“If you don't find a way to make money while you sleep, you will work until you die.” - Warren Buffett


Inspirational Quotes That Will Trigger Action Almost Immediately

Inspirational quotes are embraced by everyone, it goes without saying. The poor and the rich, the young and the old, and the mighty and the weak have all bowed down to inspirational quotes at some point in time. We all...More

Financial Success and How to Achieve It in Life

Financial success is a mirage that we all look for. Whether you are highly qualified or an average clerical worker, whether you come from a big town or a small one, almost everyone you will see is hankering for financial...More

Time Management Strategies and Tools

Time management is one of the underrated skills that we all must learn. Time is to man one of the most precious things in the universe, so one must dearly cherish it. One of my favorite proverbs is “time and...More

Some Important Rules to Have Better Life and Business

I am going to start the today’s market analysis with some important rules that help you not only have a better life, but also they make you better in everything, including business and trading. Rule #1 If you think it...More

Personal Mission Statement to Say What Your Mission Is

The term personal mission statement is self-explanatory. It refers to a statement about your personal beliefs and values. This is often a reflection of personal goals and provides a sense of purpose. In many ways, it defines the person you...More

The Best Money Saving Apps to Save Money on Everything

The tryst to save money is omnipresent, whether you go for grocery shopping, garden supplies or designer outfits. What if you had a money saving app that could guarantee your savings every time you buy. Well if you thought it...More

11 Ways To Improve Your Financial Situation

Improving your financial situation has to be your main concern always. Why? Because if you are not financially free now, you will be in trouble sooner than later. At least you will be in trouble when you get retired, or...More

How to Save Money Fast and Easy

The question, how to save money, is a prime issue for almost all of us. However, ways to save money is what keeps becoming elusive. Increasingly, the tactics of saving money seem more difficult, and the extent of your savings...More

How to Get Free Money to Save $1,950

If you thought the concept of free money was just mere imagination, think again. Around us, there are millions of deals offering us cash back, savings, discounts and what not. In fact, studies indicate almost every business house gives away...More

How to Get out of Credit Card Debt Before Getting into Trouble

The credit card debt is one of the most illusive transactions. You keep getting deeper into a sea of debt without realizing it. You feel empowered and you feel you can suddenly afford more. But all that happening is you...More

How to Get out of Debt Fast Before Becoming a Heavy Debtor

You can get into debt very fast, but the trick is to get out of debt. Debt is often like a deep and dark trap. It is never easy to get out of debt. Often the ways to get out...More

Learn How to Stop Procrastinating to Have a Great Life

We all struggle with ways to stop procrastinating from time to time. Joseph Ferrari, a renowned psychology professor in Chicago, aptly puts it: “Everyone procrastinates, but not everyone is a procrastinator.” Sometimes it’s the unexciting things that get most affected....More

Frugal Living to Save up to $25,000 per Year

We all have heard about the benefits of frugal living and how it can help you to save money. But the point that we often miss out is that a frugal life is not necessarily about living on the cheap....More

Group Dynamics: Positive Group Interactions in Your Workplace

Did you know that mastering group dynamics can change your group work forever? Teamwork and group discussions are now an important part of many jobs. Failing to understand group dynamics will deprive you of realizing the power of teamwork. Many...More

Pareto Principle and the Way It Improves Your Productivity

In this world, you will come across different kind of principles. One of the most interesting ones is the Pareto Principle. At the core of the Pareto Principle is the 80/20 rule. It’s simple. This means that 80% of the...More

Work-Life Balance Tips For Employees and Everybody Who Works

Achieving a work-life balance doesn’t always have to be a struggle. But how can a busy employee like you achieve this balance? Well, I hope you’ve got your coffee ready because, in this article, I’m going to show you how....More

Procrastinating Meaning and Why It Will Make You Die Poor

Procrastinating is no strange thing. It’s an almost everyday occurrence. Ever delayed doing something for “some reason”? Or for no reason at all? That’s called procrastinating. Procrastinating is postponing doing something until when you think you are good to go,...More

Get a Tesla for Free… A Car That Costs More Than Doctors Make in a Year

Our website is full of the videos and success stories from the people who joined our Data Technology network, and started their online business, and then achieved some great and incredible results within a short time, just by following the...More

Relax Before and After the Work

It is Friday and almost weekend. It is a good time to analyze yourself and add something good to your daily tasks that improves both your life and business. Keep in mind that success is not just working hard. You...More

Fired a Few Years Prior to Retirement, But…

Those who turn the problems into opportunities, belong to the same group of those who are brave enough to take actions. I talked about this group of people yesterday also: $17,000,000 So Far Starting with No Experience at All Today, I...More