“If you don't find a way to make money while you sleep, you will work until you die.” - Warren Buffett
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What Is Insider Trading?

For all of you traders out there, you may want to beware of insider trading. In case you weren’t aware, there are unscrupulous traders out there who buy or sell stocks, securities and currencies based on non-public information they have...More

11 Steps How to Make Money in Real Estate

If you have ever considered a stable source of investment, I am sure real estate has always come up as one of the sure sources of consistent returns. Despite the ups and downs in world economic scenario, the real estate...More

Balanced Budget Without Raising Taxes

As the United States tackles yet another budgetary allocation, the question that is top of the mind is how best can the target balanced budget be achieved? The fundamental choice continues to be the toss between balancing spending with taxation....More

Passive Income Tax Rate

When you look at the various facets of income opportunities available today, passive income is a much talked about alternative. But often, people are unaware of the exact tax rate and in the process, tend to miss out the advantages...More

Retirement Planning Spreadsheet [Microsoft Excel Free Download]

Retirement Planning is a key consideration as you proceed through your professional life. Just like you need to account for your child’s education, health and house, it is important to account for the money that you need to make your...More

AOL Stock Price History and the Story Behind It

The long term AOL stock price history is very interesting to analyze. It is the same with all the other companies. But AOL is different because it has had more hard occasions compared to companies like Google, Apple or Microsoft....More

The Best Residual Income Ideas

Do you prefer to be self-employed? You don’t particularly enjoy the idea of doing a 9-5 office job? There are many residual income ideas that you could explore. You would have to put in some hard work in establishing this...More

Cash Flow Management Strategies for Your Business

Cash flow management is among the top most challenges for any entrepreneur. The simple fact is that it is not just sufficient to get funds to start a business. One must look at ways to create a steady flow of...More

How Does eBay Make Money?

In the world of e-commerce, if there is one name that has become synonymous with success and innovation is undeniably eBay. Founded in the mid 90s, it has played a crucial role in connecting buyers and sellers from across the...More

Largest Hedge Funds Ever

Close to 50% of the largest hedge funds across the world are set to increase their allocation. The tide is turning for good across the hedge fund industry. After a few turbulent years, the outlook for the hedge fund industry...More

How Does PayPal Make Money?

The moment you talk about the online transaction, it is impossible not to mention PayPal. Today, it is almost synonymous with any type of money transfer online. Whether you think of paying credit cards or transferring money to friends or...More

Startup Business Plan Template

When an entrepreneur takes baby steps towards a new venture, a startup business plan template can be of immense help. It helps you as an entrepreneur, to put the plan that you might have in your mind on pen and...More

Amazon Stock Buy or Sell? That Is the Question!

One of the frequently asked questions is that should we buy Amazon stock for the long term as an investor or we should sell it? The answer would be yes to those who want to buy the Amazon stock. But...More

Debt to Equity Ratio and How To Keep It Stable in New Businesses

There are some aspects of the business which are absolutely important to understand whether you are an entrepreneur or an investor, whether you have a small startup or a big business. The debt to equity ratio is one of them....More

Residual Income Formula Is Defined Differently Here

Calculating your residual income can never be difficult if you get the residual income formula correctly. The basic formula is based on the net inflow and outflow of an individual or a company as might be the case. However, the...More

Are There Any Legitimate Work from Home Jobs Stuffing Envelopes?

I am sure you might have often seen ads in the weekly papers about work from home jobs in stuffing envelopes and make $1000 a month. I am often intrigued by this whole advertisement and the sheer length of time...More

What Is an Executive Summary in Simple Words?

The executive summary is often one of the most important features of a business plan. It is both the heart and the soul of the entire business plan. It succinctly puts forward your objective for the business and encapsulates the...More

Social Security Ponzi Scheme: Really?

The US social security system has come under a lot of criticism. Often the argument is that it is a kind of Ponzi scheme where the money from new investors is used to pay off the older investors. Technically, this...More

Interview Questions and Answers That Help You Get the Job

You will agree with me that if getting a job is difficult, preparing for interview questions and answers is a far greater challenge than that. The kind of impression that you create at the job interview goes on to decide...More

A Professional Multi-Pronged Food Truck Business Plan

If you have seen the iconic movie, Chef in recent times and if you have always wanted to be an entrepreneur, there are chances that you are already considering a food truck business. But you don’t believe that even food...More