The tryst to save money is omnipresent, whether you go for grocery shopping, garden supplies or designer outfits.

What if you had a money saving app that could guarantee your savings every time you buy.

Well if you thought it is only possible in your imagination, think again?!

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Think about all those apps that promise your discounts and cash back.

Now isn’t that savings?

Well, quite a lot of it actually but it is only incremental and over a point of time.

So patience is a keyword here.

We decided to make the task a lot easier for you.

What Are the Best Money Saving Apps?

Money Saving AppsMoney saving apps are the apps that you can install on your phone to get discount or cash back when you shop.

Here is a list of the 10 best apps to save money that are also extremely convenient:

  1. Mint
  2. One Receipt
  3. Goodbudget
  4. DebtTracker Pro
  5. Amazon Local
  6. Expensify
  7. Ibotta
  8. Shopkick
  9. Compare Booking
  10. Best Parking

1) Mint:

Save Money with Mint AppIt is one of the most practical money saving apps.

It is this single app that enables you to keep track of all your financial activity in just one place.

Whether you are looking at your savings or checking your retirement details or want to check your cash flow, it has several security aspects.

It is password protected and you can even deactivate it from your phone from the website in case the phone is misplaced.

It is compatible with most smartphones.

Mint is almost the most popular money saving app.

But it is a lot more than just an app that helps you save money.

It helps you manage all of your financial activities.

Mint enables you have all of your bills and payments in one place.

It helps you not to miss any of the payments due.

You can pay your bill in one go without having to login to several different sites.

This saves you time and money.

It saves time because it makes the payments a lot easier.

It saves you money because you lose money on late fees.

For example, the credit card companies charge you when you don’t pay your credit card bills on time.

The good thing is that Mint is a free money saving app.

Although it is free, it does a lot of things for you that you never have time to do them on your own.

For example, sometimes you are paying a lot of money for the things like your credit cards, mortgage and loan.

Even you are paying more tax for some reason.

Mint finds the same services with a lower fee and enables you so save hundreds of dollars every year on the same services that you have been receiving.

Or, it helps you pay less tax and save a lot of money on your tax.

2) One Receipt:

Many times you want to keep track of all your receipts and control your costs, but invariably you seem to be misplacing them.

This is a very handy money saving app that helps you do exactly that.

It keeps track of all your paper and digital receipts.

In this way, you will ensure that all your receipts are in one place and there is no chance of misplacing them.

You could easily download this app.

However, it is sad to say that they have shut down the site, and so their money saving app is not available anymore for some reason.

3) Goodbudget:

Goodbudget Is One of the Best Money Saving AppsThis is often considered one of the best money saving apps.

This one allows you to sync all your budget and expense plans across devices.

So whether you are saving to buy a new couch in your living room or your husband is making the calculation for a trip to Europe, this one allows you to sync everything together and save the money as a group.

It is compatible with most Android and iOS devices.

As a strong money saving app, Goodbudget can be used for free.

However, by paying $5 per month or $45 per year, you can have unlimited accounts.

You can also have the app on 5 devices and have access to 5 years of history which is great.

4) DebtTracker Pro:

DebtTracker pro Is a Good Money Saving AppLosing control over your debt is often the reason for losing most of your savings.

Though available only for iOS enabled devices, this one is a cool application that can chart out both your savings and debt in a lot more constructive manner.

This money saving app can help you pay off your debt and also help you effectively overcome your financial problems.

You also have visual reminders that help you get a realistic picture of how far you are from your financial goals or how much you have covered in terms of overcoming your financial challenges.

We all know that getting over your debt can be a rather uphill task, but this one enables you to tackle the problem better and route your savings more effectively.

What I can’t get over is that why this app doesn’t have website and is only listed on App store.

The current version of this strong financial app that helps you save a lot of money on everything, has a 4-star rating which is great.

This money saving app is not free and you have to pay $1.99 to buy it.

5) Amazon Local:

Amazon Local Helps You Get a Lot of Discount Everywhere.Another popular and widely used money saving app is the Amazon Local.

This app enables you to look for various deals while you are on the go and search for deals real time.

When used effectively, you can save as much as 75%.

You also have the option to set up specific choices and preferences as per your needs.

You don’t need any specific coupon to take advantage of these deals.

Just buying it through this app will activate the deals for you.

This is equally effective on Android as well as iOS and even Kindle Fire.

Unlike the above 4 apps, Amazon Local is not a financial management app that manages your payments, debts, bills and… .

It is an app that helps you find the best deals and discounts around the area you live in.

This app can save you a lot of money because it helps you pay a lot less on the products and services you need.

Amazon Local even helps you get so many freebies.

It seems Amazon Local is also discontinued and Amazon doesn’t support the service anymore.

6) Expensify:

If you travel a lot for business or otherwise or you are perpetually on the go as in the case of sales persons, this is a very convenient application.

It keeps a record of any receipt that you would have got, records various travel expenses and many other related services.

Moreover, this app can read a paper receipt so do not have to feed in details manually, saving a lot of effort on your part.

7) Ibotta:

This too works both on IOS and Android and helps you get rebates or discount.

It simply takes a photo of your receipts and depending on what you signed up for, helps you take advantage of the various discounts and deals available.

You can also use the various promotional packages that could be available for consumers.

8) Shopkick:

Available on both Android and iOS phones; this application is a convenient money saving app.

Using this app, you can earn points, buy products, ask friends to join your circle and earn rewards by simply walking to a store as well.

This app is so popular that close to 6 million people are using it at the moment and the number is perpetually on the rise.

9) Compare Booking:

This one too is quite prominently placed on the list of best apps to save money.

It helps you compare your bookings across a range of websites and helps you take advantage of the most favorable deals available.

They are effective for searching some of the best bargains on hotels the world over.

The advantage is they compare some of the best known global websites like Expedia.

This, therefore, lends quite a bit of credibility to the entire app’s authenticity and therefore, more and more people are convinced about using it and saving money on every booking they make.

10) Best Parking:

This one works effectively on Blackberry along with Android and iOS.

The interesting bit about this money saving app is that it is very accurate and helps you clock in significant savings.

It gives you ideas about the cheapest and the closest parking options.

In the case of any inaccurate report, they even back up their services with a Starbucks gift card worth $5.

Therefore, people find it as an extremely credible option to look for parking especially on a crowded weekend when everyone is out and looking for parking options close to their destination.

These money saving apps, therefore, can help you get real time gains across a wide range of products from grocery to parking.

Most of these are very effective across operating software like Android and IOS and even Blackberry at times.

This enhances their user friendliness and the convenience associated with the applications.