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Is CAD/CHF Trying to Reverse?

If you look at the CAD/CHF monthly time frame, you can see that the CAD/CHF market has been going down for such a long and strong and a continuous downtrend is formed since November 2007:

CAD/CHF Downtrend on the Monthly Chart

Some people always ask whether CAD/CHF is going to reverse or not.

“I don’t know” is the first answer that I have for this question and similar questions because: We Are Traders, Not Fortune Tellers

Nobody knows whether CAD/CHF or another market is going to reverse, keep following the trend or moving sideways. All we can do is following the signals and data.

It seems US economy is moving up after the elections and it is possible that it recovers and grows strongly because the new president is a good and capable businessman and is serious about giving lots of credit to US economy and improving it. He has already started supporting many of the jobs that have been lost and eliminated and has started resuscitating them.

So we expect US economy to start improving and USD to get stronger. I repeat that “we expect”. We can’t predict.

As a result, Canada economy will get better because it is strongly dependent on US economy. So if US economy gets better, Canada economy will do the same.

Therefore, it is possible that CAD/CHF reverses and forms an uptrend.

It has already tested the resistance line as you can see on the monthly chart (above).

It will be a good chance to invest in CAD’s market if it turns around and forms an uptrend, but the market is the first who has to tell us whether it wants to do this or not. You, me, economists and market analysts can be wrong. It is the market that is always right.

Therefore, a good trader and investor must always wait for the market to show him the direction.

In case of CAD/CHF, there are some forming signals that can help us to know whether this market wants to reverse and form an uptrend or not.

1) There is a resistance line (the dashed red line on the below chart) that looks broken and it seems that the market is retesting it now.

2) There is a resistance level at 0.7741 that the market has tried to break above it, but it has failed so far.

If the broken resistance line works as a support and doesn’t allow the price to go down, then the price will try to test the 0.7741 resistance level again. And, if it breaks above this level, it can be a good signal indicating that most probably CAD/CHF wants to go up and form an uptrend.

Even in that case, a reasonable stop loss and exit strategy is a must.

This is how traders should wait for the markets to show them the direction first.

CAD/ CHF Weekly Chart

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"Whether you think you can, or you think you cannot, you are right." - Henry Ford

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24 thoughts on “Is CAD/CHF Trying to Reverse?
  1. Ben Aqiba Ben Aqiba says:

    Hi Chris,

    it is great to read your analysis again. I notice in your last couple charts,that you don’t have
    Bollinger Band indicator on your charts. Do you still use it ?

    It seems to me that last closed monthly candlestick is strong,because:
    1) it is formed above support level (based on line chart);
    2) the candlestick has 300 pips long lower shadow,which is break lower band with 150 pips;
    3) it is closed above middle band
    4) it seems to me that down trend is exhausted


    • LuckScout LuckScout says:

      Hi Ben,

      Yes, I still use BB. But the charts that have no BB are from the Stochastic profile.

      Let’s wait for the monthly candlestick close first. Then we can analyze it.

  2. always great to read your inset analysis on the FX; thank you.

  3. Hi, Dear Brother Chris
    your teaching is very powerful, you are angle for beginner
    I do not read S/R but i enter this tread in 4/12/2016 with DBB in buy still hold and maybe monthly DBB clear after 2 days for buy, Brother, i leave this site 1 year , but comeback and moor moor learning your Articles GOD bless you

  4. Dear Chris
    What do you think about the pattern which happened right now?!
    I believe forming a pattern like this just right below of a strong resistance can make the price to go down again. It has a strong BB breakout and its not in a trend.
    In this link you can see it.

    • LuckScout LuckScout says:

      Hi Amir,

      It is not a too strong pattern. But you are right. It can make the price to go down for a while.

      I can’t say anything about the down movement. Just if the price turns around and breaks above the resistance level, we can say that most probably CAD/CHF wants to form an uptrend.

  5. Lala Joe Lala Joe says:

    hey criss is this strong pin bar ? I think it has all properties that I read in ur article about pin bar ..



  6. Lala Joe Lala Joe says:

    hey sir would you considor its a set up ?
    if yes .. then what number u will give to this set up …



  7. Lala Joe Lala Joe says:

    sir do u check economic can lender daily? or u dont care any big event that is coming in market?

    all u care about set up strength?

  8. Lala Joe Lala Joe says:

    Hey .. Good Morning ::

    sir criss ::

    is this a strong pin bar ? how many number u will give to this set up according to ur strict rule 😉 ?


  9. Lala Joe Lala Joe says:

    Hey Criss ::

    Can we considor this pin bar a strong pin bar ?


    what number u will to that pin bar .. ?

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