The Differences Between Winners and Losers

They look the same in most cases. Winners are not necessarily more educated, smarter and stronger. Many of them like Henry Ford don’t even finish the school, but so many well-educated and tenanted engineers and scientists beg to work in their companies. They don’t look different at first glance.

Most losers even have lots of support from their parents, relatives, government, friends, etc., when they want to start their business. But, winners not only don’t have any support and they start from under zero, but also they have to support their family and so many others at the same time.

Unlike most losers who get rewarded in so many different ways and everyone knows them as exceptionally talented and intelligent human beings, winners become underestimated, hamulated and belittled most of the time.

However, losers lose, in spite of everything they receive all the time. And, they expect more support, and they believe if they had been supported enough, they would have won. The more they fail, the more they expect from others.

At the same time, poor winners who are left alone with no support and encouragement, win in a way that losers dream to work in their companies.

Why? What is different in these two groups that makes them winners and losers?

The difference is in some small things that winners do or have more than others:

  • They start working a little earlier than everyone, every day.
  • They keep working a little longer than others, every day.
  • They work a little harder than others during the day, every day.
  • They work a little better than yesterday, every day.
  • They encourage their team to work earlier, longer, harder, and better too.
  • They don’t slow down when they make some progress.
  • They don’t give up when they fail.
  • They don’t change their goal and focus.
  • They don’t accuse others when they fail. They just try again.
  • They don’t expect others to help them to succeed. They are independent.

Those are the only differences between winners and losers. Be like that in whatever you want to achieve, and you will achieve it eventually.

If you join a community who has the same goals and dreams as yours, your journey will be a lot easier, and you will be a winner too when the community wins. The dream that you may not be able to achieve alone, can be achieved with a community.

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By Vahid Chaychi

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