If anyone asked you, what is ClickBank, what would you answer?

If you deal with selling or buying products digitally, you must have surely heard about ClickBank.

Well in very simple terms, they are oine of the pioneers of e-commerce the world over.

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In the world of affiliate marketing, it has the largest presence.

Most interestingly whether you are new to affiliate marketing or a seasoned affiliate marketing veteran, you can participate actively.

No wonder, it has become one of the largest networks on the digital platform.

Clickbank at the moment has over 100,000 affiliates, the world over.

Together they connect close to 12,000 vendors in one go across the world.

Since their inception over 12-13 years ago, they have paid as much as $1.7 billion as commission to their members in affiliate network globally.

They have a great reputation for timely payment and clear operation terms.

However that said, ClickBank does have some cons as well.

Along with the good will that they have earned, they have also had their fair share of controversy.

But before undertaking a detailed analysis, it is important to understand what the basic business fundamentals of ClickBank are all about.

What Is ClickBank?

ClickBankIf you are interested in undertaking a ClickBank review, it is very important to understand when the company came into being.

This company was formed in the late 90s, 1998 to be precise.

Like all startups, they started small and gradually expanded their operations.

After rather humble beginnings in a garage, they are now amongst the top rung leaders in e-commerce.

They now fall into the category of the top 100 digital players in the ecommerce world.

While their sales have crossed $3 billion, the daily transactions equal 26,000.

Most importantly, you can employ the advantages of this sales platform across a wide range of digital content.

However, ClickBank’s key focus area remains as software and e-books.

The active affiliates associated with ClickBank at the moment are well above 500,000.

A large number of members are actively associated; it indicates that this collaboration brings many advantages together.

The most important reason for this can be ascribed to the rate of commission they pay.

Most ClickBank reviews will indicate that this affiliate network pays one of the highest commissions across the industry.

In fact, in certain cases, you can earn as much as 75% commission with Clickbank.

ClickBank covers a widespread network of products.

This ensures that every kind of customer and target audience get to connect with the right product mix.

Not just that, there are many other features as well that make ClickBank unique.

It is one of those networks which offer subscriptions on a recurring basis.

So what it means for you is that your earnings will continue for as long as the subscription does.

That’s not all; even the terms of payment are totally at your discretion.

You can choose a weekly payment basis or even twice a week depending on what is convenient for you.

ClickBank also chooses multiple options of payment to ensure that you get paid right when and how you need it.

The handy tracking system makes sure that even if the customer waits for as long as 2 months before making a purchase, you can earn your commission.

Moreover, like any astute business person, you can also look at promoting products with higher commission prospects.

Additionally, ClickBank offers partnership possibilities to its customers as well.

You can create a joint venture with other ClickBank associates and split the earnings.

Moreover, you can use the various analytics that ClickBank offers.

This helps you to fine-tune their overall ad campaign and gain maximum exposure from it.

The whole idea is to promote the product as best as possible with the highest earnings prospects.

You can always sort it out better depending on the type of products that match best with your website’s profile.

In this way, you will be able to attract a lot more clicks and get lot better promotional facilities as a result.

For both the end user and the product manufacturer, it becomes a mutually beneficial deal.

– Convenience Is Primary

One of the key provisions that make it to the ClickBank review is the widespread popularity of this digital platform globally.

While infrastructure and resource availability is one aspect of it, there are many factors that contribute to the overall popularity of the medium.

Customer’s convenience or ease of use while applying it to the day to day usage is one of the most pertinent factors that you must pay attention to.

Right from the point where you need to sign up for the services, ease of use is the most striking feature of ClickBank.

Unlike a lot other affiliate networks, signing in for ClickBank is not at all difficult.

It does not involve any complicated approval procedure.

If you want to join in to the ClickBank program, all you have to do is log into to their website and sign up.

Also, the kind of products that you choose to promote is entirely your call, and no one has any role in it.

Merchants have no choice in this regard.

They cannot decide beforehand who they want to partner with.

It is essentially the user’s discretion and depending o their priority.

The user interface is another key element that takes forward the ‘ease of use’ concept with a far greater clarity.

Whether you are a beginner or a seasoned internet user, navigating through this space is a child’s play.

In one clean sweep, you can sign up and then go ahead with the entire proceedings.

The layout of the ClickBank page is no neat that you can quite easily choose appropriate titles and select category with ease.

Whether you are looking at finding proper headings or clicking on the right subject, this platform gives you the most relevant and simple solutions.

Another aspect in which ClickBank maintains user convenience is the way it maintains the various filters to screen out products.

You can customize the search options as per your priorities and get the best possible alternatives to take advantage of the various deals.

Also you can choose the various categories from high to low or low to high or on the basis of popularity or relevance.

Then you can get the most viable and constructive list of product ranges.

Additionally, you can even make your selection on the basis of language or even the upsell potential of the specific one that you are selecting.

– Why Would You Select ClickBank?

That brings us to the point about the obvious advantages of why you would use ClickBank.

There are many benefits of ClickBank, here is a lowdown:

Wide Range: Whenever you select an affiliate network, one of the key factors that decide the choice is the kind of range that you might have on offer.

There are some affiliate networks that specialize in lifestyle products, while there are others which have software, e-books as their area of specialization.

What you would choose is something that would be able to get you maximum clicks and most earnings.

Perhaps for that reason, sometimes choosing a network with a wide range of offerings can be very beneficial for you.

In that aspect, ClickBank scores well over many of the other affiliate networks.

Not only is the range of products comprehensive but in each product type or genre, you have a distinctly wide number of individual offerings.

This plays a very crucial role in helping you incorporate the largest number of potential clickable options that you could explore upon.

Most importantly, ClickBank’s huge range of options also helps you get the most appropriate number of clicks from across the world.

You do not have to depend on any specific region to guarantee your earnings.

You can look at a more widespread user base to tap your earnings.

Maximum Product Guarantee: ClickBank assures 100% product guarantee for its users.

Whether you are a customer or a product vendor, you would not have to bother about the genuineness of the terms and condition of operation that you get.

This product assurance is also a key factor that helps customers and vendors to repeatedly select this platform over a lot of other alternatives.

High Commission Rate: Another major advantage of the ClickBank portal is the fact that it normally translates into very high earnings.

Typically the ClickBank commission ranges anywhere 50-70% on every sale that is executed through these clicks.

This relatively large amount also makes sure that you are able to latch on to a relatively more long-term income source for a greater duration of time.

A Home Based Source of Income

The whole idea of a ClickBank commission is to generate a home based source of income, so a higher commission rate would make it a far more viable alternative compared to other affiliate networks.

Easy Tracking: The success of a great affiliate network often depend on the ease with which you can track the clicks.

What if you miss a click? What if your click converts into a buy, but you do not get paid because the buyer takes more than a month to decide?

Well, these are all the various types of problems that you might be facing while using different types of affiliate networks.

This is exactly why, when you go through a ClickBank network, the tracking feature of this platform surely makes it a much in demand alternative.

The tracking system is so advanced that you can get paid for buyouts that happen even two months after clicking the specific ad.

So, as a result, the chance of a click not getting paid is very rare.

Even when a buyer decides on buying a product even weeks after the click, you can still get money from the remuneration.

The excellent tracking system also makes sure that wherever in the world, the clicks happen, your earnings in not impacted in any possible manner whatsoever.

The reliability that comes along with it also makes sure a lot more people would choose it.

No Investment Involved: If you are wondering how ClickBank makes money from the entire operation, rest assured you don’t have to pay anything to sign up with ClickBank.

This e-commerce pioneer makes money solely on the basis of its association with vendors.

When you sign up with ClickBank, you don’t have to pay up any type of start-up fees or possible registration charges.

The association is absolutely free of cost.

You simply have to create your profile and select the category of ads that you might be interested in taking up.

So if you are taking this up as a career to earn while you are at home, you do not have any investment involved.

Yes, this is one of those careers where you start earning after the commission starts trickling in.

Once the content for your website is ready, all you need to do is choose a product that you would want to advertise and then start placing the ad on your website.

Once you give access to ClickBank’s digital products, you automatically get access to their payment gateway, checkout norms, subscription profile and refund policy that they provide.

ClickBank comes across as a comprehensive package with all the possible features of an electronic commerce platform.

So you do not have to spend additional money in setting up the infrastructure on your website separately.

You can easily take advantage of the options available on ClickBank.

So with ClickBank, you do not just start a business without any investment, but also you will get an opportunity to use their well-established internet resource base.

This will mean at no additional cost, you can make this as a successful business model as such.

So it becomes a unique mix of opportunity and savings.

Customer Service: ClickBank is known for great customer service quality.

The customer service is available 24×7 to customers.

Whatever big or small problem that you might be facing, the ClickBank customer representatives are never too far away for your comfort.

You can call them, email or even message them about your query.

This makes the company a lot more approachable to people who are looking at possible work from home alternatives.

Even if you want to get started, getting in touch with the customer service representatives is the easiest way to sign up with the company.

Disadvantages of ClickBank

However, that said, most ClickBank reviews also indicate that there are some disadvantages of incorporating this product line-up.

Some of the terms and conditions do not quite work in the interest of the customer and might even impact the interest of the business.

So what are the cons of associating with ClickBank?

Moreover, how you look at creating a relatively more sustainable source of income will also depend on how well you can look at tackling these issues over an extended period.

This also indirectly impacts the type of home based business that you select eventually.

1) Legitimacy Is A Problem

One of the biggest disadvantages of ClickBank is the lack of legitimacy.

They do not have any way of screening porn or non-porn sites.

So when you select a specific category, you cannot double check if the particular site you are promoting is a fake/scam site or even a pornographic site.

Only when people click on the link, they would be able to understand it.

Moreover, the click also activates the cookies associated with it.

The user is then bombarded by similar content a lot more.

So it could become a potential problem.

Getting redress is not that simple either as there are many sites that deal with continuous customer complaints.

2) Refund Issue

Another key problem is the lack of a well-defined refund policy by ClickBank.

There are no clearly demarcated conditions that define the circumstances under which you can claim a refund or become eligible for the refund.

As a result, it becomes extremely difficult to establish a code of guarantee.

This severely impacts the authenticity of the overall program.

So when you get engaged with the company, you cannot rest assured about the genuineness of the payment scheme.

While there are many payments gateways and several online options, ClickBank does not spell out the terms very clearly.

3) Payment Timeline

Another payment related concern with ClickBank is the timeline of the payment.

A lot of websites do not pay up that instantly as many others do.

So as a result, your payment could get delayed depending on the website or company that you might be looking to promote the firm.

So, most ClickBank reviews highlight the need for bringing in more transparency in the overall payment date.

4) Inadequate Sales Picture

There are many ClickBank affiliates which do not convert into sales very well.

But there is no way to identify or decide right at the beginning.

Many sites are not well covered and do not convert into sales very well.

But this is a fact that you would only realize eventually.

ClickBank does not have any filter that will help you list out the different sites as per these parameters in a constructive fashion.

So while you might select well-curated ads to promote, if they do not convert into sales, your earning becomes less.

5) Wide Range

Are you surprised that I am listing this as a disadvantage for ClickBank?

Well, the fact is this is one of those advantages that could very soon become a disadvantage as well.

While on one hand, you have a lot to choose from, you also need to deal with a lot of useless junk that is peddled in the name of variety.

So when you are placing ads or selecting potential alternatives, you need to be extra careful.

Otherwise, it is quite possible to get saddled with a poor grade promotion and the popularity of your website can also get hampered as a result.

6) Need Thorough Screening

Curating your customized ClickBank solution is never simple.

You need to undertake thorough due diligence to ensure that only the right kind of options make it to your website at the end of the day.

In the absence of any pre-decided parameter to judge it, the only option is hit and trial method.

This is significantly more time consuming as well as the relative earnings can be a lot less to start off with.

It is only when you get into a specific order and start understanding the business basics, can you start making long-standing calls.

7) Heightened Competition

Given the great product response under the affiliate umbrella of ClickBank, a lot of new players are mushrooming up every second.

As a result of this, the atmosphere is a lot more competitive.

That, however, does not mean that you will get a great product in the bargain.

Sometimes competition also leads to some enormous and useless products being put up on offer.

So here competition leads to a surplus supply of useless products across genres.

What makes it even worse is that identifying these products is that much more difficult.


So, a simple answer to what is ClickBank would be that it is one of the best, oldest and reliable work from home options.

They facilitate helping you earn money sitting at home with a relatively reliable source of earning money.

The ClickBank reviews indicate the high billing rate and commission amount of ClickBank.

Therefore, ClickBank is also an extremely profitable opportunity for anybody looking for home based options.

The wide range of products that ClickBank offers, makes it possible for you to curate and customize the ads as per your preference.

That said there are some problems that you must pay attention to as well.

The most important concern with respect to ClickBank is undoubtedly the vague refund policy that they have.

Many sites even charge you money for any money refund as a result.

Also, a lot of sites with a long line of complaints could also get featured in this list.

As a result, you sometimes run the risk of promoting sites which might not get you the right kind of sales.

However that said, ClickBank is one of the better affiliate network options.

Once you get the hang of the overall affiliate networking market, it is possible to earn a lot of money.