“Gold is money. Everything else is credit. And once you realize this, you will never be poor again.” - JP Morgan

Trading and Investment:

Is Investing in Utilities Profitable?

Investing in utilities is always a debatable matter. There are some who believe that investing in these can yield best long-term results. But many others feel there are many reasons for not investing in utilities. In fact, the utility sector...More

Is Robinhood Investing App for You?

The Robinhood investing app is undeniably one of the most talked about investment platforms. Whether you are a beginner or veteran, it has something to offer for everyone. Perhaps the most talked about feature is the zero commission per trade....More

7 Top Investing Apps

The market today is full of investing apps promising you the moon. There are some that waive off investment fees and many that help you invest on the go. The list of opportunities is unlimited. Almost every app is in...More

Is Merrill Edge Guided Investing (MEGI) the Right Choice for You?

The Merrill Edge Guided Investing is one of the newest robo-advisors on the bloc. Better known as MEGI, this robo-advisor is launched by the Merrill Group in 2017. What’s really special about this robo-advisor is both the rate and the...More

What Is Trend Investing?

Make the trend your friend is perhaps one of the most common investment advice. The trend, in fact, plays a very important role in financial investment. You can either follow the trend or buck the trend. No wonder trend investing...More

Investing in Stocks with Little Money in 7 Steps

Often people yield low benefits by investing in stocks with little money. It is true that stock trading always delivers higher margin on a larger portfolio. But it is not exactly impossible to invest in a lower scale. Of course,...More

What Is Angel Investing and How to Be a Profitable Angel Investor?

More than ever, angel investing is redefining how cash-strapped startups are able to secure funds to help scale their operations. But the ins and outs of angel investing aren’t so clear cut. By comparison, there’s a lot of “common wisdom”...More

How to Start Investing in 7 Steps

Investing is a significant step in furthering your money. We all understand that it is important to start investing almost as soon as we can. But the problem is often how to start investing? As you move forward, you start...More

The Best Health Savings Accounts (HSA) for Investing

Health savings account investing can often be the best way to get tax advantage with health cover. It allows you to use the same instrument to cover your medical expenses as well as generate savings. But proper HSA investing is...More

11 Steps How to Make Money in Real Estate

If you have ever considered a stable source of investment, I am sure real estate has always come up as one of the sure sources of consistent returns. Despite the ups and downs in world economic scenario, the real estate...More

Earnings Calendar and Stock Price Estimates

The earnings calendar is decidedly one of the most searched documents during earnings season. It gives you both long-term and short-term cues for the market. It helps you take a call on the markets. Earnings calendar is like a ready...More

How to Read Stock Charts Properly

Learning how to read stock charts is an art in itself. The stock charts are practically everywhere. You switch on the television or open a stock magazine; these charts are practically everywhere. You want to read the stock charts, but...More

Retirement Savings by Age and Why

Retirement savings by age is invariably tricky business. Whether you like it or not, age plays a crucial factor. It is essential to know whether you are ahead or behind the retirement savings curve. This is the reason why retirement...More

Will DJIA Futures Go up or Not?

DJIA Futures play a distinctive role in the markets. The DJIA Futures is the abbreviated version of Dow Jones Futures. DJIA is the symbol with which this Future trades on the exchanges. On an average, most market men consider it...More

Inflation in Simple Words

Inflation in simple words is one of the most commonly talked about elements of the economy. Whether you are planning your retirement or you are discussing markets, inflation finds mention in every single discussion. It will not be wrong to...More

Is Vanguard Personal Investors for You?

The Vanguard personal investors have gained popularity in recent times. Needless to mention, the Vanguard name lends it unique credibility. It also sets a certain standard of excellence and efficiency. The Vanguard group has been trendsetters in many ways in...More

Top Online Stock Trading Websites

The online stock trading websites have really eased the entire stock trading experience. It has created a sense of convenience and made the markets a lot more accessible. Suddenly stock trading is just a click away. This has no doubt...More

9 Types of Stock Trading

Once you have decided to invest in the market, it is also important to zero down on the types of stock trading. Often the extent of gains that you amass from the markets depends on this key factor. Different types...More

How to Start a Hedge Fund

If you have significantly long experience in the financial market, perhaps it is time you considered how to start a hedge fund. Do you look forward to the thrill of investing in financial markets; does the jingle of profit make...More

Best Stock Trading Books All Stock Traders Must Read

We often turn to some of the best stock trading books to seal our success in stock markets. We all know that stock trading is no child’s play and it needs years of training and expertise. But given the swift...More