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About Me:

Vahid ChaychiMy name is Vahid. I have been working online since 2002. I am an experienced programmer, digital marketer and trader.


  1. Rodd, I too am a part-time forex trader. I get excited when tp target is hit. Unfortunately this is very rarely. I don’t have the consistency. I’m looking forward to Vahid’s system

  2. Yes!! Diane you’re so so so right. I wish everyone would understand how harmful those masks are, I been telling people about it since day 1! Yes the government are not for us, they are very very much against us, I wish everyone would understand and think for themselves.

    1. And same to you, Natty. Why do you hide your pretty face? Take that mask off! I have a masters degree in nutrition and do much research. Those masks are very harmful to us. You are cutting down your oxygen and breathing in your own toxins your body is trying to eliminate. It is all a scam to take away our freedoms! I care about you. Governments do not care.

    1. Hi Mamosebetsi,

      We are updating it. We will send it to you once it is available.

    1. Best biblical principle to live by. Give and you will receive a blessing that you cannot contain. Amen!

  3. My name is Marie. I have no experience in trading but I am very excited and certainly looking forward to this great opportunity of being able to learn.
    Thank you so much Vahid for creating this platform/community where we can all come and feel like family as we learn and earn.

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