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Darren Rowse The Blogging Pioneer

Darren Rowse

I have been following Darren Rowse since 2002 or 2003. I can’t remember when it was exactly, but it should be around that time.

Darren Rowse is the first who started using WordPress professionally. He didn’t sign up for a free WordPress blog. He used the WordPress platform on his own site, Problogger.net which is what people were used to do very rarely at that time, because WordPress was new and unknown to most of the Internet advanced users and many of them didn’t know how to install a php/mysql script like WordPress on their sites.

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Darren Rowse started with Problogger and kept on promoting it consistently until today. He is one of the most consistent bloggers and entrepreneurs I know. He has helped so many beginners to start their blogs and make a living through them.

He owns another blog at digital-photography-school.com which is focused on digital photography. This blog receives over 4 million visitors per month and is the top reference site for digital photography. Just google for digital photography and you will find this blog ranked #1 by Google.

Although it always seemed that Darren Rowse worked because he loved blogging and helping those who wanted to become bloggers, and money has never been Darren’s goal, still he makes a lot of money through his blogs. “Money” is the by-product of his blogs. The main product is enthusiasm, hope and love of having financial freedom.

I remembered once he said in one of his posts that his accountant thought that he robbed a bank when she saw the figures from the last few months of Darren’s blogging.

Yes, blogging has such a potential. It is not an easy way of making money and is not a get-rich-quick scheme, but it can make you rich if you work properly while you follow the right track. Indeed, blogging as the result of the advanced Internet technology is the best example of a reliable and scalable business. Scalability is a crucial and vital feature that most of the offline businesses and even many of the online businesses don’t have.

What we currently know about blogging and the unlimited potential that this system has, is because of the efforts of people like Darren Rowse. He has sacrificed a lot of time and money on evaluating many of the blogging resources and screening of the good from the bad ones. He dedicated himself to teach bloggers about the importance of proper posting, SEO, podcasting, video marketing and even the importance of the blogs appearance, design and theme.

I introduced Darren Rowse here to tell you how strong and serious people can create a huge business and wealth almost from nothing. It costs less than $100 per year to create a blog that can potentially make millions of dollars per month, while it can cost hundreds of thousands of dollars to establish a business like McDonald’s, and still it is not clear whether it will make the profit you expect or not.

This is the opportunity that you can have for free. You are at the right place right time now, because you are here and now you know what blogging is and how it makes money, while there are millions of people out there that know nothing about this opportunity and are still trying to survive through their 9-5 jobs. It is your choice to go for this opportunity and make the most of it.

Start following Darren Rowse’s footsteps by starting your blog today. We help you do it for free: Become a Blogger Now

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6 thoughts on “Darren Rowse The Blogging Pioneer
  1. Daryl Gymer says:

    Hello every one,
    This is a very exciting opportunity for all of us and I suggest we grab it with both hands!
    Our dreams start right here!
    Good Luck.

  2. Ben Aqiba says:

    Thanks guys,

    it is always a pleasure to read about pioneers the work that you love.

    Good work

  3. Johann Vorster says:

    Kindly explain to us how will me make money by simply having a blog? I am sure there are many of us who would like to know. Thanks Johann.

    • LuckScout says:

      When your blog becomes popular and receives good amount of traffic, there are so many ways to monetize it and make money. However, first you have to start a blog, promote it and when it became popular you can easily monetize it to make money. There is no point to think about money when there is no blog yet.

      Of course I will have some posts about blogs monetization.

  4. moaied suhail says:

    great motivation example

  5. Charles Booth says:

    Awesome information about blogging I was not aware of so thanks for another great article post.

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