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Trading and Investment:

AOL Stock Price History and the Story Behind It

The long term AOL stock price history is very interesting to analyze. It is the same with all the other companies. But AOL is different because it has had more hard occasions compared to companies like Google, Apple or Microsoft....More

How to Start Investing in Stocks

Are you planning to start investing in stocks? Traditionally, investing in stocks have yielded one of the highest returns. Historical evidence supports that it is one of the best ways to build long-term wealth. If you study the Forbes list,...More

Is Investopedia stock simulator Good?

The Investopedia stock simulator is one of the most talked about investment aids available. Traditionally, stock markets yield one of the highest returns. But the uncertainty in the stock market is very high. As a result, many people are not...More

Largest Hedge Funds Ever

Close to 50% of the largest hedge funds across the world are set to increase their allocation. The tide is turning for good across the hedge fund industry. After a few turbulent years, the outlook for the hedge fund industry...More

What Is Premarket Trading?

The term premarket trading is used quite commonly in market parlance. In fact, premarket trends are often the backbone of active trading. They prepare investors to watch out for the most telling market moves. As the name Premarket indicates, this...More

What Is Simulated Forex Trading?

Simulated forex trading is undeniably the buzz word in the currency markets now. Given the dynamics of the forex market and the challenges involved, this helps you be better prepared. Simulated forex trading is undertaken through advanced computer software. Unlike...More

Amazon Stock Buy or Sell? That Is the Question!

One of the frequently asked questions is that should we buy Amazon stock for the long term as an investor or we should sell it? The answer would be yes to those who want to buy the Amazon stock. But...More

Should You Invest in Ethereum?

Whether to invest in Ethereum or not is one of the most popular talks at the moment. After the drastic drop in prices in January 2018, interest in this cryptocurrency is on the rise. Almost inevitably everyone seems to be...More

How Can Investors Receive Compounding Returns?

When you are investing your money, one of the key criteria is how to receive compounding returns. Typically, investors are more than keen on mastering the concepts of compounding returns. Though most times people are familiar with compound interest, they...More

What Happens If the Stock Market Crashes?

A stock market crash is perhaps the most dreaded word in the stock market parlance. There is a myriad of descriptions, from panic, fear, losses to the massive reallocation of resources. What is particularly worrying is that stock market crashes...More

Social Security Ponzi Scheme: Really?

The US social security system has come under a lot of criticism. Often the argument is that it is a kind of Ponzi scheme where the money from new investors is used to pay off the older investors. Technically, this...More

Some Important Rules to Have Better Life and Business

I am going to start the today’s market analysis with some important rules that help you not only have a better life, but also they make you better in everything, including business and trading. Rule #1 If you think it...More

Should You Invest in Aphria Stock or Not?

There are many reasons why you can invest in the Aphria stock for the longer term. While there are many short-term triggers in the Marijuana space, this stock represents future value. The expert circles are quite vociferous about Marijuana gains...More

ETF vs Mutual Fund: Learn to Choose the Right One

When you consider safe investment option, a comparison between ETF vs mutual fund comes. This is because both ETF and mutual funds have cardinal features that help investors. From low risk to lower transaction expenses, there are many benefits. But...More

Is JCP Stock a Good Investment Opportunity?

If you are looking to buy value buys in the current market, there are very few options that are as lucrative as the JCP stock. You might wonder despite the recent beating that the JCP stock price took, how can...More

Blue Cloud Ventures: A Case of Venture Capital vs Traditional Investment

One of the biggest challenges in modern day business basics is creating a successful recipe for a great business venture and a sustainable enterprise. Even if you look at 2016 that is almost on the verge of ending, you will...More

Is Canopy Growth Stock a Good Investment?

The Canopy growth stock is practically on fire. If investment in marijuana is the flavor of the season, this is undeniably the poster boy. The stock has been hitting new milestones almost every week. From huge intra-day gains to phenomenal...More

Indexnasdaq:.Ixic Market Characteristics and Special Features

The Indexnasdaq:.Ixic is the Nasdaq Composite Index. There are approximately 3000 common equities on this exchange. The index essentially includes various types of securities. From ADRs to REITs and many limited partnerships, the range is quite huge. The Index includes...More

ACBFF Stock Price Analysis and Whether You Should Buy or Not

The ACBFF stock is among the top trending stocks in the investment world. One of the top stocks in marijuana segment, it is seeing a sharp rise in interest. The legalization of marijuana in California is a major trigger. But...More

The High Yield Dividend Stocks You Should Buy and Hold

We have created a list of the top 3 cheap high yield dividend stocks that will add value to your portfolio. For most who are investing in the market, the effort invariably is to spend as less and get as...More