If you are interested in trading penny stocks, I am sure you also invest in resources to improve the trading experience. The penny stocks trading apps help you to get quotes faster. They could also enable you to execute trades swiftly and get a far better grasp of the stock market.

In fact, there are many types of trading apps that are available in the market. Some apps help you stay updated on the latest market news while there are some apps that could help you understand the nuances of effective trading.

Best Penny Stocks Trading AppsSo what are the features that you would look for when you install a penny stocks trading app? Invariably, compatibility and ease of use are two of the most important aspects. Any app that is easy to understand and navigate is almost always popular. Plus, it must be able to serve your purpose effectively and unobtrusively. The cost of installing the app is also a key consideration. After all, you will never really enjoy spending a huge amount for a mere penny stocks trading app.

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We decided to make the task a lot simpler for you for shortlisting some of the best and most popular penny stocks trading apps available in the market now. Of course, different apps have a different degree of efficiency in iOS and Android devices. So, as you get set to trade in the hot penny stocks of 2017, we get you the best penny stocks trading apps to trade them with.

What Are the Best Penny Stocks Trading Apps?

Here is the list of the best penny stocks trading apps:

  1. Real-Time Stocks
  2. Stock Trainer
  3. Ameritrade Mobile
  4. Stock Master
  5. Stocks: Realtime Quotes & Charts
  6. Scrutify
  7. Stock Screener
  8. Yahoo Finance
  9. Trading 212 Forex & Stocks

1) Real-Time Stocks

Real-Time Stocks

If you are an active penny stocks trader, this can be one of the most useful applications. With a whopping 9.2 rating, it is by far one of the most effective penny stocks trading apps. This application is predominantly for iPhone users.

Some of its most striking features include

  1. Quick reference
  2. Keeping track of your investment
  3. Real-time quite
  4. Trade without delays/snag
  5. Monitor multiple real-time quotes and latch on to the best rates
  6. Do not need account or broker assistance to access the app

2) Stock Trainer

Stock Trainer

If you are an active penny stocks trader, this is one of the most useful penny stocks trading apps on Android. It has a rating close to 9 and is available absolutely free. It is a rather no frill trading app with practically no ads. If you are not confident about taking the plunge into the world of penny stocks, this app also has features that can help you learn to trade with real-time market data. So, it is quite a big advantage for those traders who want to test the water before taking the actual plunge.

For example, if your gut feeling supports a particular entity, but you don’t want to end up losing a lot of money in the process, this is a unique app that allows you to test the situation without incurring any major loss. In other words, you can devise strategies using this app and take advantage of real-time rates.

This app does not have any specific freemium features, and your Google sign-in ID is what comprises of your log-in ID. However, the only point of concern while using this app is that it does not have any auto-generated stop/limit values. Investors, therefore, have to be cautious.

3) Ameritrade Mobile

Ameritrade Mobile

Designed specifically for iOS products, both the iPad and iPhone, this is one of the ultimate weapons to trade penny stocks. Whether you are a bull or a bear in the market, with this penny stocks trading app, your gains are confirmed.

It is a relative hassle free and quite uncomplicated in terms of navigating it. The user interface is also extremely convenient and designed to aid all types of users.

For short-term holdings, the minutest price change can often lead to huge differences. But with Ameritrade app installed on your phone, you are never too far away from your investment. You will get the exact entry price, the difference thus far, the potential loss-gain situation and other crucial details.

This penny stocks trading app is extremely useful if you are interested in trading in after market hours. Moreover, it is a very fast trading platform. So, if you have spotted a deal and needed to execute immediately, this has to be your weapon of choice. Fast and accurate trades are what an Ameritrade specializes in and helps you make more money from the same set of investment.

4) Stock Master

Stock Master

In the world of penny stocks trading app, this is one of the best kind of mobile applications you could use to trade in penny stocks on an iOS device. Whether you are a beginner, a day trader, a stock market veteran, a chartist or simply a part-time penny stock investor, this is the kind of app that can streamline your overall trading experience significantly. With close to a 9 rating on an average across app review platforms we can easily rate this among the top grade penny stocks trading apps.

The Stock Master is extremely easy to use and simple to navigate without any scope of any confusion. This app has

  1. Interactive charting features
  2. Proven investment and tracking options
  3. Gives real time quotes and highlights dependable technical trends

Operating or rather navigating is quite simple, whether you are trading stocks or adding of removing these penny stocks from your trading list or even the watch list.

5) Stocks: Realtime Quotes & Charts

Realtime Quotes & Charts

With a stupendous 9.4 rating, this is one of the best android penny stock apps that you could use to trade. Be it for beginners or veterans, day traders or chartists; it is a handy app that helps you stay on top of all the major market action. From getting quick stock updates to having news updates at your fingertips, you can get it all on this android application.

It is extremely user-friendly and makes navigating between multiple windows almost cakewalk. No doubt, then you can keep a track of all your savings and investments rather effectively. According to user feedback, it can also be counted as one of the best research tools on android. Penny stock investors understand the value of quality research better than most other types of investors.

Users get a truckload of free features along with this app. These help them to be quick and nimble with their penny stock related trades and monitor the market action with far greater agility. This app completely cuts down the need to sit in front of a trading monitor and track trades. You can do it all while on the move and completely free.

6) Scrutify


This is another dependable penny stock app on offer for Apple devices. Whether you are a trader or investor, veteran or beginner, this is one great app that will keep you connected at all times.

This app essentially collects all possible news, information and trends that you might be seeing in the penny stock of your choice. You stay on top of every small and big development in the stock of your choice. Given how news driven penny stocks are, this can often prove to be the biggest game changer in your overall investment strategy.

There is a huge range of languages that this app is available in and it is extremely easy to navigate. You can also have interactive sessions with key market gurus and follow their trading advice. This will help you derive the highest returns for the money that you are investing in these penny stocks.

Another interesting feature of this penny stocks trading app is that users can also incorporate its usage in other asset classes like forex, commodities and Futures too. So, you don’t just trade in a penny stock of your choice, but other potentially attractive counters too.

7) Stock Tracker-Real-time Stock

With a 9.6 rating, it is one of the most comprehensive penny stocks trading apps on iPhone. An absolutely free application, it provides free live streaming, after hour trading quotes and helps your monitor your portfolio.

The gamut of exchanges covered by this penny stocks trading app is quite exhaustive and includes

  1. US Stock options
  2. Global Currencies, Indices
  3. Commodity exchanges
  4. Stock Futures

Overall the ease of usage and convenience of operating multiple windows at one time is what adds to the overall charm of this penny stocks trading app. It is a complete package that helps you make money even when you are on the go.

7) Stock Screener

Stock Screener

Another free Android penny stocks trading app that you could narrow down for trading penny stocks is undoubtedly the Stock Screener. This app provides you stock assistance based on technical trends prevalent in the US stock market. If you are interested in swing trading or day trades penny stocks, this is a great app to fall back on in this regard.

With the help of technical analysis and resultant charts created by Finviz, they recommend specific trades. But the reason why it has a below 9 rating is that these rates come with a good 15 minutes delay. If you are the type of penny stocks trader who would rather arbitrage on the difference in 15 mins of trade if required, this might not be suitable for you.

Moreover, this application is not very appropriate for those who would bet on the fundamental side of the market. It is out and out a technical chartist’s paradise, and those who believe in fundamentals have no place in it. However, there is one advantage, it helps you gauge the exact level of volatility and the kind of twists and turns you could anticipate.

8) Yahoo Finance

Yahoo Finance

It is one of the oldest penny stocks trading apps in circulation, and despite the growing number of apps, it has maintained a steady rating. The best part is, it is one of those penny stocks trading apps that run equally efficiently on Android as well as iOS.

Almost a must have resource base for most penny stocks traders, it is extremely functional and provides you with crucial and updated information. With an average 9-9.2 rating, this app is also known for being extremely accessible to the users.

It is available in close to 7-8 languages including English, French, German, Traditional Chinese and even Portuguese and Spanish.

It gives a gamut of information to the users, but the problem with the app is that it needs to be updated with the changing times to remain relevant. The software constantly hangs in the middle of a transaction and can be rather annoying.

On the other hand, its user-friendliness remains its greatest strength. Be it an Android device or Apple product; the Yahoo Finance has customized versions that would run effectively on these separate platforms.

The access to real-time information and investment ideas is the most notable USP for this penny stocks trading app.

9) Trading 212 Forex & Stocks

Trading 212 Forex & Stocks

Whether you want to trade forex, stocks or commodities, this Android powered penny stocks trading app is a sure game changer for you. With an 8.5 rating, it is a decided alternative to further your intuitive penny stock trade. As some feedback reviews indicate, it literally brings in Wall Street to your bedside table. Your favored trade is just a click of a button away, and if you prefer the computer, you do have a desktop version of this app as well.

Especially for beginners, the Trading 212 is a great learning platform and helps them navigate through the complicated labyrinth of penny stocks with ease. The user-friendly interface is another key positive.

However, there are some problem areas in this penny stocks trading app as well. Perhaps that is the reason for the decidedly low rating compared to many of its peers. First and foremost, the app provider has an extremely unsatisfactory support system. The customer service provided by the company is far from being satisfactory. Secondly, the charts that this app provides do not always support real-time rates. So there is no way of knowing if the quotes that you are finalizing your trade on are real time. This could result in significant losses at time.

The virtual world has a plethora of penny stocks trading apps. But the challenge invariably is about identifying the right tool to maximize your trade. So when you are zeroing on a penny stocks trading app, it becomes important to consider a few features like

  1. Ease of use
  2. User interface
  3. Compatibility
  4. Pace of performance

These decidedly decide the efficiency of any app whether it is for trading penny stocks or spending pounds. Research is another key requisite for investing in penny stocks. Therefore, the penny stocks trading app that you decide on must facilitate this as well.