Given the challenges of our day to day lives, often the biggest challenge is maintaining a healthy work-life balance. That is exactly why the whole concept of working from home came into being, and people are increasing exploring ways to make money online.

Professionals often approach me asking, how can I make money online? My answer is, you can make money online in many different ways. The biggest challenge is to believe in yourself and convincing that you will be able to deliver. Depending on your need, talent and expertise, you can explore different avenues to make money online.

Another key question that troubles people along with the “can I make money online” concern is whether this would be a genuine and legitimate way to make money. Given the wide instances of scams and potential fake operators, this is perhaps the biggest concern for many who are exploring the ways they can make money online.

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The solution is simple; you need to be alert and vigilant about every opportunity that promises you to help make money online. Just like in a regular job, you need to explore the various facets of the opportunity and take a balanced call.

Decide on Your Specialization to Make Money Online

You can make money online with relative ease if you are able to identify your specialization better. The reason why a specialization is an important criterion to make money online is that it allows you to focus better and work on a set theme.

Let me explain to you from an office perspective. When you join a conventional office, based on your academic qualification, you get a specific role with set responsibilities. You start working based on these parameters and work towards a goal that gets created in the entire process.

I am sure you understand pretty well the importance of establishing these targets and working as per them. Not only does it create a specific goal in your mind, but you are also far better equipped to undertake that responsibility and take it to its final fruition. The ground rules, as well as the final objectives, are pretty well laid out and you have to move ahead keeping in mind these specific objectives.

Therefore, you can make money online with relative ease when these specializations are kept in mind. If you are still not clear, let me explain to you with an example. If your specialization is in baking a cake, you can make money online by either publishing your recipes in a blog or creating YouTube videos of how to bake and decorate different kinds of cake. On the contrary, if your specialization is web designing, you would look for freelance opportunities where you can design websites for others from a remote location and then make money online through these initiatives.

Therefore it would not be wrong to say that specialization helps answer one of the biggest concerns for your freelance initiatives,’ how can I make money online?’ Not only does it go a long way in helping you tackle self-doubt, but also introduce a holistic game-plan to seal future gains in a comprehensive manner.

What If I Am Not Expert in Anything?

Can I Make Money Online If I Am Not Expert in Anything?

In the past, you had to be expert in something when you wanted to make money online. For example, you had to be a good writer, online marketer, programmer, web designer and things like that to become able to make money online.

The good news is now you only need to want to make money online. I mean if you are serious about making money online, you can can make money online even if you are not expert in anything, or something that you are expert in, has nothing to do with the Internet.

For example, you are a retired farmer. Surely you are expert in farming and you know a lot about it. But the things you know about farming can’t help you make money online, or even if they can, you can’t make a reasonable amount of money through it. For example, you can write a book or an eBook about farming and sell it online. There are some people who might be interested in buying your book, but that is too hard to make a living through selling such a book, let alone making a fortune through it.

However, thanks to the power of the Internet and something that is called Data Technology, you can make a fortune through the Internet while you are not expert in anything: What Is Data Technology and How It Can Make You a Millionaire?

Extent of Investment

Extent of InvestmentWhen you are exploring how you can make money online, the starting investment is something you must consider. There are many investments that we take for granted in our day to day professional lives. Have you ever wondered who pays the electricity bill, the internet data charges, the laptops, the operating software, the printer and even the simple papers that are required?

When you consider working from home or make money online, these are the basic expenses that you would have to bear. Apart from these, you might also have to invest in specific computer software and even an office space in some cases. Perhaps, it does not seem that huge, but on an incremental basis, these can eat into your profits significantly. Plus, you must make calculations of any associated charges that you would have to pay. These are important because your ultimate extent of profit would be closely calculated on the basis of these and the extent of money you make online, will depend upon how well you can create a balance between these charges and your exact profit.

For example, when you are exploring the various ways you can make money online, trading in stocks online could be a key option. But these kinds of stock market transactions have several associated charges like transaction taxes, capital gains tax, long-term taxes and a lot many along with the broker charges as well. When a trader is calculating the total earnings and the profit percentage, they have to take into account all these expenses and then make a clear calculation on the exact extent and scope of earning money online.

Research Is Important

Research Is Important If You Like to Make Money Online.

The next key step that can help you make money online is, of course, undertaking deep research. When many of my clients approach us with questions like can I make money online? We always tell them that you can make money online when you undertake proper research and set out a proper plan of action for your online initiative.

Research is important for not just deciding to make money online but it also makes sure you can make money online in a constructive manner. For example, let’s say you decide that you would want to freelance as a content writer. But that’s not enough. You would have to undertake deep research in deciding the

  1. Kind of content that you would write
  2. The freelance website that you can associate with
  3. The payment policy and ease of payment
  4. The rates that would be offered

So what I am trying to emphasize here is that research is important for not just deciding the nature of the job that you choose but the various associated parameters that can help you make money online. Research is necessary to create a comprehensive understanding of the entire job profile that you would eventually decide on.

Another big advantage of research in your tryst to make money online is that it helps you to make an informed choice. Whether it is about deepening your understanding in a specific area or about diversifying your knowledge, research helps you to put the best foot forward and lock in the maximum amount of gains from these online endeavors.

Moreover, research sometimes helps you connect to many not so popular opportunities or less heard about options that can help make money online even faster and in a significantly easier way. It adds a lot more depth and dimension to your entire effort.

Handling Competition

Handling the Competition in an Online Business.

While you can make money online in many different ways, one factor that most professionals who approach us are never prepared for to handle competition. As compared to the mere 20-30 people who you have to compete with on an average in an office, the dynamics are different when you are trying to explore ways to make money online.

When you are trying to explore, how you can make money online, you must be extra careful about how you are dealing with competition. You must remember the competitors include not just people around you, but an innumerable list of potential professionals across the world who are vying for the same set of opportunities.

So sheer showcasing of knowledge and expertise alone cannot help you make money online. You must master the various techniques of bagging the best and most lucrative contracts with ease and maintain a stable rate of remuneration. One of the easiest options is to grow a steady network of connection which will be able to help you in keeping a sustainable source of income.

You have to be prepared for the simple fact that the going will be tough and the competition can be quite intense. But perseverance and diligence can help you make money online with ease and most importantly for a sustained period of time.

That is also a critical factor because unlike a conventional job, when you are looking at ways to make money online, every day is a new day filled with new challenges. There is no guarantee that a client hired you for one project, would also hire you for the next one.

The only way you can make sure that happens is by being consistent and absolutely diligent in your delivery module and not compromising with quality in any manner. So instead of asking can I make money online, ask yourself, can I be consistent and committed? After all, those are the unique weapons that can help you stay ahead of the competition and gain a significant edge over your peers.

With the advancement in technology and greater access to the internet, you have to deal with a lot more and rather intense competition. People across the world are vying for the same set of jobs and in that situation. So you need to remain extremely careful about all those factors that can help you edge past the competitive forces.

Go All Out

Go All Out

You can make money online, but it takes patience and a lot of hard work. It never comes easy and anyone who promises you that, beware of them. What I mean by that is, the initial days in your tryst to make money online can be challenging. Often, many professionals, in their effort to make a big impression, end up sharing all their achievements.

This action carries dual risk. Given the relatively limited or sometimes complete lack of accountability in online dealings can lead to potential scammers misusing your hard work. For example, if you are a freelance fashion designer and a client promises you the moon for ten of your best designs and then disappears, it won’t be surprising.

When you are finalizing online contracts, you need to be doubly careful about the terms of payment and when and how you can expect these before sharing any of your work. What is even better is you could try pocketing an advance amount before sharing your work. This will make sure that the client has an interest in maintaining contacts with you and giving proper remuneration for your effort.

Another demerit is you could also end up flooding the potential employer with too much information. Since this entire interaction is happening remotely, it is difficult to gauge exactly the way an employer would respond. So you need to be mindful of this basic fact. The dynamics of the different medium is quite varied, and the better you can adapt to it, the more the chances of you landing up with opportunities to make money online easily.

So when you are interacting with the prospective employer, you need to keep these factors in your mind. Your action needs to be moderated in a way that an ideal balance is struck between showcasing your talent, but at the same time, avoid overdoing it.

Basic Computer Knowledge & Internet Understanding

Basic Computer Knowledge & Internet Understanding

When you are exploring ways to make money online, one of the most important pre-requisites would be basic computer knowledge and how to explore the internet. So you should have basic computer literacy and operate key functions on the computer like Microsoft Word and the like. This will mean that you can easily take up a wide range of opportunities to make money online.

If you notice some of the top online opportunities involve freelance writing, data entry and the like. For these, some software like MS Word, MS Office and the like become crucial platforms to excel. So when you ask yourself, can I make money online, you must also ask if I can navigate the virtual world with ease?

Undoubtedly, this will clearly help you make your mark in the online world. From opening your account in sites that offer easy online jobs to undertaking research on the internet to accepting payment online, basic computer and internet literacy is absolutely important. Often you can consider these as the primary tools that help you achieve excellence and make money online with relative ease. It becomes the cardinal defining line between qualitative effort and forceful initiative.

Even if you are not too comfortable with operating computer, the good news is you can still make money online. That is because there is no dearth of books and online tutorials to help you achieve excellence in computer operation. In today’s world of apps, almost every kind of computer operation can be mastered through tutorials online. So if you want to make money online, the shortest route would be to buy some relevant books that help you achieve expertise and then take advantage of this knowledge to earn money. The internet and the computer are often considered enablers of financial security online.

Be Professional in Your Approach

Be Professional in Your Approach

Have you ever asked yourself, how can I make money online? A simple answer would be you can make money online by being professional. Just because you are working remotely or not interacting with a client, does not mean that you can take it easily. On the contrary, there is a greater need to be absolutely professional and highlight your superior competence levels.

Perfection is the name of the game and the best way to make an impression would be through maintaining a thorough and perfect approach. This will make sure that anyone who would consider hiring you would get a very realistic picture about your competence levels and the quality of work that they can expect from you.

Paying attention to small details like the spellings, the grammar and the style of your applications can go a long way in helping you maintain that professional picture in your remote interaction with the client. Also, these are often read as potential indication about how careful you are in the overall delivery and the extent of perfection that can be expected from you.

Legitimate Alternatives to Make Money Online

Legitimate Alternatives to Make Money Online

The next step in your tryst to identify ways to make money online involves being very alert and vigilant about the organization that you are dealing with. Given the remote interaction that happens with clients, the instances of having active fake players are quite common. Therefore when you are exploring the opportunities to make money online, be very careful to avoid getting involved in a scam or engaging with fake players. This will help you in remaining focused and earning money in a legitimate manner without any additional stress.

1. Avoid Options That Appear Too Easy

Avoid Options That Appear Too Easy

Often you would see ads online for easy work from home jobs that can help you make money online. Not only do they promise you easy work but also lots of money in return. That is, by far, is the first indication that the given opportunity could be illegitimate or fake. A simple rule would be to avoid these kinds of opportunities blindly. Don’t even waste time trying out a single project, however, lucrative the opportunity appears. You might have friends and even distant relatives extolling the benefits of this opportunity, but remember earning money is not that simple, and you can’t be an exception to the rule.

2. Transparent Payment

Transparent Payment

All legitimate opportunities that help you make money online undoubtedly are options that would have an extremely transparent payment strategy. There will be a clear system of billing and making payment for you. Therefore, any online work opportunity that does not provide you with a clear action plan on how they are going about the payment procedure is a big no. Lack of transparency is almost a sure sign of a fake or an illegitimate operation module that you are best advised to avoid at all cost.

3. Sketchy Details

Sketchy Details

In an effort to make money online, my first advise is to be alert and vigilant about the options that you choose. Remember, we are where our choices lead us to.

So when you are exploring different types of opportunities to help you make money online, you have to be as alert as you are when exploring conventional work opportunities. Completely avoid companies that do not have any details about the company’s founder and other relevant details. A company that is sketchy in providing company details is either non-existent or a big scam in the making.

4. Mode of Operation

You can make money online provided you are engaged with a genuine company. One way to identify a legitimate company is by identifying the mode of operation that they follow. If they have a clear-cut mode of operation, it means that this is a genuine company. Almost invariably, a fake company will not have a clear plan of action, and operational details would be rather inadequate. So, however, huge a monetary remuneration that they might promise, it is best to avoid this kind of firm to make money online.

Personality Traits Important to Make Money Online

Personality Traits Important to Make Money Online

In your query to ‘Can I make money online,’ I often tell that this depends on you and your personality. Indeed, personality traits impact performance in almost all walks of life, and it is no different when you want to make money online. The ground rules remain the same as when you join a conventional 9-5 office. The person that you are and the key traits that you possess often impact your success to a great extent. So just like in a traditional office, those who are particularly diligent or good at multi-tasking will have the edge over others.

1. Quick & Committed

Be Quick & Committed in Your Online Business.

When you are looking at ways to make money online, it is very important to be nimble footed and extremely alert. It is advantageous because it will help you identify opportunities swiftly and then act on them. Those who are slow in either identifying opportunities or acting on them will miss out on the contracts. Therefore, you can make money online quite quickly when you are able to grab an opportunity swiftly and act on it with equal speed and efficiency. Often the quality of your work determines the possibility of getting future projects.

2. Multi-Tasking


There is a huge difference between working in an office and trying to make money online. Invariably those who are looking at these opportunities prefer to stay at home and work. That means you have to be extra focused and committed to delivering the same level of efficiency as in the office. So whether the maid does not turn up or the kids are playing pranks, you have to master the art of staying focused and deliver your assignment in proper time-frame. Multi-tasking, therefore, goes a long way in helping you make money online.

3. Be Passionate about Your Business

Be Passionate about Your Business

Most times, when you decide to make money online, it is because you are passionate about certain theme or subject. Often it is this passion that drives you to focus better and improve efficiency in an effective manner. When you are passionate, your excellence is guaranteed. Also, it means that you are happy doing in your effort to make money online. Passion is also a catalyst that can help you excel in your chosen field and open up your horizon. In many cases, this can also help you try out new alternatives and experiment with the unknown.

4. Perseverance in Business

Perseverance in Business

Not only for those who want to make money online but for anyone interested in having a successful professional career, perseverance pays. Perseverance is almost that single personality trait that can encourage you to move ahead despite obstacles and odds that you might face. You have to understand that initial few months and years are very challenging when you are trying to build a career online. Perseverance in that scenario comes in rather handy in terms of making sure you never lose heart and are able to put your best foot forward.

Set Yourself Goals

Set Yourself Goals

Last but not the least important of all is goal setting. Don’t just ask yourself how can I make money online; it is also important that you ask yourself how soon and when and in what manner. These questions are important because they, in many ways, reflect the ethos of goal setting. We are all constantly moving towards an objective, and you can make money online a lot more effectively if you create a goal and certain objectives for yourself and strive to achieve them.

In many ways when you set goals, you also address the many challenges that you are bound to face in trying to make money online. For example, when you decide to become a virtual assistant and make money online, it could become a monotonous job for you beyond a point. But when you set targets in terms of how much you want to earn or how efficiently you perform, it will provide you with an impetus to excel and take up the challenge in the job.

So, You Can Make Money Online

We can conclude that you can make money online with ease given the plethora of opportunities. However, it is not without challenges. It is not a good idea to keep questioning your abilities and asking yourself, ‘can I make money online’. On the contrary, you must persevere to realize your dreams, capitalize on your expertise and diligently strive towards efficiency that helps you make money online with relative ease as well as confidence. Yes, confidence can often be the key catalyst that enhances your performances and helps you believe when faced with questions like, ‘how can I make money online.’