How to Make Money on eBay the Easy and Nice Way

When you look out for options to make money online, one of the most popular and easiest option to explore would be eBay. One of the worlds oldest and most celebrate virtual marketplace, it is known for the huge variety that it offers and the unending possibilities to make money.

However, whether you are a first timer or a seasoned seller, it is not that simple to make money on eBay. In case you are keen on understanding how to make money on eBay, remember it is a very dynamic medium, but you will have to channelize it appropriately. That is how you make money on a sustainable basis.

One easy solution would be to find out how does eBayers make money? Not only would it provide you with a perspective on the way basic eBayers operate but also can help you better identify trends in the overall virtual marketplace. There are many successful eBayers who have created extremely stable income channels.

So if you want to understand how to make money with eBay, a good bet would be to follow the revenue model of some of the key players and take a realistic standpoint based on that.

How to Get Started Making Money on eBay

Exploring How to Make Money on eBayThe first step towards earning on eBay starts with getting your account activated. Creating the account on eBay is absolutely free, and you do not need any additional charges for it. You can use the same account for both buying and selling activities, depending on how you want to make money on eBay.

The eBay account is pretty much your gateway into the world of e-commerce and primary starting point if you plan to make money from it. The account will give you information about all the auctions, the bids that you might have received thus far, apart from sending and receiving emails on the same.

When you are exploring how to make money on eBay, it is extremely important to choose an appropriate profile name for your account. Remember this is how you will be known across eBay including both your buyers and sellers and everyone accessing the e-commerce platform. While it might not be your name always but you must be careful about what name you choose. At no cost should it anything offensive or too weird. You must make sure that you keep a positive standpoint in the name at all cost.

Often the name is your first point of identity on the site. While it may not impact the way you make money directly, but there are chances that a weird sounding name might put off potential customers. People might also view odd sounding names with suspicion, and some super active ones might even explore reporting options.

Remember that account is your gateway to the world eBay. This is exactly why you must be careful about how you present the name on your account and the kind of message it sends across to your potential customers.

1. Understanding the eBay Fee Structure

Another important step in your entire journey towards understanding the eBay revenue model is getting a clearer picture of the overall fee structure. After all, if you want to make money, you need to have a clear idea about your expenses and how to handle it effectively.

For a better understanding of how to make money with eBay, you will have to understand the extent of expenses and charges that you must bear. This will give you a relative idea of the overall expense that’s involved in selling your ware on eBay and the kind of profit margins that you can operate with.

The Standard Fee arrangement is one of the most basic types of fee structure. You can also choose to be an eBay subscriber otherwise. Essentially this arrangement will have a bearing on the number of free listings that you are eligible for and any additional fees that you might need to pay.

Often the number of free listings that you get on eBay could play a crucial role in determining your profitability. It goes on to impact your ability with regards to the number of listings you can afford to put out every month.

For those who are rather new on eBay and have limited selling experience, the standard fee arrangement is the most convenient. You can put up to 50 listings every month and would not require insertion fee for them. In return, you would have to pay about 10% of the final value that you have sold in a specific month. Predominantly, you can take advantage of three main types of subscription plan

  1. Different cost per month ranging between $15.95-179.95
  2. Listings per month without insertion fee, from 150 to 2,500
  3. Percentage of final value as fees to eBay between 4-9%

2. Open a PayPal Account to Enhance Sales

Now you must be wondering how does opening a PayPal account have any link with how to make money on eBay? Well, being a successful salesperson is all about extending suitable service to the client, taking care of all their needs and making sure that they have the most comfortable terms of payment. The more the options that you provide, the better it is for the client. They would view you as a customer friendly sales person and try to conduct as much business as possible with you.

When you are out trying to make money on eBay, the chances get further enhanced with PayPal. Though it is not mandatory, nearly 90% of the sellers on eBay have active PayPal accounts to facilitate easier transactions. There are many advantages of a PayPal account

  1. It provides better payment options to buyers. It enables them to use a credit card or even a checking account to make their payment.
  2. As a seller, it enhances your scope to reach to a bigger audience base. PayPal allows you to sell your ware to even international buyers. With PayPal, you can easily initiate international transactions and get payment with relative ease.
  3. One of the preference settings on eBay specifies only sellers who take PayPal. If you don’t have PayPal, you will lose outreach to all these people who could have turned into potential clients. Given the convenience of PayPal, it is often the primary pre-condition based on which people undertake the search. The absence of PayPal, therefore, harms the overall prospects significantly.

Therefore if you want to make money on eBay on a sustained basis, it is much better that you are able to offer a much broader payment options range by including PayPal as well.

3. Decide What to Sell on eBay

This can be a rather complicated step in your quest about how to make money with eBay? One of the cardinal rules to follow while selling on eBay is that you must bet heavily on the unique element and the niche factor. At the same time, when you are starting off, it is best to concentrate on things that do not involve a huge expense. This will help you make money in a constructive manner.

So the best place to look out for options would be your own house. Look for potential saleable options room by room and don’t leave even half a piece of paper without judging its resale value. There could be many things that you do not need anymore, or you do not use anymore or clothes that do not fit you. All of that can be sold on eBay, provided you peg it properly.

You can even use the online tool offered by eBay, ‘Selling Inspiration House’ to shortlist the possible options to sell. You can use it to identify the products in the house that can be put up for sale for you to make money and how much you can make from each of these. For better understanding about how to make money on eBay, you could also explore eBay to find out what others are selling and check the number fo bids that could go on to determine the popularity of the product.

Finally, when you decide what to sell, it is important to include as detailed description of the product as possible. Often this will help you understand how to make money on eBay. Your detailed description will give the client appropriate idea about what you want to sell and how effectively can the product add value to their lives.

But for that, you would need to know the product appropriately and only then, can you be prepared to answer any query with regards to the product’s efficacy. You will be able to explain the benefits and usage of the product in greater details and lot more depth.

I am sure once you have undertaken a few sales, you will begin to understand what makes a profitable proposition and what does not. Now, this should be your cue and make sure that you are able to stock up a lot more of that product. In this way, you will be able to make money in a more constructive manner.

4. The Benefits of an eBay Store

When you start selling consistently for a while and want to understand how to make money with eBay a lot more consistently, one simple solution would be to settle for an eBay store. One of the biggest advantages of having a separate store is that eBay promotes each of these stores separately and through multiple channels. The visibility on search engines also get enhanced, and all of this can only mean one thing, better sales, bigger profitability.

Having a separate store on eBay also brings in a lot of credibility to your name and the brand that you associate with. Customers and dealers understand that you are not one of those fickle one time sellers. You send the message loud and clear that you mean serious business and woo potential buyers to invest in you.

Encourage your customers to share their feedback about your product. Often potential buyers wanting to invest in these new offerings rely a lot on the feedback to finally buy the product. Appropriate feedback would, therefore, multiply the prospects of the sale by many times.

Moreover, a separate store on eBay will make sure that you have a unique exclusivity attached to your brand. People would come to identify your shop and also discuss with a fellow shopper. This would mean that awareness about your brand would increase, and sales have the potential to increase as a result. When you want to make money a lot faster, this kind of exposure always adds to the profit that your collection can bring forth.

Therefore the eBay store can be a perfect answer for all proposition in almost every respect, especially how to make money on eBay.

5. The Need for a Profitable Bargain

When you are starting to sell products on eBay, remember the shortcut to how to make money is decidedly getting the stuff at a low price and then selling them for a significant profit. But often, the problem is identifying the right place to buy the product and then sourcing them from there for your eBay store.

Some of the most common locations that you could explore are Craiglist’s Freebie section or rummage through leftovers in a yard sale. You could even go through Facebook pages from the local area and look out for all possible free stuff that is on sale there.

The potential of what all you could sell has not cap on eBay. The sky is the limit. Almost every object is on sale. The trick is you need to understand how to sell it and make money from it. One of my most favorite examples is undoubtedly how you can sometimes sell the old parts of a Vacuum cleaner better than the brand new one. The question is how well are you able to manage it to make money.

Another classic example is cloth sales. There could be some seller who had 300 clothing items, but they are all bundles together. So you decide to break the bundle into smaller groups and then capitalize on sales from thereon. While initially identifying the right product could pose a channel, you learn to select the right products eventually as your experience keeps getting better and your contact list wider.

I must say that a strong contact list can often generate a lot of potential places where you can get your products at a bargain and quite effortless. Also, make a calculation of the money you would need to transfer the goods. That would help you in making a realistic assumption of expected profit.

6. Do Not Compromise on Customer Service

If you are an entrepreneur or a business person, then you must understand that your customer is king. Without the customer, all your effort, your wares go waste. People look to buy from some of the suppliers compared to others precisely on the basis of the customer that they receive.

One of the most important pre-conditions is prompt service. You must make sure that you are able to respond within the shortest possible time after your customers have placed an order. If there are questions that have been posted, you must respond to them within one hour and follow-up on the customer’s needs.

Being professional and being absolutely polite is extremely important when you are looking at how to make money with eBay. Even when you do not have the specific product at a certain point of time, it is always a good idea to check with the clients about the period within which they need it. See if you can help them in a specific way.

Also as a seller, you have to make space for people’s incompetence or inability. Like recently, a seller I know got the same order from the customer twice. Anticipating a mistake, he asked the client if they really needed the product twice, it was soon evident it was a mistake, and the client posted two by mistake. He avoided a potential problem by being proactive in the entire approach and making sure to connect with the customer at the earliest.

Tracking the shipment is another important responsibility of a great seller. Track each product separately, even if there are two of the same product. This will bring in better accountability and a far more active follow-up. Also, remember to constantly update your clients about the transit state of the products.

There are times when you are dealing with irate customers; you could lose your cool. But if you want to make money, remember to keep your cool at all cost. It is much better to report about dispute situations to eBay rather than trying to resolve it on your own. Remember just in case you lose your cool and say something inappropriate, the customer could slap you with harassment charges. On the contrary, if you stay calm and let eBay handle the case for you, you are more likely to be at an advantage.

7. Weird Is Wonderful on eBay

Do you know the first thing that was ever sold on eBay? It was broken laser points. The eBay founder was so surprised at this, that he even asked the seller if this was a mistake. To his surprise, he got to know that there is actually a buzzing and active market for broken laser points.

Perhaps if you are looking at how to make money on eBay, this is a key point to consider. It is one of the world’s busiest marketplaces for all things unique and sometimes even odd. That’s the feature on which eBay has managed to stay ahead of the race and consistently maintained its supremacy. You could sell almost anything, provided you could find buyers willing to bid for it. Be it torn clothes, broken antiques or old spare parts, almost nothing is a waste on this marketplace.

In fact, often it has been noticed that you can make money better when you have a rather odd stuff. The more rare or weird an item is, chances are it will generate that much better interest and bids as well. So when you are listing wares, it always makes sense to look for some rare objects that could turn on the interest of a lot of people.

In that ways, then you will be sure to sell the product and make money in the bargain from that deal. However weird should not be misconstrued with uselessness. There could be many times that object that you shortlist have no value. Therefore it is very important to strike the right balance between usefulness and weird quotient of the product that you are deciding to list for sale.

8. Avoid Auction to Make Money Faster

If you want to make money on eBay, I would suggest that it is always better to avoid the auction route. It takes far longer to close a deal, needs a lot closer follow-up and often you might also lose precious time and a good deal in the bargain. For every serious bidder, there would be ten non-serious one, who would quote just about any price.

It becomes a lot easier to peddle your ware with the ‘buy it now’ option. In this way, the buyer also does not have to wait for the bid to end and neither do you have to constantly monitor the irrelevant bids from people who perhaps don’t want to buy but put a bid nevertheless.

Invariably you also get a far lower price than what you might want. So it is not a very convenient option if you want to sell your ware at a certain margin and do not want to compromise with the profit number in mind.

Moreover, auction often delays the whole selling procedure significantly. The buy it now improves the relative pace of operation and makes the whole process a lot more efficient.

9. Pay Attention to the Pictures of Your Products

In the virtual market place, most times your clients are identifying the worth of your product through the photographs that they are seeing. It is therefore extremely important that you pay due attention to the picture that you post. While considering how to make money with eBay, this is a very important consideration. While a bad photograph can mar the sales prospect of even great looking goods, a good one can help you sell even a low grade property at a significant premium to the buying price that you paid.

However it is never advisable to go overboard with the number of photographs. It is important to remember that the quality more than the quantity of the pics that you post matter. While photographs can be catalysts to help you make money on eBay, you can easily make the impact with 3 well chosen ones instead of 6 badly clicked options.

Also, spend time planning the visual presentation of the product. This will help you make money in a meaningful manner on eBay. You can start off by taking photographs from all possible angles and then choosing the most appropriate and impactful ones.

Moreover, you must remember to adhere to all the specifications with regards to posting photographs on eBay. This is not just important to make money but also enhancing the credibility and quality consciousness of your products.

Also, it is always advisable to avoid posting photographs that are blurry. Don’t be in a rush and take the time to sort out the exact images that you would like to post for your products. If needed, you can load the additional photos to picture sharing sites and then provide the link to your customers. If they want to check additional photographs, this will provide that option for them without clogging your listing space.

10. Pricing Is Crucial

Setting the right price is a crucial factor to consider when you are considering how to make money on eBay. This is because if you set the price too high, you won’t get buyers and if it is too low, you won’t be able to realize the right value. The result will be you won’t be able to make money at the desired level. It will be either too little, or the effort might not justify the money that you get for the product.

It would be much better if you did some homework on your own. Check the final price of listings similar to your product. It will give you a fair idea of the market for the product and the maximum possible price that people might be comfortable paying for the product.

Also try and gauge the relative demand. For example, if you are selling rather obscure products, it is better to keep the prices low. On the contrary, if it is a rather popular product, some bit of premium pricing can also help you make money.

When you are considering how to make money on eBay, it is extremely important to take up a comprehensive viewpoint. Do not focus on any one factor. Rather a balanced viewpoint can fetch you the maximum value for your goods. Remember that eBay is one of the most active virtual marketplaces. It is rather simple to make money if you can focus on a balance of quality and quantity.

Is eBay a Good Way of Making Money?

Although I explained in details how to make money on eBay, I have to emphasize that making money on eBay is not the best option for those who want to make money online. I know very well how to make money with eBay, but I don’t try it myself. The reason is that, while there are much better ways of making money, it doesn’t make sense to work on something that is much harder to make money, for example eBay and Amazon.

You can make some money with eBay and there are some people who make a lot of money with it, but:

  1. It is not that easy to make money with eBay and it is a lot of work sometimes.
  2. It is hard to make a living through it. I am not saying it is impossible, but it is hard.
  3. It is too hard to become rich making money on eBay.

I say this because getting rich is a good goal that you have to have when you want to make money online. You have to choose big goals to become able to reach the smaller goals at least. For example, when your goal is becoming super rich through making money online, then even if you can’t become rich, at least you will be able to make a living. But when your main goal is making a living, then you can make a few hundreds of dollars, but that doesn’t enable you to make a living with.

Therefore, I use eBay as a good site, but I don’t use it to make a living with, let alone getting rich. Instead of making money on eBay to make a living with or to get rich, I use Data Technology: What Is Data Technology and How It Can Make You a Millionaire?

Can I Make Money Online? Yes and No

Given the challenges of our day to day lives, often the biggest challenge is maintaining a healthy work-life balance. That is exactly why the whole concept of working from home came into being, and people are increasing exploring ways to make money online.

Professionals often approach me asking, how can I make money online? My answer is, you can make money online in many different ways. The biggest challenge is to believe in yourself and convincing that you will be able to deliver. Depending on your need, talent and expertise, you can explore different avenues to make money online.

Another key question that troubles people along with the “can I make money online” concern is whether this would be a genuine and legitimate way to make money. Given the wide instances of scams and potential fake operators, this is perhaps the biggest concern for many who are exploring the ways they can make money online.

The solution is simple; you need to be alert and vigilant about every opportunity that promises you to help make money online. Just like in a regular job, you need to explore the various facets of the opportunity and take a balanced call.

Decide on Your Specialization to Make Money Online

You can make money online with relative ease if you are able to identify your specialization better. The reason why a specialization is an important criterion to make money online is that it allows you to focus better and work on a set theme.

Let me explain to you from an office perspective. When you join a conventional office, based on your academic qualification, you get a specific role with set responsibilities. You start working based on these parameters and work towards a goal that gets created in the entire process.

I am sure you understand pretty well the importance of establishing these targets and working as per them. Not only does it create a specific goal in your mind, but you are also far better equipped to undertake that responsibility and take it to its final fruition. The ground rules, as well as the final objectives, are pretty well laid out and you have to move ahead keeping in mind these specific objectives.

Therefore, you can make money online with relative ease when these specializations are kept in mind. If you are still not clear, let me explain to you with an example. If your specialization is in baking a cake, you can make money online by either publishing your recipes in a blog or creating YouTube videos of how to bake and decorate different kinds of cake. On the contrary, if your specialization is web designing, you would look for freelance opportunities where you can design websites for others from a remote location and then make money online through these initiatives.

Therefore it would not be wrong to say that specialization helps answer one of the biggest concerns for your freelance initiatives,’ how can I make money online?’ Not only does it go a long way in helping you tackle self-doubt, but also introduce a holistic game-plan to seal future gains in a comprehensive manner.

What If I Am Not Expert in Anything?

Can I Make Money Online If I Am Not Expert in Anything?

In the past, you had to be expert in something when you wanted to make money online. For example, you had to be a good writer, online marketer, programmer, web designer and things like that to become able to make money online.

The good news is now you only need to want to make money online. I mean if you are serious about making money online, you can can make money online even if you are not expert in anything, or something that you are expert in, has nothing to do with the Internet.

For example, you are a retired farmer. Surely you are expert in farming and you know a lot about it. But the things you know about farming can’t help you make money online, or even if they can, you can’t make a reasonable amount of money through it. For example, you can write a book or an eBook about farming and sell it online. There are some people who might be interested in buying your book, but that is too hard to make a living through selling such a book, let alone making a fortune through it.

However, thanks to the power of the Internet and something that is called Data Technology, you can make a fortune through the Internet while you are not expert in anything: What Is Data Technology and How It Can Make You a Millionaire?

Extent of Investment

Extent of InvestmentWhen you are exploring how you can make money online, the starting investment is something you must consider. There are many investments that we take for granted in our day to day professional lives. Have you ever wondered who pays the electricity bill, the internet data charges, the laptops, the operating software, the printer and even the simple papers that are required?

When you consider working from home or make money online, these are the basic expenses that you would have to bear. Apart from these, you might also have to invest in specific computer software and even an office space in some cases. Perhaps, it does not seem that huge, but on an incremental basis, these can eat into your profits significantly. Plus, you must make calculations of any associated charges that you would have to pay. These are important because your ultimate extent of profit would be closely calculated on the basis of these and the extent of money you make online, will depend upon how well you can create a balance between these charges and your exact profit.

For example, when you are exploring the various ways you can make money online, trading in stocks online could be a key option. But these kinds of stock market transactions have several associated charges like transaction taxes, capital gains tax, long-term taxes and a lot many along with the broker charges as well. When a trader is calculating the total earnings and the profit percentage, they have to take into account all these expenses and then make a clear calculation on the exact extent and scope of earning money online.

Research Is Important

Research Is Important If You Like to Make Money Online.

The next key step that can help you make money online is, of course, undertaking deep research. When many of my clients approach us with questions like can I make money online? We always tell them that you can make money online when you undertake proper research and set out a proper plan of action for your online initiative.

Research is important for not just deciding to make money online but it also makes sure you can make money online in a constructive manner. For example, let’s say you decide that you would want to freelance as a content writer. But that’s not enough. You would have to undertake deep research in deciding the

  1. Kind of content that you would write
  2. The freelance website that you can associate with
  3. The payment policy and ease of payment
  4. The rates that would be offered

So what I am trying to emphasize here is that research is important for not just deciding the nature of the job that you choose but the various associated parameters that can help you make money online. Research is necessary to create a comprehensive understanding of the entire job profile that you would eventually decide on.

Another big advantage of research in your tryst to make money online is that it helps you to make an informed choice. Whether it is about deepening your understanding in a specific area or about diversifying your knowledge, research helps you to put the best foot forward and lock in the maximum amount of gains from these online endeavors.

Moreover, research sometimes helps you connect to many not so popular opportunities or less heard about options that can help make money online even faster and in a significantly easier way. It adds a lot more depth and dimension to your entire effort.

Handling Competition

Handling the Competition in an Online Business.

While you can make money online in many different ways, one factor that most professionals who approach us are never prepared for to handle competition. As compared to the mere 20-30 people who you have to compete with on an average in an office, the dynamics are different when you are trying to explore ways to make money online.

When you are trying to explore, how you can make money online, you must be extra careful about how you are dealing with competition. You must remember the competitors include not just people around you, but an innumerable list of potential professionals across the world who are vying for the same set of opportunities.

So sheer showcasing of knowledge and expertise alone cannot help you make money online. You must master the various techniques of bagging the best and most lucrative contracts with ease and maintain a stable rate of remuneration. One of the easiest options is to grow a steady network of connection which will be able to help you in keeping a sustainable source of income.

You have to be prepared for the simple fact that the going will be tough and the competition can be quite intense. But perseverance and diligence can help you make money online with ease and most importantly for a sustained period of time.

That is also a critical factor because unlike a conventional job, when you are looking at ways to make money online, every day is a new day filled with new challenges. There is no guarantee that a client hired you for one project, would also hire you for the next one.

The only way you can make sure that happens is by being consistent and absolutely diligent in your delivery module and not compromising with quality in any manner. So instead of asking can I make money online, ask yourself, can I be consistent and committed? After all, those are the unique weapons that can help you stay ahead of the competition and gain a significant edge over your peers.

With the advancement in technology and greater access to the internet, you have to deal with a lot more and rather intense competition. People across the world are vying for the same set of jobs and in that situation. So you need to remain extremely careful about all those factors that can help you edge past the competitive forces.

Go All Out

Go All Out

You can make money online, but it takes patience and a lot of hard work. It never comes easy and anyone who promises you that, beware of them. What I mean by that is, the initial days in your tryst to make money online can be challenging. Often, many professionals, in their effort to make a big impression, end up sharing all their achievements.

This action carries dual risk. Given the relatively limited or sometimes complete lack of accountability in online dealings can lead to potential scammers misusing your hard work. For example, if you are a freelance fashion designer and a client promises you the moon for ten of your best designs and then disappears, it won’t be surprising.

When you are finalizing online contracts, you need to be doubly careful about the terms of payment and when and how you can expect these before sharing any of your work. What is even better is you could try pocketing an advance amount before sharing your work. This will make sure that the client has an interest in maintaining contacts with you and giving proper remuneration for your effort.

Another demerit is you could also end up flooding the potential employer with too much information. Since this entire interaction is happening remotely, it is difficult to gauge exactly the way an employer would respond. So you need to be mindful of this basic fact. The dynamics of the different medium is quite varied, and the better you can adapt to it, the more the chances of you landing up with opportunities to make money online easily.

So when you are interacting with the prospective employer, you need to keep these factors in your mind. Your action needs to be moderated in a way that an ideal balance is struck between showcasing your talent, but at the same time, avoid overdoing it.

Basic Computer Knowledge & Internet Understanding

Basic Computer Knowledge & Internet Understanding

When you are exploring ways to make money online, one of the most important pre-requisites would be basic computer knowledge and how to explore the internet. So you should have basic computer literacy and operate key functions on the computer like Microsoft Word and the like. This will mean that you can easily take up a wide range of opportunities to make money online.

If you notice some of the top online opportunities involve freelance writing, data entry and the like. For these, some software like MS Word, MS Office and the like become crucial platforms to excel. So when you ask yourself, can I make money online, you must also ask if I can navigate the virtual world with ease?

Undoubtedly, this will clearly help you make your mark in the online world. From opening your account in sites that offer easy online jobs to undertaking research on the internet to accepting payment online, basic computer and internet literacy is absolutely important. Often you can consider these as the primary tools that help you achieve excellence and make money online with relative ease. It becomes the cardinal defining line between qualitative effort and forceful initiative.

Even if you are not too comfortable with operating computer, the good news is you can still make money online. That is because there is no dearth of books and online tutorials to help you achieve excellence in computer operation. In today’s world of apps, almost every kind of computer operation can be mastered through tutorials online. So if you want to make money online, the shortest route would be to buy some relevant books that help you achieve expertise and then take advantage of this knowledge to earn money. The internet and the computer are often considered enablers of financial security online.

Be Professional in Your Approach

Be Professional in Your Approach

Have you ever asked yourself, how can I make money online? A simple answer would be you can make money online by being professional. Just because you are working remotely or not interacting with a client, does not mean that you can take it easily. On the contrary, there is a greater need to be absolutely professional and highlight your superior competence levels.

Perfection is the name of the game and the best way to make an impression would be through maintaining a thorough and perfect approach. This will make sure that anyone who would consider hiring you would get a very realistic picture about your competence levels and the quality of work that they can expect from you.

Paying attention to small details like the spellings, the grammar and the style of your applications can go a long way in helping you maintain that professional picture in your remote interaction with the client. Also, these are often read as potential indication about how careful you are in the overall delivery and the extent of perfection that can be expected from you.

Legitimate Alternatives to Make Money Online

Legitimate Alternatives to Make Money Online

The next step in your tryst to identify ways to make money online involves being very alert and vigilant about the organization that you are dealing with. Given the remote interaction that happens with clients, the instances of having active fake players are quite common. Therefore when you are exploring the opportunities to make money online, be very careful to avoid getting involved in a scam or engaging with fake players. This will help you in remaining focused and earning money in a legitimate manner without any additional stress.

1. Avoid Options That Appear Too Easy

Avoid Options That Appear Too Easy

Often you would see ads online for easy work from home jobs that can help you make money online. Not only do they promise you easy work but also lots of money in return. That is, by far, is the first indication that the given opportunity could be illegitimate or fake. A simple rule would be to avoid these kinds of opportunities blindly. Don’t even waste time trying out a single project, however, lucrative the opportunity appears. You might have friends and even distant relatives extolling the benefits of this opportunity, but remember earning money is not that simple, and you can’t be an exception to the rule.

2. Transparent Payment

Transparent Payment

All legitimate opportunities that help you make money online undoubtedly are options that would have an extremely transparent payment strategy. There will be a clear system of billing and making payment for you. Therefore, any online work opportunity that does not provide you with a clear action plan on how they are going about the payment procedure is a big no. Lack of transparency is almost a sure sign of a fake or an illegitimate operation module that you are best advised to avoid at all cost.

3. Sketchy Details

Sketchy Details

In an effort to make money online, my first advise is to be alert and vigilant about the options that you choose. Remember, we are where our choices lead us to.

So when you are exploring different types of opportunities to help you make money online, you have to be as alert as you are when exploring conventional work opportunities. Completely avoid companies that do not have any details about the company’s founder and other relevant details. A company that is sketchy in providing company details is either non-existent or a big scam in the making.

4. Mode of Operation

You can make money online provided you are engaged with a genuine company. One way to identify a legitimate company is by identifying the mode of operation that they follow. If they have a clear-cut mode of operation, it means that this is a genuine company. Almost invariably, a fake company will not have a clear plan of action, and operational details would be rather inadequate. So, however, huge a monetary remuneration that they might promise, it is best to avoid this kind of firm to make money online.

Personality Traits Important to Make Money Online

Personality Traits Important to Make Money Online

In your query to ‘Can I make money online,’ I often tell that this depends on you and your personality. Indeed, personality traits impact performance in almost all walks of life, and it is no different when you want to make money online. The ground rules remain the same as when you join a conventional 9-5 office. The person that you are and the key traits that you possess often impact your success to a great extent. So just like in a traditional office, those who are particularly diligent or good at multi-tasking will have the edge over others.

1. Quick & Committed

Be Quick & Committed in Your Online Business.

When you are looking at ways to make money online, it is very important to be nimble footed and extremely alert. It is advantageous because it will help you identify opportunities swiftly and then act on them. Those who are slow in either identifying opportunities or acting on them will miss out on the contracts. Therefore, you can make money online quite quickly when you are able to grab an opportunity swiftly and act on it with equal speed and efficiency. Often the quality of your work determines the possibility of getting future projects.

2. Multi-Tasking


There is a huge difference between working in an office and trying to make money online. Invariably those who are looking at these opportunities prefer to stay at home and work. That means you have to be extra focused and committed to delivering the same level of efficiency as in the office. So whether the maid does not turn up or the kids are playing pranks, you have to master the art of staying focused and deliver your assignment in proper time-frame. Multi-tasking, therefore, goes a long way in helping you make money online.

3. Be Passionate about Your Business

Be Passionate about Your Business

Most times, when you decide to make money online, it is because you are passionate about certain theme or subject. Often it is this passion that drives you to focus better and improve efficiency in an effective manner. When you are passionate, your excellence is guaranteed. Also, it means that you are happy doing in your effort to make money online. Passion is also a catalyst that can help you excel in your chosen field and open up your horizon. In many cases, this can also help you try out new alternatives and experiment with the unknown.

4. Perseverance in Business

Perseverance in Business

Not only for those who want to make money online but for anyone interested in having a successful professional career, perseverance pays. Perseverance is almost that single personality trait that can encourage you to move ahead despite obstacles and odds that you might face. You have to understand that initial few months and years are very challenging when you are trying to build a career online. Perseverance in that scenario comes in rather handy in terms of making sure you never lose heart and are able to put your best foot forward.

Set Yourself Goals

Set Yourself Goals

Last but not the least important of all is goal setting. Don’t just ask yourself how can I make money online; it is also important that you ask yourself how soon and when and in what manner. These questions are important because they, in many ways, reflect the ethos of goal setting. We are all constantly moving towards an objective, and you can make money online a lot more effectively if you create a goal and certain objectives for yourself and strive to achieve them.

In many ways when you set goals, you also address the many challenges that you are bound to face in trying to make money online. For example, when you decide to become a virtual assistant and make money online, it could become a monotonous job for you beyond a point. But when you set targets in terms of how much you want to earn or how efficiently you perform, it will provide you with an impetus to excel and take up the challenge in the job.

So, You Can Make Money Online

We can conclude that you can make money online with ease given the plethora of opportunities. However, it is not without challenges. It is not a good idea to keep questioning your abilities and asking yourself, ‘can I make money online’. On the contrary, you must persevere to realize your dreams, capitalize on your expertise and diligently strive towards efficiency that helps you make money online with relative ease as well as confidence. Yes, confidence can often be the key catalyst that enhances your performances and helps you believe when faced with questions like, ‘how can I make money online.’

How to Make Money Online: 21+1 Ways

Most probably, you are among those who want to know how to make money online because you do know that there are so many who are doing it. The good news is it is not that hard anymore. You just need to want to make money online, and then you follow the right track. To do that, you have to follow the right people, otherwise you will only waste a lot of time and probably a lot of money.

There is no doubt that the first step is joining the right online opportunity that enables you to make real money through the Internet and while you are at home. Fortunately, great opportunities are available now.

I am not saying you can get rich quick with those opportunities. You have to work hard. But they are good because they are not scams and they don’t waste your time and money. First, make sure to choose a big enough goal, otherwise you can’t reach your small goals. This article helps you do it: The Easiest Way to Get Rich Fast

Maybe you don’t believe me now. But if you read the ways I am listing below (that are the best known ways to make money online), you will see that it is somehow really hard to make money through them. However, the system we are offering, which is based on Data Technology, works for everybody, with any age and any level of computer and Internet skill, whereas with the other ways, you have to know and work a lot, otherwise you can’t make any money.

How to Make Money Online

Here I have listed some of the top and most popular options that you can make money online through. The last option (#22) is the best one for everybody with any age and and level of experience:

  1. Trade Currencies and Stocks Online
  2. Write an eBook
  3. Audio Books
  4. Blogging
  5. Create and Sell Apps Online
  6. Affiliate Marketing
  7. Offer Professional Services on Fiverr
  8. Marketing via Email
  9. Sell Photos Online
  10. Rent out Your Property Online
  11. Fill Online Survey
  12. Captcha Solver
  13. Create How to Do Videos Online
  14. Develop Courses for Sites Like Udemy
  15. Virtual Assistant
  16. Sell Your Stuff Online
  17. Undertake Online Tuition
  18. Be a SEO Expert
  19. Micro Jobs
  20. Product Reviews
  21. Become a Domain Trader
  22. Make Money with out Data Technology System

There is something in common among all the below 21 opportunities. All of them need you to know something and even be expert in it. Although you can make a lot of money through them and your income can be a lot more than what an office job makes, you have to know that making money through them is not a piece of cake and you have to work hard.

However, the last opportunity (#22) is different. Make sure to scroll down and learn about it.

Be careful not to get trapped by the scams. While you can’t call all the offers and opportunities, scams, you have to be careful about those that are really scams.

1. Trade Currencies and Stocks Online

Trade Currencies and Stocks Online

Most people think that currency or Forex trading are good and strong money making opportunities that can make them millionaires through investing a small amount of money, for example, with a $200 account and growing it into millions.

Online currency and stock trading are good opportunities to make money online, but they have to be done under some very special conditions, otherwise they can result in nothing but wasting of time and money. You can learn how to trade Forex and stocks as good and strong investment opportunities, but they can hardly be used as the only sources of income to make a living with:

  1. Trading Strategies Don’t Work If You Don’t Choose the Right Living Strategy
  2. How Does Forex Work and Does It Really Work?

2. Write an eBook

Write an eBook

Writing an eBook is not only one of the best and most popular ways to make money online, but also it is a good way of generating residual income. It means if you create a good and demanding eBook, it will keep on making money for such a long time while you don’t have to spend any more time on it.

However, you have to be careful to choose a topic that is demanding, otherwise it will be wasting of time.

For example, if you write an eBook about the ways of making money online, you will make a lot more money, compared to the eBook you write about catching catfish in Mississippi. The reason is that ways of making money online is so demanding and popular, but catching catfish in Mississippi doesn’t have too many fans.

Selling your eBook through a proper market place is very important in your success.  Writing an eBook is one thing and selling it in a proper digital marketplace is another. You can sell your eBooks on ClickBank which is a big digital marketplace with over 11,000 digital products. Apple iTune and Amazon Kindle are good resources with a lot of potential customers.

After writing your eBook, you have to market it properly to generate sales to make money. You can advertise your eBook on social media or pay per click search engines.

In general, although writing eBooks is known as one of the most popular ways of making money online, it is not that easy to write the eBooks that become demanding and popular enough. Besides, you need to know how to do the online marketing to attract reasonable number of customers.

3. Create Audio Books

Create Audio Books


People don’t have the patience to read an eBook completely. And, those who want to make money through writing an eBook, usually are not good writers.

Fortunately, there is a good option that helps the second group to make money online, and the first group to learn something without having to read an eBook or book: Instead of writing an eBook, you can create an audio book.

People have to sit and read a eBook or an eBook. They can’t do it while working or driving. But they can play an audio book and listen to it while they are doing something else.

Still there are the same problems here as well. It is a lot of work and needs lots of things to be done at the right place right time, otherwise you won’t make any money. Although it is a good way of making money online, it is not that easy, nor can it be done by everybody.

4. Create a Blog

Create a Blog

If you are a good writer and you are expert in something, you can blog and make a lot of money while working from home. Blogging is becoming more and more popular among online entrepreneurs.

If you can provide quality and strong posts, you will create a community of readers around your blog. You can make money through it then. But as I said, you have to be able to create good and strong content.

If you can establish a popular blog, monetizing it will not be a big deal. You just need to have traffic to get some great results from your blog. It is a lot of work.

Although there are many who have become millionaires through blogging, it is not an easy task. You have to be a good writer to make your blog popular. It takes time and effort. No blog and website makes money without a reasonable amount of traffic. Creating a community of loyal followers and readers is not that easy. Learn more:

  1. Become a Blogger and Start Blogging Now… No Matter What You Are
  2. WordPress Is the Best Blogging Platform for Professional Blogging

5. Create and Sell Apps Online

Sell Apps Online

As the smart phones are becoming more and more popular, the apps are becoming popular too. Apps are the soft tools that work on the smart phones. They do a lot of things from banking to buying groceries.

Therefore, developing apps can be a good option to make money. Indeed, there are some people who have become multi-millionaires through developing mobile apps.

The problem is you have to know how to develop apps. You have to be a programmer who is able to create apps. It is not only that. You have to be creative and have some great ideas if you want to become rich through developing apps.

Nowadays, many websites create their own apps to help their followers to follow them through their phones easier. Creating a website that offers an app developing service to the online businesses is also a great idea to make money online.

6. Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate marketing is the most popular and traditional way of making money online. It works specially when you have no products and services. It enables you to make money through promoting the others’ products and services.

The good thing is that you can make money through affiliate marketing even without having a website. You just need to promote your affiliate link on your FaceBook page or Twitter account. You can advertise on FaceBook and other online social media without having a website or blog.

The key factor in the success of this method is in the products that you choose to promote and the company that you sign up for its affiliate program. Some products have a very low conversion rate, and so it is wasting of time and money to promote them.

7. Offer Professional Services on Fiverr

Offer Professional Services on Fiverr is where you can make $5 for each of the services you offer. You can be an animator, SEO, accountant and things like that. You can offer your services for $5 on Fiverr.

It doesn’t make you rich, but it makes money.

The good thing is that you don’t have to look for the clients on your own. Most of them find you on Fiverr when you create your account and profile and offer your services.

8. Marketing via Email

Marketing via Email

Email marketing is a popular online or internet marketing method. If you know how to do it, it can boost your affiliate marketing business.

The job profile of email marketer is pretty straight forwards and involves marketing products and services to people via emails. In fact, if you see current online trends, email marketing often drives most successful online endeavors.

The names “email marketing” is self-explanatory. It means finding customers who buy your products through sending emails.

What you have to be careful about is that you should never send any email to someone who hasn’t shared his email with you and hasn’t agreed to receive your email ads. You can be trouble if you do so.

9. Sell Photos Online

Sell Photos Online

You can sell any products or services through the Internet. If you are a photographer, then good… you can make a lot of money selling your pictures.

There are two options to do that. Take both options at the same time to maximize your income:

  1. You can sell your photos through websites like
  2. You can create your own website and photo gallery to sell your photos online.

There are some professional digital photographers who make millions of dollars per month selling their photos online. To copy them, first you have to be a professional photographer that people pay for his/her photos.

When someone needs a stock photo for his ad or website, he doesn’t mind to pay you for it.

10. Rent out Your Property Online

Rent out Your Property Online

You necessarily don’t need the Internet to sell or rent your properties. But it becomes a lot easier to do it through the Internet. It helps you find tenants easier and faster.

You can create an account on the websites that offer such services in the city you live in. Then you can list your properties. This makes it easier to make money through renting your properties.

11. Fill Online Survey

Fill Online Survey

Online surveys is a ways that can make you some bucks in your extra time.

It is not the job that makes you rich or you can make a living with. It just makes you some money.

The most active people in this sector, sometimes make about $4000 per year.

What you have to be careful about is that there are so many scams that offer online survey opportunities.

12. Captcha Solver

Captcha Solver

Most people can’t even believe that it is possible to make money through captcha solving online.

The point is companies want to know whether the captcha they use on the sites work or not. I mean they want to know whether people can easily solve them or they are complicated. Having bad captcha can cause the companies to miss the customers.

Therefore, they pay some people to test their captha.

However, this is a very hard way to make money, because you can get as low as $2 for solving 1000 captchas.

13. Create How to Do Videos Online

Create How to Do Videos Online

Video marketing is becoming more and more popular. Some marketers make money through affiliate marketing and using the how to videos they create and upload to the sites like YouTube.

You can make money online through video marketing specially when you can’t blog.

If you succeed to create good videos that help people, they will subscribe to follow your video channel on YouTube. So the more your work and upload good videos, the more money you will make.

Keep in mind that creating good and strong videos that attract a lot of attentions and clicks, is not an easy task.

You have to know how to create videos.

Also there is a risk here which is being dependent on a site like YouTube. They can easily suspend your videos or even your channel and account. Therefore, several years of hard-working can go down the drain.

14. Develop Courses for Sites Like Udemy

Develop Courses for Sites Like Udemy


Udemy is a website and video directory that helps you create and sell online courses. You can make a lot of money through online courses.

There are some other sites that offer some similar services, but Udemy is the most popular in this sector.

To create video courses, you have to be expert in something. For example, if you are a cook, you can create cooking courses and sell them online on Udemy.

That can make you a lot of money, if you become popular and people like the quality of your courses. Heavy competition is an important issue in this case.

15. Virtual Assistant

Become a Virtual Assistant


The Internet has created so many jobs. Working as an online assistant is one of them.

Yes, you can make money as an online assistant who works from home.

You have to be good in some regular computer programs like Microsoft Office.

Jobs like this can’t make you a millionaire. But they can help you make some extra money in your spare time.

16. Sell Your Stuff Online

Sell Your Stuff Online


Almost all of us have some extra things that we don’t need. We can give them to those who need. But if you like to make money, you can sell them online.

Kijiji and Craigslist are two of the most popular sites that you can list your things and find customers in your city and area. People find your things on those sites, email you and then come and pick up your thing in case you come to an agreement with them. They pay you cash.

Everything can be done online and you don’t have to leave your home.

17. Undertake Online Tuition

Undertake Online Tuition

You can make money online as a tutor like when you make money through creating the how to videos or online courses in Udemy.

Most parts or even all parts of this online business can be done through the Internet.

For example, you can advertise your service as a tutor on the sites like Kijiji and Craigslist to find students.

After that, you can visit your students if they live close by.

However, you can even teach them online through the online systems like or If so, you can have students from anywhere in the world.

You can even create a blog or website for this to attract more student. You can advertise on the search engines and social media.

18. Be a SEO Expert

Be a SEO Expert


Search engine optimization or SEO has been a popular online job since the first day the Internet became accessible to the public.

Although there were many scam SEO sites, legitimate search engine optimization is still a good job opportunity to make money online.

The good news is that search engine optimization is not that hard. You can learn it very easily.

But you have to have some work samples that proves that you do the work perfectly, otherwise nobody will hire you.

You don’t have to pay to learn the SEO techniques. You can easily do it through reading the free articles online. But then you have to implement the techniques on a site or blog as a work sample that you can represent.

19. Micro Jobs

Micro Jobs


Micro jobs are small online jobs like posting comments and replies on the forums, clicking on the ads and things like that.

You can’t make a lot of money through them. They are just some options for those who want to make a few extra bucks every now and then.

20. Product Reviews

Product Reviews


There are some companies that pay people to try their products and post reviews on them.

This is also an option to make some money every now and then. It is a not a job opportunity that you can even make a living with.

21. Become a Domain Trader

Become a Domain Trader

You can register some domains, hold them for a while, and then sell them to make some profit.

This was used to be a profitable business for some people. First, they knew what domains are good to register and hold. Second, they had the money to register hundreds or even thousands of domains. So it is a kind of investment somehow.

However, you will lose your money if you don’t know what names are worth to register and hold.

The other thing is that you have to renew the domains every year. So you have to spend the same amount of money every year and when the domains are about to get expired.

The other thing is that good names that are available to register can hardly be found these days. They are all taken.

21+1. Make Money with Our Data Technology System

Which of the above 21 ways that are the most famous and popular ways to make money online, are easy and need no special skill?

Can you make a living with any of them easily?

Which one can you make a fortune and become rich with?

Almost all of them are hard to do for ordinary Internet and computer users. And, all of them are very hard to make a living with, let alone making a fortune.

They need a lot of work and even some luck. For example, it is not easy easy to take a new blog off the ground, make it popular and start making a reasonable amount of money through it, unless you are a passionate and hard-working writer who is really good in writing. It is the same with creating how to videos on YouTube, training videos courses with Udemy and…

However, our Data Technology system is completely different. Everybody with any age and any level of computer and Internet skill can make a living and a fortune through it. Why? How is that possible?

The reason is that this system is almost fully automated. There is also a big team of the experienced Data Technology experts who work behind the scene and maintain and promote your business. They setup and run the business for you: Learn more here.

Invest Money to Make Money: 4 Ways to Make Your Money Work Hard for You

There is no doubt that money is the best tool itself to make more money. You can’t keep on working hard to make money for an unlimited time. But your money can work hard for you to make money even when you are 100 years old. That is how the rich become rich. Continue reading Invest Money to Make Money: 4 Ways to Make Your Money Work Hard for You