Best Stock Trading Books All Stock Traders Must Read

We often turn to some of the best stock trading books to seal our success in stock markets.

We all know that stock trading is no child’s play and it needs years of training and expertise.

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But given the swift gains and the huge volume of profit, it is often every investor’s dream avenue.

While a variety of training sessions and expert lessons are available, books often provide the most effective solutions.

One big advantage is the ease of access to the books.

Best Stock Trading BooksYou can read them anytime you want.

All you have to do is reach for them in your cupboard or read on the go in your ebook reader.

You don’t have to set aside separate time for it.

Moreover, the books are invariably forever; they never have a shelf life.

You can refer to them, and these can continue to enrich your knowledge base.

Given the wide demand for stock trading books, there are plenty of options available.

You have a stock trading book on practically every aspect of trading in the markets.

It is impossible to read everything that is printed.

But in that case, you will have to choose between the available options.

That can be a rather uphill task most times.

But we decided to make the task a lot simpler for you.

Here is a list of some of the best stock trading books thus far.

Though every book offers a unique assortment of knowledge, we tried to pin down the most practical ones.

Moreover, this is a list of stock trading books that are easy to comprehend and practical too.

Some of these books are classics that have guided stock market traders for generations now.


What Are the Best Stock Trading Books?

Here is the list of the best stock trading books that you must read if you want to be a successful stock trader:

  1. The Intelligent Investor Written By Benjamin Graham
  2. Extraordinary Popular Delusions and the Madness of Crowds Written by Charles Mackay
  3. How to Make Money in Stocks by William O’ Neil
  4. Trading Systems and Methods Written by Perry J. Kaufman
  5. Quantitative Trading Strategies by Lars Kestner
  6. Technical Analysis of the Financial Markets by John Murphy
  7. Fooled by Randomness by Nassim Taleb

1. The Intelligent Investor Written By Benjamin Graham

The Intelligent Investor Written By Benjamin GrahamThis book by Benjamin Graham features prominently in any list of best stock trading books.

The stock market trading today is practically synonymous with Warren Buffett and Charlie Munger.

So it is only natural that what their professor and guide had to say holds a lot of value.

But that apart, this classic by Graham is one of the most pertinent and invaluable books on stock market trading.

In fact, Graham the father of value investing provides the fundamentals of great investment strategies in this book.

It will not be wrong to say that his ideas in this context have become the foundation for modern investment basics.

Value based buying and investing is today the guiding mantra for most beginners.

This book will help investors the art of picking stocks and mastering strategies.

This is a rather crucial part of the stock market investment.

This is one of those unique stock market books that offers investors some effective and time tested strategies.

Perhaps Warren Buffett’s words best describe its brilliance,”it is the best book on investing ever written.”

What is very striking is how beautifully this book has remained relevant despite the slew of changes in the trading arena.

The economy has grown in leaps and bounds, the stock market have advanced at a hectic speed.

Computers and ready internet access have made a great headway in this regard.

But despite that, this book continues to provide a positive and worthwhile perspective.

The style of narration and the conversational style surely helped in its acceptance.

This stock trading book opens up a huge treasure trove of investment strategies and how to apply them.

Every time you get stuck, you can refer to this book for a ready trading solution.

This book is all about strengthening your fundamentals and applying that knowledge practically.

2. Extraordinary Popular Delusions and the Madness of Crowds Written by Charles Mackay

Extraordinary Popular Delusions and the Madness of Crowds Written by Charles MackayIf you are serious about stock trading, you surely need to read this stock trading book.

It is one of the best books on market psychology.

An in-depth study of trading psychology, it is in fact extremely relevant in today’s world.

Often considered a classic in the stock trading genre, it was written in 1841.

Interestingly the book still continues to be relevant for traders in the current generation.

It highlights how easily investors can be tricked when they allow the crowd to influence them.

That is why there is the reference about extraordinary popular delusions.

Mackay warns the readers repeatedly about following the crowd.

In that context, it is one of the strongest opposition to herd mentality.

He mentions that the madness of the crowd often results in a downward spiral.

What is perhaps extremely striking is that he highlights these through some common human manias.

He uses historical references to make us aware about some ready and important current day challenges.

He addresses fundamental market problems like speculation and herd mentality in this book.

Then, he goes on to highlight that these conditions are never conducive for sustainable gains.

Time and again, he warns investors against getting into any of these traps.

He uses some distinct real life trading examples.

That surely enhances the impact of the message that he is putting forth.

The style of narration and the use of simple language are bonus points.

That surely helps drive the point a lot more effectively.

Sadly much of the madness that Mackay mentions is a reality even today.

It continues to plague investors and sentiment in a sustained manner.

That, in many ways, also highlights the potential for investors who follow the advice in this book.

3. How to Make Money in Stocks by William O’ Neil

How to Make Money in Stocks by William O’ NeilThis is yet another classic on stock trading and one of the best stock trading books.

The primary aim of the book is to empower investors with the knowledge of bigger and better gains.

Timing market entries and exits is often the main trigger for sustained gains.

This book aims to empower its readers with exactly this knowledge.

It helps them with sustained understanding of the market basics.

This is a kind of book that actually enables investors to learn how to make money.

The stock market is extremely dynamic, and the market forces work in tandem.

A smart investor needs to decode these for sustained gains.

A stock trading book like this one by O’ Neil strives to do exactly this.

It paves the roads for investors to clock steady and meaningful gains.

As a result, this book combines both fundamental and technical knowhow.

That is what makes it a must-read for beginners and new investors in the market.

It initiates them into the variety of stock market experience and helps them chart the most profitable opportunities.

It invariably turns out to be a great guide for new investors.

Even if you never invested in a stock earlier, this book will offer some practical perspective for you.

The book helps readers analyze charts, improve the quality of stocks they pick and hence reduce mistakes to an extent.

It brings to light how traders can turn in more profit with effective reading and observation.

Therefore, in many ways, it is a new traders handbook on distinct market features and how they profit from it.

William O’Neil is himself and entrepreneur, stock trader and writer.

Needless to mention, his this personal experience spices up the content significantly.

4. Trading Systems and Methods Written by Perry J. Kaufman

Trading Systems and Methods Written by Perry J. KaufmanThis is undeniably one of the most comprehensive and amongst the best stock trading books.

It includes a wide gamut of stock trading strategies and details of how they work.

Readers can even get information about the latest trading systems.

The techniques and tools that enhance trading find prominent mention in this book.

The book was first written about 30 years ago but continues to be relevant to this day.

Depending on the time and need, it is being updated continuously.

That addresses user concerns a lot more comprehensively.

It keeps them in sync with the changing facilities.

A thorough study of this book surely deepens the stock market understanding to a large extent.

As a result, the users learn to integrate the various elements of trading a lot more effectively.

The book also incorporates crucial risk management concepts that investors can take advantage of.

So whether you are a seasoned trader or a first timer, this book will give a definitive edge to readers.

Despite the comprehensive details packed in this book, the narration style has not suffered.

Every type of stock trader finds the book extremely useful in this context.

It is very accessible and extremely practical in this context.

The author, Perry Kaufman provides a practical pocketbook with a host of information for the readers.

The analytical approach and the detailed methodology adds further depth to the reader’s comprehension.

It empowers traders to develop their own trading methodologies and techniques.

So it, no doubt, creates a comprehensive database of concepts for the readers.

The easy to understand approach and style of writing improves the accessibility of the book as well.

It also opens up an interactive platform for a superior reader experience.

That surely creates a lasting impression.

5. Quantitative Trading Strategies by Lars Kestner

Quantitative Trading Strategies by Lars KestnerWhen we talk about the best stock trading books, it has to cover every aspect of stock trading.

That is why no list can be complete without a mention of Quantitative trading.

Quantitative techniques are fast evolving as one of the most definitive techniques.

One of the best stock trading books in this context is by Lars Kestner, The Quantitative Trading Strategies.

This specializes in helping readers harness the true value of quantitative techniques.

It empowers traders to work out winning strategies with far reaching impact.

The primary objective of the book is to provide strategies that can significantly reduce loss proposition.

It helps traders to use quantitative trading constructively to tackle market volatility effectively.

As you know, quantitative trading depends on the detailed analysis of historical data in markets.

Using purely mathematical strategies, users can calculate exit and entry points in the stock market.

The idea is to create convincing avenues that can deepen profit percentage significantly.

It also helps in making the trading strategies lot more systematic.

The core idea is to bring in order in overall trading and enhance profits.

This particular book helps readers get a better view of overall quantitative management.

The best part of the book is that it takes cognizance of the limitations of quantitative trading as well.

Readers are not swimming in an euphoric sea of expectation.

The terribly individualized approach creates scope for meaningful profit at every juncture.

That is what enhances the profit prospects to a large extent.

Most importantly, it reduces the loss prospects in a meaningful fashion.

So then, they can tackle unstable market conditions with equal poise and confidence.

The author explains how you can use a gamut of market information to further quantitative analysis.

It is geared for effective trading.

6. Technical Analysis of the Financial Markets by John Murphy

Technical Analysis of the Financial Markets by John MurphyNo list of the best stock trading books can be complete without mention of technical analysis.

Technical analysis is an inseparable part of stock trading.

For every trader who depends on fundamental analysis, you have one doing technical analysis.

This is why John Murphy’s Technical Analysis of the Financial Market is one of the must-have stock trading books.

It is one of the most comprehensive and detailed studies of technical indicators in the market.

Readers get a ringside perspective of how the technical patterns form and the way they can take advantage of it.

It expands the overall scope of understanding about market technicals as well.

The book is packed with series of real technical charts.

That helps readers to put the technical understanding in the right perspective.

This is, at times, very important to take full advantage of the potential of technical trading.

From price patterns to reversals to moving averages, this book provides a conclusive list of topics.

Readers can use the information to master contrarian trades, look at oscillators and create continuation patterns.

It is all about developing a meaningful learning trajectory using this book.

The most important part is this book is useful for both beginners as well as seasoned traders in the market.

The style of writing is simple and easy to grasp.

Unlike fundamental analysis, the technical analysis needs in depth understanding.

But this book makes it a rather easy concept to master.

While on the one hand, it is packed with information, the narration is not weighed down because of it.

The clear and concise explanatory method helps traders develop a meaningful insight.

It is in many ways a technical analysis made-easy for interested investors.

It unfolds a platter of profitable concepts.

7. Fooled by Randomness by Nassim Taleb

Fooled by Randomness by Nassim TalebIn the list of the best stock trading books, this is undeniably one of the most modern books.

By modern, I just don’t refer to the date and year when it was published.

It is modern also in the overall market perspective.

It looks at the market and stock trading in a brand new format and helps you develop a deep insight.

The primary concept of the book is a detailed study of the concept of randomness.

Whether you like it or not, randomness does play an important role in the market.

Often, the extent of its influence is much larger than you anticipate.

This is Taleb’s easy guide on how you deal with it.

But don’t be mistaken that it is only applicable for life in general.

Many times, this randomness plays a key role in stock trading.

For example, when you invest in markets, you must remember that the risks are much larger than you anticipate.

It also goes on to imply that you can never pre-determine the extent of risk in the stock market.

That is often the biggest mistake that even seasoned traders make.

This book reminds you of a fundamental fact that you can never take the markets for granted.

But at the same time, you will have to be mindful of the risk associated.

After the ‘Black Swan’, this is one of Taleb’s most popular and interesting works.

It takes your grasp of stock trading to a different plane altogether.


These are undeniably some of the best stock trading books you can read.

But that does not mean; there aren’t any other available.

Remember this is only a finite list of the best stock trading books.

But the overall extent of information about stock trading is infinite.

If you want to become a stock trading expert, the goal is to keep reading.

That will alone help you in getting meaningful insight and stay updated in stock trading techniques.

Perhaps this list of the best stock trading books is the most effective way to start the process.

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