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True Leadership Is The Key Factor To Entrepreneurs’ Success

True leadership is a key factor to achieve entrepreneurial success. But can you become a true leader simply because you came up with an idea or managed to gather a set of people who have agreed to work with you?...More

Believing In Yourself: An Entrepreneur’s Guide to Success

Belief in yourself and your abilities plays a crucial role when you start off something on your own. The fact is there would be hundreds of naysayers, and despite everything, you need to keep your positivity and self-belief intact.  ...More

Min Liang Tan Success Story: The Unconventional Gaming Guru

He has a cult-like status in the gaming industry; he is unconventional, unassuming and absolutely unassuming. Over 500 people across the world have tattooed his company’s three headed snake logo on their body, and he is the co-founder of a...More

Tackling Entrepreneurial Burnout: The Richard Branson Formula

Entrepreneurship is fun, exciting, often uplifting but the problem is also about sustaining the momentum. Often as the initial euphoria wears out, the products launched and business begins to roll; it is the intense bout of complacency that entrepreneurs need...More

Strange Jay Z Journey from Music to Entrepreneurship

When you talk about Jay Z, probably the first thought that comes to your mind is melodious symphony, a hip hop extravaganza, glamour, Grammy, perhaps Beyonce and their marriage, but what would have never really crossed your mind that there...More

Want To Be A Loser? Do What You Have Been Doing So Far

Keep doing what you have been doing so far and you will be where you currently are… 5, 10 or even 20 years later. Your life doesn’t change if you don’t take some new steps. Your life doesn’t change by...More

Exceptional Qualities of Successful Entrepreneurs

They say special and exceptional qualities are the primary factors which leads to success and failure. Perhaps it is, for this reason, many times we see people emulating qualities of celebrities. Whether it is an aspiring footballer kicking just the...More

Morten Primdahl Success Story

Love Affair with Laptops Over Lab Tests One story that often inspires many budding entrepreneurs is surely that of Bill Gates. The story of how a college drop-out went on to become one of the world’s most successful entrepreneurs and...More

Have the Right Mindset to Become Rich

The first and most important thing I am going to tell you at the beginning of this article is that it doesn’t matter what techniques and resources and methods your are following in your business and life. They don’t help you...More

Why LuckScout Millionaires Club Members Are Lucky

Yesterday, we published a new post on LuckScout Millionaires Club members area that I am going to share it with you here, because I don’t want you to miss the chance. Here is a short introduction before sharing the post: I...More

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