Dealing with Disappointment in Forex Trading

My yesterday’s newsletter became a little different. As usual, I was about to send you a short message to remind you about one of the important points that was discussed in an article in the past, but then I found myself writing an article instead of a short message. I am going to share that message in this post today, for some important reasons.

First, I know that many of you don’t read the daily newsletters and messages and delete them from your inbox, maybe because you think you have already read the related post. But this is wrong. I know that many of you have already read maybe all the articles posted on LuckScout. But, as you are still on your way to become a consistently profitable trader, and most of you have not finished the learning stages yet, you have to be reminded and motivated all the time till you reach your destination. You are always at the risk of getting disappointed and giving up. It will be a big disaster if you give up on Forex trading before you become a consistently profitable trader, because you will miss the chance of making any money through this great source of income, for the rest of your life.

Someone has to give you more fuel for the rest of the way. You are the first one who can do this for yourself. And, we can also help. One of the ways for us to save you from disappointment is that we invite you to read the articles we have written on this matter. That is why we refer you to those articles every day. So please read those articles even if you have already read them. They refresh you and help you to follow the rest of the way. My yesterday’s message is what I want you to read because there are some important points for you in that message.

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The second reason is that I watched the Ted’s videos yesterday before I send you my message, and when the message was received by Ted, he left a comment and mentioned that my message was sent at the right time because he had finished another video that was focused on some of the things I had mentioned in my message. So, I am going to share Ted’s new video here on this page (keep reading please).

The third reason is that I want to get you ready for the new LuckScout features and services that will be launched hopefully soon. In my yesterday’s message I explained about our intention to help you to get what you want from your Forex trading journey. However, as I know that some of you don’t read those messages, I want to have it here too.

We are working to create some exceptional tools on LuckScout that can help you to become a consistently profitable trader, risk free. I have talked about this in some of my comments and have invited you to guess what those tools are, but none of you have been able to do that so far, and I am sure you will never be able to do it (although I want you to keep on doing it because it has so much fun 🙂 ), because it has never been done by any other website before. There are so many Forex trading sites over the Internet with services like forums, calenders, market analysis, free or paid trading courses, and… These are really good, but most Forex traders need something more than this to leave their fear and greed behind, and reach their destination which is becoming a “consistently profitable” trader as soon as possible. More than 95% of Forex trader lose. We cannot and are not going to change this equation, because not everybody follows us. But, we can make it much much easier for those who follow us and are serious to become successful.

So here is my yesterday’s message:

One of the most important part of our lives is dealing with disappointment, specially when we want to make a change. That is why some people are afraid of making changes in their lives. They keep on suffering from a bad condition and don’t want to make any changes, because they don’t want to deal with disappointment that they will be faced with while making the changes. Many of them who start making a change, give up at the middle of the way when they are faced with failure and disappointment.

You are trading Forex, because you want to change your life. This is great. But keep in your mind that you will be faced with moments that disappointment comes to your way, and chances are you give up before you reach your destination.

You fail only when you give up. Even when all doors look closed, still there are many other doors open. You just need to look around and see them.

We are working on LuckScout to give hopes to you and make you keep on working. We are here to open some more doors to you, and help you to get what you want, even if you cannot afford to. The good news is, we are so close. This ship will reach the shore of victory soon. You just need to stay and accompany. Help comes when you don’t expect it.

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