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A payday loan is a type of short-term borrowing where a lender will extend high-interest credit based on your income. Its principal is typically a portion of your next paycheck. Payday loans charge high-interest rates for short-term, immediate credit. They are also called cash advance loans or check advance loans. Payday loans are short-term, very-high-interest loans available to consumers. Payday loans are typically based on how much you earn, and you usually have to provide a pay stub when applying for one. Payday loans are not available in all states. Sixteen states—Arizona, Arkansas, Colorado, Connecticut, Georgia, Maryland, Massachusetts, Montana, New Hampshire, New Jersey, New York, North Carolina, Pennsylvania, South Dakota, Vermont, and West Virginia—and the District of Columbia outlaw payday loans of any kind. A number of laws have been put in place over the years to regulate the high fees and interest rates with payday loans.

  • LendNation
  • LendNation gets you the cash you need how and when you need it with a variety of flexible solutions online and in-store. Our simple, flexible money solutions make getting a loan easy and your cash accessible both online and in-store. Whether you need a loan or simply need to cash a check, we’re here to help. Our products are designed to fit your needs. We make getting cash simple and convenient – the way it should be. But we’re more than the products and services we offer – we treat you the way we would want to be treated. We understand that not everyone has perfect credit and every cash need is unique. We will work hard to get you the money you need. We’re committed to giving our customers the confidence to overcome daily financial challenges through easy, convenient cash products and excellent customer service. It’s what we do. It’s what you deserve.
    LendNation West Allis
    2755 S. 108th Street
    West Allis, WI 53227
    Phone: (414) 328-5455

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