“If you don't find a way to make money while you sleep, you will work until you die.” - Warren Buffett

Getting a Job:

What Is Frictional Unemployment?

The term frictional unemployment refers to the temporary transitions by individuals. It primarily refers to the period when an individual is moving from one job to another. Typically this unemployment period is rather temporary. It is the outcome of employers...More

Teachers Salary: Is It Worth Becoming a Teacher?

Is the teachers salary make it worth becoming a teacher? A teacher’s profession is no doubt amongst the noblest professions of all times. Not only is the teacher imparting education but in many ways, they are also shaping our tomorrow....More

How to Become a Business Consultant

The term business consultant invariably conjures up an image of Armani-suited, keen, sharp business dealers. You normally associate them with success, poise and self-reliance. They excel in the art of making your business their business and being great at it....More

How to Become a Bank Teller

I explained how to become a personal banker and also an investment banker here and here. Now I have to explain how to become a bank teller too because these three are the most well-known banking jobs: When you are...More

Business Analyst Interview Questions

If you are interested in knowing how to become a business analyst, I will present a step by step guide towards this goal. You can read my more detailed article here to learn more about getting a business analyst. To...More

How to Become a Business Analyst

Business analysis has emerged as one of the sunrise sectors of the 21st century. In many ways, it provides that crucial bridge between a company’s overall objectives for business and its IT capabilities. Business analysts play the role of the...More

How to Become a Hedge Fund Manager

If you are looking for a career in the financial markets, I am sure you might have thought about the hedge fund manager post. The hedge fund managers are known for their suave business sense and extremely successful business prospects....More

How to Become a Personal Banker

There are some banking jobs that are more demanding. I am always asked by some people how they can get those jobs. How to become a personal banker that makes a good salary is one of those frequently asked questions....More

What Are the Clinical Documentation Specialist Jobs?

If you are looking for a home job option, one potential alternative would be the clinical documentation specialist jobs. Now I am sure your next question would be what exactly does a clinical documentation specialist do? Well, these professionals essentially...More

Interview Questions and Answers That Help You Get the Job

You will agree with me that if getting a job is difficult, preparing for interview questions and answers is a far greater challenge than that. The kind of impression that you create at the job interview goes on to decide...More

Sample Resignation Letter [Simple and Effective]

Writing the perfect resignation letter is never simple. It should be pointed, but at the same time, it has to be cordial as well. Most times, when you are quitting the organization, you are filled with absolute rage. But the...More

Working Interview: Tips To Succeed and Conquer It

Having a working interview can be very stressful to many people. However, say goodbye to the stress of working interviews because this article will guide you to succeed in your working interviews. Working interviews are the professional equivalent of getting...More

How to Write a Resignation Letter that Works

Often the most important part of quitting your job is to write a resignation letter. You can have a candid discussion with your department head or HR. But at the same time, writing a resignation letter is a matter of...More