Coca-Cola achieved their goal.

To educate people.

About global warming impacts.

By using augmented reality.

People witness how it affects animals.

A powerful emotional connection is created.

They also successfully gained.

Augmented reality advantages.

Ultimately, it sparks actions.

7) Increase Productivity of Workforce

Every company aims to be successful.

To do so.

Follow these three values.

Culture, process and technology.

Among all these values.

Companies always overlook technology.

In fact, businesses have this mindset.

What worked in the past.

Will still work today.

Therefore, companies need to realize this.

Technology has power.

It can change a business.

With it, a business can withstand many things.

With technology.

One of the technology.

We’ve seen in the past.

Is the mobile trend.

Undoubtedly, it has changed the workforce.

For good.

But is that all?

Today, the future of work is changing.

Three main technologies will lead the future.

Firstly, augmented reality.

Secondly, virtual reality.

Thirdly, artificial intelligence.

With this in mind.

Businesses must reap augmented reality advantages.

Using old ways.

Will not be enough.

In fact, we must change the way we work.

Hence, we must create new ways of working.

For this reason, augmented reality is important.

The health sector is already using this.

Particularly, doctors, nurses and physicians benefit from it.

There are two main things it is improving.

Firstly, information flow.

Secondly, medical reports.

Altogether, a lot of resources can be saved.

Real Life Application: Boeing

Similarly, aviation is also enjoying.

Augmented reality advantages.

Boeing trainees use the technology.

To build mock airplanes.

The result is amazing.

Assembling and efficiency is improved.

The Microsoft HoloLens is also a good tool.

For the workforce.

Employees can receive instructions.

From it.

To do this, users have a few choices.

Firstly, hand movements.

Secondly, head movements.

Thirdly, voice commands.

Ultimate, this creation will change the workforce.

8) Improve Transportation System

The transportation system also has the potential.

To enjoy augmented reality advantages.

Public transport is a good place.

To start.

How can we change it?

By using augmented reality.

It can create a self-support system.

That is efficient.

And can benefit many people.

For example, London is a large city.

With advanced public transport.

It can enjoy augmented reality advantages.

Here is how the technology can be used.

Firstly, point your phone’s camera.

To a subway map.

Then, can see your current location.

Besides, you also can track buses

And trains.

Apart from commuters.

Transport operators also can enjoy.

Augmented reality advantages.

In fact, windshield can be changed.

Into smart glass.

With this.

Transport operators can obtain information.

About traffic, congestion areas and many more.

In the long run.

Augmented reality advantages.

Saves a lot of resources.

This includes cost, time and money.

Furthermore, this technology also can transform a map.

It does this by enabling 3D view.

Users can search for routes they want.

In fact, augmented reality can do wonders.

It can point out bus stations.

Also, it can highlight where they can stop.

In a nutshell, as the world’s transit system.

Becomes bigger.

Augmented technology can play a role.

Ultimately, it will help make.

The system more efficient.

And safer.