Initial Coin Offering to Raise Money for Your Business

The world keeps buzzing with different kinds of technological development.

Technology is doing everything possible to invade every aspect of our lives.

And it seems to be doing it without any reservations or apologies whatsoever.

These tech lovers have also brought their cravings into the business transaction space.

Now, the business space is more aware of things like cryptocurrency, and people are getting more and more involved with the study of blockchain.

Initial Coin OfferingJust as the world is beginning to get used to these means of doing business, there is another investment means that is slowly coming up – initial coin offering.

For you to be reading this post, you must have heard of this term before.

What is uncertain is whether you know much about the term.

Well, that shouldn’t be a problem because this is what you are about to learn in this post.

You are going to know how initial coin offering can be used as a fundraiser for business startups.

Hang on as you embark on one of your most thrilling adventures in the area of seeking after fundraising strategies.

An excellent place to start from would be to know some of the reasons why companies and entrepreneurs across the world are now turning to initial coin offering for their business endeavors.

Simply put, here are some of the benefits of using initial coin offering as a fundraising means.

Benefits of Initial Coin Offering

First, it gives you a chance to do business with as many investors as you can imagine.

An incredibly 90 percent of European and American banks now explore blockchain.

Taking advantage of initial coins offering will merely mean more and more investors for you.

So you can decide to increase your customer base today by merely switching to using ICO for your business transactions.

Secondly, there is an increase in liquidity.

Now, it is not about doing business, but you can also trade initial coin offering.

The liquidity of this medium of exchange is one mystery that has kept the world guessing how it is done.

Don’t worry about that; it is a story for another day.

It is good that you now know some of the benefits that come with using initial coin offering for your business transactions.

But while you are still smiling at these incentives, it is good you know the challenges that accompany the use of such currencies.

What You Need to Know

1. You Need to Choose a Jurisdiction

You do not just jump on this train because you feel it is okay without knowing the jurisdiction that will favor you.

Even if you have a tokenized asset, you still need to make sure you can find the appropriate jurisdiction that will be most suitable for you.

Some jurisdictions will regard your initial coins offerings as security.

Different places with their various jurisdictions, hence, you need to find the one that suits your needs the most.

2. Understanding Tax and Compliance Laws

Cryptocurrencies are yet to be recognized one hundred percent globally.

Ensure that you are only doing your transactions around places where initial coin offering has been thoroughly approved.

If it is going to help you understand this any better, some places are still adamant about the use of initial coin offering for business transactions.

But then, you can understand their position.

Most of this financial regulatory bodies still do not have a good understanding of how blockchain functions.

Laws for regulating cryptocurrencies are still very dynamic for now.

Until the world is prepared to ultimately accept it, you will need to make sure you aware of any changes that may arise.

Also, make sure you are well informed of the tax compliance laws.

Know your customer requirements

Here is another thing.

You need to know who you are dealing with.

Before you do any transactions, make sure the identity of your investors is fully verified.

While there are organizations that allow anonymous transactions, others advocate that you verify the identity of your business partner before you do anything.

Thank goodness a company like Civics was born to solve this problem.

No more hassles are arising from investors’ verification.

3. Blockchain Management Considerations

After your initial coins offering, there are still a couple of challenges that one has to deal with.

For instance, there are specific regulations that prevent investors from selling their tokens in their very first year.

Depending on the way you are structuring your offering, you may need to exclude investors from the United States of America from buying your tokens.

While fundraising through an ICO has to be carried out with great caution, the blockchain market is proliferating.

The blockchain technology makes life a lot easier when seeking for investors, but one still needs to be very careful, so you do not get burnt.

Initial coin offering only presents you with an opportunity to reach out to a broader group of investors.

What Initial Coin Offering as a Potential Fundraising Means


While it is natural for so many people to doubt the transparency behind blockchain technology still, some others are doing everything to get involved in the thick of the action.

With some level of optimism, people are beginning to believe that 2018 will witness the highest surge of initial coin offering.

How accurate this may turn out to be is entirely subject to past statistics as well as the will to believe in the future of cryptocurrencies.

According to a report that was published by LendEdu, out of the 79 percent of Americans that have heard of Bitcoin, only 14 percent own one.

This is what also tells you that there is more to come in the world of cryptocurrencies and initial coin offerings.

A lot of things are going to change with time, and that is for sure.

In the past entrepreneurs had to look for investors the hard way.

It was the scariest part of any business.

Hence, they were substantially limited in their quest to get reliable investors.

Virtual Currencies were the only source of investing.

But great thanks to young lads that came up with cryptocurrencies, they have done a lot of good to entrepreneurs.

Currently, a global exchange means in the form of initial coin offering has changed everything, and entrepreneurs are having a stroll in the park in the area of securing investors.

It is excellent to explore the opportunities that come with ICO but before you do that here are a couple of things you could do to keep you on the safe side of the bridge.

Testing the Water

There is no doubting it that exploring initial coin offering has turned out to be an exciting adventure for many businesses.

But making a direct move in this regards without considering how your business is going to fit nicely into ICO plans can be a disaster.

It is like jumping into a car and driving without actually checking the machinery of the vehicle.

You can tell where that car will land you.

You need to check if blockchain decentralization is going to provide any advantages for your product.

If your business is not ready for the volatility that comes with ICO, then it will be best for you to take a bow out of the race.

Initial coin offering is always going to be there for you to implement in your business transactions so do not rush into it and destabilize your business plans.

It is true that some businesses have experienced a sudden boost in their revenue, thanks to initial coin offering, but you still need to be very sure it is going to work for you.

Just because it worked for Storj does not mean it is going to work for you.

Storj had sold a lot of their tokens to investors and made over 30 million dollars in a brief time.

This is a simple thing to understand.

Their business model was suitable to work with initial coin offering.

Whether you agree or not, for now, ICO is not for all businesses. Not yet.

You Need to Be Prepared

Before you make any move for any ICO, you need to ensure that your product is up to it.

I mean you should have a mature product.

This is not something you want to try out for a product that cannot cut any ice or a new product that cannot impact the consumer community.

Businesses usually come out with one slogan.

This slogan is having a product that has come to change the face of the market.

They all say it, but at the end how many products revolutionize the market?

So many ends up not doing anything.

If this is the kind of impact you intend to make with your product, then you had better sit this one out.

You should see this as your traditional business plan where you state what your product can do regarding solving specific needs for customers.

Whatever you dim fit for any traditional business also fits for this before you move into exploring initial coin offering.

These detailed requirements are essential to your success in this regards

The reason is that it helps potential investors to relate to your product quickly and better.

Writing out those details goes a long way to tell them how they can trust in the product and how they will be duly rewarded for their investment efforts.

You should also have it at the back of your mind that if your product does not reflect any serious value, your chances of selling off any token will be low.

A low-value product will equally affect your token security, allowing the government to almost clamp down on your product.

This is not good for the brand you are trying to sell.

Hence, in all, you just need to be prepared before venturing into ICO.

Building a Community

Your token’s value is directly determined by how the community embraces it.

For you to make the most of your tokens, you will need to make the right impression on the minds of your potential investors.

Naturally, you need some time to create a community of this sort.

Do not be fooled by your fantasies to have a successful community pop out of nowhere.

That is hardly ever going to happen.

As it is with any other business, you need to carry out aggressive marketing to get this one done.

While you are at this, you should remember the essence of timing.

It is never too early to reach out to your community of customers and engage them on what they stand to gain with your product.

So if you want complete success with your initial coin offering, you need to start early enough.

Some of these hangouts include Facebook, Reddit, Slack, etc.

In these social media platforms, you can create a community without any hassles.

And with your forum kick-started, you can get people of like minds to engage on your ICO.

Try to be as open-minded as you can ever be.

It gives you the opportunity to entertain feedbacks from all over the world.

For instance, many countries are beginning to switch their allegiance in the area of supporting cryptocurrencies.

Always remain positive about achieving things, you should never be discouraged.

As for springing up a thriving community of your customers, you need to start from somewhere before it can become significant.

So get on with it and stop being cynical about how it is going to fly.

Be Aware of the Risks

Honestly, there are so many risks when it comes to initial coin offerings and cryptocurrencies.

Deregulation and volatility are just some of the areas you need to be informed of.

These are areas that are continually being worked upon to improve the cryptocurrency ecosystem.

So while you are aware of the risks, it is not the same thing as getting scared of exploring an ICO.

You should know by now that any revenue system does not support assets produced by an ICO.

So if anyone loses a token or loses an asset that is tied to a token, that currency cannot be accounted for.

Some people strongly believe that the whole cryptocurrency excitement is going to come to an end someday.

At least that is what they wish.

Others believe that there could be a small nip in the bud for cryptocurrencies because of their volatility.

But whichever side of the bridge you seem to find yourself, saying that cryptocurrencies will suddenly come to an end one day is some big joke.

Bitcoin is the most popular cryptocurrency, for now, so you can start from there.

There are times its value depreciates in the market, but on so many occasions it has bounced back.

You would naturally expect it to.

Therefore, if you are waiting for the cryptocurrency market to crash one day altogether, you may have to wait for as long as forever.

Not good news for the cryptocurrency and initial coin offerings critics, but that is the hard truth.

So if you are on that side of the bridge, you will have to swallow that bitter pill of truth.


In summary, you have heard what you needed to understand

Also you now know what you need to know concerning initial coin offering.

You now know that there are a lot of things one needs to take into account before jumping into these waters.

Otherwise, you hurt yourself in the process of trying to search for investors.

You also learned that there are some significant risks with ICOs, and as such, you have to be careful in the way you deal with them.

You have heard the good, the bad and the ugly.

But whatever you have heard, the fact remains that the grass is still very green for ICOs.

Also, every smart business owner is supposed to take advantage of it.

It is a risky wave, and it is a wave that is worth riding on.

Explore the ICOs and have your business moved to the next level.

Build a global presence by merely implementing ICOs in your business today.

You certainly have no idea of how much you can turn things around in this regards.

Move with the ICO trend and don’t get left behind.

Doing business is also about taking risk.

So don’t be afraid to take on new challenges and give your best shot.

Success is on its way!

Color Psychology in Marketing and Having High Conversion Rate

The business owners of today should know a lot about color psychology in marketing.

Color psychology in marketing helps you have a better interaction with your target audience by fine-tuning your content to aid excellent communication.

A good understanding of color psychology puts you in such a position that you decide how you want your audience to relate to your content.

Knowing what color psychology in marketing is, is essential if you want your content to get you a high conversion rate.

This is because these two concepts are closely linked together.

color psychology in marketing

Are you in search of knowledge that will help you control your content with a perfect understanding of colors?

If you fit the above description, then you are just at the right place.

This article will be telling you how you can use color psychology to boost your conversion rate on your website.

Color psychology is merely the understanding of how colors are related to human behavior.

This understanding is perfect for anyone who has anything to do with interacting with an audience through content.

Knowing The Color basics

Anyone who intends to rule the world of content marketing needs to have a basic grasp of what colors are and how to use them in this regards.

Colors are not for artists alone; instead, they also play a significant role in customer interaction.

For you to get the right response from your audience, you will need to be using the right color combination at the right time.

Colors are grouped mainly into primary, secondary and tertiary colors.

Color Theory-How Color Psychology in Marketing Effects

Primary colors comprise the following colors: blue, red and yellow.

Primary Colors

It is these primary colors that are combined to yield secondary colors like orange, green and purple.

Orange Green Purple

Combining secondary colors results in tertiary colors.

Hence, when you mix any two colors in any category above you get secondary or

tertiary colors respectively.

The combination of any two colors without including white or black or any third color gives rise to pure colors.

Pure colors are intense, as well as bright and cheery.

Pure Colors

This color type is most dominant in toys.

Kids have a way of naturally connecting with pure colors without you needing to seek their attention.

If you add white to a pure color, the resulting color is called tints.

Tints Colors

These colors are not as intense as their pure color counterpart.

On the other hand, when you add black to a pure color you get shades.


Shades are entirely black, or they are slightly darker.

When you mix gray with any pure color, you get tones.

You are probably surprised at the different color categories that are being talked about here.

That is normal, and as this post progresses, you will get to understand the essence of such illustrations.

Color Contrast Is Equally Important

Acknowledging contrast is a good way of employing your understanding of color psychology.

Color contrast is just as important as using the right colors.

When it gets to the point of implementing contrast to your content you have to be very patient with your UI designer.

That way both of you will be able to achieve the perfect result.

If you are wondering what color contrast is, it is a component of color that allows you to distinguish one color from a pack of colors.

It is the same concept that allows you to be able to separate texts from their background color.

You can separate your colors properly with high contrast, but low contrast does the exact opposite.

Implementing the Right Color

The use of color in managing your content can be a very tricky one.

That is because knowing what color to use when to use it, and what audience to use It for, are all components of the said psychology.

You need to know the color that appeals the most to a particular group of audience at any given time.

For example, you don’t want to use a black color as your most visible color in a website that is trying to manage the sales of baby toys.

You need brighter colors to help relate your message to such audience.

A Few Handy Tips That Can Help Boost Your Conversion Rate

Here are a few tips that can help you out in knowing the right color to use for a particular purpose.

Women are naturally not enticed to colors like orange, gray and brown, but they seem to be charmed by purple, green and blue.

This is a relevant fact because most people tend to associate the female gender with the pink color, but that is untrue.

Most surveys are indicative of the fact that females tend naturally towards the colors mentioned above.

Males are repellant to colors like brown, orange and purple.

They naturally cannot stand such colors.

Men are more into black, blue and green colors.

Hence, if you are marketing a product that is for men, you need to stick to the listed colors.

That way you can get your message to your intended audience so you can get a positive response.

– Blue Builds Trust

The color blue seems to have a good history with people when it comes to building trust.

A lot of persons tend to be calm the moment their eyes make contact with blue.

Most content managers have now realized this, and they are taking good advantage of it.

You can as well use this to your advantage in managing the content on your website.

Ever bothered to ask yourself why is it that a social media platform as big as Facebook uses blue as their primary color?

Hope you did not think it was some coincidence because it is not.

– Yellow Is Better to Warn

It has become a standard thing for yellow to be used as a color for a warning.

Use any color outside of yellow for your warnings, and you are already sending out a wrong signal.

There are a lot of conflicting information on the internet on how yellow colors cause babies to cry, causing nausea and make adults angry.

These are all assumptions without any proof or data to back them up.

Color psychology in marketing tells us that you can also use yellow to reflect your brands.

– Green Is Perfect for Reflecting the Environment

Green is a color that people can relate very well with especially when it is conveying an eco-friendly or environmental message.

Without stressing the subject that much, it is proper when green is used to represent nature.

Research has also proven that green can also motivate creativity in most individuals.

Color psychology in marketing teaches us that nature and eco-friendly activities are best reflected with green.

Another fantastic revelation about color psychology in marketing is that green seems to be the best color for inciting a call to action.

People respond better when they see a green call to action.

You can take a look at websites that impact their audience significantly.

And you can almost tell right away that they all prefer green for their call to action buttons.

Call to Action Buttons

By now you should have some useful pointers in your head when it comes using green colors for the right purpose.

– Orange Is for Fun

You should use orange when you are trying to indicate impulse or haste.

While others are in line with the above speculation, others do believe it is used to trigger completion, physical activity, and confidence.

A lot of sports team use orange as their official color.

Amazon also uses orange color when they want to get your attention for their limited edition banner.

UI designers prefer to use orange color to connect specific messages because it announces itself readily.

Orange is a loud color.

Still talking of orange color, sometimes it is used in preference to other colors when you are trying to indicate how cheap something is.

– Black Indicates Luxury and Value

Black seems to oppose the orange color directly in this area.

While orange is telling you about how cheap something is, black is intimating you with how you are paying good money for good value.

Someone with little or no experience in this regards will tend to use black colors for other possible reasons.

If you use black accordingly, it tells a lot about the glamour of whatever you are trying to advertise.

If you are familiar with Louis Vuitton, you will know that their handbags are not cheap.

On their website, they made sure they didn’t use colors that indicated fun because they were only ready for serious business.

However, the golden rule of color psychology in marketing has shown that people connect black color to value and luxury.

With color psychology in marketing, you can always have a broader and more realistic view of these colors.

Bright Colors Are Best for Call to Action

A lack of proper understanding of what color psychology in marketing is will cause you to use any color for your call to action.

That is a very wrong move.

Call to action should not be any color.

You do not decide what color you want for your call to action just because you like that color.

Some colors trigger the right response from your audience, and that is what you are about to learn.

Experts who specialize in the area of color psychology in marketing have always had one thing in common in this regards –

They promise a high conversion rate when you use bright colors for your call to action.

Dark colors do not deliver as much as bright colors this regards.

And since color psychology has some connection with history, color psychology in marketing experts advise you don’t use dark colors for your call to action.

The use of green, red and orange are perfect choices for a call to action

Some designers even go as far as including a touch of gender-based colors to their call to action.

Whatever you do, color psychology in marketing experts warns that you should stay away from using very dense color for this purpose.

– Gold Color

Most people just prefer to stay away from a color of this nature because they do not know how to make use of it.

This article focuses on color psychology in marketing and high conversion rate.

Hence, it is not going to do us any harm if we talk a little about how you can use gold color.

Gold appears to have a variety of meanings depending on what part of the world you are situated.

Despite this variation in culture as it regards what gold represents, it does consistently serve charm and luxury.

Gold also displays friendliness in no small degree.

Nevertheless, making an excess use of gold color in your content can be negating the very essence of color psychology in marketing.

So a lot of modesty is expected when you are applying this color to your content.

It is much better when gold is used to highlight some information in your content, rather than preferring it as your color for the main attraction.

In that case, it is not going to give you what you want.

– White is equally important

There has been a lot of talk on this post with very little concentration on white as a color.

You are damn right if you had thought so.

White is as essential as the other colors; you just need to know how to use it.

The argument of whether white is a color or not are some of the things that have hindered people from really concentrating on the use of it.

But there is much more when you know how to use this color.

The most powerful search engine (Google) in the world uses an all-around white background, and yet that does not change the status of the company.

The main reason why white does not come to mind most times during web page design is that it is used mainly as a background color.

It is easy for many people when they use white as their background color.

– Negative space

It is an area of color psychology in marketing that is also very important.

Negative space is the space around an object in an image.

With the awareness of in color psychology marketing, people now take negative space very seriously.

That space seems to have a lot of impact on the entire content.

Pages that have a significant negative space don’t appear to be bustling sites.

Their messages indicate simplicity and zero complexities.

Using great negative space is something that is being encouraged by psychology experts.

That lack of message complexity is what gives your audience that soothing feeling whenever they visit your site.

The internet can be a bustling place if you take a look at the kind of traffic it generates from time to time.

Nevertheless, the busy nature of the internet does not guarantee you a high conversion rate if you do not do things the right way.

You will get blown away by the competition so quickly that you won’t even recall you were ever there in the first place.

And this is the very essence of having business owners know a thing or two about color psychology in marketing.

You have equally learned about different colors and how they impact the minds of readers.

If you adhere strictly to the information you have gathered so far from this write-up, then there is no way you won’t have a high conversion rate on your website.

Getting a high conversion rate has never been by chance.

You have to anticipate the expectations of your target audience concerning the content you are about to publish.


In conclusion, it is right to assume that the reason why most websites do not have a high conversion rate is simple –

They fail to acknowledge the essence of color psychology in marketing in their content management.

They undermine the significance of this concept when carrying out their digital marketing campaigns.

And unfortunately, they end up paying dearly for it.

So you do not want to end up like those who are losing out in this regards.

Why not put in the effort now and learn what you have to learn and do what you have to do so you can reap the rewards later on.

Dominate your niche today with a deep understanding of color psychology in marketing.