“If you don't find a way to make money while you sleep, you will work until you die.” - Warren Buffett
Rojan is a software developer and an IT project manager with many years of experience working on various application and web development. Her passion is to convert any challenging projects into a successful money making machine. Her career is in the digital business consulting analysis with the use of her education, leadership and communication skills helping many businesses with their successful business projects. The usage of latest technology is very important for her and because of that she is always up to date with her information technology knowledge which leads her to become successful with her projects. She does believe that the use of technology is in every day’s life and people should take the advantages of using it in the right way. An example of taking the advantage of using the technology is that people should be able to make money online with the highest profit possible. Her successful online business is her number one project and she loves since it gives her a lot of freedom such as: Time freedom, location freedom and financial freedom. According to Rojan, “the combination of your positive action and the right thinking can result in a very successful life. So, try to be positive at any situations life is too short, enjoy your moment and hold the bright light ahead for your future plans.”

How to Make Money as a Computer Programmer

Software engineers or computer programmers are people who create computer software by writing all the coding in specific computer language. Computer programmers are the spirit of any hardware and applications because without programming, most of the electronic devices are useless....More