If you are considering investing in real estate, I am sure you are also looking at the best books on real estate investing.

This is because not all of us are real estate experts.

We all need a certain degree of handholding about how to go about investing.

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But at the same time, real estate is a tricky investment proposition.

If you are not aware of the appropriate investment destinations, you can end up with deep losses.

This is exactly why the best books on real estate can come handy.

Best Books on Real Estate InvestingThey do not just offer great insight into the nitty-gritty of the trade but also its various dynamics.

But the question is where to look for the best books to refer to in this genre?

A quick search on the internet reveals a long list of names you can refer to.

Every book on real estate investing will surely have something to offer.

But most times, we are looking for comprehensive versions that can give us all round understanding.

This is how you can appropriately grade the most effective books on real estate.

This is a complicated task with details about every type of real estate properties.

The investment dynamics of each type is different too.

We made the task relatively simpler by collating the best books on real estate investing.

These cover a comprehensive type and variation of write-ups and help investors develop a rounded perspective.

Most important these are some of the most popular books on real estate investing.

As a result, readers get a natural edge while they are investing in the real estate market.

They start appreciating a wide range of opportunities.

At the same time, they are also able to get a definitive advantage looking for returns on investment.

What Are the Best Books on Real Estate Investing?

Here is the list of the best books on real estate investing:

  1. Building Wealth One House at a Time
  2. The Art of the Deal by President Donald Trump
  3. Long-Distance Real Estate Investing
  4. The Book on Investing in Real Estate with No (And Low) Money Down
  5. What Every Real Estate Investor Needs to Know About Cash Flow
  6. The ABC’s of Real Estate Investing
  7. Real Estate Loopholes

1. Building Wealth One House at a Time

Building Wealth One House at a TimeThis is undeniably one of the most talked about books on real estate investment.

Written by John Schaub, this book can be pretty much considered a bible for investing in this sector.

John Schaub is a very well-known real estate investor.

In many circles, he is also known as the Warren Buffett of the real estate world.

Needless to mention that his book is a pretty comprehensive guide on the different variants in real estate.

Some of the key topics in this book include

Primary strategies and principles of investing in real estate.

Ways to finance real estate investment

The basics of a real estate deal

Ways to negotiate deals and looking for right options.

Buying real estate contracts

Legal formalities associated with real estate investment.

What is particularly striking about this book on real estate is the approach.

The advice and the approach are both deeply grounded and extremely practical.

When people keep referring to the book for generations, it surely lends a unique credibility.

Moreover, the fact that it is working for him as real estate owner, lender and house flipper is an important factor.

One of the biggest problems with these investing books is the quality of content.

But that is exactly where this book comes across as a definitive winner.

This book concentrates on highlighting the basic tenets of investing in real estate.

This is exactly where this turns out to be one of the best books.

It empowers investors in achieving degrees of financial independence.

It can be through investing in residential properties, renting real estate or even financing.

This book is a comprehensive guide on various elements of real estate investment.

His views especially on buying a house at a time and then generating profit is particularly useful.

2. The Art of the Deal by President Donald Trump

The Art of the Deal by President Donald TrumpI am sure the mention of the name Donald Trump will get you interested.

But there is more to this book than the US President’s name.

It is written by Allison Bethell, a celebrated real estate investing writer.

The basic outline of the book details out the success of Donald Trump as a real estate bigwig.

Well, you may question Trump’s policies as a President, but you cannot deny that he is a renowned real estate magnate.

His acumen for real estate investment is quite well known.

The primary point of the book is to bring to light how real estate deals.

What is particularly striking about the book is, it uses real-life examples.

That makes the narration a lot more candid and easy to grasp.

Moreover, when complicated real estate investment principles are explained through real examples, the impact is much bigger.

It makes the examples far more realistic and easy to grasp.

Needless to mention, it makes the concepts also relatively clearer.

Most importantly the mention of a successful real estate investor like Trump makes the whole idea a lot more believable.

As a result, the book is accepted more whole-heartedly by readers.

It was published in 1987 for the first time.

Though the economy has gone through significant change globally, the basic tenets remain same.

In many ways, this book highlights all those elements.

That is why this is so popular and considered amongst the best books.

More than anything, it is an extremely captivating and equally easy to read book.

Once you start reading, it will keep you interested till the last word.

It highlights the various elements of negotiating deals and how to identify potential targets.

This is one of those books you simply can’t ignore.

3. Long-Distance Real Estate Investing

Long-Distance Real Estate InvestingA friend of mine was recently considering buying a villa in Tuscany compared to a small flat in Mumbai.

His contention was real estate returns will be much higher, and he will get better value for money.

That got me thinking, and this is where I hit upon this book by David Greene.

Investing in real estate does not have to be only limited to your locality.

It can be just about anywhere in the world, where you can potentially invest.

David Greene explains to readers how they can successfully work and develop a steady business anywhere.

His focus is primarily on investing in relationships that help foster better ties and create a constructive team.

He also empowers his readers about deciding on potential targets and basics of buying real estate.

This is extremely important because real estate rules differ from one location to another.

The practical element in David Greene’s book is what makes it extremely gripping.

It is full of quick tips and many simple solutions to enhance your investment experience.

The most important focal point in the book is how to identify properties in other countries or states.

Do not underestimate the knack of identifying deals.

Often this becomes the biggest game changer in any real estate deal.

You have to adapt the local lingo and speak with the agents in their terms.

Greene helps you master this technique and also the ways scrutinize a neighborhood with ease.

This is a very important element of long distance investment.

It is extremely crucial to know whether a property is worth investing.

More so when you stay far away, and you can be misled quite easily.

It, therefore, helps as a ready guide to navigate through the different aspects of long-distance investment.

4. The Book on Investing in Real Estate with No (And Low) Money Down

The Book on Investing in Real Estate with No (And Low) Money DownNow with a title like this, it is definitely a deal clincher.

It is not just one of the best books on real estate investing but also a pocketbook on basics.

Written by Brandon Turner, this book talks about financial real estate deals.

It also touches on deal analysis elements as well as the legal contracts of a deal.

But ways to finance a real estate acquisition is the most important aspect.

We often go ahead with the premise that you need a lot of money for real estate investment.

Without a certain level of ready capital, you cannot contemplate investing in real estate.

But this book and Brandon Turner come with a brand new perspective.

He details a list of less popular tools that you can use for financing your real estate buys.

What really helps is he is not just giving you some theoretical ideas.

He has used every instrument that he talks about.

This is what makes these tools a lot more acceptable.

His personal experience acts as a credential for the tools he is suggesting.

He has used most of the ones he suggests for investing in real estate.

The focus is completely on how to make money without using traditional resources.

The concepts are well examined and come with a definitive track record of proven gains.

Looking for ‘creative financing techniques’ is the focus of the book.

That is what enables this book to stand apart from many others on the list.

Most importantly, this book manages to create a conclusive strategy that is not finance-heavy.

The easy language and the personal experiences add a degree of acceptance to the book.

It gives readers the confidence to try out some non-conventional methods.

5. What Every Real Estate Investor Needs to Know About Cash Flow

What Every Real Estate Investor Needs to Know About Cash FlowIf you are dealing with real estate investments for sufficiently long, you know cash flow is important.

That is exactly the hero of one of the best books on real estate investing by Frank Gallinelli.

It helps readers with a detailed understanding of some of the basic principles of real estate investment.

In many ways, their window of opportunity in terms understanding how to go ahead with investing in this sector.

Real estate success is closely linked to your comfort with numbers.

This is exactly why this is considered one of the best books.

It champions the cause of numbers in succinct and systematic fashion.

The balance that the book achieves between the big picture and smaller details is phenomenal.

That is what makes it so popular amongst its readers.

It is also that crucial element which helps them in developing a strong understanding of the principles of investment.

That often becomes the focal point of this book and also attracts readers.

Broadly 3 or 4 ideas feature prominently in this book.

  • Buying real estate is not just about negotiating a deal; you may have to literally turn into a detective to take full advantage of available offers.
  • Your financial decisions should be guided by logic, don’t let your emotions cloud them.
  • There is no fixed formula to calculate returns; it may change with the change in perspective.
  • Highlights some ready formulas that every serious real estate investor must keep ready.

The most important quality of the book lies in the level of details and thoroughness of concepts.

That makes the overall perspective relatively far-fetching and lot more impactful.

Whether you are making offers or closing deals, you can always use the ready nuggets of wisdom from this book.

6. The ABC’s of Real Estate Investing

The ABC’s of Real Estate InvestingThe name of the book is self-explanatory in itself.

This masterpiece by Ken McElroy is inspirational, practical and revolutionary all at once.

As the author mentions, this book did not just save his job but his marriage too.

McElroy details out the developments when the depression set in.

He had started investing in real estate after he bought his Condo.

He turned it into a rental property and was amassing a steady amount.

But all of a sudden he had to move out of the country.

It was around the time when global markets were under the throes of a depression.

He started losing thousands of dollars on that investment.

The question is how could he stop this and stop ruining his life.

He uses very simple examples to narrate his experience and concepts about investing in real estate.

The personal experience that he has amassed adds to the charm of the book.

It makes the narrative a lot more succinct.

It also enhances the quality of instructions that the author gives his readers.

Whether you are a big player or a small one, you can easily benefit from the book.

It creates sustainable real-life perspectives for interested readers to follow

As the name implies, it covers most aspects of real estate investment in a thorough fashion.

It strengthens the core understanding to empower investors to buy over the longer term.

Therefore, it becomes the cornerstone of their real estate strategies.

These strategies are quite different from the ones used for stocks or forex market.

This is where this book scores above many others which deal with the same topic.

In fact, it is one of the best books if you are looking for continuous gains and steady profit from investing in real estate.

7. Real Estate Loopholes

Real Estate LoopholesReal estate investments can be very profitable provided you can navigate effectively.

There are innumerable loopholes that you can take advantage of.

There are many tax strategies that beginners fail to spot.

All of these result in significant losses for investors.

But this book on real estate investing by Dianne Kennedy, Robert T. Kiyosaki & Garrett Sutton seeks to address exactly this fact.

In fact, this is an important read for most serious investors in real estate.

One of the best books, it helps outline the consequences of ever-expanding real estate portfolios.

It helps investors understand how they can tackle the tax implications.

Also, it gives them some ready tax strategies to enhance their investment returns.

It highlights the need to induct a real estate tax professional in your team.

Real estate laws can be quite dynamic.

What is particularly important to remember is that they change from state to state.

With a real estate professional ready to help, you can easily get an edge in terms of legal formalities.

The book uses very simple language and easy comprehension to bring the spotlight on tax irregularities.

That often becomes a very tender area and needs special care.

One of the best books on real estate investing, this offers exactly this advantage to readers.


If you are just starting to invest in real estate, these books will help you get a realistic grasp of the situation.

Most of these books concentrate on creating practical modules to work with.

As a result, both veterans and beginners can get sustained benefit from these books on real estate investing.

Though there are thousands of such books, the above list contains some of the best books on real estate investing.

They have stood the challenge of time and situation and emerged as sustained winners in the list of the best books on real estate.