Most people work hard to make money. They think it is the only way of surviving. Many of them have to work hard to keep the money coming. This is how they are raised and they think.

Indeed, those who make a lot of money, are hardworking people. You can hardly find someone who makes a lot of money and have been really successful, while he has not been a hardworking and serious person.

Sometimes you have to work hard in some stages of your life. But you can’t keep on doing it for good. You will have to turn from hardworking to smart working somewhere in your life, otherwise you will burn out.

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When you want to start a business and take it off the ground, you have to work hard, otherwise it will never reach to the level of making money and profit. But a good business is the one that works on autopilot while a remote supervision by the manager and owner is enough to maintain the business.

Scalability is one of the most important features of a good business. It means it should make more profit month after month and year after year, otherwise it can’t survive in long term:

Turn from Hardworking to Smart WorkingResidual income is another feature of a good and strong business. Your business has to keep on making money even if you stop working. It has to be a self-maintaining business.

So you have to work hard at the beginning and when you want to start making money. However, you should start forcing your money to make money for you after a while. The reason is that your money is a tool to create a better life for you. You are not a tool to make money your whole life. It makes a lot of sense to work hard for a limited time when you need money. But you should set your plans in a way that you make enough money to become able to use your money to make more money for you.

This is what almost all of the known successful entrepreneurs, millionaires and billionaires do. They have worked so hard to collect some money at the beginning or to start a new business. But after this initial step, they have used the money they have made to make more money, otherwise they would never become millionaires and billionaires.

That is why they say, “the rich get richer,” because the rich use their money to make more money. It means their money is a tool to make more money for them. That is why they don’t work hard anymore. They have at least one good and strong source of income that makes money for them consistently. Then, they use a portion of the money they make to make more money. Therefore, they become rich and then richer…

So this is how the process of getting rich and then richer works:

1) A Good and Strong Source of Income

A Good and Strong Source of Income

You have to create a good and Strong source of income that makes a lot of money consistently every month. It is not only that. Your source(s) of income has to be scalable. It is not just because we want it to make more money every month. Scalable businesses survive and last longer. A business that makes a constant amount of profit is doomed and will go down sooner or later, because it is not able to survive from the competition.

Usually, you will have to work hard to create such a source of income, and chances are you can’t succeed, because small businesses usually have a very low success rate. Learn why: Following a Proven Business Plan Is the Success Key

Sometimes you will have to start from scratch and try a new idea. This can repeat several times. Surely, it needs a lot of work and spending a lot of time, money and energy. But this is what almost any of those who have succeeded finally, have done. The goal is reaching to a level that the business and source of income you create, makes a lot of money consistently to enable you to use a portion of your money to make more money.

How Not to Give Up

Most people give up in this stage. They start strong and work very hard sometimes, but they get burned out and give up very soon.

Only those who (1) are extremely enthusiastic, hardworking and energetic, and also those (2) have strong supports, can pass this stage.

Fortunately, it has become possible to create good and strong source of income using the power of the Internet and Data Technology systems. Making money by following these systems is a lot easier and is almost 99% automatic, because the systems take care of the most part of the work.

If you want to succeed easier and faster to create the good and strong source of income you need, you have to do it through following the Data Technology systems.

2) Making Your Money Work Hard to Make More Money

Making Your Money Work Hard to Make More Money

After generating a good and strong source of income that makes a lot of money consistently, you have to force a portion of your money to make more money for you.

After creating a good and strong source of income, your hardworking stage will be over.

In case you create your source of income through a Data Technology system, then you are lucky because you don’t have to work as hard as many others do. In spite of this, after having a good and strong source of income, 99% of the work is done and you are already rich. The next step is making your money make you richer. That is an easier stage. You are rich and now you want to become richer. You are lucky that you already have the most important tool that make you richer: Money

That is the time that you have to make your money work hard for you. You won’t have to work hard to make money anymore, because your source of income is making money for you. As it is scalable, it makes more and more money every day. So your only concern is (1) supervising your source of income, and, (2) making more money from your money.

The question is how you can make your money work hard for you.

Make Your Money Work Hard for You

Indeed, there are several good ways of forcing your money to work hard and make more money.

When you have a good and strong source of income that makes a lot of money, you should not spend the money you make to buy the things that create expenses and liabilities. Instead, you should invest your money on the things that make more money for you.

For example, instead of buying luxury houses, furniture, cars, toys, cloths and… that are all liabilities and wasting of money, you can invest your money in the markets that make profit for you. You can invest in hot and strong real estate, stock and currency markets under the supervision of the skilled and professional consultants.

Enjoy Your Money Properly

I am not saying that you should not enjoy your life and live like the poor even when you make a lot of money. What I am saying is that you should not spend all the money you make on the things that have no return. You can enjoy your money, but you should force most part of your money to make more money, otherwise your conditions will not be stable enough and chances are you fall down when the business and economy become slow.

You should always be ready for the rainy day. Your money has to be used to protect your wealth and life. Money should not be made to become wasted. It should be made to protect your life and business. This is what all of the rich do. You should become rich to become richer. You should not become rich and remain rich, because there will be a higher chance to become poor again.

Nothing can work harder than your money to make you richer and to protect your life. Smart entrepreneurs use the best possible ways to increase their wealth. This is what you have to do too.

So, work hard to create a good and strong source of income to make a lot of money consistently. Then make your money work hard to make more money and protect your business and life permanently.

If you do so, you will forever be financially free, and you will never have to be worried about making money.