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Parvinder Singh is a full time business and money writer with a Master's degree in finance from the University of Delhi. With over 7 years of experience, Parvinder has helped many startups, financial institutions and marketing agencies in improving their business, marketing, finance, investment, trading etc.

Should You Invest in Aphria Stock or Not?

There are many reasons why you can invest in the Aphria stock for the longer term. While there are many short-term triggers in the Marijuana space, this stock represents future value. The expert circles are quite vociferous about Marijuana gains...More

ETF vs Mutual Fund: Learn to Choose the Right One

When you consider safe investment option, a comparison between ETF vs mutual fund comes. This is because both ETF and mutual funds have cardinal features that help investors. From low risk to lower transaction expenses, there are many benefits. But...More

Is Canopy Growth Stock a Good Investment?

The Canopy growth stock is practically on fire. If investment in marijuana is the flavor of the season, this is undeniably the poster boy. The stock has been hitting new milestones almost every week. From huge intra-day gains to phenomenal...More

Indexnasdaq:.Ixic Market Characteristics and Special Features

The Indexnasdaq:.Ixic is the Nasdaq Composite Index. There are approximately 3000 common equities on this exchange. The index essentially includes various types of securities. From ADRs to REITs and many limited partnerships, the range is quite huge. The Index includes...More

ACBFF Stock Price Analysis and Whether You Should Buy or Not

The ACBFF stock is among the top trending stocks in the investment world. One of the top stocks in marijuana segment, it is seeing a sharp rise in interest. The legalization of marijuana in California is a major trigger. But...More

7 Marijuana Stocks to Buy and Hold

The marijuana stocks are growing by leaps and bounds. In fact, the speed and the consistency of this industry are quite phenomenal. The legalization of marijuana is considered to be a key reason for the sudden jump. According to some...More

Business Plan Template Features with Free Word Template to Download

A business plan template is roughly the framework for a great plan. We all know that writing a business plan is never easy. But a well-written business plan can alter the overall scope of business significantly. The good news is...More

7 Fastest Growing Stocks to Buy and Hold

Identifying the fastest growing stocks is the perpetual challenge in the markets. They are often the biggest market winners, or they have the strongest earnings record. But are you thinking these are illusive names? It never really materializes. Well, I...More

Best Forex Trading Apps for All Devices

Nowadays, Forex trading apps are the primary necessity for forex traders. Given the frequent use of smartphones and tablets, forex trading is primarily on the go. Forex markets are accessible 24×7. With a forex trading app, you can access these...More

DCTH Stock Price Analysis: Should You Buy?

The DCTH stock price has been in news for the volatile swings. It is one of those typical penny stocks that many investors want to latch on for quick gains. This is essentially an OTC stock where even a few...More

Magellan Petroleum Corporation or MPET Stock Price Analysis

Magellan Petroleum Corporation or MPET stock is under a lot of debate. Most market experts feel that the valuation of the stock is unfounded. In fact, some have even slammed the valuations as treacherous. The MPET stock is seen as...More

Wunder Capital and How It Helps Investors

In the world of alternative investment, Wunder Capital figures prominently. It is a financial solution for the renewable energy market. Not only does it facilitate green energy investment, but it also offers long-term cash flow. The core concept in this...More

Binary Options and Whether They Make Money or Not

Binary Options are a popular trading alternative today. The simplicity in transacting these adds to its charm. Moreover, the associated high return expectation makes them traders’ favorite. However, actual gain from these binary options a still a debatable matter. Most...More

Fastest Growing MLM Companies Ever

Fastest growing MLM companies have seen phenomenal growth in recent times. The world over, these companies have recorded higher revenue growth. The fastest growing MLM companies are also seeing an increase in customer base. Many MLM firms are also expanding...More

Oligopoly and Its Most Famous Examples

The term oligopoly refers to an economic arrangement. In this, a handful of companies control the entire marketplace. They handle the manufacture and supply of a select good. These are primarily the impact of economies of scale. In many ways,...More

Accounts Receivable Turnover Ratio as a Crucial Data

The accounts receivable turnover ratio is one of the most important accounting measures. This is primarily a yardstick to measure a firm’s effectiveness. This is primarily with respect to effectiveness in managing the finances. Needless to mention that this includes...More

Vanguard Mutual Funds Details for Your Investments

If you are into investments, it is impossible not to hear about Vanguard Mutual Funds. Given the wide range of low-cost mutual funds, it is one of the top choices by investors. A select segment of investors gets attracted to...More

Apple Stock Predictions: Where Will the Apple Stock Price Go?

The Apple stock predictions for 2018 are very pertinent at the current scenario. Especially after the stupendous performance in 2017, 2018 holds a lot of hope. The stock has run up almost 50% in 2017. Mac and Apple Watch sales...More

Tesla Stock Predictions for the Next Several Years

Tesla stock predictions are doing the rounds as it plunged 20% from its highs. You have one segment of the market that is tired of Elon Musk’s promises. But there are many who will convince you this is the best...More

How to Invest in Penny Stocks with No Loss

Ways to invest in penny stocks is a very different ball game. As the name indicates, these are very low priced options. Often it is the biggest concern and lure about these stocks. That is what makes trading in these...More