Dealing With Losses in Stock Trading

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Another too short day-trading session again. I ended up with a 2.468% profit. The market kept moving and formed some other trade setups that I didn’t take because I was busy with the site and I saw the trade setups a little too late. But, it’s okay.

Dealing With Losses in Stock Trading

You have noted that I talk about losses more than profits in stock trading. The reason is, if you learn how to limit and handle your losses, you will win. Another reason is, losses hurt you emotionally, but profits don’t. So, you have to learn how to deal with your losses. Your profits won’t be any problem. Maybe I can even say that trading is not about making profits. It is about handling losses. Your losses can stop you, but your profits can’t.

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When your losses are big and uncontrolled, they can wipe out your account. This can cause you to give up on stock trading for good. If you miss the opportunity of making money through stock trading, chances are you will never be faced with such a great opportunity for the rest of your life. And, this will be a much bigger loss. So, you should not let this happen from the first day that you start trading stocks.

When your losses are small but repeated and continuous, they can develop fear in you that can gradually prevent you from trading, until you quit trading completely.

Therefore, losses are more important than profits and they have to be handled properly, otherwise they can create serious and permanent problems for stock traders. However, the good news is, it is very easy to do this. If you simplify a problem, you can resolve it much easier. So let’s simplify the problem of losses in stock trading:

If you are a novice trader and you want to start, or if you have traded before but haven’t been successful and you want to have a fresh start, then the first thing you must do is to start with a small account. That’s why I always say, you should start with $500 maximum. That’s the first step to handle your losses in stock trading.

The second step is to limit your losses to 2% maximum in any position you take. Therefore, if you start with a $500 account (either demo or live), 2% will be $10 only. And, a $10 loss with a $500 account is very easy to digest and handle. You must follow this route forever. Even if your $500 account grows into $5 billion, you should do the same with any position that you will take. Even if you trade successfully and you become consistently profitable for 100 years, still you should limit your loss to 2% whenever you want to take a new position.

Never think that you won’t wipe out your account because you have been trading successfully for years. Even after 100 years of successful trading, you can wipe out a $5 billion account with one position. The stock market is always smarter than you. You cannot fight with it, nor can you think that you have known it enough and you know how it moves. No! You can never know the markets. They have always been and will always remain unpredictable. You can only see a trade setup, take a position and set a 2% stop loss. This is all you can do. The rest is up to the market, not you. Only the market knows what direction it should move. You can never know.

That was the stock trading tip of the day. I think I shared the biggest stock trading success secret above. Now, I’d like to share another secret with you:

How to Start Stock Trading

First, make a small amount of money somehow, and learn how to grow it through stock trading, to achieve financial freedom.

It is only in The United States stock market trading that you can grow a small budget into a huge capital. Here, I don’t want to explain why “The United States stock market” and not other markets, because it is irrelevant and has to be discussed in a different article or video. Something that matters here is that you can really turn a small budget like $500 into $1 million, by making 20-30% profit per month on average, in the long-term and within 2-4 years. You can do it, if someone teaches you the correct way of trading, and if you follow the above formula to limit your losses to 2% all the time.

Here on this website, we help our members to do this:

  1. They join us for free and without having to pay any membership or upgrading fees.
  2. They earn points through their activities on the site, and receive a share from the money that the website makes, based on the points they earn every month.
  3. They can use the money they make on our website to trade, if they want. They will learn how we trade, and then they can do the same for themselves if they want. Therefore, they can grow the money they have made here, the way I explained above.

That’s all. It is free because our members don’t pay anything here. Our members’ trading journey can be risk-free because they can trade using the money they make on our website for free. As someone who has been working online since 2001, I dare to say that this is the best and safest way to achieve financial freedom, for free, and risk-free. There’s no other way to do this.

You Can Start Now:

1. Create your account and start earning points through different activities on the site. We will email and teach you how to earn more points.
2. Your points will turn into money at the end of every month, based on the money that the website and community make.
3. You can use this money to trade with us, if you want, and grow it gradually, until it turns into a huge capital that makes you financially free. Please watch this video to learn what I mean:

4. You do all of these here on this site, for free, and risk-free. It is free because you don’t pay any fees. It is risk-free because you trade the money that you make here for free. If you like to learn about our system even more, please read this article.

That’s all. It is as easy as what I described above. However, in order to be part of this system, you MUST be as active as you can on the website to earn points and help other members to do so. Your activities (1) help you earn more points to have a bigger share from the website’s income; (2) help others to earn more points too; (3) help the community to make more money; and (4) help you to become eligible to trade with us every day.

So, please be as active as you can and help the community and other members to become more active every day.

Thank you!
I love you all💝

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By Vahid Chaychi

Vahid Chaychi is an experienced web developer and internet marketer since 2002. He has been able to become the top seller/earner and affiliate with several different companies. He has launched his own affiliate programs as well. He is a blogging and WordPress expert with lots of enthusiasm in blogging and vlogging to share his knowledge and experiences. He is also a serious Kyokushin Karate warrior and a good snowboarder. Follow him if you like to become a financially free online entrepreneur.

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Phyllis Cobbins
1 month ago

I will start off by saying, “Thank you, Vahid”. I really, never understood the concept of setting the stop loss. Being inexperienced, I didn’t set a stop loss and I lost it all. I gave up and said, I would never trade again. After reading your article, I see my mistake. You have simplify my problem.What you said, makes sense to me. There are 3 things I can see and do, the trade set up, take a position and set a 2% loss regardless. The rest is on the market. If only I had known. The key is, now, I know. Again, I say, Thank you, Vahid!

Roderic Bishop
1 month ago

Again this very encouraging and addresses some of my fears

Gazza Brown
1 month ago

So much informatative information I am, This preperation you would not get any I beleive on the net, This is Symplicity as it gets. Step by Step information.

Sandra Riyano
1 month ago

Once again Vahid for this article. My fear for losses is what probably kept me away from venturing into stock trading etc. You have clearly explained how to handle losses and this gives me confidence to now do this . Your knowledge in these things is invaluable and the fact that you so willingly and selflessly share with us everyday is astounding. Enough respect to you Vahid. May God bless you

Epifania E Zabala
1 month ago

I thank God that I came accross with you Vahid in You Tube in discussion about the Hyperverse. I quickly decided to register with the Luckscout that interest me about your help to recover loses from scams. Now Ive learned a lot about online scammers that I was a victim and lose a lot of money. Thank you Vahid for this opportunity.

Joshua Chan
1 month ago

Thanks Vahid for sharing the big secret in stock trading..
you should read this articles everyday because you know what..
People are easy to forget..what they read…and not they see..
for example..What can impact your feeling deeply??
See many people die because of Corona Virus in the hospital or just read the news though the newspaper??

Veronica Chakeredza
1 month ago

I love this article. This has been my major problem; controlling losses. Sometimes even forgetting to put stop losses on a trade. Often my lot size and stop loss was not always limited to 2%. Thank you Vahid for saying this over and over. I needed to hear it and I’ll need to keep hearing it and possibly as an affirmation. I’m in the right place at the right time

Jean-joyce Goedsir
1 month ago

Good morning Vahid thanks again for another great article. I totally agree with you in regards to market direction it’s so unpredictable to no the sentiment 100% and there’s also to keep in mind news release which has great impact on movements ..
Thankyou so much for your contribution ..

Iyun Smith
2 months ago

Hi there Vahid. Absolutely true. I think the whole idea is to start small and learn as you earn while you grow an account. And, by starting with a small amount you should treat it as if it is already a million-dollar business. In such way one may cultivate the sincerity as well as responsibility it takes to be able to become a consistently profitable trader. And you will then also grow with your wealth by learning to respect money and being indifferent towards it. In being able to manage a large account one must have developed the qualities which should supersede the skills to attain such wealth. Trading is not a game, and it is not gambling. It is a completely worked out science and it takes an art to be able to properly apply it – Like martial arts. The difference between a success and a failure is: Either you are TRAINED, OR NOT. A well-trained person is well equipped to handle setbacks, improvise, adapt and overcome, and so learn from any situation pertaining to his/her field of expertise and then develop himself/herself to a level where such an individual will become a top performer. This applies to all areas of endeavor in life. Once one has mastered the skill to trade successfully one will also discover that the qualities that go along with it will spill over to one’s personal, social, academic and other areas of pursuit. It is inevitable. Take the simple ability to be organized, and keep your workstation where you trade clean, as an example. And then, losing money in the process is a natural phenomenon which plays an integral part in the learning curve. Trading is a business, and any business has losses. Therefore, if one has a business, then one should also be insured against losses, right? Well, there is also an insurance in trading against losses called a ‘stop loss’. The wonderful thing about trading is that one can learn to use such a tool properly and then take calculated, and informed, risks as any business also has risks involved. What you have discovered/designed is a method to be able to generate an income by starting small and then growing it EXPONENTIALLY over time with discipline, patience and persistence. And there is no CATCH. What you need is a PC/laptop, internet connection and the willingness to learn and invest some time in it. There are also no nagging bosses, overhead expenses, salaries to pay, loans to pay off, or backstabbing and office politics. You basically ‘compete’ with yourself in your own time and on your own pace. Possibly the greatest factor serving as key to unlock the door to a successful career in trading is REFUSING TO GIVE UP. We must remember that specialists train many, many years before they actually go into practice themselves, and so earn a living off it. The miracle here with Vahid, however, is that the learning curve involved with a seemingly complex, and difficult, industry can drastically be shortened under the guidance and tuition of an already successful person – at no cost! WHERE WILL YOU FIND SOMEONE WILLING TO HELP AND ASSIST YOU IN SUCH A MANNER?! Vahid, based on my own humble experience, I can completely resonate with what can be considered ‘a noble cause’ in an attempt to provide people with an opportunity to develop an incredibly valuable skill enabling them to free themselves from the rut of the rat race, and financial slavery. I think this is possibly the best opportunity I have ever come across allowing one to gradually step into the fast lane where every ‘workday’ feels like a holiday, every meal a banquet and every paycheck a fortune. But remember this… With freedom there is a price to pay – Everything in life has a ‘payoff’. The price here is actually very small, and is synonymous with what I personally consider the two rules for happiness, and success: Rule no 1: Get rid of everything and anyone which annoys you. Rule no 2: Enjoy life responsibly. See you on the other side Vahid, and God bless. You are an awesome guy!

Domingos D'silva costa
2 months ago

That’s amazing, another day another lesson for us who are serious about becoming professional stock traders. Dealing with losses is something I embrace fully and I respect fully, I fact is something that should be part of every trader DNA. It’s good to have someone who is willing to teach us his wisdom and how to trade stocks with confidence, bearing in mind that always one should apply stop loss.

After reading this heartfelt article I can say that if you are not willing to loses or can’t control your emotions when you lose a trade, you simply shouldn’t be trading stocks. from the reading I can see that dealing with losses is fundamental import, hence one should always be aware of all tricks the market can throw at you. I honestly think that one should always be prepared to lose, of course its not a nice feeling , that’s why the importance of dealing with emotions when you lose a trade is utterly important also. I must say that today’s lessons has been enlightening.

Mercie Salima
2 months ago

Thank you again for preparing us it is highly appreciated. Learning never ends. Today you taught me to focus on loss management rather than focusing on profit making And to remember at all times 2% rule!
Thank you Vahid.

Ola Iwindipe
2 months ago

Honestly I can’t wait to start earning like a pro.

2 months ago


2 months ago

Thanks for the great work you are doing in our miss.

Mary Pendergest
2 months ago

Thank you Vahid, for your consistency, thoroughness, and above all kindness.

Matt Gray-Smith
2 months ago

Truly, this is a lesson well taught! My focus, as a novice, in trading shall center on loss management instead of profit because as clearly stated by Vahid, it is the losses that can wipe one’s account, and at times lead to one quitting. The “Golden Rule – 2%” set loss shall be my daily guidance.

Wendy McFarlane
2 months ago

Love the advice: be patient and don’t get greedy. Thanks Vahid. Can’t wait to get started!

Chukwudi Louis Utazi
2 months ago

What else can we say , if not been grateful. The striking words “Losses should be managed” not more than 2% loss . $500 grow to $Million

Clara Osenie
2 months ago

Hi Vahid,
Thank you for teaching us the rudiments of trading here, let’s hope I will be ready when the real action starts. Thank you for your efforts, much appreciated.

Omodele Wisdom
2 months ago

“Losses are important than profit” NOTED.
Thank you, Vahid

Radouan Abderrahim
Reply to  Omodele Wisdom
2 months ago

I hate it when I loss money
It’s better to follow leader

Adrian Rukundo
2 months ago

With luckscout community, members are growing like a wild flower that has no obstacles from either insects or humans nor animals currently targeting 1k by the end of October

Adrian Rukundo
2 months ago

In the article i really love where is says 500$ can turn to 1m$ plus if consistancy is practiced under your leadership

Daniel Kozik
2 months ago

Awesome job and great advice. Can’t wait to start learning from you next week!!

Carl Rukavina
2 months ago

There is so much wisdom here, provided for all who are willing to listen and learn…

Sela Pauu
2 months ago

Thank you Vahid for the training and for your unselfish service.

Adrian Rukundo
Reply to  Sela Pauu
1 month ago

Thank you my beautiful mum for this word UNSELFISH SERVICE. This gentleman is a blessing to us. we will always treasure you Mr. Vahid

Sela Pauu
Reply to  Adrian Rukundo
1 month ago

We are so blessed son, we must be doing something good. Stay safe under the Almighty’s
loving arms and I will see you soon.

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