EPIC Trading Compensation Plan Explained in Detail

EPIC Trading compensation plan is the best and strongest ever. I have been working online since 2002 and have joined so many affiliate systems and referral programs. However, it is the first time that I see such a strong compensation plan that can literally make the members millionaires within a short time. In other systems, we used to work so hard and could hardly increase our income. However, with EPIC Trading compensation plan, you can increase your income, over and over, every month, until you reach making hundreds of thousands of dollars per month.

One of the most important features of EPIC Trading compensation plan is that it is very easy to understand. It is just a one-page compensation plan that even a 6-year old kid can easily understand. This makes the work extremely easy for those who want to focus on this program.

What Is EPIC Trading?

Indeed, EPIC Trading is an online Forex trading university and Forex Signals providing system. Most of their customers are Forex traders who make money through trading currencies. They join EPIC trading to learn how to analyze the Forex market and receive EPIC trading signals. However, EPIC Trading offers a lucrative referral-based compensation opportunity for those who want to build a great source of passive income, whether they are Forex traders or not.

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EPIC Trading compensation program is the legal and legitimate form of pyramid or MLM scheme. I’ve explained about this in detail in another article that I strongly recommend you to read after reading the current article: EPIC Trading Pyramid Scheme

Joining a legitimate and legal pyramid scheme is the best and easiest way to generate a strong source of passive income to achieve financial freedom. However, not all of these programs enable you to achieve financial freedom. Many of them are to suck your blood and make lots of money through your time and energy. But EPIC Trading is different. It is a once in a lifetime opportunity that you will regret if you don’t join.

What I am going to explain on this page is nothing but the EPIC Trading compensation plan, as it is presented by the company. Talking about the money that you can make through this compensation plan doesn’t mean that I guarantee any income. I am just explaining how their compensation plan works.

Above all, on this website, we have started an exceptional campaign to build our EPIC Trading referrals’ teams to enable them to start making money sooner and easier. Through this campaign, we offer some exceptional privileges to our referrals that no other EPIC sponsor and referrer has and will ever offer.

Therefore, I strongly recommend you to spend a few minutes to read this short article to the end because you will see that joining EPIC Trading through us will enable you to start making money and grow your team on autopilot and by doing nothing.

What Is the EPIC Trading Compensation Plan?

This is how the EPIC Trading compensation plan works:

1. To become an EPIC Trading affiliate, first you need to sign up for their EPIC Scholar program for a $99.99 monthly fee that will be increased to $134.99 soon.

For those who merely want to use the EPIC Trading’s Forex related content, joining EPIC Scholar is the only thing they need to do because it enables them to have access to EPIC Forex Education Platform:

  • Epic University
  • Epic Trade Alerts
  • Live Trading Sessions
  • Fundamental Analysis
  • Market Forecasts
  • Member Support

2. Referring three members to EPIC Scholar program will waive the monthly membership fee, even if you just want to use their Forex related stuff and you don’t want to follow the EPIC Trading compensation plan. However, if you want to make money through their compensation plan, you must refer three members to become eligible to sign up for an IBO or Independent Business Owner account. You must sign up for an IBO account to become able to get paid through EPIC Trading compensation plan.

Therefore, this is what you must do as the early steps of becoming an EPIC Trading affiliate:

  1. Sign up for EPIC Scholar program
  2. Refer three members to EPIC Scholar program
  3. Sign up for an IBO account

When you refer three members, your EPIC Scholar program monthly fee will be waived. However, IBO has a $24.99 monthly fee that will be decreased to $14.99 soon.

If you are not able to refer three other members, then you are on the same boat with 99% of those who join. It is not easy to refer and recruit, and this is what we know very well. Therefore, in our “Become a Millionaire” campaign, we refer three personal referrals for each and every one of the members of our EPIC Trading team. I will tell you more about this campaign. You will see that joining EPIC Trading through us is the only way that you can make money on autopilot and by doing almost nothing.

The Three Legs of Your EPIC Trading Team

It is the best time to explain about the structure of your EPIC Trading team. Knowing this structure is important to understand how EPIC Trading compensation plan works.

Each member will have three legs under their name: right, middle, left

One member will be placed in each leg. Therefore, you will have three members directly under your name. These members can be your direct personal referrals or your sponsors’ referrals that have been recruited after you joined, and so they have been placed under you. Each of these three members will also have three legs, and so three members under their names.

Your team grows like this… three members will be placed under each member:

Three Legs of an EPIC Trading Team

OK… you have signed up for the EPIC Scholar program, referred three members and signed up for an IBO account. What next?

3. You should recruit more members to start making money and increase your income as per EPIC Trading compensation plan.

A Big Problem and a Great Solution

Recruiting members is where most people will be stopped. 99.99% of those who join these kinds of referral programs are not able to refer anybody because it is not easy to refer and recruit. You either need to know a lot about digital marketing, or you need to have a huge network of friends who trust you, otherwise you won’t be able to recruit anybody.

Does it mean that you have to forget about making money with EPIC Trading?

For most people yes. They won’t be able to make any money with EPIC trading because they cannot recruit new members to grow their teams. Most people join and pay the membership fees for a while, but then they give up and cancel their accounts because they cannot refer anybody to make money. Only those who want to use EPIC Trading’s Forex related content and signals will stay with the program. But those who have joined to make money will give up and cancel, when they see that they cannot grow their teams.

However, those who join through us won’t be faced with such a problem because we build their teams, for free, based on our “Become a Millionaire” campaign. You have to be too lucky to be recruited by a sponsor like us who will take care of growing your team. Not everybody is that lucky, and not any other EPIC Trading members offers such a privilege to their referrals. So, take this opportunity and sign up now: Become a Millionaire

How Much Money Will You Make Based on the EPIC Trading Compensation Plan?

Founder 600: You will make $600 per month if you succeed to have 12 members in your team, while 5 of them get placed in the left, 5 of them in the middle and 2 of them in the right leg (5/5/2 balance requirement).

Founder 1,000: You will make $1,000 per month if you reach 30 members in your team with 12/12/6 balance requirement.

I don’t need to list all the levels here, because you can see them on the below chart. Eventually, if you reach 75,000 members in your account, you will make $1,000,000 per month. However, this is not the end of the story. You will make more money the more your team grows:

Epic Trading Compensation Plan

The Most Important and Amazing Thing About the EPIC Trading Compensation Plan

One of the most important and amazing thing about EPIC Trading compensation plan is that only three of your team members have to be your direct personal referrals. The rest can be the referrals of your direct sponsor (the member who has referred you to EPIC Trading) or upline members, or referrals of your referrals, and so on. What does this mean?

It means, if you join a strong and active team, your team will grow on its own and you will make more and more money without having to do anything but referring your three personal referrals at the beginning. Also it means, if you are an active member yourself and you can refer people to your team actively, you will need to reach your team to a special level, and teach your referrals to follow your footsteps and refer others. If you do so, you can sit back after a while, and your team will grow on its own because of your team members’ activities. As a result, your income will go higher while you won’t have to work more.

You are so lucky if you are reading this article and you haven’t joined EPIC Trading yet because you can join through us, and so, not only you won’t have to refer your three personal referrals, but also we will grow your team over time. It means, all you must do to start making money based on the EPIC Trading compensation plan is just joining the program. Not everybody is that lucky 😉

This was all about EPIC Trading compensation plan. You just need to sign up as soon as you can, so that you will receive your three personal referrals from us sooner and your team grows faster. This is a once in lifetime opportunity. Don’t miss it. Read this article to learn how our campaign works and/or to sign up: Become a Millionaire

If you have always dreamed of achieving financial freedom, now you have the opportunity to do it. Believe me that currently there is no better opportunity on the Internet. I have been working online since 2002 and I know what I am saying. I have never seen a program with such an amazing compensation plan. EPIC Trading has moved the boundaries of affiliate programs and online business systems.

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  3. Thank you so much for the article Vahid I really am looking forward to signing up now more then ever your explanation of the compensation plan makes a lot of sense and thanks to you I understand much better.

    • Thank you too Shane.
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