Dealing with Nasty People in Business

Life is tough, especially when it comes to running and maintaining a business that needs you to deal with people. Not only do you have to fight with technical, financial, income, sales, tax, and so many routine problems, but also you will have to face some nasty people every now and then. There’re always some sick people around who come your way, while you never know. You should always be prepared. If you don’t know how to deal with these people and the thorny problems they can create for you and your business, either you will have a heart attack, or you will have to shut down the business.

I witnessed how a paranoid customer caused a good business and partnership to become dissolved, just because one of the partners believed the paranoid customer and thought the other partner was really cheating, whereas it was the nasty paranoid customer who was lying.

I have so many bad experiences with these kinds of nasty people. Many of them even want to extort from you online. If you don’t follow their desire, they will call you a scam. Even on LuckScout that no one pays us any fees and we are paying our members 100% for free, some people want to get paid while they are not eligible, and if we don’t listen to them, they call us scams. They do know that you don’t want your business to be called a scam. They use this as an extortion opportunity.

Business Is Beyond What Most People Think

Business is not just about knowing the techniques and having money to start. Sometimes, most of it is based on dealing with people that some of them are not normal and many of them come to hurt you. You will have to deal with some sick people every now and then. You will be faced with this problem more in some countries. Unfortunately, the number of troublesome people is a lot more in some countries. For example, the paranoid customer that I talked about above, was an man from one of these countries. Later, I saw several more men, exactly with the same problem from the same country. I don’t know how they grow up and live, what they eat or what grass they smoke that the rate of some special psychological and personality disorders is a lot higher in their country, compared to other countries. I know a few countries that are like this, but I won’t mention their names here.

Keep in mind that even if these people behave friendly for a while, they are an enemy that will attack you sooner than later. They are what I call “undercover haters”.

The most strange thing is that some of them are from developed countries. There are two developed countries among these countries that have the highest rate of nasty people. You have to be careful if you want to work in those countries or your online business has customers from them.

I have lots of bad memories from people of these countries and the damages they have caused in my own businesses and also other businesses I have been in touch with. Probably one day I will share the names of those countries 😉

Dealing with a Nasty Man on LuckScout

Below is the summarized story of one of these people who was a member of The LuckScout Community that was banned recently. Here is what he did:

Although he had been paid during the past several months, he never posted a comment to say he was paid, whereas many of our members always do this favor for us and post comments on the site to share their happiness when they get paid, even when their payments are very small. But, this guy never did it. He never posted any positive comment or post, or even a senseless comment under one of my articles. Instead, like a cat that is always looking for a mouse, he was always after finding evidence and proof to prove that I am a scammer who is cheating people here.

He had been posting screenshots and nasty questions on the public area of the site to accuse us of cheating people and lying to our members. One day he posted a screenshot of the points page in the community’s group and explained that the content of the page was different when he was logged out compared to when he was logged in. He meant we are showing different things on one page to the logged in and logged out users. He considered this as a type of cheating, whereas that screenshot and post only proved the depth of his stupidity and idiocy 😀

I simply explained under his post that there is nothing mysterious on that page. Just a portion of the points page can be seen only when a visitor has an account and has already logged in to the account, and the rest of the page can be seen by guests or logged out users too. After my explanation, he realized that he was wrong, because he didn’t reply to my explanation at all. But, he never apologized for his mistake. This is one of the important symptoms you see from these people. They never admit that they had been wrong, nor do they apologize for their mistakes at all.

Never explain yourself. Your friends don’t need it and your enemies won’t believe it.

A while after this, he posted another screenshot that showed a negative score on the dinosaur game page. He thought he had found a new evidence to prove that we are thieves and bandits and we were scamming people on the dinosaur game page 😀

When he saw that I didn’t answer him anymore, he started posting the same screenshot in different chat rooms to change the members’ minds against LuckScout. That was the time that I kicked him out of the community. I did know that he would eventually make me ban him, which is what he did, but my mistake was that I should have banned him the moment I realized that he was sick because he had been doing nasty posts like that since several months ago, not just recently.

He is exactly from the same country that the paranoid customer I talked about above was. I have seen the same problem from several other men from the same country. The question is, do they have anything against you and should you take their nasty and sick behaviors personally?

No. You should not take it personally. They are the same with everyone. They don’t have anything against you. They are sick. However, you should not allow them to hurt you and your business because they can do it very badly. They can ruin your whole life if you allow them to. Therefore, as soon as you are faced with a person who has the above symptoms, you MUST kick them out of your life and business immediately, otherwise they will take you to the graveyard. I should have done the same with that nasty person too, but I gave him more chances to waste my time and make me nervous. It is an extremely huge mistake if you think that such a person will become regretful, or they turn into a good person and apologize. It is a tremendously huge mistake if you think so. They will never do it because they can’t. They are sick!

What Do We Do with These People on LuckScout?

About 10% of those who sign up for an account on LuckScout, become banned, either immediately or after a while. Almost all of them are scams who try to promote scam programs here. They use fake names, photos, countries, etc. to fool us, but they can’t. We easily find and kick them out. These scammers are a lot easier to deal with because they do so many things to help us know them very easily. And, when we ban them, they disappear forever. They never come back to try again, nor do they become our lifetime enemies to keep harassing us in the long-term.

But, the nasty and sick people I talked about above are terribly dangerous. They consist of less than 0.1% of those who register on LuckScout. They don’t promote scam programs and links to make you know them immediately after they sign up. They come to look for a chance to hurt you and your business. Even when you kick them out, they will become your lifetime enemies and will always be after a chance to revenge. Why?

I told you. They are sick.

For example, the nasty guy I described above, posted the same screenshot with a nasty explanation on Facebook, as soon as I banned him from LuckScout.

In my case, his problem is, I don’t give a damn, even if he equips an army to come and fight me, let alone posting nasty things about me on social media. I really don’t give these things and these people a damn. I am not afraid of anyone and anything. Even if the whole world lines up to fight me, I don’t care because I have learned that life is too short and I will go sooner or later. Why should I care about my enemies then?

But, are you sure that you are like me too? Maybe not. Therefore, be careful: Kick these people out of your life and business, as soon as you see the first sign. Don’t give them the chance to hurt you first to make you avoid them. It can become too late because sometimes your damages are too big to be recovered easily.

On LuckScout, we do the same, especially from now on. Nasty, poisonous and troublesome people have to be out immediately and permanently, even if they make the community $1 billion per second 😀

Here, we are after developing a healthy community, not a gang of dangerous creatures. We are after having more freedom and peace of mind. We are not looking for troubles and headaches. Therefore, healthy, friendly and lovely people are most welcome, while nasty, unfriendly and spiteful ones should not be allowed at all. I won’t repeat that mistake again and will ban these people as soon as I see the first sign of their sickness.

You might say that having these people is okay because the number of those who are good is a lot higher. Yes, the number of our members who are really good, kind, healthy and supportive is a lot higher. However, just one person like what I described above can destroy the whole community if we allow them to stay and sabotage. I explained how a sick customer ruined a big partnership, exactly like a small leak that can sink a great ship. Millions of nice members are not enough, but just one nasty and sick member is too many.

It is our responsibility to protect the community against these devils. They should be out immediately and should never be given a second chance.

Join us and become one of our nice members! 😀

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