Do You Invest in Yourself Consistently?

In the several articles I published recently, I’ve talked about the signs and features that can be found in those who can be successful as entrepreneurs. Even if you don’t want to become an entrepreneur, please read these articles because they will make you a different person and you will see yourself from a different angle:

The last sign is what the title of this article says. Do you invest in yourself consistently? If the answer is yes, then you can also be a good entrepreneur if you have the other signs too. By investing in yourself, I mean reading and learning. First, you should choose a goal and stick to it. Then, while you are working hard to achieve the goal, you must always learn more about the goal and the ways you can achieve it easier and faster.

For example, if your goal is to become rich or financially free, then you must always learn about the ways of doing it. You must choose the best ways and learn more and more about them, while you are working hard and following the ways strongly. You should work on your mental and physical health too. All of these have to be done at the same time consistently, otherwise you won’t succeed.

If you look at the extremely successful entrepreneurs, you will see that they have also been investing in themselves too. They have done exactly the same as I explained above. First, they chose a goal that they never wanted to change. Then, they spent the rest of their lives learning about the goal and became the best and the strongest expert in it.

I have so many examples. In my previous article, I talked about Henry Ford. While his parents had been farmers, he became extremely interested in machinery since he was a kid. Exactly since that time, he spent the rest of his life on this. Ford Model T, the most successful car in history, was Henry Ford’s invention. He almost reinvented the engine for this car. He could never succeed if he wasn’t an expert and inventor in his own industry and sector.

It is the same with other legends like Thomas Edison, Warren Buffett, Bill Gates, Steve Jobs, etc. All of them have been the most experienced and knowledgeable experts and inventors in their own sectors, otherwise we wouldn’t know their names now.

How have they become able to reach that level?

Through investing in themselves. They chose a goal or sector and spent the rest of their lives on learning about it, while they had all the other signs and features of entrepreneurs that I have explained in the articles I outlined above.

It doesn’t look easy to follow their footsteps, does it?

That’s why you don’t see too many successful people like them. They are very rare. I am sure the world will never see someone like Henry Ford anymore. I will talk about him more in my next articles.


Again, we reached the same point we always reach in my articles. It is not easy to become someone like Henry Ford and other legends I talked about above. Not everyone is that talented, focused and also lucky to be in the right place at the right time, at the same time. But, everyone can join a team or community who has the same goal and is working hard toward achieving it. When you join such a community, you will have shares from their success, while you don’t have to take any risks and handle the burdens that successful people had to handle individually and on their own.

Now, you are also in the right place at the right time, while the work has become a lot easier for you. We handle the hard parts. You enjoy the benefits:

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