Digital nomads are quite common in today’s professional circles.

The popular notion is they are the ones who work sitting on a beach or other exotic location.

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Well, one fact is surely right that they are dependent on telecommunication and technology.

But not all digital nomad jobs allow you to holiday that conveniently.

However, on an average, they are professionals who work away from conventional offices.

They operate remotely from coffee shops, public libraries or any such place with internet.

But in this context, you have to remember a basic difference.

Not all digital nomad jobs are location independent.

Of course, you can gradually work towards being on.

As a digital nomad, your initial payment is never enough to plan out exotic holidays.

One thing is for sure though; you can gradually work towards creating a comfort cushion.

Digital NomadSo a digital nomad essentially works towards being location independent.

Most times you see these professionals in areas which support the low-cost living.

In fact, in that context, Bali and Chiang Mai are some of the best-known hubs.

The low cost living in these areas help them build a better financial pool.

The huge gathering of digital nomads at these places ensures that get relevant information.

To become a digital nomad, even a basic computers understanding is adequate.

You can surely add to it by combining other areas of expertise.

But frankly, a PC and an internet connection are enough to start.

You can use your existing expertise for a better and a more wholesome work experience.

The range of jobs can vary depending on how well you can use your expertise.

You can create a niche and get going.

You can either work on your own or be associated with a company.

Ways to Make Money as Digital Nomad

So the question then is what is the type of digital nomad jobs you can embrace?

Frankly, there is no pre-decided list of opportunities.

You can pretty much take up any job, but you need to keep two basic factors in mind.

– Earnings

You have to look at how much you can earn working as a digital nomad.

The sustainability of income and continuity of the job is crucial.

Moreover, you also need to have sufficient backup in place.

You surely don’t want to be stuck with a no-income situation.

You have to make sure that you have sufficient options to fall back on if required.

The need to keep a continuous flow of earnings is predominant.

Your source of earnings has to be in sync with the overall requirement.

You may also need to diversify the source of earnings too.

You have to diversify the range of your opportunities to balance your earnings.

However, it is very important to maintain the overall consistency.

The absence of that can absolutely destabilize your options.

The lack of proper earnings may even force you to wrap up the option.

– Expenses

Along with earnings, it is very important to maintain the expense balance.

You may have to scale down your expenses initially to manage within available earnings.

In case you are in a huge debt, it is not advisable to quit your day job.

You have to phase out gradually.

That will make sure that the household expenses are not a stretch for you.

While planning your earnings expectation and broad expenses, account for every small spending.

This will help you formulate a realistic idea.

Once you are clear on these two parameters, you can work on a variety of opportunities.

Here is the list of the digital nomad jobs and opportunities:

  1. Creating Content
  2. Publishing an eBook
  3. Starting a Blog
  4. Be a Freelance Web Programmer or Web Designer
  5. Virtual Tutoring
  6. Social Media Marketing
  7. Online Accountant

1. Creating Content

Creating Content

As a digital nomad, content creation is one of the most common job options.

The advantage here is you can use your specific area of expertise in a comprehensive manner.

You need a computer, an internet connection and simply look for options.

Given the huge jump in internet traffic, every company now needs an online presence.

As a result, there is a huge jump in the number of content opportunities.

From finance to pharma and from transport to trading, there is a range of options you can try.

The best part is you now have online marketplaces that advertise these job options.

There are innumerable firms looking for freelancers.

They help you connect with the right client profile.

Depending on your requirement, you can connect with the job provider.

Content creation can be divided into many categories.

You can write columns, websites, tutorials and many others.

You can even look at ghostwriting for experts.

In many cases, you can write presentations on behalf of others.

This basically includes any type of writing work that clients need online.

The idea is to cater to this requirement.

The advantage of this type of option is that you do not need a specific location.

Just about any location that can help you concentrate will work.

The idea is you have to be able to churn out what is required over long-term.

That will make sure you can continue with this option.

Uncertainty is the biggest problem with this type of digital nomad jobs.

A sustainable opportunity will help you take it up as a full-time job.

The whole success of this job depends on how focused you can be.

Working out of office and maintaining your concentration can be tricky.

The idea is essentially to balance out these two pre-conditions.

2. Publishing an eBook

Publishing an eBook

When you consider a digital nomad, invariably you have an image of someone on a beach.

The person could be lounging on deck chairs with a computer or at the bar.

But the truth is the actual life of digital nomads is quite removed from this.

Most times they cannot sustain this type of holidays to start with.

But the advantage is they can make this adversity work for them.

By this, I mean you can start by publishing a book.

The choice is yours.

You can start by writing a conventional book or self-publish an ebook.

Books can be published as a conventional hardback or as ebooks.

Many publishers and even organizations like Amazon support new and budding writers.

The trick is that you must have the idea and ability to write.

You have to assess how well you write and how good a response your book generates.

This will determine the long-term opportunities for taking up this job.

As a digital nomad, you have to remember that this is your profession.

So you have to be focused and work on it with as much energy.

Only that will make sure it generates revenue for you.

The only problem is you have to be sure about the idea.

You have to decide on a topic that sells and helps you earn.

You may choose a poetry book or travelogue or even a cook book.

The concept or the content of the eBook does not matter.

What really matters is how fast you write the book and sell it.

Ultimately the money that you start earning from it helps you be a digital nomad.

Moreover, the out of office environment can stimulate creativity lot better.

3. Starting a Blog

Starting a Blog

When you are considering becoming a digital nomad, there can be many reasons.

The need to relocate or spend good time at home can also be a consideration.

Spouses working in different parts of the country or world can be a reason.

Moreover, not everyone may be good at writing a book.

But you can still embrace the life of digital nomads.

The simplest option is by starting a blog, making it popular.

The more popular it is, you will get a higher number of subscribers.

These subscribers then become your revenue base.

But just subscription alone will not be sufficient to keep you going.

You have to work out the online marketing mechanics carefully.

This alone will help you create a sustainable long-term option.

Basically, a digital nomad depends on all passive source of income.

So the blog and its popularity is important but what really counts is how you make it work.

Earning money for a sustainable period in a consistent manner is very important.

That is why you cannot just rest by writing a great blog.

As a digital nomad, you will have to also learn to market it well.

Only when you market the blog in an effective manner, you earn decent returns.

4. Be a Freelance Web Programmer or Web Designer

Becoming a Web Programmer or Web Designer

Being a professional web designer or web programmer, you can work out of office.

That essentially takes you a step closer to being a digital nomad.

You can be working for a specific company or freelance for number of clients.

All you have to do is connect to the host site and deliver the requirement.

Most web programmers or designers often choose to work out of office.

This type of arrangement works far better in terms of productivity and creativity.

But if you choose to be a digital nomad, you have to look at the money part.

Think of the aspirations you have as a digital nomad.

Now, look at the earnings that you have.

Carefully asses the long-term viability of the prospects.

You may have to work on additional projects to earn the money you need.

You can even look at creating a website and peddling your service as a freelancer.

Anyone who needs it can then approach you for the job.

You can then create a contract with them and take it forward.

In this way, it becomes a sustainable business you run as a digital nomad.

Most times you can even approach internet market places to generate jobs.

Websites like Upwork and Freelancer facilitate this kind of virtual meeting.

Interested clients and relevant job opportunities can be matched.

As a result, you do not even have to worry about the job flow.

You can continuously look at capitalizing on meaningful opportunities.

The idea is how effectively you can optimize the potential.

Something unique about digital nomads is they have to be great in managing money.

It is never just sufficient to be good at your work.

You will also have to learn how you can make your business profitable.

5. Virtual Tutoring

Virtual Tutoring

Most digital nomad jobs are about optimizing your expertise.

It is always about how you can make the most of your existing skills.

You can, of course, look at adding on to the skills but that is not primary.

You have to learn how you can make your existing expertise pay for you.

So let’s say you have always been a teacher.

You earn reasonably well, but it does not leave scope for luxury.

Well, by this I mean you can become a virtual teacher and digital nomad.

You may settle down in a country with low cost of living but still teach the same kind of kids.

You may be an expert in English or Science, Math or any other language.

As a digital nomad, you can connect with your students virtually.

You can decide on a mutually convenient time and then impart instruction.

The advantage is, here you are not tied down by just one school.

You can teach multiple students ad take advantage of the additional earning.

You can also pursue a day job wherever you are staying.

That way you will be able to supplement your income better and live comfortably.

You can choose to work for a specific period and then travel if you like.

Becoming a digital nomad and a virtual tutor allows you to have a flexible business.

You can decide on the terms of business and how you go about it.

In many ways, you can then take a call about how and till what time you can work.

If you are good with savings, you can soon start building an early retirement nest.

This will provide you with a much greater flexibility to pursue your dreams.

6. Social Media Marketing

Social Media Marketing

Marketing initiatives are deeply dependent on online endeavors now.

You have to understand that most successful businesses now have an online presence.

They also need marketing across the social network.

Most times it is an ongoing process and needs constant intervention.

However, firms prefer experts in social media marketing more than conventional ones.

The advantage with these professionals is they are often the first generation online experts.

As a result, they are much better geared to take up the challenges in this type of marketing.

As a social media marketing professional, you only have to be connected with the client.

This means that you can easily be an expert in this field but don’t need a 9-5 job.

Social medial marketing is not a strict office job.

As long as you are connected to the host site and getting the job done, nothing matters.

So it is an ideal opportunity for digital nomads.

You can easily be traveling across the world and doing your job too.

Instead of 10-20 day breaks, you can combine work and travel.

However, you have to again consider the financial as well.

You have to make sure that the earnings are at par with your expenses.

That is often the crux of a successful digital nomad job.

7. Online Accountant

Online Accountant

This is another fast emerging opportunity for digital nomads.

The people world over are looking for efficient accountants who will do the job easily.

The benefit is that most times these professionals deliver quality and charge less.

Therefore, if you have good accounting skills, you can also become a digital nomad.

The modus operandi is similar.

You create a profile on online marketplaces like Upwork or Freelancer.

You can even look at LinkedIn for this kind of opportunity.

Once you highlight your specialties, you have to wait for job offers.

Sustained work for 3-6 months will help create a client base.

You can then easily keep working with them continuously.

On an average, you will be able to work with a far greater number of projects.

The lower billing rate also gives you greater exposure.

If you are traveling low-cost countries, you can also balance earnings and expenses well.

Life of a Digital Nomad Can Be Exciting but Challenging

It surely provides you more flexibility, but you also have to prioritize.

You will surely not have the comfort of home or known surrounding.

At the same time, you can have enriching experiences as a digital nomad.

Moreover, job opportunities for digital nomads are increasing.

Though there is an initial struggle, you can settle down as a digital nomad soon.

This will help you optimize your skills and take up digital nomad jobs successfully.