If you are a member, please make sure to see the pages below before sending us any messages because emails that contain questions that are already answered on the pages below won’t be answered:

Please use the form below to email the support team:

If you’d like to contact me (Vahid Chaychi) directly, I will be more than happy to hear your voice, however, unfortunately, I don’t have time to answer phone calls. If your contact is about your LuckScout account and LuckScout-related things/issues, you will receive answers within a much shorter time if you email us through the form above. But, if you’d like to contact me directly, you can leave me a message on WhatsApp and I will reply as soon as I can. Please note that it can take you a long time to receive an answer from me because my WhatsApp is usually overloaded with loads of unanswered messages: +1 514 234 2261

That is my personal cell phone number. I do not have any other phone number. Unlike scams who hide their identities and contacts, my real identity and contact information are always available on my sites.

Another fast way to contact me is to create an account on this site and then refer to my profile and send me a private or public message. You can send me voice messages too.

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