Do You Have Enemies and Haters?

You have enemies? Good. That means you’ve stood up for something, sometime in your life. ―Winston Churchill

If you do something that stands above the crowd, there will be so many people who will love you, especially if what you do helps the public and has enabled them to have a better life. However, you will have some haters and enemies too. Depending on the scale of your success, you can have from 1% to 30% hate rate. Why?

Jealousy is the first reason. Some people cannot see your success, and so they start talking against you. Even they accuse you for the bad things and crimes that you have never done. It can make you upset if you don’t consider that this is 100% normal. Strong, successful people don’t give a damn to what others say about them. I can give you tens of examples.

Abraham Lincoln had so many enemies because he was successful, and also the things he had done for humanity were against the benefits of the enemies of humanity. However, according to his son, he didn’t spend even one second of his life thinking about his enemies.

J. Robert OppenheimerJ. Robert Oppenheimer, a genius physicist, was the director of one of the biggest and most complicated projects that humans have ever done on the earth. He was the head of the Manhattan project to create a nuclear bomb. In less than two years, he did such a great job that was extremely successful and the result was beyond the most optimistic expectations. No one else could do what he did. However, his charismatic personality, excessive success and talent caused him to have so many enemies, even among his colleagues in the same project, in a level that some of them accused him for being the agent of the Soviet Union who passed the secrets to them. The FBI spent 30 years to prove this, but couldn’t, which means he was such a loyal and patriot American citizen that never betrayed his country.

Google is another good example. I love Google because it has fed billions of people around the world, without charging them a dime. The free organic traffic it drives to millions of websites is the only source of income for millions of businesses around the world. In spite of this, there are so many who hate Google and the founders and owners. I clearly remember that when Google was introduced to the public back in 1998, another website was created that was called scroogle. The name scroogle was the combination of Scrooge and Google, just to humiliate Google, because Scrooge is the symbol of stinginess. On that website, they used to talk against Google, and it was obvious that the site was built by one of Eric Schmidt’s competitors who was extremely jealous of him. Eric Schmidt was the CEO of Google at that time. Although scroogle clearly expressed his hostility against Google and Eric Schmidt, he wasn’t man enough to share his name and identity on his site 😀

Guess what? Google became larger, stronger and richer, year after year. It became the biggest phenomenon in the cyber world. But, where is Scroogle now?

It is buried under the dust of hostility and negativity. It doesn’t exist anymore.


You cannot find any successful person, idea, company or product that has no enemies. Some people have personality problems, and so they are against anyone who becomes good and successful. When they see someone or a company is doing good and has got lots of attention, it triggers jealousy and  hatred in them. It is not under their control. It is a personality disorder. On the other hand, sometimes the good things that a good person or company does, are against the benefits of a group of people, while it is good for the public and the majority. Therefore, the group that its benefits are at risk, will start taking action against the good person or company. These are all expectable. But who cares?

As I mentioned above, strong successful people don’t give these things a damn. They keep working, even stronger, when they see that they are developing enemies. Indeed, enemies are success indicators. If you are confident that you are doing good and you are helping people and the public, let your enemies talk against you. Don’t even bother to answer. Let them hate you. Let them die from this hate. Their hatred kills them. It can’t do anything to you 😉

Holding onto anger is like drinking poison and expecting the other person to die. ―Mahatma Gandhi

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