Earn More Points as a Member of The LuckScout Club

Good news…

Publishing questions, stories and answers (here) will earn you more points now: You will earn 2000 points initially for publishing questions/stories, and 500 points for answers.

Voting on questions and stories will also earn you points, but not right away. The system monitors some of your activities and then will reward you if some conditions are met and your activities look normal, not spammy. Anything that you can do on our site will be recorded and you will earn points based on them, either right away or with delay and after processing.

You will earn 5000 points to publish articles on our site (here). However, you will earn thousands of points over time, for each of your articles, and based on several different factors like other users reactions, comments, traffic from search engines, etc.

The content you publish on our site will never stop earning points for you. Therefore, you will have more and more sources of points, over time, and so it becomes easier for you to earn more points, month after month.

Also, commenting on articles and answers will earn the commenter 500 points, and the publisher 1000 points, right away, and more points in long-term based on the reactions of other users and some other factors.

You will earn 2000 points if you refer a new member who signs up for an account, whether they become a paid PayPal member or not. In addition to this, your referrals’ activities will earn points for you directly and indirectly, over time and continuously. The system is developed to support the active members through several different ways.

To enjoy what the system rewards you, your questions, stories, answers must be quality enough to deserve these points. Spammy, too short, repeated and duplicated posts will be removed and the user will be penalized. Sorry about this, but we have to keep the community fair enough for those who spend time and publish quality content.

Another good news is that our gaming has also changed. We will have more games to help everybody with any personality and style to play our games and earn points. And, we will have more contests and limited chances to earn points through different games that everybody is able to play some or all of them. This also helps us to make our gaming, more exciting and fair enough for everybody.

Games like word search or crossword can be played by all of you, while some games like Pac-Man can be played by some gamers who like these kinds of games. However, everybody will have the chance to earn points through all of our games and their choices.

If you haven’t joined The LuckScout Club yet, please do it as soon as possible and start earning points. Your points will turn into money at the end of each month, under some special conditions.

Please sign up here.

Thank you 🙂