Dealing with Disappointment in Forex Trading

My yesterday’s newsletter became a little different. As usual, I was about to send you a short message to remind you about one of the important points that was discussed in an article in the past, but then I found myself writing an article instead of a short message. I am going to share that message in this post today, for some important reasons.

First, I know that many of you don’t read the daily newsletters and messages and delete them from your inbox, maybe because you think you have already read the related post. But this is wrong. I know that many of you have already read maybe all the articles posted on LuckScout. But, as you are still on your way to become a consistently profitable trader, and most of you have not finished the learning stagesΒ yet, you have to be reminded and motivated all the time till you reach your destination. You are always at the risk of getting disappointed and giving up. It will be a big disaster if you give up on Forex trading before you become a consistently profitable trader, because you will miss the chance of making any money through this great source of income, for the rest of your life.

Someone has to give you more fuel for the rest of the way. You are the first one who can do this for yourself. And, we can also help. One of the ways for us to save you from disappointment is that we invite you to read the articles we have written on this matter. That is why we refer you to those articles every day. So please read those articles even if you have already read them. They refresh you and help you to follow the rest of the way. My yesterday’s message is what I want you to read because there areΒ some important points for you in that message.

The second reason is that I watched the Ted’s videos yesterday before I send youΒ my message, and when the message was received by Ted, he left a comment and mentioned that my message was sent at the right time because he had finished another video that was focused on some of the things I had mentioned in my message. So, I am going to share Ted’s new video here on this page (keep reading please).

The third reason is that I want to get you ready for the new LuckScout features and services that will be launched hopefully soon. In my yesterday’s message I explained about our intention to help you to get what you want from your Forex trading journey. However, as I know that some of you don’t read those messages, I want to have it here too.

We are working to create some exceptional tools on LuckScout that can help you to become a consistently profitable trader, risk free. I have talked about this in some of my comments and have invited you to guess what those tools are, but none of you have been able to do that so far, and I am sure you will never be able to do it (although I want you to keep on doing it because it has so much fun πŸ™‚Β ), because it has never been done by any other website before. There are so many Forex trading sites over the Internet with services like forums, calenders, market analysis, free or paid trading courses, and… These are really good, but most Forex traders need something more than this to leave their fear and greed behind, and reach their destination which is becoming a “consistently profitable” trader as soon as possible. More than 95% of Forex trader lose. We cannot and are not going toΒ change this equation, because not everybody follows us. But, we can make it much much easier for those who follow us and are serious to become successful.

So here is my yesterday’s message:

One of the most important part of our lives is dealing with disappointment, specially when we want to make a change. That is why some people are afraid of making changes in their lives. They keep on suffering from a bad condition and don’t want to make any changes, because they don’t want to deal with disappointment that they will be faced with while making the changes. Many of them who start making a change, give up at the middle of the way when they are faced with failure and disappointment.

You are trading Forex, because you want to change your life. This is great. But keep in your mind that you will be faced with moments that disappointment comes to your way, and chances are you give up before you reach your destination.

You fail only when you give up. Even when all doors look closed, still there are many other doors open. You just need to look around and see them.

We are working on LuckScout to give hopes to you and make you keep on working. We are here to open some more doors to you, and help you to get what you want, even if you cannot afford to. The good news is, we are so close. This ship will reach the shore of victory soon. You just need to stay and accompany. Help comes when you don’t expect it.

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"Whether you think you can, or you think you cannot, you are right." - Henry Ford


  1. Hi Mentor!

    Words are inadequate to express my gratitude and appreciation for not only educating us (strangers) at no cost but your commitment, encouragement and passion to ensure that we succeed and become a consistent profitable traders. Why are you doing this is something that has beaten my deepest thought and imagination again and again.

    You have given hope and a future to so many people. You continually make us to see the light at the end of the tunnel.

    God bless you and the entire team of LuckScout!

    1. Hi,
      This is the fuel we need as we run in the race of trading. Yes disappointment is one of the biggest obstacle we have to deal with before getting on the other side of success. Thanks so much for this piece and the video.

  2. Hi, i am so excited to find out what you are offering. I have been following you since last june and have learnt so much! You were the first resource i took seriously and man have i learnt a lot. As i live in AUS will this offer be opening around the time u publish articles? As i worry i will be asleep during the release

  3. Hi

    Sounds interesting.

    Is this new tool going to be able to let LuckScout followers to post the setups they are taking as well?

  4. Hi,

    I’m guessing it’ll be software that will show us a variety of business opportunities, and will teach us to distinguish 100 score trade setups. πŸ™‚

    1. Hi Tom,

      The tool/tools is a software but it doesn’t show you any trade setup. Also, it is not a software that you install on your computer. It is an online system.

  5. hi,

    i cant wait to see what awaits us on this site.

    and for your informmation, i am still doing great on my high risk trading i have withdrawn thrice the amount of my initial investment, and all i have left is money i can afford to play with, and hopefully, profit with.

    thanks, for showing us the way. i have blown many accounts before stumbling on LuckScout. thanks again

    1. Hi Deji
      U mean this MM broker does not hesitate to pay you? Congratulations. I strongly believe you’re on your way to opening account with ECN/STP.

  6. Very good article and video as well. Sometimes only knowledge is not enough. We need to grow our personality to see the way πŸ™‚

  7. Wow, I wonder what these tools could be like. May be signals ? Also account and forums are very good idea. Something I was looking for long time on LuckScout.

    I like when you say “Someone has to give you more fuel for the rest of the way”. Thanks for everything.

  8. his,
    my anxiety of waiting 4 your gifts to us members have reached an all time high, please release them as soon as possible ( smile )

  9. Great video. Highly inspirational. We remain committed to winning now and always. God bless you.

  10. I just want to say thank you all for your guidance in this jungel. I am new to trading and eager to learn. I will start demotrading now and I am determend to make it and with the help of LuckScout I hope to get there soon. Once again thank you. See you soon again. // Mac

  11. Dear,

    yes. it’s true. when i read same article after few months most of time i noticed some important points that i have forgotten.

    I think those tools are something regarding to our disappointing. Maybe it will be help us to share our live experiences together for a better trading journey. am i correct ? πŸ™‚

    and thank you ted. i collect your videos.


  12. Hi,
    I really get toched and inspiring by your kindness in offering the knowledge. I can feel your sincerity on sharing this good deeds. Thanks for keeping us inspired and get us. We will not let ourselves and you down. I wish i can be successful and consistently profitable trader one day and inspiring the new LuckScout member also.

    Again, thanks for the noble sharing and wish you have good health and success too. πŸ™‚

  13. Thank you so much and the LuckScout team I hope I do not miss this oppertuntiy I am forever indebted to you. Your advice has changed my life in so many ways even though I still am not consistantly profitable but thanks to you I will never give up.

  14. Hey,

    Thank for the inspiring article. Regarding the tools and forums it’s great news. Still I hope you can keep supporting those that can’t get in. I’d love to be a part of it though so I’m eagerly awaiting for them.

    Thank you Boss

  15. Hi
    I do not comment as many times as the other guys but I am one of those who cannot wait for your daily articles. I read them every day. Another thing I see is that I’m not the only “Nick” on LuckScout. πŸ™‚
    I will change to NickG from now on πŸ™‚
    Thanx for everything.

  16. Hi, my best guesses was rejected by your comments to barbara and Otto yesterday, so I have no idea what you prepare for us πŸ˜€

    Thank for sharing Ted’s video, love the music πŸ˜€

  17. Hi Ted,

    They said third part of any movie or music album is most complicated and hard to make because of expectation, but you showed us what determination and good faith is able to make and you are did it with more simplicity and it looks even better. The end is the best.

    Bravo.. and thank you..


    I think your surprise is some kind of quiz trading platform where you can monitor our position, especially when we take setups and we explain why we take it and why we didn’t.. Something like that..

    When I find out about trading more then year ago first thing what I start to learn is English language and then trading and still learning both at the same time.Discovering this blog 2-3 months ago I was improve my perception of the market and trading more than 100%(I only trade on Demo account, never go live)
    I said that because when we are determined and persistent,
    our learning curve will rise and disappointment will disappear.

    Yesterday I was find out about RSS feed and what it is so I have to ask you, what is the best solution for us to receive RSS feed from your site?

    So as said in this article and Ted in his video DO NOT GIVE UP!

    Thank you guys and good luck to all..


  18. Excellent article as usual. Really look forward to having those tools . I am just in my second month of learning and feel so fortunate to found this site. Working 4 days and 3 days with this website can bring fantastic value for future. I will be here till alive LOL I promise !!

  19. thank you dear Chirs for motivating us to hold on, we really need it.

    thank you Tad for your videos i all so keep repeating them from time to time to keep me on track.

  20. Hi
    Thanks for you commitment to push us forward.

    I read your articles whenever I see them in my inbox. Unfortunately I’ve become disappointed since I’m not sure if I can find a good broker to open an account. So I’m rather reluctant to start learning from you.

  21. Thank you for all that you do. I try and read every day, because I am new and not a successful trader yet. I tried other methods before yours, but know yours is the best. Why? You might ask; well simply because I have seen you are correct on all the ways that do not work. I have tried many and they work out just like you say ( unsuccessful) So keep writing and help we do appreciate it very much and I will keep learning until I succeede.

  22. Hi,

    in the spirit of not giving up, I still am going to keep guessing until I succeed πŸ™‚

    I think one of the tools is a web based trading simulator, where we can take trades and you’ll be able to monitor us closely and give your direct feedback to us.

    One thing I got right is a tool that would be limited to a certain number of people, but wasn’t sure.

    Thank you.

    1. Hi Youness,

      Thank you.

      Trading simulator is what I have been thinking about for such a long time, but have not come to any conclusion and final decision yet. If we do it, it has to be something that really helps people to improve their trading skills, not just wastes their time. Trading simulator is something that hopefully will be launched in future, but it is not the tool I am asking you to guess.

      Still I can say “you are not even close.” πŸ™‚

      Please try again πŸ™‚

  23. Keep up the good work. Thanks for the great knowledge you share for free! Reading your articles have given me hope to get back trading again. Cheers!

  24. Thank you!! You are always teaching and encouraging!

    I just can’t figure out what the big surprise is! But, I’m going to be here when you drop it!!


  25. Your daily encouragement means so much (no pressure – you deserve days off, too!!) The moral support found here on LuckScout is as valuable as the information. Can’t wait to see what you’re cooking up with the new site!

    Ted, the videos are a-ma-zing, thank you, too!


  26. Hi,

    Can not wait your new feature/tool of this sites. Whatever it is it will help us improve our trading skill πŸ™‚

    I sincerely thank you for all these knowledge you’ve shared.

    No signal, forum, so what the tool will be? A free brokerage? Lol


  27. Thank you for your encouragement. Please keep your articles coming to our inbox; we read them from time to time. Even when we read and re-read the old articles there are always new things to learn. I will give an example: even though i have read the power of candlesticks and their patterns on LuckScout, i learnt about the power of LONG Upper and LONG Lower Shadow when you tried to answer Maria’s question. Please don’t be discouraged in posting it to our inbox. God bless you,, Ted and all key members.

  28. i have been actively following this site since early December 2012 ,this site is great. but why are real & good traders are hard to come by. mentor you are good

  29. Hi,

    Let me guess,
    1) is it social trading?
    2) is the same LuckScout website forum in a separate application/tool. So that only real Fxkey followers/members can log in to the application to read and post.
    3) is the tool that will show LuckScout team’s trading history, open/close positions, PIP G/L?


    1. I already gave you a clue: None of the other related sites have done it so far πŸ™‚

      So you know that it is not an indicator, EA, brokerage, forum, calender, trading room, signal, social trading, course, trading software, account management, and… πŸ™‚

    2. it’s a mirror of self … a trading mantra that will help keep our minds clear, and our eyes wide open. It will help us trade what we see … without external interference πŸ™‚

    3. Barbara,

      This is what you have to develop in yourself. It is your conscious that has to become strong enough to control your subconscious, so that you make rational decisions.

      What we want to give you is something external that also helps your inner power. They both have to play along with each other to make you a successful trader.

    4. So,
      1) is it an opportunity to join your core LuckScout team? Working online (using the tool) with your team. If so i want to be the first person to join.
      2) is it the tool to find strong trade setups?


    5. Waiting for your tool. Please forecast the release day..
      Now more tensed than the market.. Not to miss your tool.

    6. The first phase which is account registration and forums will be released soon. The second phase which is the main surprise takes some time. Maybe 1-2 month, maybe sooner.

  30. Hi.

    I feel the new tool would:

    1. Identify trending and non trending phases of a market

    2. Identify extreme oversold and overbought turning points of the market, for entry/re entry/ exit points

    3. Identify Initial and then Taking Stop Loss levels so as to follow the trend to target levels without getting prematurely stopped out


  31. hi..let me give it a try…i think this new tool is a system where you provide funding for the members and we trade using those resources…. and payback of course… am i even close?

  32. Hi,
    I’m very encouraged by all your writing. It is truly amazing what you are doing. Million thanks from me.

    Will it be a tool where members can get a trade score? Like we enter the trade we think its too strong and we can get an answer how strong it is.

    1. Hi Romelis,

      Thank you too and welcome to LuckScout.

      What you guessed is a good tool, but it is not the tool I talked about πŸ™‚

      Creating a software that gauges and scores the setups is possible, but is not easy, because evaluating a setup is something visual and rational. And a software cannot do this. I am not sure what such a software returns as a result can be trusted. In spite of this, we have to think about it. We can design and develop such a software. I had already thought about it, but you made me add it to my to do list and think about it seriously. Thank you.

      At the meantime, please take a look at the indicator that Majid, one of LuckScout followers, has developed. It is an indicator which is able to locate the trade setups of the systems we follow. Of course it doesn’t score the setups, but Majid is still working on it and is improving it:

    2. Thank you.
      My guess was just a wild shot πŸ™‚ I understand that software can not be trusted 100% in this regard, but it probably could be like a second opinion to our eye test (like a confirmation). I think it is always better to have two options and if one confirm the other it is much safer.
      By the way, I follow you and keys for a while and read your articles all the time. You are the best.

  33. May be this tool is related to social trading ? Like group of investors pool their money and vote for the setup. If any setup get most of the votes then they take it. Something like that may be ?

    1. No πŸ™‚

      I think I have seen something like this on some other sites. It is a good idea. We can do this on the site even now. I can have a poll with each trade setup and users can vote whether it is good and strong and will move the price accordingly, or it is weak and questionable.

      I have already done this for some of the setups like this one:

      Is this what you mean?

      Thank you by the way.

    2. Hi,

      You always have article link on tips πŸ™‚ Yes you have done similar things and I am very grateful for that. It is kind of social trading too but regarding your tool it look somewhat different. can`t wait to hop on when it comes !

  34. Hi,
    Im very thankful for ur teaching which helped me how to trade…every article gives life for trader who follow u..grt work..mentor hope u give unconditional support to ur followers.

  35. Hi,
    What we have received here in LuckScout is MORE than enough for a beginner to become profitable trader. I really mean it. So here is my guess :
    May be You are checking out if we are satisfied with what we got so far. Or some of us want more and more. For me personally I can say I am fully satisfied and happy with everything on Your site – I do not need anything extra. But … I’ll not decline it whatever it is πŸ™‚ .

  36. Hi

    Its so exciting and good news
    Thank you for word by word of your article.
    Thank you for changing my insight about.
    Thank you for every thing…
    Look forward to see your surprise.

  37. Dear, thank you for guiding us through a maze of complex sophistication towards the lightness of mature simplicity in the trading world! a very unique tool would be a dynamic ‘strong trade set up gauge’, to alert traders of a potential high probability setup. The very best!

  38. Hi,

    Thanks for your articles. I always read them as I have learnt a lot from them and still learning.

    I really look forward to the new tool as you mentioned that we will be able to trade risk free.

    Thanks Ted for your videos. They are all amazing!

  39. You’ve put a lot a time and energy here. And you want to see clearly results. I think that you new online tool is something like, analyze the results? Or examiner to get a second Levels?
    Difficult riddle πŸ™‚
    I am excited about, and good luck.

  40. You made a time machine πŸ™‚
    Or, is something like software where Participants can attend a better Trader Awards?

  41. Hi,
    thanks for all the effort. This site have a huge good vibrations and positive energy! I’m really happy that I’m a part of this community.
    Let me try…this service will allow us to test and increase our knowledge faster. We will be able to run the program for a specific pair from past and start with demo trading. We will be able to trade the whole year in short time.The program will warn us for the mistakes and help us to improve faster ☺

    1. Hi Matej,

      Thank you.

      It is something that helps you to become a profitable trader, within a short time, risk free.

      Now you can guess easier.

  42. An app that talks to us, kinda like Siri? Asks us questions, reminds us about the LuckScout strategy, good money management, trading mindset, etc?

  43. hi
    am so greatful for the education n training .,…forgive me for asking this question here….
    u ave written about brokers n would like to know about reviewed brokers wherether there is true ecn brokers just say yes or no n if yes please tel me how many in figures

  44. Hi,

    Perhaps this is web based software which provide us with information what position and when they are taken from big participants in the market.

  45. Thanks,
    hopefully i will make a profit one day through trading, after a lot of loss and failure, thank you for sharing your knowledge with me through this website, i already see my success improving in my paper trading, and one day i will inform you that i will be successful, you will be blessed through all the lives you have helped.
    God bless you and all the best.

  46. It must be some kind of psychological tool what helps to avoid bad positions and help us to be patient in waiting for good ones.

    I am following LuckScout for couple month, looking on charts very accurately but anyway I still miss setups (cadjpy the last one). Maybe new tool help with this too. Not technical measuring of candlesticks but just psychological aspect of seeing setups.

    Thank you for all you have done so far.

  47. Well done boss. I think I got it right this time around. The tool is a kind of ONLINE JOURNAL for you to monitor our trading activities.

    Besides sir, can you get us a form of software to backtest or trading strategies? Thanks and Happy Easter.

  48. HMMMMM….

    It is a system where all members login and enter their MT4 credentials. Here we are able to discuss and view others trade progress? This will ensure that we take too strong trade setups. It will show charts based on traders progress?? Creating a bit of competition?

    I am reading daily, but would HATE to miss out on signing up…. Excited and anxious for the results! This is killing me!

    -Really hope that some day you will run a live one week/weekend seminar where we can all meet and learn from you in person πŸ™‚

    Thanks for all you’ve done. My trading is getting better every day! Would love to meet you and your team.


    1. Hi Bryce,

      Thank you.

      What you explained is a good idea. Maybe we will do that too. But it is not the “tool” I talked about it above.

  49. I know. It is Trader Personal Horoscope Assistant with Crystal Ball option.

    We enter our date and time of birth, currency pair which we want to trade and then stars tell us trade setup strength and is it good or not for us to take this setup. πŸ™‚

  50. Hi everyone, I don’t want to miss out on the fun! I can’t help laughing reading all the guesses by everyone and’ responses.

    I am going to have a go! since the tool is meant to ensure we trade ‘risk free’ and leave our ‘fear and greed’ behind then I think the tool is a software that will calculate the minimum pips a trade can achieve to reach breakeven (after putting in the necessary parameters), so we will use our discretion to know from our analysis whether the trade can actually achieve this or not then we can take the trade or leave it.

    I hope I am right! Haha!

    Now seriously, you guys (LuckScout team) are amazing! I can only pray that God will continue to bless you. I wonder how long the ‘to do list’ is?’ but pleaseeeee, are you able to move the updating of the currency pairs correlation in the top 3?

    Thank you very much for all you do. I can’t believe I am part of the lucky ones to have stumbled on your site. I bless that day! Thanks again and Happy Easter!!!

    1. Hi Shalewa,

      Thank you. You have pointed your finger to the important phrases: β€˜risk free’ and β€˜fear and greed’.

      In my email message which is also posted in the above article (green) I have explained what it is. You have to read to find out.

      My to do list is already too long. But sure! I am going to add the pairs correlation to the first a few ones. I will do it as soon as possible.

      Thank you too and Happy Easter.

  51. Are we going to be asked to pick our favourite strategies and then get mentors like Salmaan, Peter and Kamel to monitor and coach us..?

    1. No. It is even better than that. Let me give you a clue:

      It is something that helps you to become a profitable trader, as soon as possible, risk free.

      It is not dependent on a special person including me and those you mentioned. It is not a software that shows you the setup and score them for you. It is something that you as a trader can use to help yourself to become a successful trader as soon as possible, and at the same time you help the others to do the same. So you not only help yourself, but you also help the others to achieve their goals. Although you help the others too, but you don’t spend any time for them. Just your presence helps them.

      I gave you a clue, but it seems now it has become even harder to guess.

    2. ..
      The excitement and anticipation has blown the roof off !!! We are all so revved up about this! Just that we are failing to put a finger on it.. It is not a software, it is some kind of team work, just one’s presence helps one’s self and others to become profitable ASAP!!

  52. And you said risk free. I know you wouldn’t accept money from us. And I like that! Is it putting money for collective trading is it? That doesn’t help me become profitable the way we want.. So.. I’m lost l guess


  53. I really tried not to post this comment but some of the comments have me laughing to myself.. My God!!!

  54. you have figured out a unique and creative way for us to be trading buddies. Now I don’t want to guess any more, only to see what you’ve come up with!

    1. Amanda,

      One part of it is what you mentioned. So, congratulations!

      It makes a closer relationship and co-working among the site users. But, it is much more than that. It is not like a community of traders that help each other. There are already so many of these online communities.

  55. a biofeedback tool … a tangible ‘something’ that will help us help propel ourselves forward and out of a potential crisis … ‘something’ that will reinforce us to never give up … this will be higher group knowledge, and as individual participants, we will realize that the whole of the group is more than the sum of its individuals πŸ™‚

    1. This is so Barbara. Thank you.

      Although it is not exactly what you described, it helps many of those who are about to give up. It makes them keep on working and see their future as a successful trader in advance, and become consistently profitable trader finally. It is a big team work that although everybody works for him/herself in it, his/her activity helps the other members too. It proves that it is possible to find at least one good solution for each problem.

  56. Excellent! The more we learn about it, the more intriguing this surprise becomes. This is going to be SO GOOD!!!

    1. I hope that it looks so good to traders. I think it is so good because it helps them a lot. It is an opportunity that they can use for free. It is risk free also.

  57. Another wild guess: I think this tool will help members to share their account summary or so (like you did in Edward`s case ). It is big motivation factor and help people realize that it is true in reality. Something like that may be πŸ™‚

    1. Thank you Singh. I really appreciate that you people are eager and make us happy with your comments.

      Unfortunately you are wrong again πŸ™

      Sharing the traders accounts is what we can do at any time. When we launch the forums they can do it on their own.

  58. Let me try my guess. It is a platform where individual trader will show their profitable setups and explain the reasons for taking such position.

  59. Hi

    Then the ultimate guess would be a members group – live trading – pool fund – subscribed to by members and trade actioned under your tutelage?? That setup would definitely be a 100 pointer.

  60. I guess it could be a sort of online form to fill in order to give an objective score to each trade we do. So we will specify the pattern, the candlestick size, whether or not it was confirmed ecc. Applying the fuzzy logic it can compute a score.
    I think it could be a very useful tool. It could also register a list of scores, with currency, time, date and comments.
    Sorry for my English, thank you mentor!!

  61. Hi,

    Just tell me what it is and I’ll 100% guess it right πŸ™‚

    I think the tool is kind of ‘facebook’ for trading, thumbs up/down to setups, number of traders took certain trades, daily positive quotes…etc

    I’m right, I nailed it this time πŸ™‚
    (can’t stop laughing, because I know what you are going to say…ha ha ha)

    1. Hi Youness,

      You are getting a little closer, but still you are not even close πŸ™‚

      It does something a lot more useful for participants.

    2. Barbara,

      The first phase which is account registration and forums will be released soon. The second phase which is the main surprise takes some time. Maybe 1-2 month, maybe sooner.

    3. Hi,

      The title of the article should be tweaked a little:”Dealing with Disappointment in Trading Surprise Tool Guessing!”


  62. Hi.
    Maybe we will have a programmer who can code our indicator or EA?
    Hope LuckScout will have this one πŸ™‚

  63. Hi I know what is! But…
    I’m not going to tell you, I want you to guess what I’m thinking…lol πŸ™‚

  64. Since it doesn`t cost anything to guess πŸ™‚ here goes another one :

    [ You are designing a website which will be integrated with MT4. Whenever register user take position it will be posted on website. In this way not only users can see their own trading history but others can too. This helps learning from other`s mistakes ]

    Guess is not good again ? (:

    1. Singh,

      But this is the service that so many other websites are offering. I explained that what we want to offer is 100% unique for traders.

  65. I didn’t get this article in my mailbox.. I also do check on recent posts for new updates daily, how come I missed this?

    My guess will be invalid. Moreover, trading has taught me how to be patient… Patient, I will settle for and just wait and watch..Just like patiently waiting for a trade setup to form I will wait for you to drop… And just like not guess trading… I chose not to guess what Almighty has in mind..


  66. Ted, what an inspiring video we never got enough of those words. The music is awsome and make it easier to read.

    sorry no guess I have no clue.
    I am so excited not only to have found you and your team but to be part of LuckScout. I am proud to say that, I am one of the first official member of LuckScout. I was registred even before I received the Sign Up for an Account email πŸ™‚

    I am not the type of person who easilly give up, but having people like you just energize more and more.

    I am so gratefull.

    Thank You.
    May God be with you all.

  67. Interesting to say the least. So i will take a guess. This tool is an instructional manual on how to predict the future trend direction or reversal pattern of a currency pair on the charts with an extremely, high degree of accuracy. Even more so than the too strong trade setups we are currently learning, both trend reversal and trend continuation methods.

  68. If you go back and read what risk free trading is and greed and fear is, they both have the same answer to them in how to over come them. The only way to to trade risk free is to start out small and have the right entry and exit points. to this you have to tool that would show these point on chart or put them there for you when open your trade.To this end then you would not have greed or fear entry into your trade if you have the right set up from the start..

  69. Hi, please will Ted’s 3rd video be saved under ‘videos’ and tagged like the previous two? I had to watch the 3 videos tonight to reassure myself I had done the right thing – ‘no strong set up’, I do not need to trade, I will be back tomorrow πŸ™‚

  70. Thanks for including a Search button, this will reduce the members asking you questions that you have already covered and your work making many references to past articles. If people ask you anything now you can now say “Try Search”

  71. Hi,
    Can you please edit my account name to publish as Linz rather than my full name? There is no edit button…

  72. Sorry, found how to edit. I expected only the User name to be published….but sorted it now, all good thanks


    1. Hi Nicolaas,
      I’m not sure now! I thought I hit the star next to my profile picture which brings up edit but it looks like you can’t change the username box. I’ve been round and round but can’t see how I did it now…not sure if it’s been changed. Sorry I’m not much help. If it’s important maybe contact administration….cheers

  73. Hi,

    Really grateful for your help and support.
    Are the tools out yet?? Can’t be more patient now.

    1. Hi Gary,

      Thank you.

      Not yet. They are still working on it. It is not clear when it will be lunched. But that is not a problem for the members, because it is a good chance for them to work on the site, help the others by replying their comments and forum posts, and earn points.

  74. wow…….there are so many guesses here. Very interesting to read.
    Hard to know what exactly you have in mind….
    I was remembering the Facebook challenge you put up for us in 2014. And we realize that didnt go too well for LuckScout. I am not aware that those funds ever went to any one…… my guess is that you used the funds, and with that created a tool that you can give to your loyal followers to use on LuckScout………..maybe in the form of a fun “LuckScout Trading Platform” that we can use to trade on and earn additional points………….perhaps with teams that you will create from your followers. And the better we get at following the strong set ups the more points we earn within the team…….
    As fun as that sounds….I am re reading it and thinking “nope, I’m not even close…”

  75. A quiz system whereby we are awarded points according to how well we identify trade setups. Who accumulates the most points on every quiz eventually gets to school others who are not doing so well in identifications because by teaching you also learn and a mentoring system is born.

    If not even close then at least the members with the most points get free ice cream? No and no?

    1. Hi Linz,

      Although you are still wrong, but that is a great suggestion. We can award points to those who do a good job with our quiz, and deduct some point from those who make mistakes.

    2. I don’t like the idea of deducting points as this could act as a negative for those at the early stages of their journey. Also deducting for those not participating as many of us have full time jobs and other commitments and cannot dedicate as much time to trading matters as others.

      Just my view.

    3. Barbara,

      You are right. So, we reward those who give good answers, but we don’t deduct anything from those who don’t.

      I just wanted to be fair to anybody. But what you mentioned is a better way to be fair.

      Thank you.

    4. Very good suggestion Barbara, I like the idea and I love to learn that way.

      And I agree that should not penalise people who have it wrong, but what about those who never participate? Just a suggestion πŸ™‚

    5. Hi,

      I might have an ‘improved’ idea, give small reward to people who participated but got it wrong (encourage people to take part), bigger reward for those who got it right, but zero reward for no participation.

      What do you think?

  76. Hi I am totally confused now! Where is the site? Where is everything? What is this WordPress when I log in?
    I cant find anything…please what is going on?

  77. Hi
    First I was thinking.. WOW, BIG volatility πŸ™‚ on the blog and site, then, as time went, perhaps hackers interfered their fingers and I remembered one of our sayings..
    ” A good horse raises the dust ”

    After time went more I opened page with success and BOOM!
    There is Sega Mega Good Looking Fancy Operating environment,
    and now Im like kid with new toy and feel so important πŸ™‚

    Congratulation.. You are definitely on the right track.
    Congratulation LuckScout Team.. Keep up the good work..

  78. Hi
    There is no article for yesterday 14/04/15 in my inbox.
    Was there none or did I miss it?

  79. Hi,

    I have been following you since December 2014. All your articles are thoughtfully written and very useful. I landed in your website through “How to Become Multi Millionaire Trading “. Now that you have opened membership, i have already registered. You have been talking about a program that you are going to launch for traders to be profitable consistently. Will this program be open to all members or only members who have certain points?

    I am worried if i will able to gather enough points to avail of the opportunity.

    However thanks for your good work and enlightening us.


    1. Thirugnanam,

      There is no minimum point to participate in that program. So all members with any point balance can participate. However, having more points will give you more shares from the program. Also your active participation will help the whole community. In this program, members don’t compete with each other. They support each other.

  80. It is so funny to guess
    But it is difficult because as you mentioned it is a pioneer plan, so…
    I don’t know.
    I just sit and counting the days to the show up day.
    Thank you again and again dear.

  81. This is quite interesting, as it seems like no one will ever guess the exact thing… but we know it`s a tool where one`s participation ultimately affects the other person`s performance.

    I think it`s a tool similar to what you`ve already been doing, posting a trade setup and others gauge it and you make your final judgement and suggestion on the setup, but it`s just an improved version and more “efficient”, for the lack of a better word, in terms of the interaction.

  82. Is it going to be one of those GPS app’s that whomever the closest person is, say a Psychologist in this case, comes over and keeps me from making emotional trades. If not you could always add that to the to do list.

  83. What the tool will be here? Will everyone be able to join this tools? How beautiful will it be?

  84. Just to congratulate you on the Trading Mind Talk video:
    BRILLIANT WORDS for inception
    BRILLIANT VISUALS for the mind
    BRILLIANT MUSIC for delivering the message through

  85. Hi, The explanation on platform chart are usually MT4. I could not get round to using MT4. I use instead a GFT dealbook 360. I am still trying to get used to MT4, but if I ever understand for ease, is debatable.

    1. Ben,

      You can keep on using your favorite platform. You don’t have to use MT4. If you see I publish some articles about MT4, it is because it is so popular among traders, and novice trader can easily install it on their computers directly and without having to sign up for an account with a broker, from the MetaQuotes site which is the company which has developed the MT4 software. You don’t have to learn MT4 if you want to follow our analysis.

  86. Awesome and inspiring videos. Everyone should watch these a few times a week to always stay on track!

  87. Hi & Ted,

    Awasome and inspirational article as well as video for those who want to take trading seriously.God Bless you both..thankyou so much..


  88. Hummmm, this is so hard,

    I think there will be some exercises involved in the tool, problems for us to solve maybe a bit like you do now. For me that might be the best way to achive success fast and risk free. Also we get to learn from each other answers and find new possibilities that we couldn’t have found alone, or things we overlooked.

    But you have told us that it doesen’t show setups, and that’s what gives us newbies the most problems (discipline, doubt).

    So this is just my guess πŸ™‚

  89. I think I know what it may be……
    There is an app out that is called “Spark Profit” Look it up. It allows you to trade on the Market and earn points, these points can be exchanged for real money to trade with. And depending on how well you trade, your points balance can go up or down just like any platform.
    I’m just not sure how you will be making the teams or how that will help us to help each other………..
    this is getting really exciting! lol

    1. Hi Pete,

      Thank you for your guess.

      You earn points in our programs but it is not under an app like Spark Profit. It is something completely different.

  90. Hi & Ted,

    Thanks for this great article and video. You guys really did a great works here, and so much blessings too.

    I’ve just followed LuckScout few weeks ago. Signed Up few days ago and found out that this is a “treasure” for all of us(beginners). Instead of being “too promising and persuasive” (like some other trading courses), you guys reveals the realities of our “inner obstacle and limitation” on how to be a profitable trader.

    So I’m guessing that your new tool must not be something that can make us trade in a “lazy way” but instead, as a proper guide for us in trading (much proper than reading articles) along with daily motivations with some extra rewards in participation. Spiritual maybe.

    No matter what it is, may God bless all of your works and efforts here. Thank you so much.

    p/s: Sorry for my bad English. Its my 4th language.

  91. and Ted thank you so much…
    I really feel how my heart start to surrender to your teaching with a full believe… its unbelievably good whats happening here on LuckScout.
    much much gratitude from here.
    Now – the tool πŸ™‚
    Its a tool that helps self evaluating in real time?

  92. It is so good and love to read it occasionally, to be a guides when it comes to trading.
    Thanks so much, Ted and LuckScout staff.

  93. dear
    whatever the upcoming program surprise is .
    it will not be out of what u have been teaching us for last few days and months, more over it’ll be more supportive and helpful to be consistence profitable traders.U put me and the others on the right track,i’m personally trust U and do believe that u will never ever let the success train go without US.i am glued to my laptop waiting for the program.

  94. Hard thing to learn dealing with disappointment. Getting better each day though. Thank you and Ted.

  95. dnt have words to say how much we appreciate what u are doing..some of us are in africa and many pple dnt have knowlede of this or it may be ignorance or fear some companies charge the course for about 2500usd for the course of bt u are doing it for free..on behalf of i would like to say thank u may GOD increse yr wisdom like king solomon

  96. I feel as though trying to guess probably isn’t a very good expenditure of my mindly resources. I am very excited about this new system for learning, practicing, and doing. In the meantime, I will continue to read articles to absorb knowledge.. I really need to get my candlestick patterns down pat and I have not achieved this yet.

  97. Just read this article. Very impressive. I not only read the newsletters every day, I enyou reading them and really look forward for them. Thank you.

  98. Hi,

    I have the Mother of Virtue with me all the time reading the contents of your email received in my Inbox


  99. Well – I don’t know what it is but it certainly makes me want to keep on reading everything and keeping tuned in so I don’t miss out !

    What I do know :
    Points based
    Risk Free

    So as Pete Krahn mentioned above – sounds like a points based system where points are accumulated for various actions – set up spotting or analysis/position taking/recommendations.

    The points are like credits and somehow have a value or can be exchanged – a bit like bitcoin because you mentioned this somewhere.

    Can’t wait to see what it is !

  100. Yes great Video, by Ted, and thanks to Ted as this is the second time for me to watch this insiring video.

    Thanks To & Ted

  101. Reading all this make me a smile, that’s all about it,
    thanks all of you
    don’t expect 5est mail buy this’ sell that’ All this advices are under financial regulation and condition, Up here we know how or we can read how to spot it stong signals, so it has to be something out of trading, maybe participate some project

  102. Hi,

    I have been following the site for more than a year and receiving your emails since last September. I have been in many site before…
    Every day I check the title of the article. Most of the days I read it (or refresh it if I have read it again). I consider my self newbie because I haven’t done some serious steps ahead. I feel that I have read way too much and move too little. I feel that every time I make a move I do it on the wrong time. But %$%##[email protected]!(:-)) I will WIN. I will manage to start trading successfully.

    However, I have to thank you and the other folks for your time, hope and inspiration. It takes too much to provide all this. Keep up the great work and provision of all of us, at the same time.
    The new thing you are talking about is intriguing. I would give a guess that it might be an online software for paper trading among others?

    Ted, very nice videos…

    All the best

    1. You are welcome Costas.
      Choose your strategy and follow it. It takes (some) time to get it right but you will if you don’t give up. Good luck.

  103. Thank you Ted for another leaning and amazing video and thank you and your Team for you dedikation in making us members going on the Right way to be educated traders.

  104. Hi the more i read the article on your site,the more i feel i am in a real journey which leads me to an island full of adventures.Its really hard to describe how much fun it is to learn new things by your articles.
    this is the first time i hear about newsletter and the inbox.
    Please tell me how often you send them and how i should read them.Thanks

  105. Hi
    The more i read your article on your site,the more i feel i am in a real journey which leads me to an island full of adventures.Its really hard to describe how much fun it is to learn new things by your articles.
    this is the first time i hear about newsletter and the inbox.
    Please tell me how often you send them and how i should read them.Thanks

  106. Whatta video.
    Thanks man.I am gonna watch it everyday.words simply talk and they talk so deep. Thanks TED Thanks.

  107. Hi

    I’m practicing Demo trading and re-reading your articles everyday and taking important notes for myself. But as I get closer to the last stage of opening a small real account I feel disappointed as there is not any good brokers (even market makers) who accept Iranian clients. I think it is really hard to grow an account with such brokers and I am getting disappointed.

    I do not know if any change would be made for Iranian traders soon. So I wonder if you have any suggestion for me to deal with this problem.

    Thanks for you all amazing work for us πŸ™‚

    1. Nadi,

      You are right. There is no good broker that offers services to your country. Those who do, are not good at all. On the other hand, I have heard that trading is illegal in your country. If so, then you can get into trouble if you trade from there. The best way is that you do it from a country like UAE. It is not that hard to get UAE residence and then open your live account from there. That is a good option.

    2. Thank you for your suggestion, I’ll check to see whether it is possible to get UAE residence or not.

      I was thinking about opening an account under the name of my friend in Italy and then take control of the account until it reaches a reasonable level. However I’m not sure if it is possible or not.

      Thanks for your support and encouragement

    3. I talked with few reputable brokers to see whether I can manage my friend who is in Europe and they said that they restrict IP from Iran, what can I do now?

      Shall I open an account with them by my friend and use a proxy to change my IP or it will be troublesome?

      Thanks for your advice

    4. Nadi,

      Yes, they are afraid of US to f… them if they offer any services to countries like Iran.

      You can ask your friend to open an account for you from Italy. He can do it under his own name. Then you can connect to the platform through a VPN. That is not a big deal at all.

  108. Hi Nadi
    I used to leave in Iran for sucha long time.Now I am leaving in Armenia.So nice to see someone from Iran in LuckScout.I had few friends that had the same problem in Iran,So guesss’s suggestion would be the best for you.Thnaks to LuckScout and for connecting us in LuckScout.

  109. Hi,
    Guess and wish: a tool that transalate correct your article in each language.
    Second guess: you will made cores of proffesional traders in each country to teach live the LuckScout members!!!

    Thank you ank Good luck

  110. Awesome. I am also waiting for your tools very eagerly. And thank you so much Ted for your excellent video.

    Long life LuckScout… and all team

  111. and Ted,

    Thank you so much and so with LuckScout staffs and team fellow members…. As always still have burning desires to know on how to trade in LuckScout ways and methods…., sorry to say that my progress in trading is very slow. Caused of it; lot of distractions, lots of combatting emotions specially when it comes to personal love life matters. Nowadays, those set backs I had already adjusted. And I like someday to become like you that we buy love and sell peace….Alejandro

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