Become a Millionaire with Epic Trading

Join a Great System and Start Making Money 100% on Autopilot

For the first time in the history of the Internet, you are lucky to have the chance to make money 100% on autopilot.

This may look too good to be true. However, if you spend a few minutes and read the words below, you will realize that this is nothing but a good system that we are 100% confident about, and so we want to promote it at whatever it costs.

This is a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity. Don’t miss it!

Please read the words below to see how and why we’ve planned to make our followers millionaires, and how we are working hard toward achieving this goal:

How Are We Going to Achieve This?

1. We’ve started working with a new system which is great: Epic Trading

Epic Trading is a strong system that enables us to generate passive income and increase it over time. It has the strongest compensation plan supported by a strong management team and company. We grow our members’ teams to enable them to make money and grow their income gradually, and this grows our team and increases our income as well. Our members’ success is our success.

2. We recruit three members for the members who join our team by the end of April 2021. They will be placed in the list below and will receive three personal and direct referrals in their teams, when it is their turn according the list. Therefore, you must join sooner to have a higher position in our list to receive the three personal referrals sooner, start making money within a shorter time.

Why do we do this?

It has a $134.99 monthly fee to sign up for the Epic Scholar program, which is the Epic Trading’s main product/service. However, if you recruit three other members, you will become eligible to sign up for an IBO account for $14.99 per month, and your Epic Scholar monthly fee ($134.99) will be waived (after recruiting your three personal referrals, you must sign up for an IBO account for $14.99/month to become able to get paid based on the Epic Trading’s referral compensation plan).

Therefore, we recruit three personal referrals for our members to (1) enable them to have their $134.99 monthly membership fee waived, and (2) to grow their teams at the same time. According to the Epic Trading compensation plan ranks, this enables them to start making money when they get 12 members in their teams. This is something that has already been fulfilled for some of our members, and so they have started making money. You can see it in the list below.

Besides, when we grow our members’ teams, our own team also grows, and so we can reach a higher rank and make more money, according to the Epic Trading compensation plan.

3. By following the above process, our referrals’ teams will grow. Growing each referral’s team will grow the other referrals’ teams, and also our own team.

4. We will continuously repeat this cycle to enable each of our members to start making money and to increase their income gradually. Some of our members have already started making $600/month (see the list below) and their income will go higher when they reach the higher ranks. This campaign was started to make our members millionaires. We will make millions only when they make millions.

Is It Possible to Become a Millionaire Through This System?

Epic Trading enables each and every one of us to make hundreds of thousands of dollars per month.Β How?

Through their (1) Forex signals/training and (2) referral compensation plan.

The Epic Trading’s Compensation Plan tells you that it is possible to become a millionaire with this program, gradually, over time and through joining a growing team like ours. You won’t make any money if you don’t build your team. However, you are lucky that you are here, because if you join through us, we will build your team, and you will reach the Epic Trading Ranks one by one, while you won’t have to do anything at all. You just need to have an active account. That’s all.

This is how you can become a millionaire. It takes some time, but it is possible to be achieved, based on the Epic Trading’s compensation plan, and by joining our campaign that I explained above. We are serious about achieving this, while we do not guarantee any income or referrals for our members because we are not allowed to do so. However, we are doing good and our referrals’ teams are growing.

Some of our members have already reached the first rank in the Epic Trading compensation plan, and they are making $600 per month (please see the list below). This is just the beginning and more members will start making money. You can be one of them.

At the same time, you can use the Epic Trading’s Forex signals to grow your Forex account steadily every month. We are using their signals while we are growing our teams. You can also make money through their Forex signals, whether you are a professional Forex trader, or you know nothing about Forex trading. Most people join Epic Trading to use their signals. We are really happy with the quality of their signals. They have good success rate and risk to reward ratio.

So you have everything here to achieve financial freedom.Β Set your goal to become a millionaire or even a billionaire, and take action toward achieving it. Even if you cannot become a millionaire or billionaire eventually, at least you will become rich and financially free:

“Shoot for the moon. Even if you miss, you’ll land among the stars.”β€”Les Brown

The good thing here is that if you decide to achieve this goal, we will handle the important and hard parts of the work for you, and we will help you to take the steps easier and faster. We don’t guarantee anything because we are not allowed to do so. However, we are serious about achieving this goal: establishing a community of millionaires that you can be one of them if you take action now!

Special Offer:

There is a $134.99 fee for each cycle which is 28 days. However, you receive a 15-35% discount if you sign up for more cycles:

  • 2 Cycles – $229.48 (15% Off – Save $40.50)
  • 3 Cycles – $303.73 (25% Off – Save $101.24)
  • 6 Cycles – $566.96.48 (30% Off – Save $242.98)
  • 12 Cycles – $1,052.92 (35% Off – Save $566.96)

10-Day Satisfaction Guarantee:

There is no risk because there is an initial 10-day satisfaction guarantee. Therefore, you can receive your money back within 10 days, in case you decide to leave. However, you won’t do this because what you will gain is a lot more than what you pay πŸ˜‰

Sign up Now:

Click Here to refer to Epic Trading’s registration form. You can pay with different kinds of bank, debit and credit card and also Bitcoin.

On the registration form, it may ask for the Enroller ID. If so, you should enter this number: 8373940

Once you do it, you will see your Enroller Name:

However, the Enroller Name is usually on the form already, and so you won’t have to enter the Enroller ID.

Our Epic Trading Team So Far:

Note: If you sign up for an account and then your account becomes inactive later because of cancellation or declining, you will permanently lose your position in the list below, and you won’t receive your three personal referrals and other privileges from us.

Congratulations to our Epic members for joining us in this once-in-a-lifetime opportunity. Some of them have already started making money and the rest will do the same hopefully very soon:

  1. Ramachandran Suppan
    9- Greg Henry
    10- Francisc-Adrian Kalapis
  2. Mui Noi Phey
    11- Mumitul Farukee
    12- Judith Chioma
    13- Vinson Montgomery
    14- Carl Rukavina
  3. Otis Christian Jr.
    15- Sherean Joseph
    16- Dylan Collins
    17- Mui Noi Phey
  4. Steinar Kloverod
    β€”β€” 32- Veronica Kloverod
    18- Sandro Pace
    19- Mohan Dandamudi
    20- Alan
  5. Yvonne Kubsch
    β€” 27- Steinar Kloverod
    β€” 28- Shane Collins
  6. Larisa
    β€” 33- Ann Davidson
  7. Tina White
  8. Jeffrey Chung Fai Pui

21- Terry Archie
22- Larisa
23- Abdul Akher
24- Andy Vining
25- Stephen Furr Jr
26- Markus BΓ€urle
29- Karen Dale
30- Gzim Kurti
31- Klaus Oliveira
34- Thomas Bollhem

Join as soon as possible, not to fall behind. This is a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity that no other person, website or company offers. When it is gone, it is gone forever πŸ˜‰

Watch the videos below to learn more about us, Epic Trading and the way we are growing our Epic Trading team:

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    • Favour,
      So you need to join now because there are only 3 free positions left. And I am sure they will be taken by the end of the day.

  1. Hi Vahid. I don’t know whether I am lucky enough or not to be your early bird. However, I just joined your team because I am pretty confident that you will help us in achieving financial and time freedom. Even though I have some financial problem now, I will try my best to find some money to pay this monthly fee. I do not want to miss this golden opportunity.

    • Hi Izi,
      Wow! Thank you for joining πŸ˜€
      Yes, you are among the first 10 which means you will have a share from 50% of our EPIC monthly income. It means, for example if we make $20,000 in a month, half of it which is i$10,000 will be divided among the first 10, and so you will receive $1000.
      But… what if we make $1,000,000 per month?!!! πŸ˜€
      We are extremely serious to work as hard as we can toward achieving this and reaching that monthly EPIC income.
      Please attend our webinar tonight.

    • Thank you Vahid. Happy to know that. Unfortunately, the time for webinar was not right for me. Maybe next time.

      Dream big and make it happen. Cheers!

    • Hi Izi,
      Thank you too πŸ™‚
      You have already took the step that was necessary to take. We appreciate your trust and participation. Now you are an important part of this amazing project…

  2. Thank you Vahid for giving me the chance to join Epic Trading. I am happy to hear that I am among the first 10 that can have a share from 50% of LuckScout’s monthly profit.

    • Thank you for your trust Steinar πŸ™‚
      We are also so happy to have you in our EPIC team and also in The LuckScout Club. This is teamwork and you have already participated and taken a big part of the work and responsibility. So we will work hard to help you and other members to make your dreams come true.
      Thank you again πŸ™‚

  3. Hi sir, this is David from Nigeria, please can I also join this group, I’ve been following your website for a while now and learnt some fact,
    If you, please help me out, I tried to register, could not complete (invalid credit card error), please how can we from Nigeria be among this lucky ones?

    • Hi David,
      If you can make the payment, you can sign up. I have seen on EPIC Trading’s Telegram group that Nigerians’ problem is that their country has limited their daily online payments. That’s why you are receiving the error.

  4. Steinar, congrats too. I hoped to join but it became impossible as my resources were not enough. I just let it go. I will get another opportunity.

  5. It is really great that the first distribution has been made and that the team is growing. We need to grow the team a lot more to be able to benefit everyone.

  6. I have been trading for many years – trading has become a life long passion for me and I do it part time as I am a retail trader. Because I do not have a professional back ground in trading my learning curve was very slow, and am I still learning. Also, am I a member of a large multi-national network marketing company where I have senior distributorship status. However, I have become inactive due to personal reasons, one being that I did not have the time, and neither the knowledge about internet marketing. I have also published a book on network marketing a few years ago and it is not in print anymore. It used to sell at bookshops nation wide as well as overseas. And, now I am presented with an opportunity with these three industries combined. Miracles do happen! I joined your team today. Thank you Vahid!

    • Welcome to this great team Iyun! Welcome to Epic and Luck Scout team. You have such a great knowledge and experience which can be shared through the luck scout platform and earn money.

  7. Hi Team, it appears that the momentum has waned a little over the recent weeks.
    Do we have a recruitment plan that can be shared amongst the membership especially those already enrolled in EPIC? Other than the videos above which are great do we have any other resources that we can use to promote EPIC?

    • Hi Edward,
      Thank you for your concern.
      Our videos and your posts on the social media are the best to promote the team.

    • Hi Roderick,
      On the payment options page, scroll down to find “MaxiCash” and make your payment through it.

  8. Hello, luckScout team, i saw this written on Epictrading website.

    “It’s very important that you fully review our program before you register as an IBO and begin promoting Epic and our services The IBO Membership does not come with access to the Epic University training and trading services.”

    does is means if i joined under your team as an Ibo, i will not have access to the epic trading university or the forex signals ??

    • Hi Bill,
      I don’t know where you have got this from. However, it is not true. Once you sign up for the “Epic Scholar” program, you will have access to all the trading educational content and also the signals. When you have your three personal referrals, you will have the chance to upgrade to IBO, and so you will get paid for $33.75 per week, while you still have access to all of the educational stuff and also the signals. We guarantee this.

    • The IBO alone may not have access to the trading stuff. However, all of those who become IBO, are Scholar at the same time. So they have access to everything.

      If you want to start, you must sign up for Scholar which is $134.99/month. However, when you have your three personal referrals, you can upgrade to IBO for $14.99/month. But, at the same time that you will pay $134.99 and $14.99, you will receive $33.75/month too, so that the total money you will have to pay as an IBO will be $14.99.

  9. From the time you wrote the article up to now , i think you have the 100 members already so i might not be lucky to get your 1st three refferals that’s what am afaid of , otherwise i like the business and your strategy,

  10. are you still providing the 3 member for those that joined under you??
    and secondly can I be using epic signal with a $500 account ??

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