Energy Vampires and How They Suck Your Vital Energy

Did you know that your success and happiness can be strongly affected by some special kind of people called Energy Vampires?

Unfortunately this is true.

People who are around you, including parents and other family members like siblings, in-laws, friends, classmates, colleagues, competitors, etc, can be very important in your life.

These people can help and support you a lot.

But they can also take you down and ruin your life and future.

There are usually some negative people who are also known as energy vampires around anybody.

They can have negative and horrible roles in your life.

They can easily ruin your life.

But the good news is they can do it only when you allow them to.

Why Did I Write About Energy Vampires?

Energy VampiresThe first reason is that like anybody in this world I have been suffering from energy vampires’ negative behaviors in different stages of my personal and business lives.

The good thing with me is that I learned in the early stages of my life that I had to welcome the supportive and positive people and ignore the negative ones.

This is what most people never learn.

Many people learn it when it is too late and they have already missed so many opportunities because of the energy they allowed the energy vampires to suck.

Therefore, I decided to write an article and awaken those who still don’t know what to do against these strange creatures.

Energy Vampires Victims

Greta GarboI was reading about some celebrities.

One of them attracted my attention more than the others.

The article was about an actress, Greta Garbo, who retired early and when she was only 36.

She could still be one of the top ones for several more years.

The reason she decided to retire early was just a “negative review” that she took to heart.

After reading about her, I decided to write an article on this topic as soon as possible.

In my article, I have tried to help you not to close the success doors on yourself just because some sick and jealous people cannot see you climbing the success ladder.

They usually don’t kick you down physically.

Through their negative words, they can make you stop climbing or even jump off, even when you have only a few steps to achieve your dreams.

You are always at the risk of being affected by these people.

Maybe you have already got hurt by them before.

I hope this post doesn’t reach you when it is too late.

Of course, any moment is the right time to start from scratch and recover what you have lost.

First, Know Yourself Properly

Negative people can hurt us only when we underestimate ourselves.

I am sure that most of you still don’t know how unique, outstanding, valuable, energetic, strong, amazing, creative and talented you are.

Most of us have learned to see our weaknesses only.

Maybe you…

– Are not good in math or literature and you have not been able to finish the school or go to college or university.
– Don’t look as good and handsome as the Hollywood celebrities, or you have got bankrupt a couple of times.
– Are not a good writer and you have problems even in writing a short email, or you are not articulate and cannot express what you have in your mind properly.
– Are not handy and you cannot even cut the backyard grass on your own…

Many of these can be true about you, but what you cannot do or you are not good at, is not all of you.

You are beyond these things.

The things you cannot do are not important, but you can learn how to do them if you want.

There are too many things that you can do, or you are potentially able to do.

Your mind is even bigger than everything we have in the universe, and just you alone is more valuable than all the stars and planets.

Do You Know Why?

Because you are a human and your abilities and capacities are literally “unlimited”, no matter if there are a few things that you cannot do properly for now.

So you are big and glorious, even if you have no money in your pocket, or you have filed bankruptcy for a few times so far.

These are not just some positive words to make you happy.

They are nothing but reality.

Many of those who underestimate themselves and found themselves broke, have become able to do great things and make the impossible possible the moment they decided to.

They changed their lives when they forgot about their weaknesses and focused on their powers.

I can give you so many examples.

If you know yourself, then no negative words from energy vampires can affect you.

Just Ignore…

If someone says “you cannot be a good actor, because you have accent”, you should ignore him, because you know that there are so many who had accent and became great actors at the same time.

On the other hand, when you are serious to become a good actor, your accent cannot stop you and cannot be known as an obstacle.

This is what you have to know and believe.

You have to learn to focus on your goals, and ignore the other things.

This is what Greta Garbo was not able to do, because although she had been doing great and she had so many fans, some rave reviews made her leave her job too early.

She paid lots of attention to some negative words by a few negative people and energy vampires.

But she ignored thousands or even millions of her fans, and the great things she had achieved.

This is insane…

She really didn’t have any problems.

Her only problem was that she didn’t know enough about herself.

She didn’t believe in her abilities and achievements.

Arnold Schwarzenegger

Arnold SchwarzeneggerUnlike Greta Garbo, Arnold Schwarzenegger was strong and smart enough to defeat all his opponents and achieve the things that most people cannot even imagine.

He was used to hear the negative words, maybe even thousands of times more than Greta Garbo.

Arnold started getting out of the crowd when there was a lot more competition compared to the time that Greta Garbo was working in Hollywood.

Greta Garbo was Swedish but many of her films were silent.

It means nobody heard her voice, and so her accent wasn’t a problem.

Some reviewers started nagging about her accent only when she started playing in talkie films.

Like Greta Garbo, Arnold Schwarzenegger also had the accent problem because he is Austrian.

But unlike Greta Garbo, he had this problem from the first time he played a role in a film.

In spite of this, he paid no attention to this problem at all.

These are the negative things Arnold has been used to hear from energy vampires:

  1. You are nothing but a mass of muscles.
  2. Your account is terrible.
  3. Schwarzenegger is such a strange and ridiculous last name.
  4. A stranger with so many problems cannot have a place anywhere in USA’s cinema, business or government.

Arnold #1 Rule of Success

These problems could not stop him from becoming a great actor, nor from becoming a governor which is something that even most Americans cannot achieve.

The reason is that his #1 rule of success is “Trust Yourself” according to himself.

Greta Garbo took the reviews and negative points to her heart.

She did it most probably because she didn’t trust herself and thought that the reviewers were right.

But Arnold Schwarzenegger paid no attention to the energy vampires, because he trusted himself, and so problems like accent looked negligible to him.

This was the difference of Greta Garbo and Arnold Schwarzenegger.

No Problem Is Big Enough to Stop Us

A problem can stop you only when you see it too big and you believe it as a problem and deficiency in yourself.

We are the ones who make our own problems big.

They are not big in reality.

No problem is big enough to stop you.

You are greater than what you can even imagine, no matter who you are, where you live, what you do, how much money you have, or how educated you are.

You can be great and do great things as soon as you want to.

So, if you believe in yourself and your values and you trust yourself as Arnold says, energy vampires cannot suck your energy and take you down.

You simply laugh at what they say and you keep on advancing.

You know that most of the things they say are not true.

Some of the things that can be true are not important at all.

Besides, you can always improve yourself and become a better person.

You can resolve many of the serious problems, or if you cannot, you can strengthen your other abilities to cover your weaknesses.

So there is no point to listen to them and take their words to your heart.

When You Trust Yourself

When you trust yourself and know your values, you don’t spend even one second to follow what negative people and energy vampires say.

Energy vampires are literally sick and there are so many important things missing in their lives, and that is why they talk negative.

So it doesn’t make sense for you to follow what these people say.

You should know that what they say comes from an inner problem.

So, it doesn’t make sense to listen to them.

When someone has a dangerous virus, he/she can transmit it to you.

You cannot get a bad virus from a healthy person.

Therefore, as a healthy person who wants to stay away from diseases, you have to stay away from someone who has a bad virus.

Or, at least be careful when you have to be in touch with him/her somehow.

Similarly, to stay away from negative words, you have to stay away from the energy vampires who tell you the negative words.

 Ignore Energy VampireYou are healthy and you have to maintain your health.

Energy vampires are sick and you have to stay away from them and not follow what they say.

If there is someone an energy vampire at the same place you live, be it your parents, siblings, or your spouse, and you have no option but living with him/her at least for now, just be nice and kind to him/her but don’t pay any attention to his/her negative words and behaviors.

I know it is not easy sometimes, but you can do it if you want.

You can laugh at him/her in your mind and have fun.

Be patient but keep thinking about leaving or moving to another place as soon as possible.

Who Are Energy Vampires And Why They Are Like That?

They are humans like you and me, but unfortunately they have problems.

Like someone who has an infectious disease caused by a dangerous germ, energy vampires have something harmful inside which has affected them badly.

They are hurt for some reason, and have not been able to handle and fix the damage.

They need help definitely but unfortunately in most cases they don’t receive it from the others, nor they think about helping themselves.

Someone who is full of positive energy cannot hide it from others.

He talks and acts positive.

He supports the others and gives positive energy to anybody he meets or talks to.

But someone who has lost his energy, has nothing positive to give the others.

There is something missing inside him that he tries to have it back, but he doesn’t know the right way of doing it.

He does it through hurting the others and sucking their positive energy mainly by saying negative words.

Things like you…

  • can’t do anything right.
  • are ugly.
  • don’t look good.
  • are not smart and qualified enough to do it.
  • are stupid and weak.
  • can’t achieve your dreams.


  • There are so many who are much better than you.
  • I hate you…

Hearing the above words makes you lose your energy, enthusiasm and creativity.

In most cases, people take them to heart, like what Greta Garbo did.

These negative words are even more harmful and fatal when heard from close relatives like parents.

Unfortunately so many close relatives does this to their beloved ones.

They are hurt; they hurt the others but they don’t know it.

You can easily leave the school or quit the job you love because of the negative words of these people.

This is the worst thing you can do to yourself.

How To Deal With Energy Vampires

Don’t ever try to change an energy vampire, because you cannot and chances are he hurts you more when you try to help him.

Just ignore, forgive and forget.

Keep the distance as much as possible.

If you can’t, just don’t take their words to heart.

Smile as if you are listening to a joke.

You are what you are.

Negative words cannot change the reality.

You are the one who can hurt yourself by listening to negative words and taking them to your heart.

Sometimes, thousands of people talk against you but you are not aware of it.

So you do your things normally and happily in this case.

But just something that one of them says against you, can easily hurt you when you hear about it.

Still nothing is changed in you.

You just heard some negative words that were used to be said against you while you didn’t know.

The difference is, you didn’t know it before; but you know it now.

You are still the same person anyways.

There was/is nothing wrong with you.

The problem is that you have got some negative words to your heart; the negative words that you knew nothing about them before.

Ignore and Let It Go

Instead of taking the negative words to your heart, you could choose a different way:

You could ignore them instantly as if you had never heard them, and then live the way you were used to.

But you choose the other option which is taking the negative words seriously.

So, indeed you are the one who is hurting yourself.

You are injecting the poison into your own vain.

Therefore, everything is under your control.

You are the one who can choose the good or the bad option.

Fight Negativity

You cannot shut peoples’ mouths, nor can you prevent their negative actions and behaviors.

There is no control on them from your side.

But you have full control on yourself.

You can spend your life listening and following what your enemies say against you.

But you will get hurt and feel broke if you do that.

There is another option which is much easier to follow: Don’t give them a damn as if they don’t exist at all.

The more successful you get, the more enemies you will have.

This is normal.

You will be stopped at the middle of the way of success and prosperity as soon as you spend your time following what your enemies say against you.

You can be more successful every day if you keep on focusing on your life and job and enjoying your moments.

So everything is under your control.

What Will Happen To Energy Vampires Finally?

They get worse every day.

As they spend their time and energy on negativity, they cannot do something positive and important for themselves.

So their lives will not be good.

They try to heal their wounds via wounding the others, but they get worse the more they do it.

They usually don’t have anything against you.

You should not take it personal.

You or someone else doesn’t make any difference for them.

They just want to hurt someone to soothe their own pains.

Just ignore and forget, and be focused on what you like and enjoy.

You are greater than getting hurt by a bunch of negative words.

You get hurt only when you want to.

Internet Trolls

Internet TrollsSome energy vampires make money through spreading negativity against the others.

This is very common on the internet.

It is very easy to gather some gadflies around a website through publishing gossip against those who are doing good (like celebrities).

Whereas it takes more time and energy to create a community of healthy and positive people.

The reason is that the smell of the crap that the energy vampires publish on their websites can only attract gadflies who enjoy negativity.

Their soul can only be fed by negativity.

They start following those websites as soon as they find them, because they need those websites to empty their inner pressure by reading and saying negative words against others.

This makes traffic and money for the energy vampires’ websites.

This is what they want and is the easiest way for such incompetent people to make money over the internet.

They get more encouraged to focus on negativity when they see that their negative posts and pages receive lots of attention and comments from people like themselves.

But nobody gives a damn to their other posts and articles because there is nothing invaluable in them.

So they prefer to stay focused on negativity.

Positive and Healthy People Never Follow the Internet Trolls’ Websites

Healthy and Positive PeopleYou have to work too hard to attract the trust of the healthy and positive people.

They don’t spend their valuable time on any website they stumble upon.

They have to see value and truth in your words, otherwise they won’t trust you.

Your expertise and professionalism makes them subscribe to your newsletter.

They leave your site and will never be back as soon as they see no value in your words

You can’t waste their time on negativity and gossip.

It is too hard to create a community of healthy and competent people.

But such a community is priceless, and it becomes more valuable over time.

One can make money faster and easier if he focuses on negativity and gossip against others.

But he is a losers in long term, because he can never go beyond a certain level.

All he will have is a herd of sick, jealous, depressed, broke, failed, torpid and useless people gathered around his website.

He goes lower every day while he is accompanied by his followers who are all like himself.

What to Do with the Internet Energy Vampires or Internet Trolls

In most cases, this is what you must do against the internet energy vampires too: Ignore and Forget!

Chances are you become famous somehow and you attract the attention of the Internet energy vampires and they publish negative words against you.

First of all, you should never spend even one second to read what they say.

Your time is more valuable than being spent on this.

However, if you accidentally got faced with their sites, you just ignore and leave immediately while you hold nothing in your mind and heart.

You must really ignore and forget otherwise you hurt yourself.

In case some of these people leave negative comments on your website or your FaceBook page, you just (1) delete, (2) block, and (3) forget.

You have to keep your site and pages clean for healthy people.

You cannot let infected people get in and transmit the germs to others.

It Is up to You Which Option to Choose:

You can be like Arnold Schwarzenegger and pay no attention to negativity and climb the ladder of success.

Or you can be like Greta Garbo who allowed sick people to hurt her.

What others say about you doesn’t change anything.

You get hurt only when you take their words to heart.

Keep in mind that internet trolls and other kinds of energy vampires are broke and miserable, otherwise they would spend their time on good and positive things.

Most of them are not even man enough to reveal their real name, identity and location on their websites and blogs.

Nobody knows who is behind their sites.

They either have no “About” page on their sites, or even if they do, there is nothing about the site owner(s) or admin(s) on it.


Because they know they are making money by spreading gossips against others.

This makes them feel scared and unsafe.

A healthy person must do nothing but ignoring them and getting more focused on positivity.

Energy vampires are always doomed.

Blockchain Technology and How It Improves Your Business

What is Blockchain technology?

Is it the same as Bitcoin?

Actually, it is not.

Later, we will see the differences.

But, Bitcoin is what most people know.

Why is this so?

Well, something interesting is happening.

It seems as if everywhere we turn, there’s someone trying to get us to buy Bitcoin.

For example, many promotions fill the net.

You probably receive emails about it.

And, if we believe the marketers, all we need to do is invest in Bitcoin.

And soon, we’d be rich.

Well, today, keep your wallet.

Since this is not another plug for Bitcoin.

Granted, it is highly popular.

Since it was introduced in 2008.

But I believe it is not a good investment, and is risky.

Therefore, I am not the fan of converting your money to Bitcoin, or even Bitcoin Mining, because I believe it is not worth anymore.

It crashed very badly and dropped below $4000 while it had almost reached the $20,000 level.

The LuckScout Team warned the Bitcoin crash (for example here).

So, what am I going to talk about now?

Actually, my theme is its underlying technology:

It is known as Blockchain Technology.

The Blockchain technology is something that amazes me a lot, not the news of those who have lost their shirts because of converting their hard earned money into Bitcoin.

And Blockchain technology is the most exciting technology of our time.

So, one vital question to consider is:

Is It a Passing Fad or a Sustainable Revolution?

Blockchain Technology

In truth, it is here to stay.

It will remove intermediaries.

Paving the way for peer-to-peer transactions, Bitcoin is the first application.

It came first, while blockchain technology came second to lend some legitimacy to it.

And, it’s vital to note that apart from Bitcoin, there are other applications.

By the way, Blockchain Is a General Purpose Technology.

Therefore, it applies to many facets of life.

In fact, an expert says:

It currently has about 700 applications.

You can see that this is huge.

And smart folks ought to know about it.

Because it’s poised to change our lives.

It offers many opportunities.

But, it’d also eliminate a lot of jobs and kills many businesses 🙁

It’s so game-changing.

Microsoft and IBM invest millions of dollars in it and many start-ups are exploring it.

Even venture capital firms have invested over a billion dollars in it.

Ethereum is its second most popular application.

It executes peer-to-peer contracts.

In fact, many experts see Ethereum as “Blockchain 2.0”.

That is an advancement on Bitcoin at this point.

It’s pertinent to ask a vital question:

What’s the technology’s main benefit?

It enables the secure transfer of assets!

We all know the fact that distrust is a great barrier to economic activities.

This is the reason we have many intermediaries who seek to protect buyers and sellers.

Blockchain Technology Is the Technology of Trust

Fortunately, Blockchain technology ensures trust.

In fact, some call it “The technology of trust.”

In truth, it’s not a trust-based model.

Rather, it’s a proof-based model.

Its algorithm and cryptographic code provide the proof.

And it’s the proof which engenders trust.

Key Facets of Blockchain Technology

We’ll explore what it means, how it works, and its evolution.

And, we will learn about cryptography and Ethereum.

Finally, we will learn about how it’d benefit your business.


Let’s get started.

What Is Blockchain Technology?

No Middlemen Transaction TechnologyMost transactions require some middlemen.

Especially, financial institutions and government.

But, we incur huge costs because of their role.

The costs are time and charges.

What are their key roles?

Intermediaries keep records of transactions.

They verify and validate their authenticity and that of the parties involved.

This is the way we have done things for ages.

We assumed there must always be intermediaries.

But, Blockchain technology upends this inefficient way.

It eliminates the need for intermediaries.

We’d see how, soon.

It solves a major problem with online transactions: The problem of trust

Let’s take a deep look at what the technology entails and how it solves that problem.

The blockchain technology is a combination of technologies itself.

Essentially, it has two parts.

A network that verifies and facilitates transactions and an immutable, decentralized ledger.

At this point, it’s akin to how the internet was in its early days.

The infrastructure is being built.

There’s still a lot of work to be done.

So, it’s hard to predict its future.

But we know for sure, it is the main technology for the next few decades.

Its effect will be like that of the Internet.

So, what exactly is it?

Many of us are familiar with databases and ledgers.

We use them on a daily basis.

So… what is blockchain technology?

Essentially, it is a secure, super-sophisticated database.

Is that not exciting?

And, what are databases and ledgers used for?

We use them for capturing and storing vital information.

But, our methods are inefficient.

Thankfully, blockchain rescues us.

– Open or Private Networks

It is a blend of algorithm and data structure.

Which removes these inefficiencies.

But, it differs from the databases and ledgers we are used to.

Because it is decentralized and distributed.

This means there is no single, central authority.

And yet, it is safe, secure, and open.

Such that all on the network can access.

And follow a trail of the transactions.

Its algorithm ensures the uniqueness of each transaction.

It also makes it extremely difficult for hacking.

Even though there is no central administrator.

The networks can be as open as the internet.

Or they can be private like an intranet.

– The Death of the Intermediary

The network updates the records in real-time.

And, simultaneously on all the nodes (computers on the network), and in a chronological order, it replicates databases.

Such that the same record can be accessed by different people at the same time.

And all records are identical.

All parties can update the records but they cannot edit or erase any.

The network is transparent and reliable.

It’s easy to understand.

That it’s almost impossible to perpetrate frauds since all records are available and accessible to all.

They leave a trail that can be checked if the above seems far-fetched.

Think of Google spreadsheet which many of us use.

Think of how people in different locations even in different parts of the world can access it and work on it in real time!

It shows their inputs and edits at the same time.

The blockchain encrypts transactions.

It maintains their integrity.

When a transaction occurs on a blockchain, cryptographic code records and protects it and it is captured in a block.

Then, Miners, computers with high power attempt to validate the transaction.

The network timestamps the validated transactions and they are added to the preceding blocks to form a chain.

Discrete data records are the “blocks” while, how they are linked is the “chain.”

This process is where the name, blockchain, is derived from.

In effect, this chain is a trail which is accurate, safe, secure and open.

The history is a constantly updated version of what happens on the network.

But, unlike what we are used to, the blockchain network is the intermediary.

In effect, blockchain technology eliminates middlemen.

It’s this chain of interlinked transactions that make it powerful.

How Did Blockchain Technology Evolve?

You’d probably agree that:

What’s been shared above is super exciting.

Because, we can imagine how it’d provide a basis for a democratic, distributed global marketplace, and how it can foster cooperation on a global level!

So, how did it all began?

Satoshi Nakamoto’s paper in 2008 led to Bitcoin’s evolution.

The name is a pseudonym for a person or a group of persons.

The paper proposed a peer-to-peer electronic cash transfer system.

Blockchain technology came into being to validate Bitcoin.

But, as time went on, many realized that the underlying technology is more valuable.

In effect, the servant is now the master.

And, it has many potential applications.

Furthermore, these applications show that it is even more valuable than Bitcoin which it came into being to serve.

Now, let’s look at how it will benefit your business.

But, first, we’ll learn about smart contracts.

What Are Smart Contracts?

It’s vital that we understand them since they will impact our lives, specifically, they are self-executing programs which help in the automation of processes.

As we explore them, you’d be seeing how blockchain technology offers benefits.

Essentially, contracts are converted into code, and then stored on and are reproduced by the network.

The network ensures there are multiple copies.

Smart contract’s main task is to transfer digital assets and currencies, once certain conditions are met.

In fact, anything that has value, such as money, shares, or property can be transferred.

Smart contracts stipulate the conditions and obligations of the parties to an agreement.

They also enforce the obligations.

Their value involves being able to execute many transactions and ensuring conflict-free transactions.

They will eliminate the need for intermediaries.

In fact, we can compare them to vending machines.

For example, when we put money into a vending machine, we get what we want.

In a similar vein, when we put bitcoin in the blockchain, we get what we want.

Smart contracts are stored on blockchain networks, because the networks are tamper-proof and secure.

Nick Szabo, a cryptographer, and legal scholar devised the concept of smart contracts in 1994.

He also laid the foundation for digital currencies.

What are the key benefits of smart contracts?

Beyond what was hinted at above.

They are accuracy, savings, and automatic backups.

While trust and autonomy are the rest.

– Benefits of Smart Contracts

Let’s look at each benefit.

The transactions are accurate.

Since there’s no need to fill a heap of forms, you save a lot of money.

Since you don’t have to pay any middleman, the network has multiple copies of the same records ensuring automatic backups.

Thus, transactions are trusted because of the encryption used.

And finally, you experience autonomy, since you are the one who initiates the transactions.

There’s no need for any intermediary.

Smart contracts mitigate litigations.

They save time because they are automated.

And, they operate on an if-then basis.

They are executed once the conditions are met.

Smart contracts are currently being used in insurance, financial derivatives, and property law, and in financial services, credit enforcement, and others.

Now, let’s explore what makes blockchain safe and secure.

Blockchain Technology’s Secret

We have been making references to it.

First, it’s an indispensable component of blockchain technology.

The network maintains the integrity of what’s transferred, and, it prevents hacking.

So, what is it?

Cryptography is derived from the greek, Cryptos which means hidden.

It is a means of encoding information, so that the recipient alone can access it.

Code encrypts plaintext.

It converts it to ciphertext.

And, the code converts ciphertext to plaintext.

Cryptography’s objectives are authentication, confidentiality, non-repudiation, and integrity.

Let’s look at what each entails.

Authentication means confirming the identity of the sender and recipient, and of the origin and destination of what’s to be sent.

Confidentiality means only parties involved can understand the message.

The message cannot be changed in transit or while it is stored.

This is what integrity means.

The network detects the changes if they occur.

And finally, non-repudiation means that the originator cannot deny their reason for creating and transmitting it, later.

The main types are:

Symmetric-key cryptography, Public-key cryptography, and hash functions.

In Symmetric-key cryptography:

The sender and recipient use the same key.

The sender uses it to encrypt plaintext into ciphertext while the recipient uses it to convert it back to plaintext.

In Public-key cryptography, Cryptography uses two keys.

A public key encrypts while private key decrypts.

The private key always remains a secret while the public key may not.

Hash functions do not use keys.

Their purpose is to ensure that the message remains unaltered.

How It’d Benefit Your Business

Security is one of the key benefits.

You know that cybercrime is debilitating and that this often leads to great losses.

Blockchain technology uses cryptography and is highly secure.

It’s almost impossible for a hacker to breach the system because of the way the network works.

It codes transactions as blocks.

Then it chains them to preceding ones.

In effect, the network connects all transactions.

It’s impossible to break this chain without detection.

Time savings and efficiency are the second benefits.

The network executes transactions faster since there are no middlemen.

And there are immense savings since there are no fees to pay.

The time savings are substantial.

For example, Blockchain reduced to four hours!

A transaction that would ordinarily take 7-10 days.

Don’t you think that is amazing?

The example, about time savings, is a graphic illustration of the immense benefits.

The technology will unleash smart contracts accelerate efficiency.

They eliminate many traditional processes because these programs automate many transactions.

We can rethink processes using smart contracts and improve key facets of a business.

This results in great savings.

Accuracy and speed of record keeping are the third benefits.

All economic activities require tons of records.

This is time-consuming and expensive.

And is prone to human error.

Blockchain timestamps all information.

Furthermore, it checks and links them to others.

The audit process is the fourth benefit.

As currently practiced auditing is prone to errors.

And it is often provided late.

But with blockchain the technology captures all transactions in a sequence.

And the parties involved approve all transactions.

Thus, a permanent, continuous audit trail is always accessible.

Now, let’s look at an advancement on Bitcoin.

What Is Ethereum?

Let’s explore “Blockchain 2.0”

In the past, coding, cryptography, and math skills are required.

Ethereum, an open software platform has changed that.

Now, developers use it for rapid application development.

It is what enables smart contracts.

How does it relate to Bitcoin?

Bitcoin’s blockchain technology is essentially about the mining.

And the transfer of the currency.

The Ethereum blockchain technology, on the other hand.

Executes decentralized applications.

Both are open source projects apart from being a blockchain network and a cryptocurrency.

It allows users to create their own digital tokens which represent valuables such as shares and assets.

Ethereum is also a programming language.

Vitalik Buterin’s team developed it in 2015.

The Ethereum network uses Ether as its currency.

In essence, it is the reward for mining.

Therefore users pay for services with it.

They also defray transaction fees with it.

Essentially, Bitcoin is a currency while Ethereum is a programming platform which enables fast application development.

And safe and secure peer-to-peer transactions.

Truly, we can see that it is superior to Bitcoin.

In conclusion, blockchain technology is changing our world.

Since it offers great benefits.

By the way,  its applications go beyond business.

For example, the health sector is applying it and government organizations can use it.

In fact, even charities can use it.

Interestingly, some firms are testing its use in the cloud storage sector.

If this works naturally, there will be no central administrator.

Furthermore, users can sell excess space and make more money.

Evidently, it is changing the economy.

Finally, there are near-limitless uses for it.

In fact, our imagination is the only limit.

So, what will you build with it?

Business Proposal Outline for All Businesses

Whether you are writing a business proposal, a news article or a novel, a proper outline is extremely important.

It helps you to bring a proper structure to the main concept and then you can add to it.

A business proposal is one of the most important parts of any written text, be it a short composition or a major work of literature.

It would not be wrong to say that often this is your first initiative towards gathering your thoughts, taking forward a plan with constructive strategy going forward.

So even while you are writing a proposal for your enterprise, the business proposal outline is a very crucial element in the entire scheme of things.

Often the final shape of your business proposal is very closely linked to how effective the outline is?

This is because when you proceed along an outline, you are more or less sure of moving along a set structure and more prone to follow a format that can interest investors and various lenders.

What Are the Key Components of a Business Proposal Outline?

Here is the list of the most important components of a strong business proposal outline:

  1. Executive Summary
  2. A Brief Overview
  3. Taking a Realistic Industry View-In-Depth Analysis
  4. Customer
  5. Gauging the Competition
  6. Marketing Strategy

While there can be some exceptions, a typical business proposal would have at least ten primary sections in its outline.

In addition, there are 23 sub-sections too.

It is needless to mention that once you get these various sections and subsections in place, filing then up and completing the entire business proposal does not take a very long time.

You have only to create content in accordance with the section.

And you would have the entire proposal ready in a matter of hours.

1. Executive Summary:

Executive Summary

This is primarily the first part of any well-formatted business proposal.

Often it is known as the essential window to the entire proposal.

If the readers do not like the executive summary, it is unlikely they would get past the rest of the plan properly.

It is more like a window to the entire business proposal.

Therefore it becomes a rather significant part of the business proposal.

Your outline too needs to, therefore, provide for it in an appropriate manner.

This will make sure that all key elements are touched upon.

And the core summary of the proposal is not compromised with.

Ideally, you can look at starting the executive summary with a precise and clear explanation of the company’s essential business plan.

Now refer to the RFP and try to understand the core essence of the client’s problem.

Now try to explain how your business seeks to address this problem and why you should bag the order.

List out the various competencies in your executive summary like:

  1. Some unique features of the management elements in your company
  2. In case you have important patents
  3. In case you have the first mover’s advantage in the market, do no forget to highlight that

The ending of the executive summary also needs to be equally impactful.

Put up the entire financial estimates list.

From expected revenue to the profit projections, this is the most prominent place in the entire business proposal to highlight the financial viability and broad professional worth of the overall business model.

In case, you are seeking any specific funding requirement over the next few years.

This is the right forum to raise the subject.

Be clear in your estimates, projection and requirement.

This will convince the client about the financial viability of the claim that you are putting up as well.

2. A Brief Overview:

A Brief Overview

The second most important element of a business proposal outline is decidedly an overview of the company and its business fundamentals.

You can detail out a broad history of your company, how it was conceptualized, how it came into being and the primary highlights in terms of the key achievements of the enterprise thus far.

This is also the exact spot in the entire business proposal to specify the kind of legal standing that the company might have.

Especially the past accomplishments of your company are of great importance.

This gives a fair idea to the client about the business worthiness of your establishment.

This also makes sure that the potential for your future success is closely associated with the kind of success that you have experienced in the past.

The client also gets a realistic view about the kind of value addition that your induction in their team can mean.

3. Taking a Realistic Industry View-In-Depth Analysis:

Taking a Realistic Industry View-In-Depth Analysis

We move from specific to generic in the next lap of business proposal outline.

You must realize that the outline is created to make sure that the content of the business proposal is as comprehensive as possible without unnecessarily making it too boring or unusually long.

The importance of industry analysis is also relevant to draw inferences about industry-specific growth parameters.

It is also relevant to and where your business enterprise stands in comparison to the competition.

Now this industry analysis can be divided into two sub-parts.

They address completely different aspects of industry dynamics.

But they are also an integral part of the overall analysis of business worthiness of a specific concept that you might be presenting to your client.

– Market Analysis:

In this subsection, you present the key market dynamics that business operates in.

In any business proposal outline, this is a key sub-sect that helps the client understand the kind of market dynamics that the company operates in.

It specifies the key size and the unique characteristics of the market that the business operates in, the primary factors that decide the sectoral performance and the parameters that decide the overall success rate of the business.

This will also give your client a fair idea of the market trends that need to be kept in mind while deciding a business strategy.

For example, if you are a publisher, you would include these:

  • Details like the business prospects of the publishing industry in your area.
  • The average turnover of the entire publishing business.
  • The number of books that you publish every year.
  • The number of books published by the industry in general.

– The size of the Market:

The next key ponderable is, of course, the market size that you operate in.

There are many reasons why it forms an almost indispensable part of any business proposal outline.

It gives the client an understanding about the maximum revenue that your company could generate, if it had 100% share and also the maximum amount of customers that you can target at any given point of time.

All these form an extremely crucial list of considerations that you must take into account when deciding on the business opportunity that a particular enterprise presents itself.

4. Customer:

We Love Our Customers.

When you are putting together a business proposal, the next key factor to take into consideration is undeniably the kind of customers that you can aspire to garner for your business.

Apart from the market, the customers are the next most important consideration for any business proposition.

It helps you identify the viability of the business proposal that you might be floating and gives you a realistic view of the kind of profitability that you can target overall.

So you must make sure that you include a subsection about the target customers.

This is the fundamental law of any business.

It is not just sufficient to float a business idea.

It is also important to understand the kind of people who would be ready to buy your offering.

You should also know the maximum number of people who would actually understand or appreciate the need for the product/service that the business is offering.

This is important for the client to whom you are presenting your business proposal.

This is because it gives the client a fair idea about the potential scalability aspect of the business and also the demographic dynamics that the customer profile presents.

You must understand that both demand and scalability of a business is closely related to the relative demand-supply matrix.

This is why your business profile outline almost makes it mandatory to include details about why the target customers need your product offerings and how you can offer them a reasonably good quality of product and service.

Reliability, comfort, business viability are all interlinked with this key question of customer need and demand dynamics.

As a result, it is important to highlight the advantage that you have vis-a-vis addressing customer demand.

This can convince the client, not just for the demand profile for your product, but also the relative profit prospect and the viability of associating with you to address their problem.

Your customer reach can sometimes even indicate your troubleshooting abilities as an enterprise and the kind of good will that you will be able to generate or that you already enjoy.

5. Gauging the Competition:

Gauging the Competition

Now why does competition figure in your business proposal outline?

Well, that is because when you are taking into account the complete business prospects, competition and how you fare in comparison forms a very important part of the game plan.

A huge range of business dynamics come into play, and the way you can tackle competition also goes on to identify the profitability element for future.

But competition is not uni-dimensional.

There are many aspects to this entire competition aspect.

There could be some direct factors and other indirect contributors to the overall competition elements.

Here is a detailed study of the various competition parameters that you must take into account:

– Direct Competition:

This is the place where you have to list out the potential companies which offer direct competition to you.

Essentially they cater to the same set of customers that you are catering to and probably offering the same gamut of services that you might be specializing in.

An example of this could be P&G and Unilever.

On a global basis, their product range is similar; they are also addressing a similar set of customers.

But the fact that they are still sustaining as strong brands individually across geographies highlight their competition strategy.

In the same way, your business proposal outline needs to include the strategy that you are employing to tackle this type of direct competition.

Also, outline the relative strengths and weaknesses of your competitors and how you fare vis a vis them.

– Indirect Competition:

Direct competition is relatively easier to comprehend.

For example, if you have a grocery store, the kind of competition that you face from other grocery stores in the area.

But when I am talking of indirect competition, I mean the kind that you might be facing from a medical store next to you or an eating joint with readymade food options might present.

Your business proposal outline needs to carefully take into account these competitors and how you plan to deal with the competition.

– The Advantage over Competition:

The next key factor that you must keep in mind is how to outline your preparedness to deal with competition.

That factor alone will help convince your client about the possibility that you can book profit and also the fact that you can offer them a sustainable alternative to solve their problem.

You must clearly outline your strategy to deal with both direct and indirect competition in your business proposal.

6. Marketing Strategy:

Marketing Strategy

Marketing is one of the key pillars to base your business upon.

Therefore, it is but obvious that the business proposal outline will prominently account for this particular pointer.

You must understand that however or whatever factors you might base your business, the absence of a proper business plan can impact the overall profitability to a large extent.

In fact, the absence of a proper marketing plan can also result in severe losses in terms of inappropriate pricing and inaccurate allocation of resources that need to be kept aside for each of the separate subsection under marketing.

So what are those sub-parts of marketing that need to be highlighted in your business proposal?

They are:

– Product Pricing:

You must give details of various products and their pricing specifics.

Also, list out how your pricing stands in comparison with competitors and if you have undertaken any specific pricing move to tackle the competition.

These elements are crucial pointers in your business proposal outline and are aimed at providing a far constructive understanding of your business strategy.

It also clients better guess if you are a premium brand in the market or relatively low-cost player.

– Product Offerings:

But just pricing is not sufficient in itself.

It should be provided hand in hand with a broad outline of various products and services that you offer.

This is particularly important as the client can gauge the relative volume Vs value offering that you can generate.

This will also help them understand what kind of value addition your business manages to bring forth to you and by extension to them.

– Promotion Prospects:

Marketing is never just about the direct selling of products.

This also includes the broad outline of the promotion initiatives that you might have undertaken.

Promotion is most important as the client would need to have a fair idea about the reach of your business and how exactly do you manage to maintain or continue to have this reach.

So it could be promotion via print or television, WhatsApp direct promotion or ads that you might have created for the same purpose.

This will also help the client understand the broad promotion avenues that they can leverage through you.

– Distribution Scope:

Apart from making sure that the pricing is mutually decided and well strategized, it is important that customers can buy your products easily.

This is where the distribution element comes to play.

Are you a business that is taken forward via direct selling or do you distribute your products through local shops?

You might also have several distribution partners who would be helping you in taking your product to others.

Make sure that your business proposal outline has details of these various distribution factors.

Together all of these various elements make for a constructive business proposal outline.

They make sure that every element of your running the business is properly highlighted and the potential client gets a comprehensive understanding of the overall business dynamics.

These outline also help you gather your thoughts in a proper manner and then steer the business in a profitable manner.

As a result, when a potential client floats a RFP or account of their problems that they are looking to address, you can easily provide them with a comprehensively written business proposal.

It helps them to chart out your progress in an extremely definitive manner and enable a rather complex and complicated interaction and interpretation of the different factors that enhance the profitability of those who might hire you.

A business proposal is after all not just a mere detailing of what business you run or how you run it.

On the contrary, it helps a potential client get a ringside view of both specific business as well as the generic industry that you are looking to cater.

The Dos & Don’ts of Writing a Business Proposal Outline

However, when you are charting out a business proposal outline, there are some basic dos and don’ts that you must follow.

They not only improve the quality of the business proposal that you need to create but also help you provide a rather clear picture to the client about the business or solution that you are offering in response to their RFP.

These include some detailed as well as some rather obvious misses that we tend to make while creating a mega document.

The Dos of Business Proposal Outline:

1.  Include Several Sub-Headers:

Include Several Sub-Headers

The sub-headers do not just break the monotony of continuous text.

But in many ways, they also improve the readability of the business proposal that you are creating.

They help divide the text into many sub-parts, and even if someone glances through the document, they will be able to comprehend the broad elements of the entire proposal.

It is rather important that the sub-headers are appropriately named to attract the reader’s attention and help them continue with the text for a far longer that one would have normally done.

2. Keep a Conversational Style:

Keep a Conversational Style

The narration style also needs to be decided along with the business proposal outline.

This is because the entire purpose of the outline is to create a better and more acceptable style of documentation.

It is the quality of the outline that goes on to play a definitive role in the overall quality of the entire composition.

So a conversational style from the word go will ensure that the reader is hooked on to the document and will devote a fair amount of time and energy towards creating it and maintaining its consistency in quality and content.

3. Undertake Proper Research:

Undertake Proper Research

A business proposal outline plays a definitive role in defining the overall picture of your business.

Therefore you need to put in proper research and hard work in creating it.

This will make sure that you can dish out a quality product with a keen eye on small details and big elements altogether.

The research will help you highlight the unique aspects that your business represents.

It improves the chance of the business proposal getting accepted in the first available instance.

Just copying pasting mere template from the internet would not help you achieve quality.

You might consider that just the template for a business proposal outline cannot vary that much.

But the fact is your entire document would be based solely on this single piece of the framework that you are creating.

A sub-par work will show manifest itself.

This is exactly why you must remember that research becomes the backbone of a great outline.

The more time and energy you are able to devote, the better would be the outcome of it.

Therefore don’t waste any more time and get to work in terms of creating a great content framework.

The Don’ts of Business Proposal Outline

But there are some factors that you must take care to avoid as well.

This is because they can impact both the readability of the business proposal and profitability of the business that you are dealing in.

So what are the key avoidable while you are discussing and debating the merits and demerits of a great business plan outline?

These include many factors that can make the content boring or a rather dull read.

Here is a lowdown:

1. Avoid Repetition:

Avoid Repetition

Carefully select all the parts and sub-parts of the business proposal outline.

This is because sometimes you might create two separate sub-parts that might mean the same thing or highlight similar factors.

While you might think you are giving more information in this process, essentially this would mean that the reader will be reading the same or similar set of information twice.

That cannot make for an interesting read.

So it is very important to select your content carefully and then based on that, take a call on how and where you place it in the overall business proposal.

This way, the outline becomes a crucial factor to base a clear narrative upon.

2. Be Clear:

Be Clear

Whether you are creating the simple outline or writing the entire business proposal, it is important not to go overboard.

That can impact the relative acceptance of the proposal quite seriously and in many ways, hinder the business growth too.

It is very important that you are clear and concise in your overall approach and help maintain a focused perspective in your entire narrative.

This can also help the reader or potential client get a lot of information in a very pointed manner and without too much of effort.

The idea is the client should open your business proposal, and the fact should be all staring in front of him.

3. Don’t Just Go by a Template:

A quick search on the internet would reveal that it is never difficult to get access to a business proposal outline template.

Almost every single business variant will have a template that caters to the unique demands and possibilities offered by the specific sector.

However, that said, it is never a great idea to blindly follow a template and create your outline.

Remember that is something the client is any way expecting.

What can help is creating a unique outline that totally does justice to the business proposal that you are offering.

Business Proposal Outline Is Often the Backbone of a Great Business Proposal

Business Proposal Outline Is Often the Backbone of a Great Business Proposal

Therefore, we can conclude that the business proposal outline is often the backbone of a great business proposal.

The inaccurate or misleading construct of this framework can severely impact the acceptance of the final business proposal.

As a result, when you are creating this final product, it becomes essential to pay attention to details.

Careful detailing can often go a long way in determining the quality of the content as well as the profitability of the business going forward.

Moreover, a well chalked out business proposal outline always highlights the entrepreneur’s business senses.

Often for the client, this outline does not just represent the financial viability and mettle of the business.

It is also an important element in understanding the business sense and ability of the entrepreneur involved.

However, a cardinal rule while chalking out the business proposal outline is a thorough study of the RFP that you are responding to.

This is by far the most important factor that goes on to define the quality of the business proposal outline.

The Billionaire Mindset That Everybody Must Have

It is the billionaire mindset that makes the billionaires different from others.

It is not just their “Money”.

Indeed, money is the last thing which is different between ordinary people and the billionaires.

When you think money is the only thing which is different, it means if you take a billionaire’s money and wealth, then he will be someone like you.



In order to become a billionaire, you will have to have so many characteristics.

The Billionaire MindsetMoney is the byproduct of the characteristics that a billionaire has.

So, when I say “billionaires”, I am not talking about their wealth.

I am talking about their mentality and characteristics, or I’d better to say their mindset.

Maybe you say you don’t want to become a billionaire, or even a millionaire, and you just want to have a happy life.

This is also good.

I don’t say that having lots of money makes you happy and prosperous.

It is not the money that makes a great life for you.

But it is the mentality and the mindset that makes you happy and prosperous.

Maybe money has never been your main goal in your life.

But having a billionaire mindset is what you should get at whatever it takes, even if you don’t want to become a billionaire.


Because it is something that makes you different from others.

It makes the world look different to you.

Even if you don’t want to become a millionaire or billionaire, it is great to have the personality and mentality of a millionaire or billionaire.

If so, you will enjoy your life more, even if you don’t make any money, or you give away all the money you make.

What Is the Billionaire Mindset?

Would you like to know how billionaires look at the world, and how they think and decide?

You will enjoy your life more, and you will have less problems, if you copy these people.

Money also comes if you learn how to think and act like a billionaire.

Here is the 14 important factors of the billionaire mindset:

  1. Thinking Deeply and Deciding Wisely
  2. Learning from Their Mistakes
  3. Associating with Successful and Positive People
  4. Being Aware That You Don’t Know Everything
  5. Saving Your Money and Making More Money from It
  6. Independency
  7. Being Super-Active
  8. Having Big Goals
  9. Dividing the Big Projects into Small Stages
  10. Programing Your Minds Toward Success
  11. Forecasting the Obstacles and Problems
  12. Looking at the Problems as Opportunities
  13. Having Faith on Themselves and Their Abilities
  14. Never Give Up

1. Billionaires Think Deeply and Decide Wisely

Billionaires Think Deeply and Decide WiselyMaking a proper decision is one of the most important part of having a billionaire mindset.

Maybe, many of the billionaires have learned this after making several mistakes.

The smartest ones learn this from the others’ experiences.

You can save lots of time, if you don’t experience yourself, and use the others experiences.

The wise learns from the others’ mistakes; the fool learns from his own… if he learns at all.

How do you make the important decisions?

Do you think enough?

Do you consult with those who have experiences in the same subject?

Or, you are among those who don’t pay any attention to the others’ knowledge and experience, and you do whatever you decide without thinking and analyzing properly?

It is very easy to have a billionaire mindset about this.

Do it and eliminate one of the differences you have with the billionaires.

Make wise decisions, and shorten the distance between yourself and the intelligent wealthy people.


It is very easy.

Don’t decide quickly.

Whenever you want to do something, think twice and ask for the others’ opinion, and then do it.

After a while, you will get used to making wise decisions.

It becomes a habit, and it takes you one step closer to the billionaire mindset.

Keep in mind that two groups are miserable: (1) those who don’t listen to anybody, and (2) those who listen to everybody.

2. Billionaires Learn from Their Mistakes

Everybody makes mistakes, but most people repeat the same mistakes over and over, and expect different results. This is insane.

Insanity: doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results.” — Albert Einstein

Billionaires make mistakes too, but the difference is, whenever they make a mistake, they sit, analyze and learn the lessons.

Therefore, they not only won’t make the same mistake again, and so, they save lots of time and money, but also, in the other things they want to do, they use the lessons they have learned.

As a human-being, you also make mistakes.

But the question is whether you learn from your mistakes, and you don’t repeat them again, or you repeat the same mistakes every now and then.

Billionaires Learn from Their MistakesDon’t blame yourself when you make a mistake.

Instead, learn the lessons properly.

Mistakes are opportunities to become more knowledgeable and experienced.

They are not to blame yourself.

In each stage of your life and business, you make some mistakes, you learn the lessons, and you advance to a higher level.

Then you will make some mistakes again… and this process has to be continued to make you better and better gradually.

However, you should learn from your inevitable mistakes, otherwise you will remain the same person forever.

The way to success has so many ups and downs.

In every step, your mistakes show you the way.

They guide you toward the right way that ends to success.

So, learn the lessons each time you make a mistake.

This is an important part of having a  billionaire mindset.

3. Billionaires Associate with Successful and Positive People

Billionaires are always in touch with successful people who have positive minds and give positive energy to others.

Even if they are not in touch with these people directly, they read, hear, think and write about them a lot.

They read the success story of the successful people, and this causes them to attract the energy they need to move toward success.

It also helps them to build the same billionaire mindset that those successful people have in their minds.

“You are the average of the five people you spend the most time with.” — Jim Rohn

According to the above quote, if you spend your time with losers, then, the same problems, mistakes, bad events, and the same destiny they had, will show up in your life somehow.

This is so true.

If you walk toward sun, you will be in light.

If you take the opposite direction, you will head to the darkness.

Successful people deal with positive and successful people. Losers deal with losers.

Make your life and your mind busy with successful and positive people.

Avoid losers and those who focus on negativity.

If you like to help the poor, choose those who will use your money and support, to become successful and useful, not those who avoid working and efforting.

Spread the positive energy you take from the positive people, and you will have more positive energy every second.

Associate with positive and successful people, and get one more step closer to having a billionaire mindset.

4. Billionaires Are Aware That They Don’t Know Everything

Have you noted that the more stupid a person is, the more he thinks he knows more than the others?

He believes he knows everything, and anything he says is correct.

He talks more than everybody and claims he can manage the world.

But when you ask him why such a talented person is so poor and failed, he answers, “bad luck!” 😀

Billionaires have a different mentality.

While they think they can do everything they decide, and everything is possible for them, they believe they don’t know everything and they have to educate themselves and learn all the time, and ask for the experts’ opinions.

They believe in teamwork, because they know that they can’t do everything alone.

Unsuccessful people talk a lot, but they don’t take any actions, whereas, successful people spend their time on working and doing positive things.

Instead of talking, those who want to become successful, have to start learning, experiencing and taking proper actions toward their goals.

They have to learn to take risks when necessary.

This is the big difference of billionaires with losers.

Billionaires take actions and are not afraid of taking risks, whereas losers only talk, but they are afraid of taking actions and risks.

What is the result?

While billionaires take so many steps toward becoming more successful, losers keep talking and remain at the same level, if not going lower.

So, stop talking.

“Work hard in silence, let your success be your noise.” — Frank Ocean.

Start learning and acting.

If so, you will be one more step closer to the billionaires’ way of thinking, behavior and their billionaire mindset.

5. Billionaires Save Their Money and Make More Money from It

The Rich Get Richer.

The rich get richer.

Although they have to handle losses sometimes.

But they not only take care of their hard-earned money, they also hedge and secure it, and make more money from their money.

They also know how and when to take risks and make more money.

Unlike billionaires, mediocre and poor people are used to spend a lot.

They don’t spend their money to make more money and secure their wealth.

They waste it so easily.

You have to learn how to manage your wealth.

It doesn’t matter if you have a low income now.

Work toward increasing your income, and then save and secure your money to make more money.

You are not going to work forever.

You have to stop one day.

If you learn how to manage your money, you can retire while you are still young and you can enjoy the rest of your life.

This is all up to you and your ability to manage your life and wealth.

Become wiser in making and spending your money and learn how to increase the value of your wealth, and become one more step closer to billionaires who have mastered the money and wealth management.

Maybe your billionaire mindset won’t make you a billionaire.

But it can make a happier life for you and make your richer.

6. Billionaires Are Independent

Billionaires Are IndependentBillionaires associate with successful people.

They also consult with experts, and believe in teamwork.

But, they are 100% independent.

It means they don’t cling to people and things.

Their business isn’t dependent on any special person, or product.

They manage their business in the way that it keeps moving if a key person leaves or a product gets banned by the government or consumers.

When you are dependent on someone, you will fall down when he leaves.

It is like when you put all your eggs in one basket.

You lose all your eggs if you drop the basket.

Billionaires build and manage strong teams, but neither their business, nor themselves, are dependent on any special person.

That is not all.

They manage their business in a way that it works even without the them.

Can you believe that?

Are you like that, or you are dependent or codependent?

Did you know that when you are dependent on someone or something, he/she/it can manage you and your life very easily, and you will be down when you lose him/her/it?

Did you know that if you depend on someone, your happiness will be dependent on him or her too?

“If you want to live a happy life, tie it to a goal, not to people or things.” — Albert Einstein

Do you see what Einstein says?

That quote isn’t by an ordinary and mediocre person.

It is by Albert Einstein.

If you tie your life to a goal, it is always there waiting for you to achieve it.

It never leaves you alone.

Your goal never betrays you.

It always gives you energy and enthusiasm to live, work and be happy.

It motivates you and makes you a different and better person every day.

So, don’t be dependent, and tie your life to a goal, if you want to live a happy life.

When you have such a billionaire mindset, you will be one more step closer to billionaires.

7. Billionaires Are Super-Active

Billionaires Are Super-ActiveThey are brave enough to start.

They take risks.

At the same time, they work hard when necessary and believe nothing can be compared to hard-work.

If you like to achieve your dreams, you have to have such a billionaire mindset, and you have to work hard.

It doesn’t matter if you make a mistake and everything you have done, goes down the drain.

You learn lots of things and then you will start from scratch.

You repeat this until you succeed.

Be a too strong hard-working person, and get another step closer to having a billionaire mindset.

8. Billionaires Have Big Goals

Billionaires Have Big GoalsYou are what you think.

If your goals and dreams are small, or if you are happy with the least, then you will remain a small person for good.

It is free to have big dreams.

You don’t pay for your dreams.

Your dreams can be as big as possible.

Did you know that anything that we can dream is possible?

If we can dream something, then it is possible to achieve it in reality.

So, why are you afraid of having big dreams?

The bigger your goals are, the harder you will have to work to achieve them.

And, the harder you work, the luckier you get, and you will finally achieve your dreams.

When your goals are small, you don’t spend enough energy to achieve them.

So, it is possible that you never reach even your small goals.

But, when they are big, you spend lots of time and energy to reach them, and you achieve lots of small things while you are on your way toward your big dreams and goals.

“Shoot for the moon. Even if you miss, you’ll land among the stars.” — Norman Vincent Peale

Do you think it is impossible to become a billionaire?

That is a stupid mindset, because nobody comes to this world while he/she is already a billionaire.

They work and make it happen.

Why you think it is possible for them, but not for you?

They had nothing more when they started.

They just had big goals and dreams to follow.

This is what you can do too.

Nobody charges you for having big dreams.

So, start having big dreams.

Just have them in your mind.

Think about them.

And, take lots of actions.

This is exactly the billionaire mindset: Having big dreams and goals, and taking lots of actions…

9. Billionaires Divide the Big Projects into Small Stages

Billionaires Divide the Big Projects into Small StagesHaving a proper and well-organized plan and dividing big jobs into smaller stages, is what everybody who likes to succeed, must learn.

Billionaires are good project managers.

They know where to start and what stages they have to pass, to complete a job.

They start from the very first stage, and reach the last one.

I have seen so many who have big and good goals, but instead of preparing the foundation and starting from the first stage, they start from the middle or the last.

It is like building a big house, but instead of buying the land, first you buy the doors and windows.

Such a house will never be built.

So learn to program and plan and start from the first step.

What is the first step you have to pass, if you want to become a physician, pilot, engineer, and…?

What is the first step if you want to become a billionaire?

I tell you: first, you have to start dreaming it 🙂

10. Billionaires Program Their Minds Toward Success

Billionaires Program Their Minds Toward SuccessYour mind and your subconscious, rule your life.

If you learn how to program your subconscious to achieving big dreams, then you will reach them.

I don’t know how, but you will achieve them.

Your subconscious finds a way to do it.

It does what you want.

If you want to have a happy life, it makes a happy life for you.

If you focus your mind on negativity, it attracts negativity to you and your life.

Like so many other great things, it is free to program your subconscious.

Nobody charges you for it.

It is the best free thing you have in your life.

If you learn how to use it to attract the good things, you will have everything you want to have.

And, it is very easy to learn this.

Just think about the good things, beautiful dreams and wishes, big and brilliant goals.

They all come to your life somehow, and from the way you can never imagine.

Before you become a billionaire in reality, you have to have a billionaire mindset.

Are you mentally a billionaire?

If yes, then you will become a billionaire in reality very sooner than later 🙂

Keep in mind that while you focus on your dreams in your mind, you should take proper actions too.

Dreaming and wanting are not enough.

You have to take actions.

11. Billionaires Forecast the Obstacles and Problems

You don’t have a billionaire mindset as long as you are not strong enough to deal with problems properly.

Obstacles and problems are nothing to stop the billionaires.

Billionaires are always prepared to face them.

It is normal to be faced with problems along the way.

Problems are the important part of any game.

You should learn how to face and resolve them.

You should not run away from them.

Sometimes a problem can take lots of time to be resolved.

But, it is worth to do it and advance to the next stage.

Get used to deal with problems, and learn how to resolve them the easy way.

Don’t make the problems more complicated.

Just simplify and resolve them.

12. Billionaires Look at the Problems as Opportunities

Problems are opportunities to (1) learn new things, and (2) become stronger.

You need both to reach your destination.

You need to learn new things an know a lot more than what you know now.

At the same time, you need to be stronger to complete the next stages toward achieving your goals.

And, you can achieve this only when you face the problems and resolve them.

So, problems are not bad and disgusting.

They are good opportunities to gain lots of good things.

You will never be the same person after resolving a problem.

You will be stronger, wiser and more experienced.

Those who have a billionaire mindset, are good problem solvers.

13. Billionaires Have Faith on Themselves and Their Abilities

Billionaires know that they can achieve everything they want.

They know no limit for their abilities.

This is the result of the proper programming of their subconscious.

They believe they can do everything, and they really do everything they want to.

You are like them too.

You can do everything you want to.

The difference is that you think you can’t.

This is just an illusion.

It is not true, but it can prevent you from taking big steps.

When you believe you can’t, you can’t, and so, you don’t take any actions.

“Whether you think you can, or you think you can’t, you are right.” — Henry Ford

So, everything depends on your mentality.

It is your thoughts that make your life.

You are what you think.

You have to start from your mind.

That is the very first step.

Then you have to take actions accordingly.

14. Billionaires Never Give Up

Billionaires Never Give UpYou fail only when you give up.

“Our greatest weakness lies in giving up. The most certain way to succeed is always to try just one more time.” — Thomas A. Edison

Have you ever given up on something?

If yes, then never give up from now on.

You either find a way, or you build a way.

There is no point to stop.

You have to keep going.

The good results will come sooner than what you expect, if you keep on working, and if you don’t give up.

Billionaires never give up.

Giving up has no place and definition in the billionaire mindset.

They wouldn’t be billionaires if they were used to give up.

The worst kind of giving up is when you give up on yourself.

When you give up on yourself, you give up on your family, goals, purpose, future… you give up on your future success…

You cannot give up on yourself.

You have to fight…

Be strong and keep going.


Do you think you have the billionaire mindset?

It is not that hard to have all the above 14 characteristics.

Many of them depend on your mind and mentality.

They are free, but valuable and priceless.

Even if you don’t want to become rich, millionaire or billionaire, having a billionaire mindset will make a better life for you.

8 Human Resource Management Keys to Entrepreneurial Success

Indeed, human resource management is perhaps one of the fundamental entrepreneurial challenges that need to be addressed right at the behest.

An entrepreneur faces many challenges on the road to entrepreneurial success and overcoming them effectively is often the key to greatness.

While ideas, funding and daily running of the business efficiently are one end of the picture, the other end involves creating the condition conducive for efficient output.

By that, we mean handling the staff that is responsible for the efficient running of the firm.

The firm’s efficiency, as well as overall success, is deeply connected with this key factor.

As the entrepreneur creates an enterprise, it gradually transforms from being a one-man show to a team effort.

The entrepreneur, therefore, wears many hats.

Not only should they be able to deliver their dreams, in reality, but they also need to understand that they have to get the entire team to work with them.

So as an entrepreneur, the challenge for you is to understand that it is no longer your independent show.

The brilliance of your plan will come forth only when you are able to pass on the passion to your team, and they are able to share your ideas.

They need to be engaged continuously and bring forth a meaningful value addition to the effort that you are putting together.

And, that essentially would be effective human resource management.

What Are the Key Principles of Human Resource Management?

Here is the list of the human resource management key principles that make you a successful entrepreneur:

  1. Creating A Strong Human Resource Management Team
  2. The Right Recruitment
  3. Communicate Your Expectation Well
  4. Responsibility Allocation
  5. Respect Privacy & Confidentiality
  6. Encourage Talent & Diligence
  7. Dealing With Problematic Employees

1. Creating A Strong Human Resource Management Team

Human Resource Management TeamFirst and foremost, you need to create a strong team.

For that, you need to first and foremost make a broad plan for the overall recruitment drive.

Bringing in the right amount of staff is extremely important.

Too many people would mean chaos and too few would hinder efficiency drastically.

The first challenge is, therefore, fixing the total number of staff that you need and then go about recruiting them.

As an entrepreneur, you must understand that human resource management is all about creating a happy marriage between the requirement of the department in focus and the budget that has been allocated for staff recruitment.

You have to remember balance, just like in financial management of a company, is very important while you are trying to bring in a happy mix of efficient and talented staff.

2. The Right Recruitment

The Right RecruitmentAchieving the right recruitment mix is not just bringing in a lot of talented people.

As a keen entrepreneur, your focus has to be on getting the right person for the right job.

Here more than talent, it is important that you get a person who is well suited for the job.

Even if that means you settle for someone with lesser degrees or lesser experience, it is fine.

But while recruiting you must ensure that this person totally understands the job that is expected from him/her and is well geared to deliver it flawlessly.

One important aspect that can ensure this you have to be very clear in your overall directive about the job requirement.

People who you are interviewing must understand clearly what’s expected from them and how you want the job to be executed.

The tests that you formulate during the interview should also aim to find out the person’s adaptability to the job requirement more than the general talent.

For example, if you are looking to hire a manager, that person needs to be an excellent team leader, and it is okay to be perhaps slightly mediocre in core area expertise.

This is what will ensure effective human resource management.

4. Communicate Your Expectation Well

Communicate Your Expectation WellSo now that the team has been hired, you need to engage in effective dialogue with them.

Interact with them in a friendly but effective manner so they totally understand what your expectations are from them and how well they can work towards fulfilling your passion.

So avoid rhetoric and get to more direct and to the point speaking.

This will ensure that there is no ambiguity and the staff understands the challenges and expectations clearly.

The right understanding often yields the most appropriate solution.

When the staff you hire understand the requirement clearly, they will be able to deliver the job a lot more efficiently.

This will mean that there will be additional positivity all across the workplace… a happy you and a happy workforce would only mean a happy workplace.

While the smiles of your staff might not show on the balance sheet directly.

But they surely reflect in your overall success and precision in your output.

Thus human resource management brings in a greater degree of commitment from your staff.

And in many ways it can also address potential attrition conditions a lot better.

5. Responsibility Allocation

Responsibility AllocationClarity in communication is not just important for efficient output but also for effective execution of responsibilities.

Therefore it becomes immensely important that the staff gets a clear idea about who does what.

In this way, you can ensure that there is no doubling of responsibility and wastage of time in delivering them.

For example, let’s take the HR department only.

Let’s say you have a total staff of 10 to handle the responsibility of 200 people.

Now instead of all of them handling everything, you must allocate responsibilities very clearly.

One person needs to handle payrolls.

The next one could handle benefits, one for enrollment while the fourth one could look at overall recruitment and talent management and the like.

This kind of distribution ensures that the team is able to perform a plethora of responsibilities in the same go.

Time, as a result, is much better managed this way and the staff too can work under a lot less pressure as they go about performing their responsibilities.

Therefore what an entrepreneur achieves is effective human resource management and precision in overall execution.

This no doubt leads to creating effective delivery channels.

6. Respect Privacy & Confidentiality

Respect Privacy & ConfidentialityIn many ways, efficient human resource management is a lot about respecting individuals and allowing them their privacy.

Just because you have hired them, it does not mean that your staff is answerable to you for every action they undertake to keep it very professional.

Of course, they are answerable to you in terms of the time they spend in the office and the responsibilities they undertake.

But that does not mean that they are in anyway answerable for what they do beyond office hours.

Keep your relationship with the staff strictly professional and convey your empathy for them in a dignified manner.

The other key aspect in this context is respecting an individual’s confidentiality.

By this, we mean that when you hire your staff, they need to disclose a lot of details about their health, wealth and family.

You as the entrepreneur and the HR staff who handles this information on your behalf should be discreet about not sharing the information with anyone outside the office.

The confidentiality of the staff details cannot be compromised at any cost.

The effort needs to be taken that it is protected and in no way misused with any type of ulterior motive.

7. Encourage Talent & Diligence

Encourage Talent & DiligenceRemember whenever talk of efficient entrepreneurship, innovation is often considered the core of excellence.

In this context, it is important to mention that as your enterprise grows, it becomes essential for every member of your staff to try and innovate as efficiently as you do.

Often to achieve this, you also need to don the role of a mentor in your firm.

You have to try and encourage staff to start thinking out of the box, take ownership of the responsibilities that they take up and importantly they are able to deliver as well as you expect them to.

To bring about appropriate human resource management, you might sometimes even need to encourage them to undertake some training if required.

This is to ensure that the innovation procedure is not compromised under any circumstance in your firm.

Additional training processes, regular knowledge upgradation and even team engagement measures like offsite can go a long way in encouraging your staff’s talent and diligence to come to the forefront.

This also ensures that they are able to go about executing their responsibilities a lot more efficiently and appropriately.

As a result the positive vibe in the workplace gets enhanced.

8. Dealing With Problematic Employees

Dealing With Problematic EmployeesWhatever initiatives that you might undertake to make your staff happy and engaged there is always a chance of having a small percentage who are not happy.

Remember that human resource management is a lot about helping all of these people to change their stance as well.

So how do you deal with unhappy employees?

Here is a quick rundown:

1. Thorough Assessment

First and foremost you must work towards identifying the problem area and work towards alleviating it.

In this context, you must remember that you need to avoid assumptions at all cost.

Do not jump to conclusion, give your staff a patient hearing and then work towards creating a sustainable solution.

Whatever the problem is whether they are unhappy with the management, staff or just their job profile, always give them a patient hearing and then work towards a solution.

Look at offering assistance through various employee-related programs.

2. Delaying Tactics do not help

Always remember the longer you wait to address an issue the worse it becomes and in some cases even irreversible.

No one really looks forward to situations like this, but if you have t handle it, it is much better to do it now more than any other time.

Confrontation is most times the best way to deal with these kinds of problems.

Not only can you help root out a problem.

But you can also nip in the bud any kind of unwanted negative forces building up in your firm.

3. Don’t Compromise Privacy

Remember the cardinal rule of privacy is important in this case as it is in any other aspect of effective human resource management.

If you have to address a particular staff or if you need to speak with a specific team, it is always better to do it behind closed doors.

In this way, you are conveying the message to your staff that you are looking at resolving their issues and also committed to their happiness and satisfaction.

This also helps you in winning your team’s commitment at all times and them looking at you as your genuine well wisher.

They begin to see you as stakeholders in their happiness and often reciprocate it helping enhance the team’s efficiency.

4. Don’t Lose Your Cool

Remember that when you are trying to address an unhappy situation, it is quite simple to lose your cool, but it might not be the best course of action.

Tempers will be frayed anyway, and you cannot achieve anything by it.

On the contrary, a level-headed approach can always help in bringing out long-term gains.

The staff members in question will also be more comfortable in talking about their problem.

Unnecessary shouting can only make them more uncomfortable and even convince them to stay quiet.

The problem is the bargain you might lose out on a talented asset.

So best to try and remain calm and talk politely.

Mutual respect is one of the biggest policies that you must follow in the workplace.

5. Don’t Be In a Hurry

When you are dealing with unhappy customers and trying to fix the unhappy situation, please remember that it never helps to try and rush through it.

Speed does not help at all.

On the contrary, it could only add to the existing problems and even complicate the matter.

Don’t be under the belief that you can fix everything in one simple meeting.

Often it takes a lot more than that, maybe series of chats.

Yes, it can be often problematic and even frustrating to you as an entrepreneur.

But remember, in this case, patience is the key to efficient human resource management.

6. Don’t Forget To Record

Most importantly it is important to document and keep records of all the conversation that you have with your staff.

You must always document the outcome and result of anything you speak in meetings.

So you can clearly put forward your case in case of future conflict.

Remember to keep a positive tone, and the records should not work against you.

Also remember that if you have to part ways with an employee, it is always better to do it on a positive note.


As a successful entrepreneur you have to work continuously in creating an environment conducive for your staff to excel as well.

Efficient human resource management is about managing your staff efficiently, keeping their interest in your mind and looking at long-standing and sustainable solution that also aids future growth going forward.

The Most Successful Small Business Ideas that Work

I am sure you must be on a look out for that ultimate idea or the most successful small business ideas, if you are a relatively new entrepreneur.

The reason I mention small business is because, for a relatively new industry player or an entrepreneur, it is much easier to start off a business at a relatively lower scale.

It helps them have better leeway and the relative pressure on them to work out resources is also much lesser.

Additionally, most times we see a small business has better potential to turn profitable in a short while.

This is important because, for small players, they do not have the tenacity to continue for a long haul without any reward.

Rather it is a tough ask for them.

This is exactly why I decided to create a list of most successful small business ideas.

They are not just easy to implement, need relatively a lot fewer resources.

They also have the capability to turn profitable in a short while.

My list will no doubt help you start a business that addresses your interest and passion.

It also yields a profitable source of sustenance too.

A small business is a business that has less than 500 employees.

Therefore, even if you have a factory or company with 400 employees, your business is categorized as a small business.

What Are the Most Successful Small Business Ideas?

Here is the list of the most successful small business ideas that work and make money:

  1. Career Coaching
  2. Handicrafts Using Waste Material
  3. Event Planning
  4. Home Based Catering
  5. Daycare Centers around Home
  6. Maintaining Yards
  7. Odd Job or Errand Service
  8. Computer Servicing
  9. Providing Cleaning and Facilitation Services
  10. Consultants For Energy Efficient Homes/Office
  11. Day Care Centre for Dogs
  12. Moving & Packing Business or Moving Company
  13. Content Writing
  14. Telephone Marketing
  15. Organizer
  16. Virtual Assistant
  17. Remote Bookkeeper
  18. Language Translator
  19. Social Media Consultant
  20. Health Insurance Consultant
  21. Create an Online Store

1. Career Coaching

Career CoachingThis is among the most successful small business ideas.

Career coaching has been a much sought after profession by many, especially for those who have the passion for teaching.

You are able to address a wide range and age group of people who could be looking as some kind of coaching for their career.

From fresher looking for guidance before starting a new career or choosing one to relatively older professionals looking for a career change, the possibilities are innumerable.

Additionally, you can help clients better prepare for interviews, improve the presentation in their resume and help them take on interviews with a lot more confidence.

You can always make money through career coaching as one of the most successful small business ideas.

But keep in mind that you have to work hard while it is very difficult to expand the business.

In other word, it is not a scalable business if you don’t use the power of the Internet and the Data Technology.

It can only be a small business that can have a constant amount of income if you succeed to take it off the ground.

2. Handicrafts Using Waste Material

Handicrafts Using Waste MaterialWhen we are looking for most successful small business ideas, the fact is they always do not have to be resource heavy.

Have you ever considered the trash that is lying around in your house like old CDs or perhaps wooden boxes or even worn out shoes?

The fact is all of these materials can very well turn into profitable business ideas.

If you look at sites like Etsy, you would notice that a significant number of people are making a successful career out of it.

Moreover, this type of business model is not very resource heavy either.

You can start it off quite simply using the available alternatives at home.

Given the low cost involved in starting the business, the relative returns are also significantly higher.

Entrepreneurs find it much easier to retail this kind of stuff as well.

Even a simple online presence through an FB page is more than sufficient to create a stir and rustle up the desired response from buyers locally as well as globally.

Please note that although such a business works and can make money, it is known as a survival business, not a job that you can rely on it for good.

It is hardly expandable and you can not easily scalable it.

Keep reading. I will refer you to the businesses that have everything you need to be successful and financially free.

3. Event Planning

Event PlanningThis is by far one of the most successful small business ideas to follow.

If you love throwing parties and organizing meetings, then this could be a very profitable alternative.

Whether someone is getting married or wants to throw a baby shower party or even undertake a corporate meeting, there is no dearth of opportunity to make a strong business proposition.

In fact, according to the US Statistics department, there is a whopping 44% growth in meetings, conventions and event planning.

This means that the business opportunity for those interested is relatively much higher and can yield a lot more promising profit.

The quest for churning out a unique presentation makes event planning an incredibly successful business option.

The challenge here is not how many resources you can generate but rather how interesting you can make the event in comparison to peers.

That is dependent more on the kind of concept you have and depth of your understanding on any issue.

Additionally, it also highlights your keen need to develop an understanding of the client’s exact need.

This is what differentiates the most successful event planners from the rest.

4. Home Based Catering

Home Based CateringAnother popular option that’s also one of the most successful small business ideas is home based catering.

If you have a knack for cooking and have a passion for great food, this is no doubt an interesting way to make it a profitable option.

Home based catering services are highly in demand and work as a very efficient formula for small events and particularly low scale or low budget gatherings.

They also need a relatively low scale of resources to start with and anyone with even a small amount of fund and passion and go ahead with it.

However, they are among the hardest business to maintain and promote, and are struggling business by nature.

You can hardly expand such a business to increase your income.

It also doesn’t leave you any free time to enjoy your life.

5. Day Care Centers around Home

Day Care Centers around HomeWhen you are looking around for ideas to start a small business, there are some obvious options that you often miss out on.

One such is the day care centers. If you think about it and look around, there is often a serious dearth of quality day care centers with a home-like touch.

Most daycare centers are either rather large organizations or inefficiently run alternatives.

In that comparison, the home based day cares can be a great option.

If you like kids and can gain basic professional training along with the necessary licenses required, you can easily start off a day care centre at home.

Often just the large drawing room in your house or one of the bedrooms can be easily converted into a daycare facility.

It can often become a great option for working parents looking out for a home like day care centers for their kids.

Also in terms of a business proposition, this is one of those high margin options that require rather small resources to start off operations initially.

Additionally, the day care centers can also be scaled up in terms of providing additional facilities and training for the kids attending.

However, you have to be too careful about the legal problems it can have.

You have to get the permits and be aware that you can always get sued by one of the parents.

I believe this is not the business that is worth the headache and stress.

It is also very limited because you can’t take care of an unlimited number of kids.

6. Maintaining Yards

Maintaining YardsIn our busy life, the possibilities for the most successful small businesses are huge.

The question is whether you have the vision to see it.

Think about it; have you thought about the chore that weeding, leaf raking, snow shoveling and such tasks.

Yes, indeed the whole task of maintaining your yard can be a major headache.

Now think about the many others like you who are also dealing with the same problem.

So all you need to do is simply work out an entire system of staff that can go around doing the same set of services for a price.

In this way, you are addressing a demand and meeting it with a unique service opportunity that can create huge profits for you.

This is a good temporary small business for the students or those who have started a new online business and still haven’t made any money through it.

I know a millionaire entrepreneur who has made over $150 million through his online business since 2011.

Before he starts making money through his online business and while he was working to take off the ground, he was used to cover his expenses through lawn moving and maintaining yards.

He collected about 10 clients in the area that he could take care of on his own.

Surely this is not what you can do for good, unless you expand it and hire some workers. But the problem is there is a lot of competition in all areas.

7. Odd Job or Errand Service

Errand ServiceIdentifying the right opportunity is the crux to creating a profitable business proposition.

This is exactly why running an errand service can be a great idea in your tryst towards identifying the most successful small businesses.

There are many small services by paying the electricity bill or taking mails to the post office or even clearing mails or buying grocery.

Sometimes getting someone to do the running around for you can be a great help.

Therefore, you can easily start running an errand service.

Not only is the profit margin relatively high, it is important that you are able to cater to a key demand profile.

Of course, you need to do some market research to identify the kind of service that will generate the right response in your area.

But the point is there are opportunities galore, all you need to do is identify them and go ahead with it.

8. Computer Servicing

Computer ServicingAll of us live in an era that is dominated by technology and computer usage.

But the point is not many ones of us are very well versed with it to properly do justice to the kind of service required.

There is a range of private computer service from the installation of firewall to desktop cleanups to basic device connectivity and adaptation.

All these can be easily addressed if you had a person designated to do computer servicing in your area and who could simply answer a phone call and come home to do the job.

Often most of us would not mind paying the price for getting some work done quickly.

Therefore opening up a computer servicing centre can become one of the most successful small businesses that you could think about.

As a person who has such a ability, you will be a lot more eligible for the data technology systems that enables you make a lot more money that what you can even imagine.

Keep reading.

9. Providing Cleaning and Facilitation Services

Cleaning and Facilitation ServicesCleaning is a popular alternative small business idea that can be so successful.

Not only are you bringing forward a solution to the cleaning needs of many, but also this is one service that does not require a huge amount resource mobility.

You can easily rake up a collection of related equipment, create a team of workers who can deal with floor cleaning, carpet vacuuming or window cleaning and do some local publicity.

You are then ready with your business model.

Many people choose these small cleaning facilities as opposed to bigger institutions as they can offer more competent service at a relatively attractive rate and with minimum hassle.

As a result of this, the opportunities for you, as a service provider, are significantly higher and thereby the relative returns and profit margins are a lot more promising.

You must understand that cleaning is one of the basic services that no one can wish away, and almost everybody would be glad to hire someone for a price if these issues can be handled.

10. Consultants For Energy Efficient Homes/Office

Consultants For Energy Efficient Homes/OfficeWe mentioned earlier that a business opportunity is all about identifying the right niche.

So in your tryst towards identifying the most successful small businesses, it is common knowledge that you have to look for gaps that you could help in filling up.

So, for example, we all look forward to energy efficient homes.

However, most times we are at a loss to identify the right alternative.

How cool would life be if someone could just come and help us with their suggestion and advice?

Well capitalize on it and create a team of consultants for energy efficient outlets.

This is the best way to create a great alternative for raking in profits.

However, compared to the other successful small business ideas like cleaning, it is something that needs knowledge, skill and experience.

I don’t think it is among the easy small businesses to start.

11. Daycare Centre for Dogs

Daycare Centre for DogsA daycare centre for dogs and other pets figure very prominently in the list of the most successful small business ideas.

Perhaps we do not realize it, but the fact is that most of who have pets find it a major challenge to find the appropriate care centre for them.

Be it when you are going to work or when you want to go for a vacation to a destination where you cannot take pets.

You don’t want the pet to be neglected and want a care center that can give them home like warmth.

The solution is quite simple; just turn your backyard into a care home for your pets and for all those who are on a look out for a similar alternative.

Of course, one crucial precondition is that it can be a physically exhausting profession and you must be ready to take up the challenges at all cost come whatever.

Your love for pets and a natural passion for animals is another important precondition.

12. Moving & Packing Business or Moving Company

Moving & Packing Business or Moving CompanyOpening up a movers and packers business also figures quite prominently in the list of most successful small business ideas.

People are moving all the time from city to city, from one locality to another and they are perpetually looking out professional movers and packers who would not charge the moon from them.

You can gently slip into that hole and cater to a key demand area at competitive rates.

When you are operating in your locality, it also means you do not have to invest a lot of money in marketing your services and can benefit a lot from your local network.

As I see, the number of moving companies is going up every day in big cities that attract a lot of immigrants.

So, it has become a too competitive business.

I know some moving companies closely.

Some of them who have been around for over 20 years, make good money, but they have two main problems.

First, they can’t expand the business and make more money.

The income is fixed.

The second problem is that to maintain that fixed income, they have to work 7 days a week.

And of course there is a third problem now which is the competition which is becoming a more serious problem every day.

Although moving as a good small business opportunity has helped thousands to make a living, it doesn’t give you money, time and financial freedom.

13. Content Writing

Content WritingContent writing is another option in the list of the most successful small business ideas.

You can start the business with some very basic resources like a laptop and an internet connection.

You can easily subscribe to some online sites that can help you with job postings and find potential clients who might need your service.

From creating content for websites to brochures to just about any type of literature, you can easily earn huge profit from this type of business.

Content writing these days have become a very popular professional alternative.

14. Telephone Marketing

Telephone MarketingHave you sometimes been annoyed by calls from telemarketers giving you information about various types of product launches and offers?

Well, the fact is while you might not need it, there are many who capitalize a lot from these and companies pay a lot to those willing to take up this job.

Therefore the pay structure of telemarketers can bring in big opportunities for you to clock in sustainable gains with basic resources.

The fact that you can pursue this type of small business from the comfort of your home is an added advantage.

15. Organizer

OrganizerIn your search for the most successful small businesses, you would realize that across the US, there is a huge lack of individuals who can help you organize your stuff.

The fact is it is a huge prospect in the making.

Think about it; if you were an organizer or run a business dealing with organizers to help others make their life clutter free, how great that would be.

Well, the fact is being an organizer is one of those small business ideas that can easily scale up the size and business opportunity that arises thereafter.

16. Virtual Assistant

Virtual AssistantBeing a virtual assistant is a huge rage in the current craze about looking out for most successful small businesses.

You work remotely and do all possible things that a business owner or a business manager does not have time to do.

From opening emails to answering voicemails, there are many specific services that a business manager is constantly trying to get organized.

The biggest advantage is most of these can be easily done from the comfort of your house and do not need a huge resource investment in any form, whether you talk of equipment or infrastructure or even time.

17. Remote Bookkeeper

Remote BookkeeperThe recession saw a severe slash in many erstwhile positions to rationalize cost.

Surprisingly these are cropping up as interesting alternatives in the list of the most successful small business ideas.

One such option is that of the role of a bookkeeper.

If you have a background in accounting or financing and have the required time to work from home, all you need to do is simply apply to offer your services remotely to organizations requiring it.

The fact is most organizations are badly in need of it and will do anything to get someone to do the job for them without incurring a huge cost.

18. Language Translator

Language TranslatorA very attractive alternative among the most successful small business ideas is the role of a language translator.

If you are well versed in a particular language and can identify the need for translators for that whether it is for corporates or publishing house, it can easily translate into a thriving business alternative.

Remember a small business is always about identifying a niche and making it big there.

The solution is about providing competent services at an extremely competent rate which will give you an edge over established players in the field.

19. Social Media Consultant

Social Media ConsultantIn your tryst towards identifying the most successful small businesses, the role of a social media consultant can be extremely lucrative.

In today’s world, most businesses are relying heavily on social media marketing and the social media consultant is one who advises the clients about the various possibilities and avenues of social media and how to capitalize on them.

Moreover, the social media consultant explains the client about how to promote their marketing initiatives through it.

As a consultant, your role is all about identifying the right solution for the target customer and the client.

20. Health Insurance Consultant

Health Insurance ConsultantThe consultant’s role is no doubt very lucrative and among the most successful small business ideas.

In this case, we are talking about health insurance consultants.

If you have the related knowhow in this field, you can easily make it big by offering your service to target clients.

You can advise them on the right solutions for them and help them to go about the entire task of getting the insurance smoothly.

A lot of times you would see many people avoid the hassle of insurance just to avoid all the paperwork involved.

As a health insurance consultant, you play the role of a facilitator.

21. Create an Online Store

Create an Online StoreCreating an online store is by far one of the most successful small business ideas to follow.

You can either select direct retailing or even drop shipping alternatives.

The core point is that you need a website to take forward your e-commerce aspirations.

Even in terms of the choice of product, you have a wide range.

It can be either selling something on your own or something you acquired from a seller or even creating a very special niche set of suppliers with a choice of some special and unique set of products.

The online store ensures that you can access it from any corner with the help of a laptop and internet connection.

It does not require too much of resources to start a website either.

However, having a website or online store doesn’t mean that you have created a business based on the Data Technology systems.

It doesn’t mean that your business is scalable and will have the capacity of expanding and growing.

It also doesn’t mean that your business will give you time, money and financial freedom.

Having a website and selling some products through it, is a great small business idea, but you have to know how to take it off the ground and promote it, so that it makes a lot of money.


We can conclude the most successful small business ideas are often the ones that can cater to the demand of the maximum number of people around you at the minimum cost and effort involved on your part.

You need to be simply proactive in getting the right type of business idea and go big on the whole initiative.

Profit and returns in a business is all about getting a significantly higher return without a huge dent in your resource base.

The Business System to Make Money Online and Get Rich with Gold

So you want to get rich, right?

Who wouldn’t want to?

Please read the below words carefully.

In this article, I am going to discuss some facts that you’ve never heard before, and probably you will never hear from anybody else in future.

The Excitement of Getting Rich :)There is some great news that you can’t afford to miss.

It wouldn’t take you more than 20 minutes to read this article.

So, please be patient and read it entirely, not to miss the excitement 😀

I assure you that there is nothing to lose but a lot to gain.

I am not going to ask you to sign up for a training course.

This article is about getting rich, and then richer and richer…, with an extraordinary system.

But please wait for a second…

“Getting rich” is not what most people think.

Therefore, at first I help you to understand who is a truly rich person and what getting rich means.

Then I will explain about one of the most efficient systems to get rich.

Who Is a Truly Rich Person?

A rich person is someone who just makes a lot of money. Right?


Getting rich is not just about making a lot of money.

Who Is the Real Rich?There are so many who make a lot of money, but still they are not rich.

They spend all the money they make.

On top of that, they end up paying a lot of tax on their earnings.

After all the expenses and taxes, they don’t have much to save.

Therefore, if they lose their income, after some time, they won’t have money even to bear their expenses.

They have an apparently luxury life, because they live in luxury houses and drive luxury cars.

But, in fact they cannot be called rich.

When you don’t know (1) how to make a lot of money, and (2) how to secure and increase the money you make, you will never become truly rich and financially free.

This is the first fact that you need to understand.

So, Who Is a Truly Rich Person?

A truly rich person is someone who (1) makes a lot of money, and (2) secures and increases the money he makes at the same time.

Secure Your Money and Watch It GrowHe knows how to generate different sources of income to make a lot of money.

What happens if he loses his income source for some reason?

He won’t be in trouble at all because he’s already secured and increased the money he’s earned.

Therefore, he can easily manage to create some new sources of income again to keep doing what he’s been doing before losing his income: (1) Making a lot of money, and (2) securing and increasing the money he makes.

Therefore, a truly rich person doesn’t easily get bankrupt.

He gets richer and richer and richer…

This is the difference between a truly rich and an apparently rich person.


You have to do the same if you want to become a truly rich person.

To do that, first you have to start making a lot of money.

Then you have to secure and increase the money you make.

If so, you can become rich and then richer and richer… 🙂

Now, it is time to give you the first good news:

You can do both of these at the same time with an extraordinary system that me and many of my friends follow.

Grow Your IncomeThere is an already built-in system through which you can earn money.

So, you can make a lot of money, and secure and increase the money you make at the same time, without having to take any extra risk or spending any extra time and money.

We’ve created a team here at LuckScout to help you to follow this amazing system to make money.

It is a great opportunity for those who want to get rich and financially free.

Another good news is that The LuckScout Team supports you 100% for free forever… no monthly fees and no charges for any of the services they offer.

Our system enables you to make money without having any experience and without having to work hard. It works for everybody.

Please keep reading… there are some more good news on the way:

All in One System:

(1) Making a Lot of Money and (2) Securing and Increasing the Money You Make

For most people, “Making Money” is the hardest thing to achieve.

They always have a hard time to make some money to survive, let alone making a lot of money and getting rich.

Most people don’t know how to make money.

Therefore, they suffer from having not enough money the whole life.

I will QUIT my 9-5 job finally. Many of them have to make a living through a 9-5 job.

Running a business is only a dream for many of those who have a 9-5 job.

They want to make more money and achieve time and financial freedom.

Many of them love to get rich.

However, over 95% of those who run their own business, will fail.


Because they know almost nothing about running and promoting a business.

They have no proper product or service, or even if they do, they don’t know how to sell to the public.

Therefore, smart people prefer to follow the successful business systems, instead of starting their own business system and plan: They start a franchise business like McDonald’s.

But this is not the solution for 99.99% of people, because they cannot afford it.

You have to be a millionaire already to be able to run a franchise business like McDonald’s.

So, What Is the Solution?

Gold Makes You RichFortunately, our online business system not only can make more money potentially, but also doesn’t have The Risks, Expenses and Hassles of running a brick and mortar business or running a franchise business like McDonald’s or StarBucks.

Additionally, it generates passive (residual) income.

This is because of the nature of this system:

(1) It builds an organization for you.

(2) This organization grows on its own after a while and becomes bigger and bigger.

Yes, you heard it right… it grows on its own.

You just need to join the system.

This system is backed by GOLD.

But it is not another shady gold MLM or pyramid scheme.

Please keep reading… I will tell you what this system is 🙂

Gold is the magic way of getting rich and then richer and richer.

Those who know the value of gold and use it to make money, will get rich.

But Please Don’t Get Me Wrong!

I am not going to encourage you to buy/sell gold through the trading platforms of the retail brokers, because it is too risky and it doesn’t make any profit most of the time.

Retail Traders Lose Most of the Time.The gold spot price goes up and down all the time.

Those who buy/sell gold virtually, based on the spot price and through the retail brokers or banks, usually lose a lot of money.

99.99% of the retail currency, stock and metal traders lose money this way.

What I do is completely different, and if you do the same, you can make a fortune.

We set up the system for you and it takes care of everything.

Please be patient and keep reading…

There is nothing to lose at all.

Here Is How This System Works:

1) It makes a lot of money through the gold market, no matter if the gold spot price goes up or down.

2) It converts a portion of the money it makes into physical gold to secure and increase your wealth.

Therefore, both the big source of income that we need to make a lot of money with, and also the system to secure and increase the money we make, are all in place in this system.

Gold makes money for us and increases the money it makes at the same time.

It means we get rich and then richer just by following this system.

Is There Any Risk?

Can You Lose Money in This System?

You Will Never Lose in This System.

While those who virtually trade the precious metals like gold as well as the currencies and stocks, lose a lot of money and sometimes they lose their shirts in these markets, you won’t have to risk any money with our system.

This system makes money for you consistently when people convert their money into gold to save, secure and increase their money.

You make more money when more people join the system every day.

And more people are really joining this system on a daily basis, because every day more people learn about the value of gold and this system.

Never Lose MoneyTherefore, there is no way to lose in this system, because you don’t make money based on the gold’s price appreciation and you don’t lose money because of the gold’s price depreciation.

You make money based on the increasing activity of the gold market, no matter what the gold price direction is.

Like StarBucks which is backed by coffee, or McDonald’s that is backed by hamburger, this system is backed by GOLD 😀

There is a higher demand for gold every day, not only from people, but also from the governments.

When you enter this system, you will make more money when more people enter the gold market, because you will be part of this market, no matter to what direction the gold price goes, up or down.

Numbers don’t lie:

While you are making money, you can save a portion of your income in gold, and so, your money never loses its buying power over time.

You also make money on the increasing buying power of gold.

After a short while, you will even receive free gold just because you are saving your money in gold.

So, in this system, you make money in the gold’s market, but unlike the retail gold traders who trade gold virtually, you don’t risk any money at all.

Why Saving Your Money in Gold?

You can save your money and income in gold, because gold doesn’t lose its buying power, but paper money does.

The gold’s buying power goes up over time, but paper money always loses its buying power because of the inflation and because it is not backed by anything.

Therefore, when you convert your income into gold, indeed you are increasing your wealth automatically without doing anything.

Gold increases your wealth while you don’t have to do anything.

So, this system not only makes money for you, but also it automatically secures and increases the money you make.

Let me give you some examples.

Gold Buying PowerExample #1:

In 1970, one gram of 999.9 gold, was worth $1.32 while it could buy you five loaves of bread, whereas a $1 bill could buy you four loaves of bread.

Today, the same one gram of 999.9 gold is worth $52.66 and so it can afford you 20 loaves of bread, while $1 doesn’t buy even a single loaf of bread.

Example #2:

$2,000 in 1932 had the same purchasing power as $116,000 today.


The gold price was $20.67 in 1932, but now it is about $1,200.

This is because of the inflation that causes money to lose its buying power over time.

However, if you had converted the same $2,000 into physical gold in 1932, now your gold would be worth $116,000 because you could buy 58 Troy Ounce of gold with your $2,000 in 1932:

$1,200 / $20.67 = 58

$2,000 x 58 = $116,000

But if one saved that $2,000 as cash, now he could buy only 1.7 Troy Ounce of gold:

$2,000 / $1,200 = 1.7

It is amazing, isn’t it? 😀

Let me amaze you more.

Example #3:

Growing Value of GoldIf you had saved $300 per month since 1990, now you would have $72,000.

However, your $72,000 buying power would be $56,000 now.

It means you would lose $16,000 on your saving.

But, instead of saving $300 per month, if you had bought $300 physical gold, guess how much your gold would be worth now.

It would be worth $236,000.

Can you believe it?

I know it is hard to believe, but it is so true.

That’s why I told you at the beginning of this article that I was going to tell you the things that you’ve never heard before.

How Is This Possible?

Physical gold doesn’t lose its buying power.

It even gains more buying power over time, because there is always a higher demand for it.

Although the gold spot price can fluctuate, but the gold buying power increases every year.


Because we work with the physical form of a highly demanding precious metal.

It is not like the other metals and commodities.

It is only gold that has an increasing demand and buying power.

In this system, we are not dealing with some worthless credit or digits that can be bought or sold with one click online.

JP MorganPhysical gold is the real wealth.

That’s why JP Morgan said,

“Gold is money. Everything else is credit. And once you realize this, you will never be poor again.”

Therefore, this system makes money for you based on the Global Gold’s Demand, as well as the Increasing Gold’s Buying Power:

For each participant, this system builds an organization that makes money through the increasing demand in the gold market. Also, you will earn money with the increasing gold’s buying power, while the organization keeps growing day by day.

What does this mean to you?

It means you get rich and then richer and richer if you follow this system.

Why Does This System Has No Risk?

You have to have a lot of money to invest in the stock, real estate or currency markets, if you want to make profit reasonably.

However, the system I am talking about here, is not an investment program at all.

That’s why it has no risk.

Investments always come with some risks.

But you don’t risk any money in this system.

We will instruct and support you to do this.

It is time to give you another great news:

The LuckScout Grant 🙂

The LuckScout GrantThe LuckScout Team has decided to grant a portion of the’s income to those of you who are (1) eager, (2) eligible and (3) qualified but (4) cannot afford to start their own online business to get rich and financially free.

Money is a big help to speed up your success and boost your revenue.

Every month they choose some of you who are eligible for The LuckScout Grant.

Then they grant the money to the chosen members who will need to promote their online business under The LuckScout Team supervision and support.

Not all of the followers and members can expect to receive this grant.

However, LuckScout may increase the grant to support a higher number of grantees over time.

This is just the beginning.

Hopefully there will be a lot more to come.

LuckScout wants to help more people to get rich and financially free.

They want to create a community of millionaires.

Congratulations to all their followers and loyal fans.

And, thanks to The LuckScout Team!

The LuckScout Fully-Automated System

The LuckScout Fully Automated SystemThe LuckScout Team will create A Fully-Automated Online Business System which is backed by gold and works and makes money for you, automatically.

How much do they charge you for this?


It is absolutely FREE.

Although running and managing this system for each member has a lot of costs for LuckScout, they don’t charge you anything, because they care about you and your goals, and because your success is their success.

The LuckScout Fully-Automated System enables you to get rich through the automation power of the computer and Internet.

It makes money for you even when you are asleep.

The LuckScout Team will set up The LuckScout Fully-Automated System for free for the LuckScout members.

How Can You Participate in This System?

You Can Start Right Now:

If you want to join, please submit your email through the below form now.

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After completing a couple of simple steps, you will have free lifetime access to The LuckScout Team special members area.

There is NO FEE to have access to your account and instructions, as well as The LuckScout Team members area.

In The LuckScout Team members area, we will show you how the system works in details.

Then, we will set up The LuckScout Fully-Automated System for you 100% free.

This system works and makes money for you completely on autopilot.

The LuckScout Fully-Automated System has made it a lot easier to make money.

Early Bird Catches the Worm!

Financial FreedomThere are so many senior members waiting for you in the members area.

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Don’t You Want to Get Rich and Financially Free?

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Vahid ChaychiSee you onboard 🙂
Vahid Chaychi

I am an experienced web developer and internet marketer since 2002. I have been able to become the top seller/earner and affiliate with several different companies. I have launched my own affiliate programs as well. I am a blogging and WordPress expert with lots of enthusiasm in blogging and vlogging to share my knowledge and experience. I am a member of The LuckScout Team. With the help of The LuckScout Team, I will set up a fully-automated online business system for you that works based on the business system I described above. With this fully-automated system, you will make money and achieve financial freedom much easier and faster than what you think. Join us and make your dreams come true.

How ClickBank Affiliate Program Works

ClickBank Affiliate Program is almost the first online affiliate system that we know.

Affiliate marketing or affiliate program is something that you hear quite often these days.

In fact, it would not be wrong to say that this is one of the top online armories to promote a product or initiative.

The effectiveness and reach of these programs make it popular.

In fact, the ClickBank affiliate program enables you to sell your products digitally.

It also helps you make money while you are promoting someone else’s product digitally.

But this ClickBank affiliate marketing is a two-way street.

As a vendor, you have to make sure you are paying commission to those who are promoting your product.

Simultaneously as an affiliate hub like ClickBank, it is imperative to make sure you provide your associates with the best rates.

Simultaneously if you are the one who is placing all these affiliate ads on your web page, you have the additional responsibility of creating content that can attract eyeballs and also promote products that you have selected.

Your earnings are directly dependent on the overall products that you are able to promote and the total number of clicks that translate into buys.

Yes, the total number of buys converts the clicks into potential earnings.

This is the basic foundation upon which organizations like ClickBank are based upon and run so effectively.

In simple terms, this is also the moving mantra for any affiliate marketing initiative.

Making Money with ClickBank Affiliate Program

ClickBank Affiliate ProgramHowever getting started with ClickBank does not come so simply.

More often than not, once you sign up for ClickBank, you end up looking at some sub-standard products and then wonder how you can make money out of it?

Sometimes it happens that you keep trying for months together and are able to make barely $100-200.

The challenge most times with the ClickBank affiliate program is how to make it profitable.

The website gives you details about potential traffic, yearly earnings and overall popularity.

But are you wondering why you are not able to translate them into profit like the website claims?

Well, the fact is that ClickBank affiliate marketing is not as simple as it appears.

While on the one hand, you need to gain practice and hone your skills, on the other, you also have to be very shrewd in your product selection.

In the absence of the right and appropriate products to promote, your entire initiative would fall flat.

Therefore, if you are looking to initiate the ClickBank program to generate an alternate source of making money, it is necessary to chalk out a well thought out strategy.

Not only is it important to understand the implications of the program properly, but also how effectively you should be running it to maximize your gains.

You must undertake an in-depth study of the various provisions of the affiliate program and explore the possibilities of using it to optimize the gains and maximize the earnings from this.

You must remember that the content of the website you are placing these ads also make a huge difference.

So getting started with ClickBank is a multi-pronged strategy that aims to bring out a balance between the vendor’s target, the buyer’s aspirations and your targets.

Therefore it becomes important to keep in mind some basic ground rules.

1. Choose The Right Product

For ClickBank to click for you, it becomes immensely important to choose the right type of products.

This will always enhance the clicks that you get for the ads that you place on your site.

For example, if you have a blog about recipes and cooking, it will make sense to put ads about cooking related products.

Those who are exploring the site for relevant recipes or cooking styles would get interested in the ads that you might place for interesting cookware or spice mix or even ready-made food.

Given the wide range of products that ClickBank has, it often becomes very important to choose correctly.

This is of particular importance as the list of options also has some sub-standard and not so great products.

A wrong selection can quite easily drive down the wrong impression.

It can also deter the visitors to your site to revisit later.

2. Balance of Ads & Content

It is never sufficient to simply sign up for ClickBank and put the relevant ads in place.

You have to look at achieving the right type of balance as well.

Too many ads would mean that your viewers would soon get tired of dealing with endless cookies that get generated.

On the other side, if you put too few of them, it would mean that you will not get sufficient clicks to translate into a reasonably strong earnings for you over the longer term.

The whole ClickBank affiliate marketing initiative would fall flat if you are not able to convert them into the required number of earnings.

3. Do Your Own Research

Another key step in getting started with ClickBank effectively is to do some legwork on your own.

Do not just rely on what others have to tell you about the affiliate program.

It always makes sense to do some research and in-depth study on your own.

This will help you to actually convert this online e-commerce giant into a significantly large contributor to your monthly earnings.

At the same time, it could also help you explore newer means of raising money from the same source.

Need To Develop Appropriate Understanding

Another fundamental factor in making ClickBank a profitable alternative for you would be to understand the payment schemes properly.

When you have sufficient sales volumes, the basic fees that you have to pay do not really pinch.

However, at the initial level, when you have rather small sales number, every dollar counts and that point the ClickBank charges could pinch significantly.

So before you get started, understand the overall fee implications clearly.

This will make sure that your earnings do not get crimped by these charges and you are able to maintain a steady inflow of earnings.

Ways to Pick Right Products on ClickBank Marketplace

Well, by now you have understood it pretty clearly that the best way to get the most out of the ClickBank affiliate program is to choose the right kind of product.

But the basic question that often bothers you is how to end up getting the right product mix and maximize your earnings potential.

Industry experts say that in this context, you must first set up your own sales parameters like the amount of sales you want to achieve, the kind of money you would want to earn and the share of money that you would like to make from ClickBank.

This will help you narrow down the potential options that you can explore to create the product bank.

The whole exercise of selecting the right product on the ClickBank affiliate marketing program is almost like choosing the keyword for a search engine optimized site.

Think about it?

What would happen if you chose the wrong keywords or failed to identify the most appropriate one?

Your website or digital content will not be able to attract the right kind of eyeballs.

The related viewership would be much lesser, and this will harm the ranking of your content to a large extent.

In the same way, if you cannot choose the right type of ClickBank product, your overall earnings would be compromised severely.

You might be great at product promotion but without the right options, the whole exercise can fall flat, and you will not be able to make a lot of money in terms of earnings.

So what are the key terms and conditions that you should base your overall sale pitch on?

1. Earnings Per Sale

One of the key parameters that should dictate your choice on ClickBank affiliate program is the earnings that you can expect per sale.

First of all, shortlist a few items you could promote.

Now compare the average amount of money that you are making after every sale on the various products.

It is almost needless to mention that you choose the one that gives you maximum leverage in this context.

2. Commission Percentage

This is yet again a crucial prerequisite.

The percentage of sale price or the commission on every earning that the affiliates get will determine the extent of your payment.

So compare the average earnings from the various options you have shortlisted.

This will help you make a wise choice easily.

3. Popularity

In the ClickBank terminology, this is known as gravity.

Essentially this outlines the total number of affiliates who sold the product you shortlisted in the past 3 months.

This is an important consideration as a relatively more popular product is invariably the one that has better earnings prospect.

4. Rebills

The average number of ClickBank affiliates who are taking commission from rebills become a vital consideration.

It highlights the percentage of rebills paid to the affiliate and the overall reliability of the brand that you could be selecting.

So when you go through these various parameters, you will be able to create a brief profile of the type of alternatives that you must look for.

The sites or products that you choose to promote must have:

  1. These products or e-commerce sites should have a low offer price
  2. The sites you decide to promote must have at least 3-4 upsales
  3. It should contain reasonable details about the company’s sales and other details
  4. Always go through the reviews that are provided online. An honest user feedback is often more helpful than column after column of information by the manufacturer.
  5. The gravity of the page or the popularity of the site that you select should be above 20. It means it should have been selected by at least 20 people in the past three months. That reflects the overall earnings potential of your choice.

The earnings potential is the key factor for any affiliate program.

You must remember the entire purpose of affiliate marketing by ClickBank or any other network is essentially aimed at getting the right amount of exposure and earnings.

If you are not able to garner that, then your entire initiative will go waste.

The Visual Element Is Crucial

The quality of the content is crucial for any affiliate program.

If you pay close attention to all the high gravity ClickBank programs, you will notice that invariably the ones that have the best content are also the most profitable ones

By content, I don’t just mean the written content alone.

The visual element that constitutes the entire promotional content also needs to be attention grabbing.

Thinking about it, when you are flipping pages in a magazine or surfing pages on the internet, you invariably get stuck on a page that has beautiful visuals.

The same is true about the display ads that you choose from the ClickBank.

You must remember that both the design as well as the visual content of the page is very important.

Ultimately, it is this that will grab the user’s attention and help convert their clicks into buys and thereby helping you earn.

If you thought you could put up just about any content and that would get converted into earnings then you are seriously mistaken.

Remember the reason why most online users get attracted to content is only on the basis of the image that is used on the thumbnail.

As they say, a picture is worth millions of words.

Whether you are looking at ClickBank affiliate marketing for generating additional income or just as an alternate source of making money, it becomes necessary to manage the visual content of the ads that you choose.

By the rule of thumb, all such ads that have a strong and attractive visual presence will garner more attention and would be more common as well.

In comparison, ads that have unattractive visual content will not be able to create that kind of impact even if the product that they offer is great.

Therefore, we can conclude that the ClickBank affiliate program is a complex mix of great quality, shrewd business sense and a strong eye for details.

The only way that you can make ClickBank profitable for you is by maintaining a strong line-up of ads that don’t just grab attention but also result in higher earnings.

This is only possible when you devote a significant amount of time and energy to understanding the various aspects of ClickBank affiliate marketing.

Once you are thorough with the various nitty-gritty of the page, you will be able to channelize the potential of the ads that you select in a profitable manner.

Clickbank Review: What Clickbank Is as the Pioneer of eCommerce

If anyone asked you, what is ClickBank, what would you answer?

If you deal with selling or buying products digitally, you must have surely heard about ClickBank.

Well in very simple terms, they are oine of the pioneers of e-commerce the world over.

In the world of affiliate marketing, it has the largest presence.

Most interestingly whether you are new to affiliate marketing or a seasoned affiliate marketing veteran, you can participate actively.

No wonder, it has become one of the largest networks on the digital platform.

Clickbank at the moment has over 100,000 affiliates, the world over.

Together they connect close to 12,000 vendors in one go across the world.

Since their inception over 12-13 years ago, they have paid as much as $1.7 billion as commission to their members in affiliate network globally.

They have a great reputation for timely payment and clear operation terms.

However that said, ClickBank does have some cons as well.

Along with the good will that they have earned, they have also had their fair share of controversy.

But before undertaking a detailed analysis, it is important to understand what the basic business fundamentals of ClickBank are all about.

What Is ClickBank?

ClickBankIf you are interested in undertaking a ClickBank review, it is very important to understand when the company came into being.

This company was formed in the late 90s, 1998 to be precise.

Like all startups, they started small and gradually expanded their operations.

After rather humble beginnings in a garage, they are now amongst the top rung leaders in e-commerce.

They now fall into the category of the top 100 digital players in the ecommerce world.

While their sales have crossed $3 billion, the daily transactions equal 26,000.

Most importantly, you can employ the advantages of this sales platform across a wide range of digital content.

However, ClickBank’s key focus area remains as software and e-books.

The active affiliates associated with ClickBank at the moment are well above 500,000.

A large number of members are actively associated; it indicates that this collaboration brings many advantages together.

The most important reason for this can be ascribed to the rate of commission they pay.

Most ClickBank reviews will indicate that this affiliate network pays one of the highest commissions across the industry.

In fact, in certain cases, you can earn as much as 75% commission with Clickbank.

ClickBank covers a widespread network of products.

This ensures that every kind of customer and target audience get to connect with the right product mix.

Not just that, there are many other features as well that make ClickBank unique.

It is one of those networks which offer subscriptions on a recurring basis.

So what it means for you is that your earnings will continue for as long as the subscription does.

That’s not all; even the terms of payment are totally at your discretion.

You can choose a weekly payment basis or even twice a week depending on what is convenient for you.

ClickBank also chooses multiple options of payment to ensure that you get paid right when and how you need it.

The handy tracking system makes sure that even if the customer waits for as long as 2 months before making a purchase, you can earn your commission.

Moreover, like any astute business person, you can also look at promoting products with higher commission prospects.

Additionally, ClickBank offers partnership possibilities to its customers as well.

You can create a joint venture with other ClickBank associates and split the earnings.

Moreover, you can use the various analytics that ClickBank offers.

This helps you to fine-tune their overall ad campaign and gain maximum exposure from it.

The whole idea is to promote the product as best as possible with the highest earnings prospects.

You can always sort it out better depending on the type of products that match best with your website’s profile.

In this way, you will be able to attract a lot more clicks and get lot better promotional facilities as a result.

For both the end user and the product manufacturer, it becomes a mutually beneficial deal.

– Convenience Is Primary

One of the key provisions that make it to the ClickBank review is the widespread popularity of this digital platform globally.

While infrastructure and resource availability is one aspect of it, there are many factors that contribute to the overall popularity of the medium.

Customer’s convenience or ease of use while applying it to the day to day usage is one of the most pertinent factors that you must pay attention to.

Right from the point where you need to sign up for the services, ease of use is the most striking feature of ClickBank.

Unlike a lot other affiliate networks, signing in for ClickBank is not at all difficult.

It does not involve any complicated approval procedure.

If you want to join in to the ClickBank program, all you have to do is log into to their website and sign up.

Also, the kind of products that you choose to promote is entirely your call, and no one has any role in it.

Merchants have no choice in this regard.

They cannot decide beforehand who they want to partner with.

It is essentially the user’s discretion and depending o their priority.

The user interface is another key element that takes forward the ‘ease of use’ concept with a far greater clarity.

Whether you are a beginner or a seasoned internet user, navigating through this space is a child’s play.

In one clean sweep, you can sign up and then go ahead with the entire proceedings.

The layout of the ClickBank page is no neat that you can quite easily choose appropriate titles and select category with ease.

Whether you are looking at finding proper headings or clicking on the right subject, this platform gives you the most relevant and simple solutions.

Another aspect in which ClickBank maintains user convenience is the way it maintains the various filters to screen out products.

You can customize the search options as per your priorities and get the best possible alternatives to take advantage of the various deals.

Also you can choose the various categories from high to low or low to high or on the basis of popularity or relevance.

Then you can get the most viable and constructive list of product ranges.

Additionally, you can even make your selection on the basis of language or even the upsell potential of the specific one that you are selecting.

– Why Would You Select ClickBank?

That brings us to the point about the obvious advantages of why you would use ClickBank.

There are many benefits of ClickBank, here is a lowdown:

Wide Range: Whenever you select an affiliate network, one of the key factors that decide the choice is the kind of range that you might have on offer.

There are some affiliate networks that specialize in lifestyle products, while there are others which have software, e-books as their area of specialization.

What you would choose is something that would be able to get you maximum clicks and most earnings.

Perhaps for that reason, sometimes choosing a network with a wide range of offerings can be very beneficial for you.

In that aspect, ClickBank scores well over many of the other affiliate networks.

Not only is the range of products comprehensive but in each product type or genre, you have a distinctly wide number of individual offerings.

This plays a very crucial role in helping you incorporate the largest number of potential clickable options that you could explore upon.

Most importantly, ClickBank’s huge range of options also helps you get the most appropriate number of clicks from across the world.

You do not have to depend on any specific region to guarantee your earnings.

You can look at a more widespread user base to tap your earnings.

Maximum Product Guarantee: ClickBank assures 100% product guarantee for its users.

Whether you are a customer or a product vendor, you would not have to bother about the genuineness of the terms and condition of operation that you get.

This product assurance is also a key factor that helps customers and vendors to repeatedly select this platform over a lot of other alternatives.

High Commission Rate: Another major advantage of the ClickBank portal is the fact that it normally translates into very high earnings.

Typically the ClickBank commission ranges anywhere 50-70% on every sale that is executed through these clicks.

This relatively large amount also makes sure that you are able to latch on to a relatively more long-term income source for a greater duration of time.

A Home Based Source of Income

The whole idea of a ClickBank commission is to generate a home based source of income, so a higher commission rate would make it a far more viable alternative compared to other affiliate networks.

Easy Tracking: The success of a great affiliate network often depend on the ease with which you can track the clicks.

What if you miss a click? What if your click converts into a buy, but you do not get paid because the buyer takes more than a month to decide?

Well, these are all the various types of problems that you might be facing while using different types of affiliate networks.

This is exactly why, when you go through a ClickBank network, the tracking feature of this platform surely makes it a much in demand alternative.

The tracking system is so advanced that you can get paid for buyouts that happen even two months after clicking the specific ad.

So, as a result, the chance of a click not getting paid is very rare.

Even when a buyer decides on buying a product even weeks after the click, you can still get money from the remuneration.

The excellent tracking system also makes sure that wherever in the world, the clicks happen, your earnings in not impacted in any possible manner whatsoever.

The reliability that comes along with it also makes sure a lot more people would choose it.

No Investment Involved: If you are wondering how ClickBank makes money from the entire operation, rest assured you don’t have to pay anything to sign up with ClickBank.

This e-commerce pioneer makes money solely on the basis of its association with vendors.

When you sign up with ClickBank, you don’t have to pay up any type of start-up fees or possible registration charges.

The association is absolutely free of cost.

You simply have to create your profile and select the category of ads that you might be interested in taking up.

So if you are taking this up as a career to earn while you are at home, you do not have any investment involved.

Yes, this is one of those careers where you start earning after the commission starts trickling in.

Once the content for your website is ready, all you need to do is choose a product that you would want to advertise and then start placing the ad on your website.

Once you give access to ClickBank’s digital products, you automatically get access to their payment gateway, checkout norms, subscription profile and refund policy that they provide.

ClickBank comes across as a comprehensive package with all the possible features of an electronic commerce platform.

So you do not have to spend additional money in setting up the infrastructure on your website separately.

You can easily take advantage of the options available on ClickBank.

So with ClickBank, you do not just start a business without any investment, but also you will get an opportunity to use their well-established internet resource base.

This will mean at no additional cost, you can make this as a successful business model as such.

So it becomes a unique mix of opportunity and savings.

Customer Service: ClickBank is known for great customer service quality.

The customer service is available 24×7 to customers.

Whatever big or small problem that you might be facing, the ClickBank customer representatives are never too far away for your comfort.

You can call them, email or even message them about your query.

This makes the company a lot more approachable to people who are looking at possible work from home alternatives.

Even if you want to get started, getting in touch with the customer service representatives is the easiest way to sign up with the company.

Disadvantages of ClickBank

However, that said, most ClickBank reviews also indicate that there are some disadvantages of incorporating this product line-up.

Some of the terms and conditions do not quite work in the interest of the customer and might even impact the interest of the business.

So what are the cons of associating with ClickBank?

Moreover, how you look at creating a relatively more sustainable source of income will also depend on how well you can look at tackling these issues over an extended period.

This also indirectly impacts the type of home based business that you select eventually.

1) Legitimacy Is A Problem

One of the biggest disadvantages of ClickBank is the lack of legitimacy.

They do not have any way of screening porn or non-porn sites.

So when you select a specific category, you cannot double check if the particular site you are promoting is a fake/scam site or even a pornographic site.

Only when people click on the link, they would be able to understand it.

Moreover, the click also activates the cookies associated with it.

The user is then bombarded by similar content a lot more.

So it could become a potential problem.

Getting redress is not that simple either as there are many sites that deal with continuous customer complaints.

2) Refund Issue

Another key problem is the lack of a well-defined refund policy by ClickBank.

There are no clearly demarcated conditions that define the circumstances under which you can claim a refund or become eligible for the refund.

As a result, it becomes extremely difficult to establish a code of guarantee.

This severely impacts the authenticity of the overall program.

So when you get engaged with the company, you cannot rest assured about the genuineness of the payment scheme.

While there are many payments gateways and several online options, ClickBank does not spell out the terms very clearly.

3) Payment Timeline

Another payment related concern with ClickBank is the timeline of the payment.

A lot of websites do not pay up that instantly as many others do.

So as a result, your payment could get delayed depending on the website or company that you might be looking to promote the firm.

So, most ClickBank reviews highlight the need for bringing in more transparency in the overall payment date.

4) Inadequate Sales Picture

There are many ClickBank affiliates which do not convert into sales very well.

But there is no way to identify or decide right at the beginning.

Many sites are not well covered and do not convert into sales very well.

But this is a fact that you would only realize eventually.

ClickBank does not have any filter that will help you list out the different sites as per these parameters in a constructive fashion.

So while you might select well-curated ads to promote, if they do not convert into sales, your earning becomes less.

5) Wide Range

Are you surprised that I am listing this as a disadvantage for ClickBank?

Well, the fact is this is one of those advantages that could very soon become a disadvantage as well.

While on one hand, you have a lot to choose from, you also need to deal with a lot of useless junk that is peddled in the name of variety.

So when you are placing ads or selecting potential alternatives, you need to be extra careful.

Otherwise, it is quite possible to get saddled with a poor grade promotion and the popularity of your website can also get hampered as a result.

6) Need Thorough Screening

Curating your customized ClickBank solution is never simple.

You need to undertake thorough due diligence to ensure that only the right kind of options make it to your website at the end of the day.

In the absence of any pre-decided parameter to judge it, the only option is hit and trial method.

This is significantly more time consuming as well as the relative earnings can be a lot less to start off with.

It is only when you get into a specific order and start understanding the business basics, can you start making long-standing calls.

7) Heightened Competition

Given the great product response under the affiliate umbrella of ClickBank, a lot of new players are mushrooming up every second.

As a result of this, the atmosphere is a lot more competitive.

That, however, does not mean that you will get a great product in the bargain.

Sometimes competition also leads to some enormous and useless products being put up on offer.

So here competition leads to a surplus supply of useless products across genres.

What makes it even worse is that identifying these products is that much more difficult.


So, a simple answer to what is ClickBank would be that it is one of the best, oldest and reliable work from home options.

They facilitate helping you earn money sitting at home with a relatively reliable source of earning money.

The ClickBank reviews indicate the high billing rate and commission amount of ClickBank.

Therefore, ClickBank is also an extremely profitable opportunity for anybody looking for home based options.

The wide range of products that ClickBank offers, makes it possible for you to curate and customize the ads as per your preference.

That said there are some problems that you must pay attention to as well.

The most important concern with respect to ClickBank is undoubtedly the vague refund policy that they have.

Many sites even charge you money for any money refund as a result.

Also, a lot of sites with a long line of complaints could also get featured in this list.

As a result, you sometimes run the risk of promoting sites which might not get you the right kind of sales.

However that said, ClickBank is one of the better affiliate network options.

Once you get the hang of the overall affiliate networking market, it is possible to earn a lot of money.

ClickBank Complaints: Top 10 Reasons of Complaining Against ClickBank

Whenever you look at any ClickBank reviews, it is generally a complex mix of several positive and negative features.

However, there are some types of ClickBank complaints that have been doing the rounds recently.

They range from uncooperative customer representatives to unexplained product refunds to even delivery products.

The various kinds of complaints highlight some of the operational issues that customers face on a day to day level.

It is needless to mention that these types of complaints also highlight the concern areas that you must pay attention to while dealing with this e-commerce giant.

Top 10 Reasons for ClickBank Complaints

Here is a quick lowdown on some of the top ClickBank complaints that you would see across websites:

  1. Uncooperative Customer Representatives
  2. Unexplained Refund
  3. Cancellation Problems
  4. Unauthorized Payment
  5. Inaccurate Card Usage
  6. Irregular Payment & Bank Charges
  7. International Transactions
  8. Gravity Score
  9. Online Payment Scam
  10. Inability To Send Complaint Form

1) Uncooperative Customer Representatives

If you go through the top 15 websites that include ClickBank reviews, most of them seem to highlight the lapses on behalf of the customer care representatives of ClickBank.

Some did not get satisfying responses while others kept getting referred from one person to another till they got tired.

Often the customer representatives act as the bridge between the company and customers.

But if they are not able to maintain the channels of communication effectively, there will be a huge communication gap.

When hassled customers have tried to contact the ClickBank representatives, more often than not, they have been able to contact anyone.

In the occasions when they have actually managed to touch base, these reviews indicate that the advice that was extended did not help the individual at all.

On the contrary, their confusion increased even further leading to a lot more complication.

Be it an unexplained refund or product return initiative, ClickBank has a long list of very dissatisfied customers who did not get a response as per their expectation.

On the contrary, the response has been rather tardy.

2) Unexplained Refund

Quite a few of the customer reviews indicated that their order was canceled without their permission.

They only got to know about the development when they got a message about the refund in their bank account.

The worrying point as a ClickBank customer is a frequency within which these incidents have occurred.

When the customer service representatives were contacted, they had a different explanation for it at different instances.

The end user was thoroughly confused and completely at a loss to come to any conclusion regarding the entire episode.

This generally leaves a bitter aftertaste about the entire buying experience.

Not just that, even for the other ClickBank associates, this experience has led to a negative perception of the brand’s value and their ability to deliver over the longer term.

Most times customers felt that no attention was paid to their complaints and the lack of constructive feedback often resulted in a negative perception about the brand.

The unexplained refund also indicated inefficient delivery module and lack of appropriate screening on the ClickBank platform.

Canned email responses to every type of query that customers had are pretty much the maximum that they could ever expect from the company.

3) Cancellation Problems

Well so many times, it so happens that you buy a product and then change your mind about it eventually.

What happens then?

Well, a simple solution would be you just cancel the order.

Well, ClickBack Complaints will tell you how harrowing this simple experience can be.

Lack of proper feedback and appropriate response from the company has resulted in additional confusion for the customer.

As the customer feedback indicated, in one instance, the company even posted false responses allegations.

It said that the company had a different version and was untrue in many of the details included.

What made the experience even more bitter was the fact that the customer’s dissatisfaction was not given due credence.

The company claims that they offered the customer technical assistance.

But the customer’s version is completely different and even claims that the company did not contact them.

It happens in the entire process most times that your cancellation request gets unnoticed.

You get saddled with a product that you might have already changed your mind about.

You might get seriously demotivated and even cancel your registration with ClickBank.

This could be detrimental to business in the future as well.

4) Unauthorized Payment

This is not just a major risk for ClickBank users but a possible threat as well for all types of online consumers.

As per the feedback put forth by one of the users, the ClickBank software managed to hack into their computer and authorized payment illegally.

While this particular consumer user was rather alert and managed to identify it within a loss of $400, others might not be as fortunate.

If they are not very confident and just clicking on a product can lead to it getting bought by them, it shows the advanced technology used in hacking the system.

They did not just hack into the system but are even authorizing payment on behalf of the customer.

So more than a mere complain, it is a serious threat to all possible online e-commerce activities.

When the hacking exercise can actually help in authorizing online payment, the possible theft of other sensitive information from your system is also possible.

One of the key reasons could be the lack of adequate screening facilities for the possible merchant players.

They could be highly ethical alternatives, and at the same time, they could involve some serious cyber offenders and scamsters too.

Moreover, there are moments when the payment gateway freezes soon after you have made a payment but the delivery address has not been fed in.

The result is the company has your money, but they don’t have your address to deliver the product.

As per user feedback, despite making repeated attempt to contact the ClickBank associates and the relevant customer representatives, there was no use.

The money could not be recovered, and neither was the product delivered.

Moreover, even attempts to claim a refund met with disappointment.

Most times the page freezes on refund claim as well.

But other operations continue unhindered.

5) Inaccurate Card Usage

Another common problem that many ClickBank users have complained about is the erratic payment gateways.

A lot of times credit card payment might not get processed on its own, but when the same card is used via Paypal, it goes through smoothly.

The reason why users normally get very hassled is because the relative feedback and response from the customer services team are very limited and hardly helpful.

This further adds to their confusion and concerns about the authenticity of the payment gateway.

It could also drive away viewers from possible websites associated with ClickBank.

6) Irregular Payment & Bank Charges

Think about it; why did you think about joining ClickBank? More often than not it was a means of generating a reliable alternative income source.

It was created with the idea that if this source of income became satisfactorily adequate, you could even look at quitting your day job.

But you would agree that all of this would depend solely on the frequency with which you get paid by ClickBank.

Most reviews maintain that this e-commerce pioneer processes payments even twice a week.

But the point is are you getting them at all.

Well, instances of delays and untimely payment are just too frequent, and the people suffering, as a result, are many.

Overall, you have a significant list of customers who either received no payment or have got it after a rather long wait.

Many of these users consider ClickBank to be a scam or a fake money making body with no real earnings as such.

There is another group of people also feel the company is not really trustworthy to put your money in it and it is best avoided.

Instead, people should look at other possible money earnings sources.

Charges on the Bank Statements

Levy of illegal bank charges is another top grouse of many people using this payment gateway.

Many ClickBank complaints on the internet show record of unaccounted bank charges that have suddenly shown in the user’s account.

This payment suddenly made an appearance, and before that, there was no mention of this charge either.

Most times they only realize much later when they might be analysis the bank statement in details.

This problem takes up an unpleasant form because of the lack of response on Clickbank’s side.

Many times, their customer service representatives have even tried to explain to the user the genuineness of the charges levied.

The user gets cornered and often apart from accepting the so-called charge, there isn’t much to accept.

There are very few examples of alternative recourse.

Even email after email urging ClickBank to refund the balance went completely unresponded most times.

Users tried to contact their customer service representatives, but there was no response regarding these incorrect charges that were asked to be reversed.

It is needless to mention that this leaves a bad aftertaste for those who had to bear the charges.

7) International Transactions

Several international transactions faced a similar fate as well.

When the user tried to cancel the product selection, the payment went through.

One hapless user account mentioned how they tried to keep canceling the payment for close to three days but without any luck whatsoever.

In most of these cases, the silence or the non-cooperation of the customer service representatives worsens the problem for them.

They have nowhere to, turn to and sole representatives of the company suddenly become absolutely quiet.

If at all some respond, it does not help the individual in recovering their payment.

8) Gravity Score

If you have plunged into ClickBank without proper and adequate study, you could be facing this unique problem.

This is one of the most basic pre-conditions that ClickBank works upon and bases its success model upon.

You have to always remember to choose sites with gravity score above 50 to ensure better sales and a more sustainable assurance of getting money from the entire deal.

But there is no explicit information base to get these details.

As a result, people, in general, plunge into the entire ClickBank business forum without being prepared for it adequately.

9) Online Payment Scam

Another common ClickBank complaint that you hear of getting charged for a service that you might not have subscribed for one to which you did not get adequate access.

Think about it; you chose a movie downloads site online.

You like the terms and conditions and also the movie collection, so feed in your card details.

But you would notice soon after you fed in your card details, the page completely froze, but money gets deducted from your credit card.

You try accessing the site after this, but chances are you will not be able to recover the money that they deducted from your account.

10) Inability to Send Complaint Form

In most cases when you face a problem with the ClickBank products or services, chances are that they ask you to fill up the complaint form and upload it for further action.

However, the fact is that you would face a lot of differing opinions about the overall efficacy of the complaint form.

Most ClickBank complaints reveal that most times you can’t even upload the form, forget about seeing action on your complaint.

The page freezes every time you try uploading the complaint page and send it to the officials involved in the entire process.

Even speaking to the customer service representatives about this won’t bear any fruit because they would want to see the complaint form.

Unfortunately for most the complaints, the form is either very hard to upload or even fill it up.

This adds to the woes of the hapless customers.

For ClickBank, this could spell double trouble.

Apart from the loss of credibility, this could also mean that a lot of people might want to switch to other more reliable affiliate network platform with higher dependability.


Therefore, the ClickBank complaints clearly highlight a distinct lacuna of the customer care representatives who work for the firm.

Repeatedly their inaction or slow action highlights the lack of coordinated response system aimed for a comprehensive customer care program.

While the basic concept might not be fake, the execution aspect of ClickBank has a lot of scope for improvement.

From ensuring smooth buys, flawless delivery to uneventful launches, every aspect needs a more thorough inspection and reduction in the room for complaints.

Therefore for it to gain a better reputation in the market and unlock its true potential, ClickBank has to invest significantly more in customer care.

How to Make Money with ClickBank

ClickBank today has come to be known as the most popular means of pursuing an alternate career from home.

But the challenge that most face at the moment is how to make money with ClickBank.

You must understand that while it is not impossible, it isn’t that simple either to make money with ClickBank.

You have to be patient and pay close attention to how does ClickBank work.

Only then, will you be able to make it a profitable work from home business and pursue it with relative success and in a sustainable fashion.

How to Make Money with ClickBank

How to Make Money with ClickBankTo make the task simpler for you, we decided to introduce a step by step process of how to make money with ClickBank.

This will work in a multi-pronged manner to enhance your earnings potential and also enhance the relative ease with which you can earn money from this medium.

After all, ClickBank is the biggest digital marketplace and has been around for close to 2 decades now.

Not only have they made it possible for millions to earn hundreds of dollar sitting at home.

But they have also made the entire concept of working from home and earning money online acceptable alternatives.

1. Understanding the ClickBank Dynamics

If you want to master how does ClickBank work, it becomes immensely important to understand the overall concept of ClickBank.

You have to understand that only when you are able to sync your business strategy with their working strategy, you can be assured of gains.

In fact, as per the most recent study, ClickBank now is a proud facilitator of over 30,000 sales on the digital platform on a day to day basis.

Their total number of registered users has topped 6 million and is growing everyday.

What is particularly reassuring about the ClickBank business model is that these users have not been approached by the e-commerce giant.

They have all decided to join the ClickBank network on their own and have ever since started to actively create, sell and promote products digitally.

The commissions offered by the company is a key consideration when you are looking to make money with ClickBank.

After all, it will ultimately decide on the extent of earnings that you are able to lock in.

The good news is the range of commission offered in this platform vary from 5-75% and anyone doing business with them stands a good chance of clocking in some neat gains.

2. How Does ClickBank Work?

I am sure when you have initially begun your research about how to make money with ClickBank, you have read a lot of negative content as well.

Most of them will convince you that ClickBank is an absolute scam and there is no way you can make a profitable deal here.

While I would say that making your first $100 on this platform is by far the most difficult proposition, you can easily make money with ClickBank once you understand how this entire system works and the key points that you must bear in mind.

So let us first understand in details how to make this first $100 happen.

– Register & Identify:

Your very first step would be undoubtedly to create a ClickBank account.

Once you have created an account, your next step would be to identify a product that you would be interested in promoting.

To start off with it is a great idea to choose a reasonably priced product to promote, anywhere between $15-45.

Though the exact commission amount will differ from company to company, you would need roughly 8-10 sales on an average for the product to yield $100 as ClickBank returns.

Normally the rate of commission is higher in the case of a higher priced product.

The average commission offered by ClickBank ranges closer to 50% than 5%, though you have options in all range.

– Price-Commission Inversely Related:

Another fact that you must keep in mind while exploring how to make money with ClickBank is that more the price tag a product carries, lesser is the amount of commission that you can earn from it.

Most online surveys indicate that users most times tend to choose products that are less expensive.

So never make the mistake of choosing all expensively priced products in the hope of earning higher returns from all.

– Explore the ClickBank Marketplace:

The next step in tour journey to explore how does ClickBank work involves visiting the marketplace and looking for possible products that you want to promote.

Once you reset the filters to clearly reflect your search options, you will see a number of products list available.

They are in general the list of all the products that are available on ClickBank as per the prerequisites that you have chosen.

Normally they will chart out their commission rates and prices simultaneously.

– Choosing the Product:

Choosing the product on ClickBank is undoubtedly one of the easiest tasks.

You have to simply click on the green button next to the product name.

The moment you click on ‘promote,’ you will see a pop-up window with details of your account name and affiliate code.

Now, this is essentially the link between you, ClickBank and the product that you would be promoting.

In very simple terms, you will be promoting this specific code to earn the commission that you are targeting.

This is that important code which keeps the account book jingling in your specific name.

Every Time someone buys a product using this code, you are that much closer to your first $100.

– Choosing a Platform:

The next step involves understand how to make money with ClickBank using the affiliate code that you created in the previous step.

You must understand that you can promote these products on a wide range of platforms. These could include

  1. Blogs
  2. Travelogue
  3. Web page
  4. Social network sites
  5. Articles/Columns
  6. Guest articles

The whole idea is whether you are running your own website or blog, you will make it search engine optimized in your own interest.

The whole idea is to drive as much traffic as possible towards your site.

The ClickBank products that you are promoting become the collateral beneficiaries.

But the question is how can you promote these fast to make that first $100 as soon as possible.

3. Finding the Right Forum to Earn ClickBank Commission

This is perhaps the biggest roadblock in developing your overall understanding about how to make money with ClickBank.

It is about how to find the right forums for promotion and how to ensure that you are able to drive the maximum possible traffic to help promote the products that you selected.

1. One of the easiest options is to start incorporating the affiliate link that you have got as part of your online signature.

This way, the maximum number of people gets access to the link.

Let us assume that at least 50% of them open the link and another 40% of those actually buy the product.

Now doesn’t your first $100 appear distinctly closer that you imagined?

2. When you are exploring the different ways you can make money with ClickBank, it is very important to make sure that the text that accompanies your affiliate code is very hard hitting and effective.

Also to convert into faster sales, you can post these in the relevant section on social networking sites and other avenues.

This will increase and enhance the exposure that these codes get.

Once you ensure 8-10 sales, your $100 is made, and the road for man hundreds also gets paved.

3. Another simple solution would be registering in as many forums as you can to increase the exposure.

It is but natural that when 50 people see the link instead of the initial 20, at least a few more would be clicking on these.

But wherever you might be posting, you must be very careful about not overdoing it.

This is because if you start spamming, you would run the risk of getting your account banned.

4. Also, it is always a good idea to test the product that you are promoting on ClickBank initially.

This is important as it would reveal which product is working and what is not.

If a certain product seems particularly non-responsive, you can always go ahead and change it.

5. The lessons about how to make money with ClickBank also involves a few lessons on how to effectively market your product on social media network.

For example, you do understand that you can share your affiliate code links on Facebook and Twitter but the point is how can you do it in a way that does not become offensive.

This is exactly where relationship marketing comes to play and can, in fact, play an effective role.

You can also try to market these affiliate codes in the articles that you might be writing or in comments that also comprise your response to some web posting.

Not only are these very effective methods of promoting affiliate codes and earning money on ClickBank but also highly unobtrusive techniques to gain exposure.

In case you feel that these techniques will help you earn just $100 from ClickBank, then you are mistaken.

In many ways, these pave the way for sustained long-term gains.

You lessons about how does ClickBank work often begin from this juncture and can help you latch on a sustainable strategy to lock-in profit.

Just like you manage to earn the first $100, the next several hundred can also be navigated in the same manner.

The approach on ClickBank pretty much remains the same.

4. Converting Clicks into Buys

Our lesson on ways to make money with ClickBank is progressing on a step by step process.

So far we learned how to create the affiliate codes and drive traffic towards it.

But the problem is that is not the end of challenges for you.

So what if you ensured that 50 instead of 10 people opened your ClickBank affiliate code?

It still does not translate into buys.

Therefore what can you do to make sure that these clicks actually get converted into buys and thereby translate into sizable earnings for you?

Not only for enhancing sales on ClickBank, but this is a crucial lesson for all possible affiliate marketing initiative.

You must know how to create value before you begin sharing.

Don’t pitch sales right away.

It is important to create a sense of value in the links that your viewers are clicking on.

So it is a lesson in not just how to make money with ClickBank but also how to stand out amidst a group of affiliate marketers vying for maximum sales.

It becomes essential to provide your viewers with good quality content.

This will serve a dual purpose; it will increase sales and at the same time also increase your credibility.

You will be able to generate an online fan following and significantly large trust base.

Once you are successful in establishing this bond, asking for the sale is almost child’s play.

Many times, your followers would not have to be also nudged.

They will do so on their own.

So now the question shifts from how to make money with ClickBank to how to forge relationships that can help you make money with ClickBank?

Well, one of the easiest options would be email marketing and responding to comments and viewpoints on your blogs.

When you take time out to connect with every follower on an individual basis, it is needless to mention that they appreciate it a lot.

They are almost eager to return the favor to you and your ClickBank sales almost happen automatically without any further nudging.

When you are looking to convert clicks to buys, it is only the first 50-60 that seem particularly challenging.

The onward journey becomes relatively easier as your understanding about how ClickBank works also increases.

You are able to anticipate your viewers much better increasingly, and the relative sales also increase simultaneously.

Making Money with ClickBank Is All About the Affiliate Marketing

Therefore, we could conclude that how to make money with ClickBank is a lot about how to make affiliate marketing work effectively for you.

While many who have unsuccessful would term ClickBank more of a scam, I beg to differ on this count.

I would maintain that you have a genuine scope of making money on ClickBank, provided you clearly understand the basics of how does ClickBank work.

The ClickBank earnings cycle is a lot about creating sustainable channels of online trust centers.

After all, at the end of the day, it is these trust centers that can help drive up sales and thereby your earnings.

However, you need to be alert about the various ramifications of this online money making initiative for stronger gains.

The Pros and Cons of Making Money with ClickBank

Some vendors pay up to 75% commission.

That looks like a good opportunity to make a lot of money.

But there is the same problem that many of the other affiliate programs like Amazon also have:

As an affiliate, you will be paid only once and the customer will be belonged to the vendor for good.

It means the vendor will sell so many other products and services to the same customer that you have referred while you have been paid only for the first sale and you have no share from the next purchases that your referral makes.

That is the worst way of making money online because sometimes your referrals make thousands of dollars for the vendor while all you have earned is a single one time commission.

Therefore, programs like ClickBank, Amazon, eBay and… are not the efficient and optimum ways of making money online.

In spite of this, these programs have been the only good options to make money for the online marketers, because there was no better program.

But things have changed a lot.

I don’t think in near future, professional online marketers and entrepreneurs will bother to make money with the programs like Amazon and ClickBank, because there are some good options to make a lot more money while you don’t even have to have any online marketing experience and skill.

Learn more here: Start Your Data Technology Million-Dollar Home Business Now

The Easiest Way to Get Rich Fast

Everybody would love to become rich. Most people want to live a happy and prosperous life.

And, money is a vital factor in having that kind of life, whether we want to accept that or not.

Some people resent the rich and are envious of those who have money.

But most of those same people are among those who dream about and would love to become rich.

However, they don’t know how to make it happen.

Many of them aren’t enthusiastic or motivated enough to take the necessary steps to becoming rich.

They may even go so far as to say they don’t need money to be happy, that happiness comes from within.

But this is a simplistic view.


While money is not everything, it is important.

In fact, money is a critical factor in having a good quality of life.

It opens the door to unlimited opportunities.

By comparison, poverty has been said to be the root of all evils, a breeding ground for despair, grinding toil, missed opportunities, crushed hopes and dreams.

Money can break the cycle of poverty by providing for a better education for your kids, which is something you can never ignore.

Education is a must and having money is the first and most important prerequisite of starting any course or creating a better future.

I am sure you agree with this.

The question is how can you make enough money to not only to cover all your expenses, but to also provide a comfortable and happy life for your family?

How can you reach an income level wherein money won’t be a problem?

How is it possible to achieve lasting financial freedom?

No doubt, you’ll agree, there are many things you want to do in life, but there is usually one problem that stops you: You don’t have enough money!

How frustrating.

Without enough money, you may feel your life is like a train that is stuck on the tracks and that can’t move forward.

How is it possible to resolve the never-enough-money problem forever?

How to Get Rich Fast

Here is how you can get rich fast in two simple steps:

  1. Establish a reliable and strong source of income to make a lot of money.
  2. Force a portion of the you make to make more money.

This is hard for most people to do.

However, there is a business system that takes care of both of the steps for you.

Please keep reading.

I will tell you what system it is at the end of this article 😉

I don’t know of nor do I recommend get-rich-quick methods, but I do know of some solid and proven ways of achieving financial freedom, or that’s to say, money, time and location freedom.

I said how to get rich “fast,” because time is also very important.

Surely you don’t want to spend all your time or even your whole life trying to make enough money to become rich.

If you had to do this, you wouldn’t have time left over to enjoy your money and wealth.

You need enough money and then enough free time to be able to not only enjoy your money but enjoy your life.

So, following a system that can help you become rich sooner is a far better choice.

There is likely no legal and legitimate get-rich-quick method that really works and that can make you rich.

But there are some legal and legitimate ways to wealth that while not as “quick” are fast enough to help you get where you want to go, so that all your time isn’t sucked away and you are able to enjoy your wealth while you are still young enough to truly live the good life.

Here is how to start building your wealth.

Below, I am giving you the simplest formula to become rich… and richer… and richer, and within the shortest possible time.

There may be other ways to do this, but they are not as simple, reliable, and strong as the below method.

I simplify everything in a way that truly works for everybody, not just some special groups with special skills and abilities:

1. A Reliable and Strong Source of Income

To become rich, you need to be able to make money.

A lot of money.

And to make a lot of money, you need to have at least one reliable and strong source of income that also makes money for you consistently.

People start their own businesses to establish a reliable and strong source of income.

Everybody knows that one can’t become rich by working for others at a 9-5 job.

That is merely a treadmill where one trades their time for a set amount of money but not for real wealth.

That is why starting a business is what comes to people’s minds, when they think about ways to become rich.

That makes a lot of sense, but the problem is, almost 95% of small businesses don’t go anywhere and are doomed to oblivion according to Bloomberg and US Bureau of Labor Statistics.

Starting a new business is not easy and it requires spending much time and money upfront, even before it’s clear whether it will become profitable or not.

On top of that, it may be costly to promote.

Following a business plan that has never been tried and proven is a big mistake, because it is highly possible that it will fail, so, never think about starting a business based on a business plan that is projected to be successful but isn’t yet successful.

That is why many who start their own businesses end up becoming slaves to their businesses.

While it might have seemed like a great idea to work for themselves and not for someone else, they didn’t count on working 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

They started a business (1) to become their own boss, (2) to gain time-freedom, and (3) to get rich.

Instead, they find working for themselves involves longer hours and they never become rich because the business doesn’t make enough money.

Even if the business does turn a profit, it may not be worth the time and money you’ve invested, because some businesses are not only extremely challenging but the profit they generate is simply not worth the time you have to expend.

Life is too short to waste on the work-for-yourself-the-wrong-way treadmill.

You may have huge plans and dreams but you can waste a lot of time and money trying to run and promote a successful business.

Go about it the wrong way and your efforts are doomed to failure.

There’s a far better and easier way.

Spend your time and money wisely by starting a business that provides you with a reliable and strong source of income, a business that becomes successful and makes you rich within a short time.

The Features of a Reliable and Strong Source of Income

(1) Easy to start, (2) easy to run, (3) easy to maintain and (4) easy to promote.

These are the most important features of a good business.

Other important features of a good and strong business are (1) it makes lots of money, and (2) the money increases month after month and year after year.

But the business has to be scalable, otherwise it is not worth it to run and promote it.


Because a business that can only make a fixed amount of profit will go down sooner or later, because it is not able to keep up with new competitors.

Only a scalable business is able to survive the competition.

I can’t go into details and explain the reasons in this article, but there are proven reasons for what I am saying.

To learn more about this, you can refer to the below articles:

  1. Following a Proven Business Plan Is the Success Key
  2. Scalability: Do Not Start a Business that Is Not Scalable

So, to get rich, you have to have a good and strong source of income that is (1) easy to establish, maintain and promote, and (2) that is scalable.

Having a reliable source of income as part of a great business is key.

This is what everybody needs to have a fantastic and fulfilling life.

However, there are two important questions here:

  1. Can you really get rich just by having a reliable and strong source of income?
  2. Is having a reliable and strong source of income enough to become even richer?

As I mentioned, having a reliable and strong source of income and a good and strong business are critically important and can make the difference as to whether you truly enjoy your life or not.

But you have to have something more, if your goal is to become rich and richer…

2. Reliable and Strong Investment Opportunities

When your source of income makes money for you, you then have to use a portion of that money to make even more money.

This means that after establishing a reliable and strong source of income, ideally, your money should “work hard” to make more money for you, so that you work smarter and not harder: Don’t Work Hard to Make Money: Make Your Money Work ​​​​​​​Hard for You

This is what the rich do.

They have at least one reliable and strong source of income that makes a lot of money for them.

Then they use a portion of the money they make to make even more money.

It’s a win-win.

They have a proven system wherein their money “works hard” and makes more money for them.

You can become a millionaire through a reliable and strong source of income.

But if you want to become a multi-millionaire, then you have to consider the proven potential of making more money through reliable and strong investment opportunities.

What Are These Reliable and Strong Investment Opportunities?

1. Source of Income and Your Own Business:

When you have a steady and strong source of income that is also scalable, you will make more money, the more you invest that money.

So, you can always use a portion of your income to promote your business and thus it will make more money for you.

This is one of the best and easiest ways of making more money.

2. Currency, Stock and Real Estate Markets:

You can also invest in currency, stock, and real estate markets if you know how to do that and are aware of the risks and opportunities.

There is no doubt that these markets can be great opportunities for you to increase your wealth and/or become a multi-millionaire.

However, you have to know how to do it and you have to have good and experienced consultants that guide you along the way: A Short Term Investment Strategy That Makes You a Millionaire

How to Start

I hope you have read the above words very carefully and understand my points.

If so, now you know what you need to become rich.

The question is, how you can start?

You know that the first thing you need is a reliable and strong source of income that is generated through a system (business) that works hard for you.

But how can you establish such a source of income through a system that includes all the features I explained above?

1. Establishing a Reliable and Strong Source of Income

I am not here to waste your time and money by referring you to the systems that don’t work.

Those who have been following us for a while, know that we always offer the best solutions.

That is why there are so many who trust us and refer to our website on a daily basis to read our posts.

As you can see, we currently have over 24,000 loyal subscribers, and this number is increasing every day.

That is the best proof of the integrity of our words and systems: 

Fortunately, there is good news for those who are eager to improve their lives and enjoy the real meaning of wealth and financial freedom… those who are brave enough to take action…

We have a great, proven system to establish a reliable and strong source of income that you need and can use to get rich.

This system has all the features I explained above.

It is easy and safe to start.

Unlike other businesses, one can make this system work within a short period of time, if he/she follows the directions properly.

Having a great source of income has never been easier.

To setup this system for you to start making money through it, there is a one-on-one coaching system. You will have some personal coaches that (1) teach you everything you need to know, and (2) help you start your business as soon as possible.

To set up this system for you to start making money, there is a one-on-one coaching system.

You will have knowledgeable personal coaches that (1) teach you everything you need to know, and (2) help you start your business as soon as possible.

I have already talked about this system in different articles.

However, here I should let you know that this system works based on the Data Technology which is the revolutionary feature that the Internet has given us: What Is Data Technology and How It Can Make You a Millionaire?

2. Making Your Money Make More Money

After establishing the source of income and when it starts making money, we will help you use a portion of the money you make to invest in your business to make more money.

As your business is scalable (please refer to my above explanations), it will make more money, the more money you invest in it.

Additionally, in case you want to invest in currency, stock, and real estate markets, we can help you, because not only are we experts in business, but we are experienced and knowledgeable in market analysis.

People find us mainly because they are interested in currency and stock trading.

But on this website, we show them the right way of doing it: Trading Strategies Don’t Work If You Don’t Choose the Right Living Strategy