What Is the Gold Price per Gram and How Do They Determine It?

The gold price per gram is a complicated concept.

For an average consumer, this entire concept can appear to be rather complex.

Determining the gold price has many aspects associated with it.

It is never just about one standalone price matrix that affects prices.

Gold is one of the most extensively traded commodities globally.

The daily trading volumes easily exceed 300,000.

Moreover, it trades both in the futures market as well as in physical form.

Gold is available in a variety of purity as well.

So, pricing gold is not that simple either.

There are many factors that play a role in the final price discovery.

The yellow metal is, after all, one of the most expensive metals in the world.

Often the gold price has a huge bearing on the overall market forces and average economy.

It is also a popular hedging tool for gold buyers and users.

In this condition, it is imperative to understand what sets the average gold price per gram.

What is particularly striking is that the gold price can differ from region to region.

Gold Price per GramTherefore, understanding how the pricing is determined is crucial.

After all, this is what will help you create a solid basis for your investment.

Another interesting aspect is what pricing you should follow?

Should you go by physical gold rates or paper rates?

Often when you look up for gold prices, you come across spot rate.

Often investors are worried if they should follow this rate.

This is because the physical rates are not same as paper rates.

So as an investor it becomes crucial to understand all these separate pricing triggers.

That alone can help you in assessing the gold price per gram properly.

Understanding the International Gold Pricing Standards

The international gold price is perhaps the most popular gold rates globally.

Be it the television screen, the stock market ticker or rates on international websites; it is this rate that you see being flashed.

Essentially you will prices of gold for one troy ounce unit.

The gold price per gram is derived from this.

The troy ounce approximately 31 gm.

This is generally the rate of gold in the international markets that are trading 24×7.

Gold is traded continuously without a break in this market.

This rate is most commonly referred to as the spot price of gold.

It is normally in dollars per troy ounce.

That invariably create a certain degree of standardization for users world over.

But it may not be the physical price of gold at a given instance.

It can be the spot trading rate sometimes, and at other times, it may refer to a future contract.

Invariably the front-month contracts are the ones that show maximum volume.

There is hectic trading in these contracts, and that is how they play a crucial role in eventual price discovery.

So one thing is fairly clear, the international spot rice is invariably the futures rate.

It represents the price of the futures contracts in a conclusive fashion.

You must have understood by now that broadly speaking gold price is a function of market forces.

A generic law of demand and supply is what results in ultimate price discovery.

But how does this price lead to the final gold price per gram?

Well, for this it is important to understand how the international gold pricing is finalized.

That will eventually provide you pointers on how the pricing parameters are created.

It will also help you understand the concept of following price benchmarks.

How Is the Spot Gold Price Derived?

When you are looking to determine gold per gram, this is the most pertinent point.

Series of recent data and research indicates that the spot price discovery is a joint effort.

The gold trading rates at the London OTC and COMEX are matched and then combined.

This combination of rates yields the final price details.

It is common knowledge that higher trading volumes and liquidity conditions play a crucial role.

Both these international gold trading hubs command the biggest gold trade in terms of volume and liquidity.

As per 2015 and 2016 data, London OTC spot market represented close to 80% of world trade volumes.

COMEX too sees close to additional 10% of gold trading.

But if you are wondering if the results are skewed because of the larger share of one exchange, it is not true.

Many in-depth types of research indicated that COMEX, despite the lower share of trade has a deeper impact on prices.

This is primarily due to the accessibility element in terms of trading on COMEX.

Additionally, the extended trading hours on COMEX also plays a crucial role.

Together both these elements create a deeper and wider base for more appropriate price discovery.

Moreover, compared to the Over the counter trade in London, there is greater transparency in Futures trade.

Comparatively, the London markets are dictated by a string of select and active commodity brokers.

That makes the COMEX a more meaningful and important element of the whole process.

Compared to the size of the physical bullion markets in either London or New York, these exchanges are gigantic.

That inevitably makes them crucial partners in the overall price discovery.

So both these hubs together work to bring about the spot price closest to fair value.

How Is the Final Gold Price per Gram Arrived At?

So you can now get a fair value of how the indicative price is arrived at.

The final gold per gram inevitably follows the demand-supply matrix.

The spot gold price in this becomes an indicative rate on which the physical gold rates are based on.

So when you have a greater number of buyers ready to buy, sellers may raise the price.

But the opposite happens if the number of sellers is more than buyers.

In that case, buyers inevitably look at ways to acquire gold at a significantly lower rate.

The nearest month contract dictates the spot gold price.

Physical gold price per gram is a further derivation on this crucial number.

The trading volumes, liquidity and supply-demand together work towards final price discovery.

It is the same concept how the actual spot gold price is derived.

It is primarily based on the closest contract with the most hectic trading in it.

That indicates both participation and greater volume.

Needless to mention that this will yield a value that is much closer to fair value levels.

This is why the spot gold rates are such an important element of the overall price discovery mechanism.

They represent volume and a popular perspective.

Moreover, they become a basic yardstick on which the final valuation is derived.

Because gold is not just mined in one place and you do not have one unit released at a given point.

Though predominantly imaginary, the spot gold rates give users a basic concept of value.

That makes the final price discovery more meaningful.

If you see gold is not just bought or sold as an investment opportunity, there are many other usages like industrial opportunity and of course jewelry making.

Factors That Help in Determining Gold Price per Gram

Now that brings us to the next point that we must explore.

The final gold price is undeniably a function of the market force.

But what exactly are the factors that comprise of market forces?

Well, depending on markets and regions, there are numerous elements involved in this process.

Some of the most important factors that help in gold price discovery are:

  • Physical gold demand
  • Demand for jewelry making
  • The extent of gold investment in the market.
  • Demand in the currency market
  • Central bank demand
  • Inflation and economic scenario
  • Overall risk appetite in the market
  • The geopolitical factors aiding gold demand and risk opportunities
  • Equity market conditions.

You will notice that all these elements together work towards creating the so-called gold valuation.

Whether you are looking at spot gold rates or physical gold rates, these factors remain same.

Gold investments are primarily safe haven investments.

They are predominantly an outcome of how investors perceive fund allocation to the yellow metal.

Interest rates and monetary policies too impact prices in a meaningful way.

It goes on to dictate the final demand and trading volumes.

Often they play a crucial role in overall risk appetite as well.

Both the stock markets and currency markets impact gold demand significantly.

This is because gold often comes across as an alternative investment destination.

This is why you may see gold prices appreciating in a bear market situation.

The weak dollar and strong gold combination is also an outcome of this factor.

When the opportunity cost of investing in gold reduces, its demand increases.

That, in turn, affects the pricing.

So finally, it is all about how these individual factors affect overall gold demand.

The demand-supply matrix therein gives the final gold price per gram.

Is There Any Standard Global Gold Price?

As a result of widely spread out gold trade, the pricing variations are normal.

This is exactly why the gold price per gram is so closely linked to spot gold prices.

But that does not mean, spot gold rates are uniform across the world.

The spot gold market trades 24×7.

This means that gold is being traded at some or the other market through the day.

So depending on the time zone, you may have higher volume trades in Asia, Europe or America.

The region-specific conditions will, therefore, have a strong bearing on the overall results.

But there is another important factor.

This is the currency that is used to trade gold.

You have to remember that gold is traded in different currency across the world.

So whether you are a buying a gram of gold in Japan or the United States will no doubt impact the rates.

Moreover, the spot gold rate is an open market rate.

That means it will never be same at two given points.

This price is constantly on the move.

The physical gold price is an extension of this rate.

As a result, there will be slight variation in the gold price per gram.

But broadly speaking, the variation is in a relatively narrow range.

The difference is more a function of local demand-supply.

The local currency rates too have a bearing on the broad value.

Depending on the demand, the physical gold rate may be at a premium or discount to the spot price.

But typically the gold price per gram is almost always at a premium to actual rate.

This is because the spot gold price is primarily notional in value.

It is a price assumption on the basis of the perceived valuation.

Understanding the Difference Between Spot, Future & Physical Gold Rates

Typically the gold price per gram is a function of three cardinal factors.

You have the spot gold rate, the future gold rate and finally the physically gold price.

Now each of these represents the unique gold transaction and trading markets.

Independent demand in these markets, as well as the peripheral demand, impact the final pricing.

You have to take all of these elements into consideration.

Gold is undeniably one of the most important investment opportunities in the world.

For centuries, it has been one of the best representatives of value and consistent trading alternative.

Despite the prohibitive cost and relative risk, it is still an important constituent of our portfolio.

You may hold gold in paper terms or physical form; the value is interlinked.

The spot gold rates are most dynamic in this context.

They change from minute to minute and market to market.

They are the ones that are most sensitive to the peripheral market conditions.

In many ways, they go on to create the relative price variations as well.

The rates for the gold futures in comparison is amongst the costliest.

This is again because it is a notional value of gold that is assumed on the basis of several factors.

The market predictions, the interest rate and geopolitical equation decide premium in case of Futures.

As a result, it also factors in any potential expense that may be incurred in future.

When you are buying physical gold, the price per gram will again depend on local conditions.

The form in which you are buying physical gold will also impact prices.

Coins, bars and jewelry all have separate rating parameter.

The only thing that is static is they are all derived from the basic spot value.

The Tax Impact

The gold price per gram will always be higher for physical gold.

One key aspect for this is the cost of holding physical gold.

Holding physical gold has many myriad elements added to it.

The first and foremost is the taxation part.

Many individual markets may levy a certain tax on holding gold.

So buying or selling gold in these individual markets will command a certain tax.

Now that will affect demand for physical gold.

Sometimes, governments levy these taxes to regulate the demand for gold in individual markets.

That apart, the form in which you hold physical gold can also dictate the gold price per gram.

You will typically notice that the cost of gold coins may be more than gold bars.

Again the form in which gold is traded most commonly also impacts prices.

For example, gold bars are traded more extensively amongst institutions.

But then again, gold coins are popular amongst the retail customers.

Selected countries have a far higher demand for gold jewelry.

So in these countries, buying gold jewelry can attract slightly variable rating.

Moreover, jewelers will also include the making charges at this rate.

That will also lead to some variation in the overall cost element.


Therefore, the gold price per gram is a function of several elements.

There cannot be any one factor that impacts prices.

Moreover, the value of physical gold in itself is a derivation of spot gold prices.

The reason why spot gold is at a discount is that it is a notional rate.

The gold valuation incorporates geopolitical situation and economic elements.

The final pricing is a combination of all of these.

But the international spot gold price undeniably impacts the gold price per gram most distinctly.

This sets the broad direction and trend of the global gold price per gram.

The remaining variations are all a function of local factors that impact gold price per gram.

Will the Gold Price Go Up Over Time?

The gold price is one of the most commonly followed investment metrics.

All over the world, you will notice that gold forms an important investment option.

Often, it is also referred to as haven investment

It offers the much-needed diversification to your portfolio.

Gold in many cases is also a hedge against inflation.

Traditionally, gold has yielded higher returns over any time frame.

So the question is how is the gold price poised for now?

The Gold Price Since 1974The gold price that way is determined by many factors.

You have to take into consideration many factors and take a constructive view.

Just like stocks, currencies and all other assets, the gold price is determined by several factors.

Both economic and geopolitical considerations have a bearing on the gold price.

While individual price forecast can differ, understanding the basic trend is important.

That is what determines how prices are likely to fare going forward.

Moreover, it will also help you gauge whether it makes sense in a certain asset.

If you follow that trend, the gold price is seen scaling fresh highs.

The prices may escalate to anywhere between $1400-2000 in the next few years.

The broad trend seems to indicate that the various factors support a reasonable price rise.

In fact, London Bullion Market Association anticipates a huge swing in prices going forward.

Between 2018 and 2019, the gold price may spike up to even multi-year highs.

Now there are several factors that are supporting this prediction.

While the actual extent of the upmove is anyone’s guess, the consensus is it is moving higher.

Analysts feel that it is a function of multiple factors that are converging at the moment.

So here is a quick look at the factors that support a rise in gold price.

Real US Interest Rates

The real US interest rates perhaps have one of the greatest bearings on the gold price.

Gold has traditionally generated positive returns when the stock markets have been lower.

Now the negative returns in stock markets are very closely linked to interest rate movement.

But by this, I am referring to the real interest rates.

This is interest rates minus inflation.

The kind of answers the question, why and how interest rates affect the gold price?

Let us understand that gold like any other investment opportunity is operated by the demand-supply matrix.

In a rising interest rate scenario, there is an always an absolute need to rebalance portfolios.

Historically between 1973-1974, Gold jumped 150% while S&P 500 dropped 40% in the same period.

This was also a period where interest rates were on the rise.

When higher interest rates muted stock demand, gold comes across as an alternative investment destination.

This is what impacts the overall gold prices to a large extent.

So it establishes our previous point of view that gold price is a function of demand and supply.

Interest rates play a significant role in impacting the broad demand.

It also affects the overall money supply in the market.

All of these together work towards moderating the market moves.

This is what impacts the final demand and hence the supply.

Interest rates also play a role in the overall inflation scenario.

Interest rates have remained low for an extended period.

According to recent predictions, the US Fed is likely to raise the interest rate.

This is what is expected to spur the demand for gold.

That, in many ways, is likely to raise the gold price to a significant extent.

But gold is a rather complex animal, and this is not the only factor.

Higher Government Bond Yields May Lead to Higher Gold Price

The Government bond yield rates also impact gold rates in a significant manner.

Globally if you notice, bond yields are on the way up.

There are also reports the Chinese authorities are reevaluating their US Treasuries holding.

Moreover, higher yields also indicate lower bond rates.

Many believe that the long-term bull market in bonds is almost over.

Bond prices have, in fact, slipped to one-year low.

When you compare even from 2016 highs, there is a significant drop in rates.

So in terms of pricing signals, a higher yield also points to a rise in the price of safe haven assets.

That suggests times for higher rates and inflation too.

Gold is often seen as a hedge against inflation.

So a higher inflation period may actually benefit gold demand and the prices thereon.

Almost invariably people are more prone to invest in gold during these periods.

That is what is expected to push up precious metal prices globally.

Apart from bonds, gold is another of the most popular safe investment destinations.

This is pointedly a key trigger to consider when you are undertaking gold price prediction.

You must understand that flight to safety is a natural human instinct.

Even in terms of investment, this fact holds true.

But if the bonds do not offer that safety net, gold is the next option.

This is why the recent high in yield rates is such an important signal.

It invariably highlights a worrying trend in bond investments.

In many ways, that is what may push up gold price going forward is.

So, this is why a higher bond yield now augurs well for gold investments in future.

It goes on to create a meaningful base for a significant rise in prices.

Bearish Trends on US Dollar Index

The US Dollar rates and gold prices are inter-related.

The prices of both these assets are inter-related.

Needless to mention that both these factors are a function of demand and supply.

In many ways, the global economy and geopolitical conditions impact the movement of both these assets.

This is why it becomes so important to track the US Dollar Index movement to assess the price rise.

The US Dollar Index is a basket of 6 currencies against the dollar.

Technical levels on the Dollar Index charts indicate that it is set for lower lows going forward.

There are also indications that it is set for longer-term bearish stance.

The current leg down in prices may continue in stages.

In fact, a dollar is set to see another round of weak pricing.

That, in itself, creates a potential prospect for the yellow metal to move ahead.

A weak dollar scenario inevitably impacts the overall price movement to a large extent.

That creates a convincing base for gold prices going up shortly.

That alone sets up a base for $1400 and above going forward.

Thus gold is set to benefit from a weak dollar scenario for the rest of 2018.

In many ways, that is likely to impact the overall supply-demand scenario to a large extent.

It will enable gold prices to move up.

In fact, this is one of the most convincing factors supporting a rise in gold prices.

It is set to spur higher demand for gold too for a longer period.

Moreover, the currency and commodity price swings operate over a longer time period.

This, in many ways, creates a convincing ground for stable upswing in gold price.

So you can easily brace up for sustained price appreciation.

S&P 500 Signal Certain Bearish Trends

Apart from the fundamental factors, there are some key technical indicators too.

It is important to pay attention to these technical signals because of the price patterns they suggest.

Technical charts signal future prices on the basis of past price movement.

As a result, it takes into account historical trends to create a meaningful course for the future.

This is where the charts of the S&P 500 is worth a bit of attention.

The markets are in the throes of a strong bull market.

Stock indices are scaling new highs practically every day.

But the technical charts of S&P 500, point to a very different story.

They seem to indicate that the S&P 500 may be headed for difficult times ahead.

The current levels indicate a potential beginning of a bearish trend.

Over the longer term, the S&P 500 is perhaps setting up for a decided downward spiral.

The RSI also touched a new high in December 2017 and moved back.

This too seems to be supporting the claim that the S&P 500 may also see some retracement in value.

All of this can point to only one fact.

The S&P 500 may top out in the near term.

So, what does that mean for prices going forward?

Well, it means increasingly people will move to greener pastures.

Invariably, there will be times when people may look for more stable gains.

This is exactly how Gold price may benefit in the near-term.

It is likely to attract the attention of investors looking to reallocate funds.

That will create a meaningful demand pocket.

This is what will help in gold prices going up significantly for rest of 2018.

The presumption is that this upmove may continue for as long as 2020 as per key technical indicators.

Geopolitical Factors

Geopolitical factors have an undeniable bearing on commodity prices.

Be it gold or crude; even the smallest developments can affect price movement.

Flight to safety remains the single biggest motivation in this case.

So there are some very worrying pressure points globally.

These are likely to raise the forecast for gold price going forward.

One of the most worrying situations is that of North Korea.

The US-North Korea equation is extremely important.

Moreover, the kind of bearing that it has on world security is a huge worry.

This is what is most likely to push up gold price.

It is seen as a major risk to global stability.

This is likely to encourage investors to increase their investment in gold.

It is expected to create a potentially volatile environment for stock market prices.

This is likely to create a meaningful base for significantly higher allocation in gold.

This is only one part of the global scenario.

The Middle-east too is another questionable pocket in terms of global stability.

It continues to give rise to many terrorist threats globally.

In fact, if you see, the whole region is simmering with internal disturbances.

The violence and its repercussions do not seem to be ending any time soon.

That, in many ways, affects the overall demand-supply matrix for gold.

In other words, that creates a scope for meaningful appreciation in gold rates.

If you track the gold price globally also, these geopolitical unrest have a distinct bearing on portfolio allocation.

Whenever people are looking to invest for the longer term, there will be a sizeable demand for gold.

This demand for gold will also help push up prices higher.

As a result, the expectation is that gold price is set to move higher going forward.

Demand from India, China

The demand for physical gold also plays a role in determining gold price.

Demand from countries with high gold consumption is crucial.

Traditionally, the demand for physical gold is significantly high across Asia.

India and China are typically two of the largest consumers of physical gold in India.

India, in fact, is the second largest consumer of gold in the world.

Here demand is traditionally impacted by religious festivals.

So through the year, there are many religious festivals that result in gold buying.

Higher gold demand also results in uptick in prices.

Therefore, it goes without saying that demand in these markets spikes up prices globally.

Internally, gold prices have rallied to 16-month highs in India.

Therefore, this indicates that the global gold price will also reflect the sentiment

It is only obvious that there will be a distinct rise in prices going forward.

But India is not alone in this rally.

Gold price in Singapore and China too are on an upward trajectory.

As a result, premiums to gold price have also inched higher.

So that means, you can also expect these factors to help global gold price.

So it is obvious that gold price is likely to go up in future.

Buying by Central Bank

As you may have noticed that the demand-supply matrix is the single biggest impacting price movement.

So, in this case, it is not just mere retail buying by individual customers.

You must keep in mind that central banks are active buyers of gold.

In recent times, there has been a distinct rise in gold buying by central banks.

If the indicators are true, there is no signal indicating a halt in this hectic buying either.

That only signal one thing.

The gold price is set to move up from current levels.

Technical Indicators for Gold Charts

Now it is also important to analyze the gold chart as well.

In many ways, the price signals that they point to can also give meaningful direction to future prices.

The technical experts believe that the gold price is squeezing into a tight range on a monthly basis.

This only points to one basic factor globally.

It goes on to indicate that a global breakout in gold prices is imminent.

A long-term consolidation of the prices also points to a decided breakout potential.

Now if there is a break put at this juncture, the chances are there will be a new high going forward.

That is one of the biggest factors indicating gold price is set to move higher over long-term.

Role of Speculators

Last but not the least, you cannot undermine the role of speculators in deciding the gold price.

Interest in buying gold has risen significantly compared to past two-three years.

This surely points to a higher rise in gold price in this period.

The open interest in the gold position is also very expansive.

That, in itself, is a big indicator that the yellow metal is set to breach fresh highs.

Therefore, the gold price is surely set to chart out new highs.


Apart from that, if you take into consideration the trading volume on Comex, you get a fair idea of demand.

Gold trading volumes are scaling absolutely new highs at the moment.

There are some alarming signs of limited new gold supply from mines.

That means supply may not be able to match the projected demand.

That too indicates that the overall outlook for gold price is up, up and away.

Though the jury is out on whether gold is going to reach $1400 or $1600 levels, new highs are for sure.

So if you are looking for constructive long-term gains, you are getting positive signs from gold price.

The gold price is set to go up over the next few years.

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1) It makes a lot of money through the gold market, no matter if the gold spot price goes up or down.

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Therefore, both the big source of income that we need to make a lot of money with, and also the system to secure and increase the money we make, are all in place in this system.

Gold makes money for us and increases the money it makes at the same time.

It means we get rich and then richer just by following this system.

Is There Any Risk?

Can You Lose Money in This System?

You Will Never Lose in This System.

While those who virtually trade the precious metals like gold as well as the currencies and stocks, lose a lot of money and sometimes they lose their shirts in these markets, you won’t have to risk any money with our system.

This system makes money for you consistently when people convert their money into gold to save, secure and increase their money.

You make more money when more people join the system every day.

And more people are really joining this system on a daily basis, because every day more people learn about the value of gold and this system.

Never Lose MoneyTherefore, there is no way to lose in this system, because you don’t make money based on the gold’s price appreciation and you don’t lose money because of the gold’s price depreciation.

You make money based on the increasing activity of the gold market, no matter what the gold price direction is.

Like StarBucks which is backed by coffee, or McDonald’s that is backed by hamburger, this system is backed by GOLD 😀

There is a higher demand for gold every day, not only from people, but also from the governments.

When you enter this system, you will make more money when more people enter the gold market, because you will be part of this market, no matter to what direction the gold price goes, up or down.

Numbers don’t lie:

While you are making money, you can save a portion of your income in gold, and so, your money never loses its buying power over time.

You also make money on the increasing buying power of gold.

After a short while, you will even receive free gold just because you are saving your money in gold.

So, in this system, you make money in the gold’s market, but unlike the retail gold traders who trade gold virtually, you don’t risk any money at all.

Why Saving Your Money in Gold?

You can save your money and income in gold, because gold doesn’t lose its buying power, but paper money does.

The gold’s buying power goes up over time, but paper money always loses its buying power because of the inflation and because it is not backed by anything.

Therefore, when you convert your income into gold, indeed you are increasing your wealth automatically without doing anything.

Gold increases your wealth while you don’t have to do anything.

So, this system not only makes money for you, but also it automatically secures and increases the money you make.

Let me give you some examples.

Gold Buying PowerExample #1:

In 1970, one gram of 999.9 gold, was worth $1.32 while it could buy you five loaves of bread, whereas a $1 bill could buy you four loaves of bread.

Today, the same one gram of 999.9 gold is worth $52.66 and so it can afford you 20 loaves of bread, while $1 doesn’t buy even a single loaf of bread.

Example #2:

$2,000 in 1932 had the same purchasing power as $116,000 today.


The gold price was $20.67 in 1932, but now it is about $1,200.

This is because of the inflation that causes money to lose its buying power over time.

However, if you had converted the same $2,000 into physical gold in 1932, now your gold would be worth $116,000 because you could buy 58 Troy Ounce of gold with your $2,000 in 1932:

$1,200 / $20.67 = 58

$2,000 x 58 = $116,000

But if one saved that $2,000 as cash, now he could buy only 1.7 Troy Ounce of gold:

$2,000 / $1,200 = 1.7

It is amazing, isn’t it? 😀

Let me amaze you more.

Example #3:

Growing Value of GoldIf you had saved $300 per month since 1990, now you would have $72,000.

However, your $72,000 buying power would be $56,000 now.

It means you would lose $16,000 on your saving.

But, instead of saving $300 per month, if you had bought $300 physical gold, guess how much your gold would be worth now.

It would be worth $236,000.

Can you believe it?

I know it is hard to believe, but it is so true.

That’s why I told you at the beginning of this article that I was going to tell you the things that you’ve never heard before.

How Is This Possible?

Physical gold doesn’t lose its buying power.

It even gains more buying power over time, because there is always a higher demand for it.

Although the gold spot price can fluctuate, but the gold buying power increases every year.


Because we work with the physical form of a highly demanding precious metal.

It is not like the other metals and commodities.

It is only gold that has an increasing demand and buying power.

In this system, we are not dealing with some worthless credit or digits that can be bought or sold with one click online.

JP MorganPhysical gold is the real wealth.

That’s why JP Morgan said,

“Gold is money. Everything else is credit. And once you realize this, you will never be poor again.”

Therefore, this system makes money for you based on the Global Gold’s Demand, as well as the Increasing Gold’s Buying Power:

For each participant, this system builds an organization that makes money through the increasing demand in the gold market. Also, you will earn money with the increasing gold’s buying power, while the organization keeps growing day by day.

What does this mean to you?

It means you get rich and then richer and richer if you follow this system.

Why Does This System Has No Risk?

You have to have a lot of money to invest in the stock, real estate or currency markets, if you want to make profit reasonably.

However, the system I am talking about here, is not an investment program at all.

That’s why it has no risk.

Investments always come with some risks.

But you don’t risk any money in this system.

We will instruct and support you to do this.

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How Much Is a Gold Bar Worth?

If you are planning to invest in gold, it is important to know how much is a gold bar worth.

Assessing how much is a gold bar worth can be tricky.

There are various reasons for this.

A variety of factors assesses a gold bar’s worth.

The weight of the bar is a crucial factor.

But that alone is not the only price determinant in this case.

Understanding the variation is very important.

This is because the gold bar is one of the popular ways of investing in gold.

Investing in physical gold is still one of the common investment avenues.

This is because it is an attractive way to diversify the overall risk.

Investing in the gold bar helps you realize a significant premium.

But the point is this investment will be worthwhile only when you realize appropriate value.

There are many aspects of assessing how much is a gold bar worth.

A proper research can often go a long way in establishing better clarity on pricing.

It highlights the variations in the different instrument of bullion investment.

In this context, you have to analyze the manufacturing expenses and handling costs.

That alone can help you earn the additional premium on the gold bar.

How Much Is a Gold Bar Worth?There are some distinct advantages of owning physical gold.

Unlike electronic gold, a gold bar offers better security and flexibility.

You get to have control on your wealth, and there is no third party involvement.

So in terms of a crisis, this offers better options of preserving your assets.

But that apart, investing in a gold bar adds depth to your investment portfolio.

In many ways, it opens up a completely new avenue of investment.

In fact, this is often the best way to hedge the risk in your investment profile.

Why Invest In Gold Bar?

This is why before analyzing how much is a gold bar worth, it is important to know why to invest.

If you notice historical trends, there is a distinct upmove in gold prices.

Whatever timeline you consider, gold has yielded higher returns consistently.

It has helped investors earn sustainable returns in every age.

As they say, there is never a bad time to own gold bar.

Most importantly, you don’t have to time the market for buying physical gold.

You can buy it just about any time and still earn positive returns after a period.

Now that you can get a gold bar of different weight, the initial capital is also not a big criterion.

You can buy gold bars of practically any weight.

The smallest offerings in gold bar may weigh a few grams.

At the same time, you can buy jumbo ones weighing a few kilos.

It all depends on the funds that you are ready to invest in.

Physical gold gives you a sense of ownership too.

But it also comes with the responsibility of keeping the investment intact.

If you compromise the security element, you run the risk of losing investment.

But if that factor alone is resolved, there is complete sense in investing in gold.

The gold bars are manufactured only by accredited firms.

Therefore, they come with a much greater degree of credibility.

The purity of the gold bar is not questioned, and it invariably comes with a certification.

Moreover, not ever jeweler can create gold bars.

Unlike gold coin, there are special conditions for manufacturing these bars.

It is important to satisfy these conditions.

This makes a deeper understanding of how much a gold bar is worth necessary.

It will help you make a fair assessment of your investment goals too.

The Premium Attached to Gold Bar

You have to weigh the rate of premium attached to gold bar when you are assessing its worth.

But the question is why is the premium attached to the prices?

Unlike gold jewelry, prices are not determined just on the basis of spot price and making charges.

A certain premium is attached to the cost involved in packing, insuring and delivering it.

The percentage of premium is fairly limited to keep the prices competitive.

In fact, when you compare with gold coins, it is very low in case of a gold bar.

This is exactly why it makes sense to invest in gold bar more than the coins.

One practical reason is the lower manufacturing cost.

Gold bars are typically larger in size compared to gold coins

As a result of the smaller units, coins also attract much higher cost of production.

Similarly even in case of a gold bar, opting for large 500 gm bar is cheaper than 10 50gm bars.

When you are investing in gold for long-term, you have to look at realizing absolute value.

Short-term considerations do not weigh much in this context.

You have to look at what can help you optimize the value of every penny spent.

That is why buying large gold bar makes sense.

So when you are looking at how much is a gold bar worth, it is important to look at relative value.

For example, if you want to own 500 gm of gold, you must calculate how you want to.

Compare the cost of 1 bar of 500 gm and 10 bars of 50 gm each.

Only then you will be able to analyze the true worth of the investment.

This also will help you optimize the absolute worth of the money invested.

Account for the Value of Flexibility

However if you want to understand how much is a gold bar worth, just one factor is inadequate.

There is a practical problem with owning large gold bars.

While it is true that they deliver better returns over a longer term, getting that value is tricky.

What I mean is it is simple to buy a large gold bar.

But at the same time, it is not that simple to dispose it off.

Selling 10 small 50 gm bar is much simpler.

This is because each individual bar represents much lesser value.

But, in comparison, one chunky 500 gm bar will also require a greater amount of money.

So the relative flexibility in selling is significantly lesser in case of this one.

That’s also one reason for the relatively lower premium available on the gold bar.

In times of crisis, this access to cash can be extremely crucial.

It can often be the difference between a good and bad investment.

It can also help you understand the true value of the investment and their timely use.

Moreover, if you want to change the asset allocation in your portfolio, the gold bar can pose problems.

The whole idea of owning gold is primarily diversification.

But if you are invested in very large gold bars, realizing the complete value of the investment is difficult.

This lack of flexibility can often come in the way of the actual worth of the gold bar.

The gold bar’s value is not just what it represents.

You must also make a fair assumption of how much you can realize from it.

If an investment cannot yield the value it represents, it decidedly creates an anomaly in pricing.

Additionally, it makes it that much difficult to make an assumption about actual worth of the bar.

The Scope of the Investment

The kind of investor you are also has a bearing on gold bar prices.

Investing large chunks in gold is undeniably simpler.

You do not have to deal with complicated transaction methods.

You do not have to pay a huge amount of transaction taxes extra.

Let’s say if your funds permit, you can just 1 kilo of a gold bar and relax.

The larger the bar is, the better the value you get.

Buying large volume of gold turns out cheap on a per unit basis.

The manufacturing expenses are much lesser so as a result, it indicates a bigger profit margin.

The amount of gold you get for every dollar also turns out to be higher.

So again, there is a difference in the relative value of how much a gold bar is worth.

It is directly proportional to the amount of money that you may be ready to invest in.

The higher amount of investment yields far better value of every gold bar you invest in.

In comparison creating smaller bars involve higher cost.

As a result, their value reflects this additional cost as well.

So you have to weigh the options and advantages in the final value.

This is why the weight and the investment opportunity together will decide the final value.

When you analyze how much is gold bar worth, you have to consider the investment opportunity.

Simultaneously you will also need to account for the relative return prospect.

Needless to mention, this is also dependent on the money you invest.

As a result, the final value of a bar is deeply dependent on all of these factors together.

Looking at any one aspect in isolation will not help you.

For best value and a fair price, a comprehensive analysis is necessary.

Return Prospects

Well, that brings us to the next most important point to ponder.

If I want to know how much a gold bar is worth, it is important to consider the return.

Investing in any savings instrument is only a part of the story.

The most important factor is undeniably how much money you can get as a return.

The gold coin, in this context, has almost 40% higher premium.

This is primarily because the return prospect in that much higher on an average.

But there is no set formula for it either.

The demand-supply matrix, the existing gold rates, all are involved in assessing the return prospect.

In general, coins have a much higher prospect than bars.

Here again, the final price is dictated by the flexibility and liquidity in the market.

Times when the gold prices are soaring, and the market is flush with cash, it is much easier to get returns.

In fact, you may see it is much easier buying and selling larger bars as well.

The overall environment is all about looking for a comfortable and easy investment opportunity.

But in comparison if the economic situations takes a turn for worse, liquidity begins to recede.

This means relative return from the same gold bar may reduce.

While gold continues to deliver strong returns, there will be subtle differences.

During the crisis, you will always see smaller bars or coins can be sold easier than large ones.

That in itself is a big factor in determining the returns prospects.

The relative ease of selling a large gold bar always impacts how much return it will command.

This, therefore, will have a definitive bearing on the final price of the gold bar.

So when you consider the value of a god bar, always consider the scope of returns.

Liquidity in the Market

This is again a very important factor when you are assessing gold bar prices.

The price of the gold bar is directly proportional to the overall liquidity in the market.

If the market is flush with cash, you may see more and more people interested in buying these bars.

Similarly when people have sufficient cash, sellers will find more buyers in the market also.

So, this ease of transaction will also be reflected in the price of the gold bar.

It will always reflect a better value when the market has adequate liquidity.

But you can then argue that this fact is true about gold as a commodity or investment destination.

Well, this is exactly why you will notice that the gold prices are also dependent on liquidity.

The liquidity conditions also dictate the supply of gold bar.

Unlike a gold coin, not everyone is authorized to make these gold bars.

Across the world, there are 63 active gold refiners who can make these bars.

Needless to mention, this can also impact the relative price of the gold bar in long-term.

So, many factors impact the final value gold bar value.

How Much Is a Gold Bar Worth of 400 oz?

When you set out to consider how much a gold bar worth, you have to discuss the 400oz gold bar.

This is currently the world’s largest single gold investment.

This brick is made of pure 24Kgold.

The 400 troy ounces is the standardized unit for measuring gold.

Retail demand for these heavy bars is not too huge.

But the Central banks world over hold and trade these gold bar.

In fact, this specific gold bar also remains the traditional insurance and guarantee for safe investments.

But here also if you see, the buying price for it is close to $550,000, but the selling rate is just a tad over $515,000.

These are always stamped and carry and air of credibility around them.

You can store these in any one of the several secure global vaults as well as vaults provided by banks.

The idea is to use them as guarantee or security for a huge amount of investment.

However, this is not the largest gold bar ever produced.

If you ever want to know how much is a gold bar worth, think about it again.

In terms of dimension, it is not more than a shoebox.

Its dimension is 17.9 inches by 8.9 inches by 6.7 inches.

This gold bar weighs a whopping 551 pounds.

In troy ounce, it weighs a whopping 8,037.585 troy ounces.

1 troy ounce is equal to $1,176.75 US Dollars.

So can you calculate how much is this gold bar worth?

Its current worth is over $9 million.

So can you imagine $9 million worth of investment tightly packed in a shoe box?

The concept in itself is overwhelming, and perhaps this decides the ultimate worth of a gold bar.

You cannot deny that it is one of the most compact forms


Therefore, there is no clear way to assign a value to a gold bar.

The final cost of a gold bar is dependent on several factors.

However, 400ox gold bar offers a certain degree of standardization.

But the average retail ownership is very limited in this category.

Often the question is how much is a gold bar worth in current scenario.

Gold prices are extremely volatile and dependent on several geopolitical factors.

In this context, the price of the gold bar also reflects these elements.

Moreover, it is often about investing in gold in bulk.

So you have to take a fair view of the opportunity cost and projected returns going forward.

Therefore only if you are certain about long-term exposure to gold, it makes sense to invest in gold bar.

How Much Does a Gold Bar Weigh?

The weight of a gold bar can often be a matter of great debate.

Gold has traditionally been an important investment avenue.

But have you ever wondered what form of gold you should invest in?

Even, if you consider conventional physical gold, there are many variants.

Perhaps the most common form of physical gold investments includes gold coins and bars.

But then, you get gold bars of varying weight.

The question is, does it really matter how much these bars weigh?

How Much Does a Gold Bar Weigh?After all, the gold prices are closely linked to the purity of the yellow metal.

But it is surely important to understand how much does a gold bar weigh?

This is not only important in terms of assigning a value to the gold bar.

It also helps create a standardized form of investment.

As in case of gold coins, a gold bar too can have varying measurements.

Some of the weight variants are standardized.

On the other hand, you have certain unique ones that are created for special situations.

A certain degree of the gold bar weight is also as per international accreditation.

This is crucial and creates a certain amount of standardization for gold bars internationally.

It helps you to assess the potential investment opportunity.

When you consider how much does a gold bar weigh, you also need to look at regional specifications.

In many ways, that also goes on to determine individual weight specs as well.

This is exactly why the weight of gold bar oscillates in a wide range.

The starting levels can be very small, and there can be really large ones too.

The overall weight is also dependent on the purpose for which you use the gold bar.

You have different variants for the different purposes.

What Is a Gold Bar?

Before we delve deeper into how much does a gold bar weigh, it is important to understand what it is?

As the name indicates, it is a quantity of pure yellow metal in the shape of gold bar.

This is one of the most common forms of physical gold apart from gold biscuits and coins.

Relatively, large quantity of the pure metal is molten and then molded as bars.

These bars are, of course, created as per certain pre-decided standards.

The variations are then incorporated according to the purpose for which they are made.

On an average, this is why the purity of the gold bar is also standardized.

Surprisingly, that has no bearing on the weight of the bar.

The purity is maintained on a global basis.

The fact that it is one of the most commonly used formats of physical gold investment is also important.

This is why there is always a great demand for the gold bar.

As a result, there is also that additional emphasis on the weight of these bars.

The point to note in this context is that these gold bars are much in demand internationally.

Especially for banking transactions, this is the ‘gold standard’.

Most Governments and financial institution use gold bars as investments.

Even the gold against the printed currency is stored in this format.

This is why the gold bar weight is such an important consideration.

They use it as an international measure of fund reserves at a specific weight.

Of course, the weight and purity of these gold bars are always pre-decided.

But that apart, you have other variants of the gold bar too.

In that case, the weight can be very different from the pre-determined international standard.

It goes on to highlight the weight intricacies.

Types of Gold Bar

The weight of the gold bar is directly proportional to its purpose.

This is why you need to know the purpose the bar is for before determining how much it weighs.

The gold bar can be categorized roughly into 55 different variants.

This is determined as per their size, weight and manufacturing process.

Typically a gold bar can be of a standard weight or of innovative dimension.

There are some usual shapes and certain unusual ones too.

While there can be many types of grouping, let’s check some international standards.

The most accepted ones are, of course, the grouping as per The Industry Catalogue of Gold Bars Worldwide

The Grendon International Research or the GIR relies heavily on this list.

Apart from it, they have derived a list from The Industry Collection of Gold Bars Worldwide.

Needless to mention that weight forms a key element of this grouping.

Normally the key factors determining this categorization also depends on

  • Shape of the gold bar
  • Weight specification
  • The particular denomination of the gold bar
  • The decoration used
  • Any unique feature that may have been incorporated

The overall categorization carefully follows all of these specific details.

The jewelry and the fabrication market utilizes the bulk of these gold bars.

But in 46  of the total 55 categories, these bars are investment quality.

In other words, they have every quality that fulfills investment requirement.

Normally by this, I mean, in terms of purity and composition these are investment grade.

They adhere to internationally created weight standards.

More often than not, you will see that the gold bar is issued at a premium to existing valuation.

These categories include varying types of the gold bar like

  • Scrap gold bar
  • Dore gold bar
  • High premium/sample gold bar

1. Cast Bar

Cast BarWhen you differentiate types of gold bar, how much it weighs becomes crucial.

Along with the purity, this is the most important factor.

The cast bars are the most common types of gold bar.

London 400 oz Bars

As the name indicates, this is a standard form of transaction in the London Bullion Market.

The London Good Delivery or the LGD is a 400oz gold bar with minimum 99.5% purity.

This gold bar weighs around 400 oz or 12.5 kg.

The fine gold content of this bar can, of course, vary within a range.

The fine gold content can be anywhere between 350-430 troy ounces.

The troy ounce is an important measure.

Gold bar measures typically in this unit.

But that weight is not recorded on the bar.

COMEX 100 oz Bars

The name indicates that it is commonly used for the transaction on COMEX.

The COMEX Good Delivery gold bar weighs around 100 oz .

Though commonly referred to as 100 oz bar, the weight can vary.

It can range anywhere between 95-105 oz.

This is again dependent on a variety of factors that go into manufacturing it.

The purity of this gold bar is again around 99.5%.

It is one of the most commonly used transaction gold bar internationally.

Given the fact that COMEX the biggest commodity exchanges, it is common too.

Shanghai 3000 g Bars

By now I am sure you have understood that the naming convention follows the exchange.

The Shanghai Gold Exchange uses it as transaction standard.

The weight of this gold bar is almost 3000 gm.

The purity, of course, is standardized at 99.95% as is the case with other gold bars.

Most cast bars have pre-determined purity parameters.

This helps in the more effective categorization of the gold bar.

2. Kilobars

KilobarsWhen you analyze how much does a gold bar weigh, this is one of the most common variants.

In fact, the Kilobar weighing a kilo or 1000 gm is one of the smallest gold bars in terms of weight.

But the interesting fact is that this is also one of the most widely traded gold bars.

Though most international gold bars are flat, traditional kilo bar is shaped like a brick.

In fact, these brick shaped gold bar is still available in many parts of Europe.

The purity of the kilo bar can vary fractionally.

The normal and commonly used purity measures include

  • 99.5%
  • 99.9%
  • 99.99%

The weight of this gold bar makes it a very convenient alternative for trading.

As a result, you will see a wide variety of traders opting for this variant for their transactions.

Both in terms of pricing and portability, the weight of this gold bar is one of the best internationally.

As a result, this is used by a wide gamut of traders for trading.

Even in terms of investment, this is a very convenient size.

The weight of this gold bar helps investors take an active position in the yellow metal.

3. Small Cast Bars: Gram Bar

Gram BarWhen you categorize gold bar as per weight, the gram bar too figures prominently.

This is one of the smallest gold bars available.

As the name indicates, they weigh so less that you measure them in grams.

Most times, these measure about 500 gm or even lesser.

In fact, you even have gold bars that weigh 250 gm or 100 gm

The smallest known Gram Bar weighs around 10 gm.

This 10 gm gold bar is manufactured by Umicore Brazil since 2006.

This is the smallest known variant of the tradable gold bar.

The purity of the Gram Bar is at par with most other gold bar variants.

The valuations of these gold bars are directly proportional to the weight.

The advantage of this type of small cast bar is that they can be traded conveniently.

That makes these gram bars very attractive.

Moreover, it enables high volume and fast trade globally.

They are also durable and enables easy storage for an extended period.

Needless to mention that has also helped enhance its charm globally.

But you do get a small gold bar for even the smaller duration.

4. Troy Ounce Gold Bar

Troy Ounce Gold BarThese are undeniably one of the smallest denomination gold bars.

Though not very popular, these are made by some accredited refiners.

Troy ounce is in fact, one of the smallest measures of gold.

The Perth Mint in Australia is the only accredited manufacturer globally.

They offer a wide range of these low denomination gold bar.

You will be surprised to know how much these gold bars weigh.

It can weigh anywhere between 50 oz to 1/2 oz.

So in many ways, these are the micro variants of gold bar in weight terms.

They are not used very extensively.

Regional Gold Bar Weight Specifics

Globally you will notice that the weight of the gold bar is standardized.

Though this remains same for most global transactions, there are some area-specific options too.

This is primarily in areas where there is a high usage of gold.

China and India figure prominently in this list.

This is also because the local demand for gold in these market is quite extensive.

1. Tola Bar

Tola BarTraditionally gold is weighed in Tola in India

As a result, the Tola Bar is a specific gold bar manufactured for Indian consumers.

1 tola stands for 3.75 oz or 116.64 g.

So in many ways, this is a type of Gram Bar in terms of international standardization.

The purity of the total bar is closer to 99.9%.

Apart from India, 10 Tola bar is used in the Middle East as well.

These have rounded and smooth edges.

Typically, you will not see serial numbers in these Tola Bars.

2. Tael Bars

Tael BarsThe Tael is a measuring unit in Chinese.

1 Tael equals to 1.20337 oz or 37.429 gm.

The 5 Tael biscuit with a weight around 187 gm is the most popular variant.

This is listed as a transactional unit as per the Chinese Gold & Silver Exchange Society

3. Baht Bar

Baht BarThe Baht as you know is a Thai unit of weight measures.

The 10 baht biscuit is the most popular variant.

10 Baht equals to 152.44 gm.

The purity, of course, is the most unusual element.

While the other two had purity close to 99.99%, this one is 96.5%.

The weight of these gold bar can be anywhere between 1-100 baht.

Therefore, most of these regional gold bars are essentially Gram Bar.

These are not just portable and convenient but easily tradable too.

Storing is also a key advantage.

4. Cast Gold Bar Issued By Banks

One of the gold bar weights that manage most is the ones issued by banks.

Are you wondering how much does a gold bar weigh when a bank issues it?

Well, there are no specific weight measures in this case.

But most times the banks get these manufactured by outsiders.

Once the external makers have created the bar, they market with the bank’s name.

You have customized bars issued by a wide range of European banks.

Some of the Middle East banks also get these manufactured.

Most times the Swiss refiners specialize in manufacturing these.

The UBS, Commerzbank and Credit Suisse are some of the common issuers of these gold bars.

How Does The Gold Bar Weight Impact Transactions?

The question therefore arises, how does it matter how much a gold bar weighs?

Well, in this context, you must understand that these variants of the gold bar is purely demand driven.

Different gold bar weight serves different purposes.

While some are better for trading, others might be more useful for the investment.

Moreover, the weight of the gold bar is dictated by local concerns too.

The region-specific gold demand to plays a crucial role in deciding how much a gold bar weighs?

1. Lower premium

The lower average premium of the gold bar is the most pronounced advantage.

On an average, the premium on the gold bar is much lesser than a gold coin.

As a result, if you are sourcing bars of greater weight, this can be advantageous.

This is primarily because of the lower cost of production for the gold bar.

So for the same money, you can get a higher weight bar for a lesser cost.

Most times in gold coin, the rarity and grade of gold are crucial determinants.

But in case of a gold bar, the weight remains the primary price determinant.

2. Trusted Quality

Unlike gold coins, not every jeweler can create a gold bar.

These are mostly manufactured by trusted authorities.

More often than not, these are private players or accredited government representatives.

The Perth Mint, the Royal Canadian Mint and The United States Mint are common manufacturers.

The bar’s weight, purity and refiner’s names are clearly etched.

So, you get a way better value for the money.


Therefore, it is very important to ascertain how much does a gold bar weigh.

Different countries and regions have specific gold bar weight.

But there are some basic specifications in the international arena.

Especially compared to gold coin, you can get better value from a gold bar.

This is primarily because of the variety of standardized norms for international gold bar weight.

It, therefore, will help you get better returns by investing in gold bar.