EPIC Trading Forex Signals Review: How Do They Work?

They say over 95% of Forex traders lose. Why? They don’t know how to trade Forex. Forex trading is not that easy. It is not easy to become a consistently profitable trader who makes profit every month, consistently. However, there is a solution for those who want to make money while they are still learning and haven’t become able to make profit on their own yet: they can use other traders’ Forex signals and market analysis reports to take positions.

You can trade using others’ Forex signals while you are learning how to trade and make profit on your own. The point is, the signals you use to trade must be profitable and have a reasonable success rate, otherwise you will lose money. Your Forex signals provider must be organized, skilled and reliable enough. They must give you the exact entry, exit, stop loss and take profit levels. Additionally, they must provide constant support that enables you to ask questions and receive answers.

I have been in this business for years. I have seen so many Forex signals providers that most of them have been literally scams. The most important problem they had was that they were not profitable yet and they didn’t know how to locate the best and strongest trade setups and buy/sell signals, but they wanted to make money through selling their useless Forex signals. Therefore, buying their signals equaled losing money or even wiping your account out.

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Many of them were introduced as professional Forex market analysts that worked with famous brokers like FXCM. However, once you bought and used their signals, you would come to this conclusion that their Forex trading signals were not profitable, nor were they professional and profitable Forex market analysts. They just wanted to make money through selling their signals.

Even the most professional traders need Forex signals because everybody wants to make more money if possible. If you see that you can make a lot more money by paying a small monthly fee to receive Forex signals from another trader or a team of traders, you will do it to add to the profit that you make on your own. No trader can catch all the trade setups, buy/sell signals and price movements. Each trader is only able to find some limited trade setups based on their trading systems. But all traders like to know what trade setups other professional traders locate and what positions they take. Therefore, buying Forex signals is something that most traders do, if they can find a reliable and strong system that shares Forex signals.

I have been in touch with a professional trader who worked with a well-known hedge fund and money management company. Although they could analyze the markets to locate the trade setups on their own, they still paid some professional bank traders to send them their signals as well. Why? They wanted to make more profit, that’s why. It is the same with professional retail traders. When they can make more profit by buying Forex signals from others, they will definitely do it.

Additionally, those who are new to Forex and haven’t become consistently profitable yet, they also want to make money through the Forex market while they are learning to trade on their own. Nobody knows how long it takes for novice Forex traders to turn into consistently profitable traders. However, they can use Forex signals to make money while they are learning. They can earn while they learn. This gives them more confidence and peace of mind to learn Forex easier.

Therefore, Forex signals are necessary for all traders, whether they are professional and consistently profitable, or they are new and are still learning.

However, the question is, can we find good and reliable sources that sell Forex signals with a reasonable success rate?

It is not that easy because as I explained above, there are so many scams out there that their signals are horrible. Above all, professional traders like bank and hedge fund traders usually don’t sell or share their signals with others.

Therefore, it is not easy to find Forex signal providers that are reliable and strong and have reasonable success rates.

The other important question is, while you can make 15% profit per month consistently, do you really have to risk your money on the Forex market???

The answer is, when you have such a choice to make 15% profit per month consistently, it is insane to risk your money on the Forex market, even when you receive accurate and strong signals from a company. Click here to learn how you can make 15% profit per month.

EPIC Trading Forex Signals

EPIC Trading is a Forex trading online university. They provide Forex trading educational content, videos, live trading sessions, etc. At the same time, they provide Forex trading signals through their website’s members area and Telegram groups and channels:

  1. EPIC Forex Signals
  2. The Official EPIC Tradehouse
  3. The EPIC News Network (ENN)

They publish Forex signals on their Telegram group on a daily basis. These signals can be used both by day and swing traders, and so it seems that EPIC Trading signals is what all Forex traders need. They say whether you are a day or swing trader, you can use EPIC Trading signals to make more money because their signals have a great success rate and risk/reward ratio.

But the good news is the time that you had to risk your money on the Forex market to make some money is over. Now, you let big market makers make profit with your money and give you profits/rewards on a daily basis. You don’t have to pay $134.99 per month to buy Forex signals.

You don’t have to be worried about the EPIC Trading signals’ Risk to Reward ratio. One of the most important factors in your trading success is to keep your losses small and your gains as large as possible. And, they say EPIC Trading signals have this feature. But do you really have to handle losses? Not anymore.

Therefore, forget about risking your hard-earned money on the markets to make some profit and let others handle the hard part of the work for you. You just sit back and collect your daily/monthly profit. How?

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Your Forex Broker

Although Epic Trading doesn’t force you to sign up for a live account with any Forex broker, Forex traders are always worried about being cheated by Forex brokers. In most cases, your losses are the brokers’ profit, and this is a big danger for your success.


Whether you trade on your own or you use signals of another person or company, you should never risk more than 2% of your trading capital in each position. Epic Trading Forex signals are not an exception. You should not take a higher risk to grow our accounts faster. No trader should take more than a 2% risk in each position.

You should calculate your positions’ sizes properly, based on the stop loss size that each of the Epic Trading signals give you, not to risk more than 2-3% of your account in each position. If you do so, your account will grow slowly but surely, and you will never risk your whole trading capital. Please make sure to read our disclaimer and risk warning as well.

However, you can get rewarded with a system that doesn’t need you to calculate your risks, nor does it need you to take any signals and positions. Click here to learn more about this system and sign up for an account now.

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  1. Again a very instructive article Vahid. I have decided to take use of the Epic Forex trading university in 2021 to know more about Forex trading and hopefully practice it myself in a secure way.

  2. Do they tell you which timeframes should you use their signals and also do they advise on different lot sizes for different size accounts ?

    1. Some of their signals come with the price chart screenshots, and so they show the time-frame and analysis.

      They advise you about the positions sizes, but not usually in their signals. Signals are signals. They have nothing to do with position size because different traders have different account sizes and difference preferences in the level of the risk they want to take.

    1. They don’t recommend any broker. You can trade with any broker you want. Also the number of the positions you take has nothing to do with the broker. You should be able to take as many positions as you want, if your account’s free margin allows you to do so.

  3. Thank you for the insight. I think I should rephrase my question. In their demo they show people trading crypto currencies, nasdaq indices, dow indices, and currencies. Is there a broker that accepts clients from the US that has a good reputation and has alot of options.

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