In this article, I am going to encourage you to become a blogger, no matter what you are and what you do. Blogging will have a lot of advantages for you. The world has changed and you have to adopt yourself with the new changes. Blogging is one of the most important features of the new world. In this article, I am telling you why I want to encourage you to start blogging and I will clarify what advantages it will have for you. At the end of this post, I explain about one of the services that my team offers you. You can apply for it and become a blogger within a day in case you decide to become a blogger which is what I strongly recommend.

What Is Blogging?

A blog is a website also. The difference is, it is much easier to have daily posts on a blog and it is the dynamic form of a website. I mean you can update it very easily and people can easily leave comments and communicate with you and the others through your blog.

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So don’t get scared when I say become a blogger… because a blog is nothing but a website which is much easier to manage and update and keep in touch with people through it.

Above all, you don’t have to be a computer or Internet expert to become a blogger. In the past, you had to be a web designer and developer, or you had to pay someone to do it for you, if you wanted to create a website. But now a basic computer and Internet skill is enough to become a blogger. If you can send and receive emails, you can become a blogger too. Of course, there are a lot of things that you will gradually learn on your own and you will become a more experienced blogger the more you blog. You will learn how to use your blogging platform better, and you will learn to make some changes on your own. Although there is a complicated technology behind the scene, you can easily use your blog the way you use your email account.

Why Should You Become a Blogger?

1) Blogging Helps You to Learn Better and Become an Expert Sooner and Easier

The first and most important reason is that blogging about a topic makes you learn that topic much better. When you share your knowledge and experience about a topic, you have to learn it better otherwise you can’t explain it properly. Trying to explain that topic, makes your brain and subconscious work on it and resolve the unknown aspects of that topic. Your subconscious works on that topic on the background and finds the solutions or some ways to find the solutions. Blogging makes your brain and subconscious work hard on the topic you are interested in and you have focused on.

You can have a notebook and write about your favorite topic, but it won’t have the same effect as blogging because blogging connects you to the world. Those who read your blog posts, will communicate with you and your interactions with them make you become an expert in that topic finally.

“If you can’t explain it simply, you don’t understand it well enough.” – Albert Einstein

2) Blogging Makes Money

There are so many who are making a living through blogging and many others have been able to make a fortune through it. If you become a good blogger and people get attracted to your posts, you will make a lot of money. However, like all the other legitimate ways of making money, you can’t start making money through your blog overnight or even after a few or few months. It depends on so many things and if your goal is making money through your blog, then you have to work hard while you are on the right track and you are following the right route, otherwise you don’t make any money through your blog.

Your blogging income can be started from few dollars per months. It goes up gradually until it reaches thousands or even millions. It all depends on you, the way you blog and the topic you write about and many other important factors. Blogging is not a get-rich-quick business but it can make you rich if you follow the right direction.

I will explain later in this article and also in the next articles I will publish on this topic that how your blog will make money and what you have to do to make money through blogging. There are few important factors that you have to consider. I will explain them later.

You don’t have to be a rocket scientist to make money through your blog, but you have to follow a proper direction and plan otherwise it will be wasting of time. It is not that hard to find the right direction and follow it. There is nothing hidden or mysterious about blogging.

3) Blogging Will Become Your Passion and You Will Love It

Blogging makes your life more beautiful. You will love it after a while and it will become your passion. I know that many of you, are saying that you are not writers and you can’t write about a topic.

Writing is an ability that you can gain if you want. You are not a writer now but you can become a writer if you want. As I mentioned above if you push your brain and subconscious to focus on something and find a solution, they will do it finally.

Communicating with the people of different countries, has a lot of fun, even if you don’t make any money through your blog and you don’t look at it as a business. In spite of this, I know so many bloggers who started blogging just because they wanted to write about their favorite topic and they didn’t intend to make any money through it. But later they changed their minds and started offering some services to make money. When you see the potential, you can use it to make money. There is nothing wrong with making money from your blog.

For example, when your blog gets popular, you can create an e-book and sell it to those who are interested. You can still offer a lot of free information and services. However, there will be so many who will love to buy your e-book. Or, if you are a programmer you can create a software or app and sell it through your blog.

When your blog makes money, you will love it more and you will become more passionate about it. Blogging and writing for people has so much fun. You will love it. Nothing is more joyful than writing about something you love, specially when people love your posts.

4) Blogging Is the Easiest and Cheapest Way to Become an Entrepreneur

Nowadays, you don’t have to be a millionaire to start a business and become an entrepreneur. You don’t have to risk any money and invest it in any markets. You can start a blog with less than $100 per year. You heard right… less than $100 per year. You just register a domain for about $10-20 per year and then you buy a hosting package for your blog for about $50 to $80 per year. These are all the expenses of a blog that can potentially make millions of dollars.

Of course, I have to repeat once gain that starting a blog doesn’t equal making a lot of money. It is a lot of work to take your blog off the ground, and as I have mentioned above, you have to be on the right track and follow a proper plan to make money through blogging. I will explain about this more in future.

Blogging is the same as the other businesses in this case. Starting a business that usually has to be done by spending too much time and money, doesn’t necessarily equal making any profit. Many of the businesses get bankrupt in less than a year (read this and this). However, the difference of blogging with the other businesses is that (1) you can start a blog with less than $100 per year, and (2) it can be done by yourself, through your personal computer and from the comfort of your home, and (3) it has no risk and you will not lose any money on it, and (4) it can potentially make a lot of money that 99% of the other businesses can’t.

It is the right time to explain something, because I do know that some of you will ask.

You don’t have to have a blog and you don’t have to be a blogger to make money through the new program we are going to launch very soon (read this and this). However, a good blog is a big help in any business, as well as the new program we are going to launch. Blogging helps doctors, dentists, teachers, coaches, different business owners and. It also helps those who follow the new program we will launch. There is no difference in this case. However, I repeat again that to make money through our program, you don’t have to be a blogger, and you don’t even have to have any special skill or knowledge. Just a basic computer skill is enough. That program is developed in a way that average people can make money through it and become millionaires if they want.

And no, it is not an MLM or things like that too. I say this because I know that some others will say, “so your program is MLM…”

No, it is not.

Think about becoming a blogger and start blogging as soon as you can. We help you do it (I will tell you how). Blogging and having a web address is going to become like driving. People didn’t have to drive in the past, and not everybody had a car. Now, it has almost become a must and you will have a hard time every day if you don’t drive. Blogging has become and is becoming like that too.

Blogging as a business or passion is so easy to start, maintain and promote. Although it is a lot of work at the beginning to take a new blog off the ground, still it is a very easy business which can make a lot of money potentially, compared to the other businesses.

So far, I have given you enough reasons to become a blogger. Maybe there are a lot of other good reasons that I can’t figure out now, but the reasons I gave you above, are already more than enough.

Now let’s say you have decided to become a blogger. What next?

How To Start a Blog

There are a few  important but simple steps to start a blog. I will explain about these steps in more details in the next posts. But here I just give you some tips.

1) Choosing Your Blog Niche

The first step to start a blog is choosing a “niche” for it. On what topic you want your blog to be focused on?

This step is very important because it makes the foundation of your blogging business. Your success and failure as a blogger is strongly dependent on this step.

Many of you, are expert in something. For example you are a doctor, dentist, mechanic, tennis player, cook, carpenter, teacher, trader…

You are able to write about these things, and so you may think that you’d better to focus your blog on these topics, but this is a big mistake.

You can write about your profession very well because you know it very well. But, that will be wasting of time in 99% of the cases, because your blog is not going to attract a reasonable number of readers and followers.

You have to choose a niche that has a high demand and is the most important problem of most people. When the niche you choose is too narrowed down, it is not going to work and attract enough traffic.

Focus your blog on money, making money and wealth, success, enthusiasm, business, self-confidence and things like that. If you do so, you can sometimes write about your current profession and the experiences you have in it as well. But if you focus your blog on a too specific topic, then you can’t talk about the other things, and most probably you will waste your time because your blog will not have any reasonable traffic.

2) Choosing and Registering a Domain Name and Buying a Hosting Package

When you are done with the niche, then you have to choose a domain name for it. A domain name is nothing but a web address like It is the address of your blog.

Choosing a proper domain is also important and I have to have some separate posts on it. However, here I briefly tell you how to choose a good domain name for your blog.

A domain name has to be as short and meaningful as possible. However, your full name is the best option for your blog’s domain name. For example,

The reason is that your followers will know you too, not only your blog. If your blog becomes popular, then you will become a famous and popular person who will be invited to seminars and meetings to talk for people.  You can make a lot of money then. This is the ability and the chance that your blog gives you. Not only it can make money by itself, but also it makes you make money through yourself as your most important product.

It is a good time to warn you about something which is using the free blog services like or They are free and you can start your blog within a few minutes, but it is wasting of time, because that blog will not be yours and you will have no full control on it. Just a change in their terms of service, can cause you to lose your blog and several years of your efforts, suddenly goes down the drain in a matter of an hour. Having a free blog doesn’t make you a blogger. If you want to become a blogger, then either do it professionally from the first day, or forget about it.

So, register a domain name for your blog and have my recommendation in your mind. At the end of this post, I will tell you how to contact my team and ask them to help you start your blog. Then they will get back to you and will teach you the things you need to know to register your domain.

After registering a domain, you have to buy a hosting package for it. Your blog hosting is something like your computer. It is where you place your blog’s content and people of the world will have access to it when they enter your blog’s URL on their web browsers’ address bar.

For the beginning, you can buy a basic package that is not more than $50-70 per year. You don’t need any Addons and extra products and services. Just the basic is enough. If your blog becomes popular and gets lots of traffic, then you can upgrade the hosting.

A good hosting service is so important for the success of your blog because your blog has to be always online. There are some too cheap and affordable hosting services, but they are not good at all because you will always have technical problems with them and your blog will be down most of the time. My team will help you choose a good and affordable hosting for your blog.

3) Installation of a Blogging Platform

After choosing the niche, registering a domain and buying a hosting for it, you need to install the blogging platform on the hosting space you have bought. Then your blog will be up and running and you can start posting on it.

A blogging platform is a software that manages your blog. It gives you the tools you need to write and post articles on your blog, and reply the readers’ comments and… things like that. Fortunately, the most perfect and the strongest blogging platform which is called WordPress, can be downloaded and installed on your blog for free.

Please note that I am not talking about signing up for a free blog on because WordPress also offers such a service that you can sign up for and have a blog like I am not talking about that. That is not a good choice as I explained it above. WordPress offers another product which is their blogging platform that can be downloaded and installed on your hosting space for free. Most hosting services have it in their control panel and you can install WordPress from your hosting control panel.

This part of starting a blog is a little technical and you can’t easily install and run WordPress on your site if you haven’t done it before. However, my team will do it for you. I will tell you how to do that at the end of this article.

4) Writing and Posting

When WordPress is installed, you can start writing and posting. You have a blog and you are a blogger now. There are some important questions about writing and posting on your blog. We will need to talk about them in details in some other posts. However, I am listing them here and I will explain them briefly.

  1. What to write about?
  2. How many posts is enough and how often I have to post on my blog?
  3. How many words each post has to have?


You have chosen a niche for your blog and so your posts have to be related to that niche and the different topics it covers.

You can have a post every day or a few posts per week.

Your posts can be from 400 to 4000 words and beyond. There is no limit, but having too many small posts that are less than 400 words can hurt your blog somehow.

That was a short explanation about posting on your blog. We will talk about it more in future. However, there are some very important tips that I have to give you now:

Never Talk Negative on Your Blog

There are some bloggers who foolishly focus on negativity and want to attract people’s attention through having negative and sabotaging posts against the others. They want to make their blogs popular through sabotaging the other businesses, blogs, companies and competitors. That is the most stupid way that a blogger can choose to promote his/her blog. Although these bloggers can attract some traffic through having negative posts, but those who gather around these kinds of blogs, are some haters and sick people.

Such bloggers and those who follow them, are not normal and healthy people and there is something wrong with them definitely, otherwise they wouldn’t choose negativity while they could focus on positivity which is a much better option. Hate creates hate and a hater is a hateful person himself. Don’t be like that. Never try to sabotage anybody on your blog, be it a competitor or even a company that looks like a scam to you. Sabotaging the others is stupid. It ruins the healthy environment that your blog has to have, and you won’t be able to create a healthy community around your blog.

Keep in mind that you are going to have some enemies, critics and haters if your blog becomes popular. They will have negative posts and reviews against you and your blog and they will post nasty comments to your blog. This is normal:

“To avoid criticism say nothing, do nothing, be nothing.”—Elbert Hubbard

The best thing you can do is that you never pay any attention to their posts and reviews and you never publish their comments on your blog. This is the best and the easiest thing you can do about your enemies, critics and haters. Don’t waste any time and energy on them. You can’t change anything. They are sick.

Never Publish the Other Blogs’ and Sites’ Contents on Your Blog

Copying/pasting the other blogs’ and sites’ contents on your blog is not called blogging. It is content stealing and is called plagiarism. It not only doesn’t give your blog any credit, but it causes the search engines to ban your blog, and so it will never receive any traffic. Above all, it is illegal and can be even criminal, and so it can sometimes cost you a lot. So do it only when you are the biggest enemy of your own blog.

What Language to Choose for Your Blog


Most of the Internet users’ language is English and English blogs have a much higher traffic and they make more money. Blogging in your native language isn’t a good idea at all even when it is a popular language like Chinese or Spanish. It is wasting of time and you will not get any reasonable traffic, nor will you make any money through such a blog.

What if your English is not good?

This is not a good excuse at all. You can easily improve your English while you blog. The more you write, the more you learn.

One of our followers said that he was not interested in having a blog because he couldn’t write in English. I told him that he had two options. First, he forgets about blogging. Second, he starts a blog. If he chooses the first option, then after 5 years, his English will still be the same as it is now, because he hasn’t taken any actions toward improving his English. But if he chooses the second option, he will have a popular blog and his English will be a lot better after 5 years from today.

What option will you choose? You have to get out of your comfort zone if you want to take your life to a higher level.

“Everything you want is on the other side of fear.”

And, fear of writing just because you are not a writer and you have never written about anything so far, or because your English is not good, is the fear that can easily prevent you from having a big opportunity that can change your life. It is your choice.

Ask For Our Help

Our team can help you start your blog within a day. As I mentioned above, blogging will have a lot of advantages for you. Besides, you can follow our new program a lot better when you have a blog (although you don’t have to have a blog to make money with our new program).

Click Here to contact our team now. Have “I Want To Start A Blog” as the subject. Please don’t use a Hotmail or Live email because you won’t receive our reply. Gmail and Yahoo emails are the best.

One of my team members will get back to you shortly and will let you know what to do. We don’t charge you to setup and run your blog, however you have to pay for the domain and hosting. We will host your blog on several cloud servers around the world and you will get so many free services including free SEO and digital marketing services.

Act now and take some new steps to improve your life:

“If you want what the top 1% of the wealthiest people have, then you’ve got to be willing to do what the other 99% of people won’t do.”