The internet has made the stock market investment a 24×7 affair.

Gone are the days when you had to call your broker for every single unit of trade.

Today, investing in stock market is just a few clicks away.

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The various stock market apps have made sure that you stay on top of markets.

The stock market apps for Android are particularly beneficial for users.

This is because Android-based phones are most common globally.

Best Stock Market Apps for AndroidBut, the market for apps is very competitive.

You practically have new stock market apps being launched every day.

So the question is how you will decide what are the best stock market apps for you?

This is a significant decision because the stock market is very dynamic.

Split second delay can lead to a distinct difference in your bottom-line.

This is why you must be careful about choosing the most appropriate option.

Carefully compare all the features of various stock market apps for android and then decide.

Don’t let a free option cloud your judgment.

Speed and quality of connectivity are the two most important aspects of an app.

Remember it is not just sufficient to be connected to world markets.

The trade also needs to be executed equally fast.

What Are the Best Stock Market Apps for Android?

Here is the list of the best stock market apps for Android:

  1. StockTwits
  2. Robinhood
  4. Acorn
  5. Stash
  6. Jsttock
  7. Yahoo Finance
  8. Stockpile

1) StockTwits


What all do you expect from stock market apps for Android?

Well, you want the latest stock quotes, trends, charts, new triggers for sure.

But the StockTwits promises the real-time picture of the actual market situation.

As you can well understand from the name, it is literally the Twitter for stocks.

It cuts out all the irrelevant noise and gives you focused information.

So as an investor, it enables and empowers you to profit from investments.

Let me use an example to further clarify my point.

Assume that a bluechip company has declared its earnings.

Now almost every app will provide you with numbers and balance sheet details.

But what is important is to know the growth drivers.

Most importantly, the future projections are important.

That will decide whether you need to hold a stock or sell it.

So, StockTwits tells you about how investors are reacting.

It will also give you information about after-hours trading trends.

Most importantly it gives you a realistic idea about the market trends.

This stock market app for Android gives you details about price drivers.

You get details about why a particular stock is moving and the trend going forward.

So, you get all the necessary cues for extracting maximum value from the market.

This helps improve the overall profitability from your investment.

This app also has a simple interface.

It enables easy access and helps you spot opportunities.

You can easily download it from the play store on your phone.

This Android app plays fairly reasonably on most smartphones.

2) Robinhood


Robinhood is another one of free trading stock market apps for Android.

You can easily download it from any Android PlayStore.

This is a very convenient alternative if you want to save money on the transaction.

Robinhood is one of the cheapest stock market apps.

So investors can sell and buy shares absolutely free.

The users do not have to pay any commission on trade.

As a result, you do not need any minimum balance for your transactions either.

But when an app is absolutely free, you can worry about the safety of information.

The advantage is all your personal information is completely protected.

It is a fully encrypted website and makes sure that all your information is safe.

All you need is your social security number to set this Android app.

It connects automatically to your bank account, and you can start off trade.

In terms of features, this app is relatively basic.

It provides all the basic set of information.

You get stock quotes, turnover and market cap of stocks.

However, that’s not the reason why you should download this stock market app.

If you want fancy features, there are many other options.

But efficient trade at relatively cheap rates is the real USP for this app.

Most time stock market traders download it for the inexpensive trading experience.

It is not just free trading but also hassle-free.

There are no complicated rules about how and when you can buy or sell.

It follows a rather simple and straightforward trading pattern.

It also allows you to place advance orders when markets are shut.

You can even link this app to StickTwits.

This will enable you to stay ahead of the trend.

It makes sure you are aware of every new development in the market.


This is another interesting stock market app for Android.

You can download this app absolutely free from Android play store.

The most interesting feature is the instant access to over 70 exchanges.

Most Android apps provide an overview of your stock market portfolio.

But creates additional value in this entire concept.

It helps track the potential investment opportunities real time.

It continuously updates you on stocks in your portfolio.

Based on your portfolio, it also offers investment ideas.

Additionally, this app gives you an instant overview of the market conditions.

If your idea of a stock market app is to stay ahead, then this is the one for you.

It gives you cues to one of the most important stock market triggers.

Well, I am referring to the economic cues.

This app has a unique calendar that keeps you aware of all economic events.

So you are well prepared with all the key economic cues.

This can make a huge difference to how you approach the markets.

Along with the live quotes, it helps you with analysis and opinion.

This app provides a steady flow of crucial information.

You can even share it on social networking sites like Facebook and Google+.

Of course, you get banner ads at the bottom of the screen.

But if you pay $20 a year, you can get rid of these ads as well.

This app allows you to invest small sums of money.

But, this is predominantly an app for beginners.

It gets you a much better grip on market fundamentals.

Once you get better control, you may want to try other apps.

4) Acorn


This is one of the most talked about stock market apps for Android.

In fact, many experts rate it as a top-notch stock market app.

You can download this app for free on Android play store.

The interface is extremely user-friendly.

Both beginners and professionals can use it.

The biggest advantage is that this app runs smoothly on most phones.

This is an extremely reliable stock market app.

The chances of a potential miss are relatively lesser.

So, you can use it to start investing in the stock market in small tranches.

Execution of trade is comparatively simple.

As some regular users mention, it creates a friendly trading environment.

Moreover, it acts like your pleasant digital broker.

Once you set up the account, Acorn starts rounding up your buys.

So every cent of your credit card/debit card gets accounted for.

The result is it starts investing the difference.

Well, it is just a few cents, each time.

You don’t even realize the change involved.

Let’s say you buy a donut for $1.76.

Acorn will invest the balance 24 cents.

Of course, this will be as per the investment goals that you have decided.

So the duration of investment, the target for investment are all pre-decided.

Acorn’s charges are about $1 a month, and you can also do conventional buy-sell.

But you can’t buy conventional stocks on this app.

Say, for example, if you want to buy IBM stocks, this might not work.

You can invest in one of Acorn’s exchange-traded funds.

So the investment is fairly long-term in nature.

It also helps to diversify your overall investment profile.

Moreover, it offers special deals for college students.

That allows even college goers to capitalize on their small savings.

5) Stash


Whether you are a seasoned investor or beginner, this is a great app.

It is in fact, one of the top rated stock market apps for Android.

It is one of the closest competitors for Acorn.

The pricing of this stock market app is similar to Acorn.

This is also a low-cost operation model geared towards greater gains.

The investment technique helps traders diversify their bets.

But unlike Acorn, there is no automatic savings option.

It simply empowers you with the information about where to invest.

This is one of the unique features in Stash.

It provides educational content to the users.

There are various forms of value-driven investment exercise.

You can add funds as per your convenience or go for recurring deposits.

That gives you relative leeway in terms of planning your deposits.

You can easily invest the amount that you are most comfortable with.

But at the same time, this app enables regular investment at a reasonable rate.

The Stash is one of the best stock market apps for beginners.

It helps newcomers with information on market terminology.

It simplifies stock market trading for them.

But the problem is Acorn will never give you an in-depth analysis.

In fact, the quality of their research is rather shallow.

Compared to many brokerages, you can access rudimentary information.

But for that, you can also join online courses.

This stock market app is all about providing you a sound base.

It gives investors hands-on training about providing a meaningful trading idea.

You can always look at mastering the market basics later on.

But this Android app is a great way to make a beginning.

It helps you build the confidence and conviction to face stock markets.

6) Jsttock


This stock market app for Android helps ease the spread of information.

It provides detailed information about various stock quotes that you chose.

So you don’t need a detailed research schedule to decide on investing.

Information is right at your fingertips.

So it becomes a simple but effective way to address stock market exposure.

This gives you the option for creating target price and setting alarms.

Moreover, it helps you control entry-exit points much effectively.

Often speed is the secret to sustained success in stock market.

This Android app offers exactly this advantage to its subscribers.

It helps you select a new source like Google or Yahoo.

Additionally, you can also sync back information to your PC.

So this app helps you operate on multiple platforms.

They facilitate the easy switch from mobiles to computers and vice-versa.

The screen gives you a synopsis of the basic trade.

If you need further details, you can opt for charts.

This enables a greater degree of precision and more in-depth knowledge.

Suave investors can also incorporate moving averages for better returns.

This will help them generate a better rate of returns.

The candlestick charts give even 10-year old data.

That is often very advantageous.

It helps investors make an informed choice.

On the whole, it is one of the best and detailed stock market apps.

It empowers investors with reliable information.

Along with the Stash & Acorn, it is a popular app.

7) Yahoo Finance

Yahoo Finance

In terms of seniority, this is one of the oldest offerings.

This stock market app for Android can be quite easily downloaded.

It is particularly renowned for the depth of its technical research.

For tick-by-tick stock information, this is one of the best bets.

It helps you create a detailed and value-based portfolio.

Though in terms of features, it lags behind the top apps.

But that said, this stock market app is one of the most user-friendly ones.

It allows you access to real-time information about stock quotes.

This enables you to stay updated on the market trends.

However, the interface often leaves a lot of room for improvement.

Though for regulars it is convenient, newcomers can be confused.

There is way too much information about the stock market.

This can make the main screen cluttered and even confuse traders.

But once you get used to it, the steady flow of information add value to your trade.

Especially if you are into technical trading, this is beneficial.

In fact, the charts are interactive.

This helps traders keep a real-time watch on their portfolio.

So this stock market app is all about delivering value.

What makes the deal sweeter is that this is a free app.

So you make significant savings on transaction charges.

Overall, it is, therefore, a value investment for traders.

8) Stockpile


This is a unique stock market app for Android phones.

In fact, this app introduces a brand new direction to stock market trading.

This one allows you to buy fractional shares of practically any listed entity.

The other option is you can gift funds to a specific account.

This will allow the recipient to buy any share starting $5.

You don’t have to pay monthly fees after you download this app.

You have to simply pay 99 cents for every trade that you execute.

So if you are planning to introduce your children to stock markets, this is ideal.

You provide them with a certain base funding.

They can then take it forward.

This will give them the idea and advantage to tackle stock market investment.

Investors can choose from a range of 1000 single stocks and ETFs as well.

Your gift can also comprise of a basket of stocks instead of one.

For that matter, you can also decide to gift an array of ETFs.

More or less, it depends on your investment style and who you are investing.

So if I am investing in it as a gift to my son, I will predominantly do an ETF basket.

But if the recipient is well versed in individual stocks, you can select that.

Relative Assessment of Price vs. Return

There are many types of stock market apps for Android.

Some are for free and for a few, you need to pay a subscription.

But you must weigh all the options before making a choice.

Remember the stock market is very dynamic.

The best option is to choose apps that help you harness this.

Information dissemination is also important.

Stock market investment is all about making informed choices.

Make sure you can access all related information.

Last but not the least; look at the associated charges.

A product may not be great just because it is expensive.

A value for the money stock market app is ideal.

Relative assessment of price vs. return can help decide the best stock market app for Android.